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  • If We Got Married

    If We Got Married


    Ha Eun is the CEO at OG Group. She is famous for making everything she shows interest in a mega hit in the show-business industry but she's feared by her coworkers because of her stone cold expression and her blunt attitude. Chang Wook is her male secretary. They have worked together for 6 years and Chang Wook can't express how much he hates working for her. When Ha Eun is forced to choose between giving up her position or getting married, she does what anyone would do...fakes an engagement with her secretary.

  • Where you are

    Where you are

    Hannah loves Korean Dramas. When she's transported into her new favorite drama, she realizes that the only way she can get back home is by bringing the two main characters together. To do that, she'd have to become a part of their lives, but how can a hopeless romantic with zero experience in love play cupid?Time to rely on drama cliches! .............................................Based on the Viki series "Dramaworld"

  • Magic 3

    Magic 3

    Fantasy Romance MAGIC WEAKTOSTRONG



    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

    This man is visiting me for a while now. and yet, I have never seen his face. He'll come to me when it's already dark and leave quietly when it's still dark. Should I push him away? I know I should because it's the sane thing to do. But am I sane and brave enough to push him away?

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