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    Tears flows for several reasons. Why do you cry? "What did you just say? You sold my parents house? Why?"was all Serena could ask her wicked uncle.Uncle Kojo repiled after slapping her " its a family property so i choose to do anything with it. Why do you ask a stupid question like that? Now an orphan with no where to sleep. Life is really terrible for Serena but she became strong enough to face the world. Success came her way because of her determination and hardwork until she found real love.Enjoy.

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  • The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating

    The Big Shot Tears Apart Her Villainess Script After Transmigrating



    # FATE Tang Li, a loner learned in the mystic arts, transmigrated into a book, becoming an overbearing CEO's wife who only ever thinks of running away and trying to kill him everyday, even cohaiting with a gigolo and ended up destroyed by the CEO. Tang Li was speechless, thinking to herself that the Host must be crazy to want a gigolo instead of a CEO who has money, looks, and size! Eventually, everyone noticed in surprise that she gave up on the gigolo and started competing for the family inheritance. Not only had she accepted one impressive disciple after another, she kept hovering over her husband as well. "Darling, I think you're having indigestion, I made you warm soup." "Hold me, darling. I'm afraid of the thunder~" *** Unable to hold it any longer, the overbearing CEO undid his belt while saying dangerously, "Tang Li, you made me fall for you, and I'll have you know how deep is my love right now!" Tang Li (I just wanted a husband): "..." Listen here, darling...

  • The Tears of a Prince

    The Tears of a Prince



    Kai had left everything behind. His past and his hurtful memories. He wished to forget it all, the blood, the hunger, the pain and the responsibilities. He didn't want his legacy, he didn't want his bloody crown after he lost everything, his everything. That's why he ran and ran, trying to hide from his own guilt, from the fact that he was a monster.Many years later they find him. Friends and foes all part of a greater mystery and somehow he is involved. Soon an adventure begins filled with blood, tears and old memories that feel like they have come back to haunt him. As the man with the tattoo on his neck returns the one he used to call his destiny, his dead heart starts to beat again. "They are after me. They will try to kill you too""I don't care what happens to me, as long as I get to save you"

  • Ancient Tears BloodLine

    Ancient Tears BloodLine



    After the Guardian God's demise. Zack inherited his legacy. Zack is a driven individual who wields a lot of power. Will he follow the Guardian God's trail of footprints? Or Will he continue to forge his own legacy? He is intelligent, calm, and composed. When it comes to making decisions, He is decisive. In the world of Humans, Monsters, and other unknown species, He learns and grows. "I know you were the most powerful bloodline warriors dispatched to assassinate me. However, in the end, it makes little difference." With a slight smile on his face, Zack ridiculed. "Anything that stood in my way will be obliterated by my lightning," I commented in my heart. "Lightning is Absolute!" ****************************************************** Current Plan- 7chaps/week. For more release, Vote with Power Stones. Target: 1st level- 100PS/Week. Result- 14chaps/Week. ******************************************************* Support me via: https://www.paypal.me/AravindS9356 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AravindS9356 Disclaimer: This is a Fantasy novel. Everything about this novel is Fictional. *******************************************************

  • Frozen Tears

    Frozen Tears

    Fantasy BL YAOI


    In an alternate reality, an influx of spiritual energy led to the birth of magic on Earth. Human souls could resonate with the elements and cultivate a connection to mysterious powers, and using mana, control the elements they connected to, achieving superhuman feats. Scientific developments quickly paled in comparison to the wondrous effects of magic, and so a new era was ushered in where magic reigned supreme. This is the story of an unprecedentedly talented boy, who once lost everything, once again finds love and happiness in the world, and his quest to stand at the peak of a land of magic and fantasy to make sure that nothing will ever take away that which he loves again. Warning: this a BL story, so do not continue if you do not wish to read this genre (jk please give it a chance hopefully it'll be worth it for other reasons XD sorry for the shamelessness) Discord: https://discord.gg/kfGF3UZ

