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  • Love in Taipei

    Love in Taipei

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE

  • Simply Love (Simplesmente Amor)

    Simply Love (Simplesmente Amor)


    Mia Chou, an lifestyle concept store entrepreneur, finally found the dream location for her flagship store on Fujin Street in Songshan District of Taipei. Squeal! However, it was a derelict building that needed a lot of love and attention, but she was ready to roll-up her sleeves and make it happen. Enters the experts, David Tsai and Dean Whitfield, the brilliant and handsome Property Lawyer and award-winning Architect duo, who promises to make all her dreams come true and more…Simply Love / Simplesmente Amor. All rights reserved.Caution: Some chapters may contain R+18 / mature content.Follow me on Patreon for Alternative and NSFW content - @kazmicinkFollow me on Instagram or Twitter - @kazmicink

  • Fantasy: The Peculiar Elevator

    Fantasy: The Peculiar Elevator


    Erin Wang was an ordinary guy living in Taipei. He was not exactly notable, and for the most part, seemed to keep to himself. Working his menial monotone day in and day out, with each passing moment, he was becoming even more hopeless. And then, he found something within his old moth-ridden closet that changed everything..... An Elevator. Watch as a completely random civilian finds himself exploring countless worlds of both fantasy and sci-fi, all for the sake of his own crooked sanity. Note: My grammar and worldbuilding are sorta bad, and this was created solely for the purpose of improving my descriptive skills, so don't expect anything even exceptional. Disclaimer: The cover does not belong to me. Warning: No plot. This is simply a random wish-fulfillment short story.

  • Cupid's Destiny

    Cupid's Destiny

    Dong Yi Eun, a tycoon disguise himself as an ordinary gardener just to observe and learn about his fiance at her household. For a reason although they had been betrothed since they were kids they had never met each other before. He met her. She was beautiful and smart. But somehow he fell for her lively foreign cousin instead. Lalisa, half Thai ..half Taiwanese came all the way from Thailand to Taipei in order to reunite with her father's relatives and soften her grandmother's anger towards her parents who married against her wishes. She was quite depressed in foreign country and most of her relatives treat her as if she's an alien apart from her eldest uncle. But wait, as time went by she did enjoy her stay there, with her two beautiful cousins accepting her as their sister and her youngest cousin... Mickey and his buddy Tuan, a new gardener were very warm up towards her since the beginning. In there , Lalisa became smitten by Tuan. But she noticed him paying attention a lot to her pretty cousin. Was she smitten by her pretty cousin? In this story, love can come in the way one could not expect it at all....!! ************ Lalisa looked at the beautiful garden around her which was decorated with classic flowers such as roses, peonies, orchids, etc. She just could not help but her tear fell down to her cheeks. She wipe it away. At that moment, she heard a voice behind. "Hey....miss... Lady Lalisa?" He was the only one at the mansion to call her "lady". She stood up quickly and said, "I'm completely ok... just taking a walk in the garden!" "Miss Lalisa, have you been crying..." "No no no, it s just that, in here, the dust go inside my eyes...I'm wiping and and eyes just turn red!" "Ummm...I see..!" The young man said..."Im just coming to ask you if you would like to join me and Master Nicky going to hiking....!" That made her feel lighter a bit. "Let's go then!" *****************

  • To live an ordinary life

    To live an ordinary life

    A talented but mute girl who is diligently trying to live life like an ordinary person attends school in Taipei using music to express her feelings. With the support of her loyal friends, she faces the trials of bullying, love and trials of teenage adolescence An intelligent, handsome chaebol wants to be recognised through his own effort and not defined by what his parents earn attends the same school as he wants to experience living like an ordinary person. As their lives intertwine, the story unfolds...

  • Tenacity | BL

    Tenacity | BL


    ━━━━━ °⌜ 赤い糸 ⌟°━━━━━━Tenacity, the quality or fact of continuing to exist. Jiang Jun and Peng Bohai knew this word all too well. One's past continues to haunt him while the other's present embraces regrets. Destiny's heart filled with compassion and threw these lonely souls into the arena of love. This affair of infatuation drives a dangerous man to Taipei and meets a trucelent construction worker. While punches and disagreements are thrown to the heart, an irresistible passion between these fighting spirits consume them.The word tenacity was about to have a new definition...A new synonym...Something that Jiang Jun and Peng Bohai couldn't escape from...____________________________________ ׂׂૢ་༘࿐This is a BL/Boy's love story. It contains mature content which is sexual activity, crude humor and graphic/explicit content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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