  • Dragon Tears

    Dragon Tears


    Secrets. We all keep them. Some tend to protect us from harm. Others tend to lead us to it. While Kayda’s secret is one that haunts her. Kayda isn’t human. She never was. All her life, she knew that. The words thrown at her and the fear filled gazes that watched her showed just how much of a monster she was. But she isn’t what those people think she is either. She’s kept her fair amount of secrets hidden. And she intended to keep them, until her barriers we torn down. Kayda has already had her lifetimes worth of pain and misery along with those secrets she keeps. She spent so long fighting, so long trying to survive, that one day, she finally snapped. Her sanity was shredded by the creatures called humans. She was torn down piece by piece to be used as entertainment slowly corroding away what once was her mind. Only to be built back up again to repeat the gruesome process. So she finally gave up. Now, she is nothing but a beast. At least, that’s what she portrays to be. And she would have continued to play her part as the feral pet, but what happens when Dimitri appears? A cold and calculative man, who appeared in what she thought would be her last moments. A man who seemed to have even more secrets then even her, but was still able to show a side of himself that even she had lost. He was ruthless, cold blooded, calculative, and even, warm? So what happens when he’s out on a mission and meets a creature he quickly wants to dismiss? A creature that he had no interest in until he met her eyes. How exactly is Dimitri going to carefully piece Kayda back together again? And how is Kayda going to react to the unfamiliar kindness shown by a stranger? What’s his motive? ———————- “So, your saying, that because you saved me from death, I’m now in your debt?” Kayda was intrigued but at the same time annoyed, seeing the charming tilt in Dimitri’s lips. And as she stared, Dimitri reveled in her gaze. “You could say that.” His mischievous voice didn’t go unnoticed and Kayda felt a slight twitch at the corner of her lip. With a glow in her eyes, she walked up to Dimitri who was staring her down. “I’ll repay a favor. But I’ll never be in your debt.” Slamming a hand down, she growled. “The Goddess wanted me dead for a reason. You’re lucky I don’t show you why.” Dimitri grinned with amusement when suddenly, his hand snaked its way around her waist. “Even the Goddess can’t take you away from me.” He whispered. ————————————- ‘The cover was not made, and is not owned by me. I just tweaked it.’ ————————————- Updates will be every Wednesday and Sunday unless notified otherwise.

  • Tears Of Darkness

    Tears Of Darkness


    Born without magic, cursed by the quintessential source of all living things: Aether, being deemed as a dead man walking in a world of Aether wielding killers, sword fighter Marbas beat the odds to achieve elite assassin status. Now working for a criminal organization named the circle. Marbas uses his hard-trained body, perfect weapon skills, and genius mind to hunt his prey. However, on one bloody night. Marbas found himself trapped in a mission, which caused the death of his mentor. Later on, he discovered that the same organization he's been serving for years was involved and a bounty was put in his head. Will Marbas be able to take his revenge? Will he be able to find the person who desperately wanted to kill him and does this relate to his forgotten past? *Special thanks to AsmB17 for this amazing cover. *This is what people will call a hidden gem. Yes, a hidden gem because this is the hardwork of years, now all before you, my friends. What to expect in this novel: * A very slow pacing, as the world-bulding is large, and the characters, to each their own backstory. * A very complex power system ( believe me when I'll say you'll need a paper and a pen when reading it ) * A lot of description, I need to make for my friends a vivid image of the wonderful world I built. * Different character's pov, also I will be going from first person to third person. * High quality writing, no rushed or childlish writing. Every thing in this story must be justified. * Intelligent, realistic dialogues between the characters. * You will have trouble knowing who the real MC is, but don't worry. It's all part of the plot. * A western tone, just like berserk. So excpect gore or unlpeasing scenes. * Different psychological views about different objects, also different morals. * No character is left without importance. You see that weakling most of my friends underestimated him, can play a major role for the plot. * A very strong language! * Finally be ready to lose your favorite character. What I expect from you: * Follow my instagram page to read more of my works and get any news of new releases: @mera.ki369 *Power stones, a lot of power stones so I can post a lot of chapters. * A share if that's possible, thank you and enjoy your journey

  • Mafia Tears

    Mafia Tears

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE DARK TRAGEDY MAFIA


    Shena XingYin Alice, the sole heir to the Dark Alice Mafia grew up in an environment filled with violence and death. In order to stay alive, she conformed to the rule of the underground society. From there on, only stories of her evil deeds were heard. Such an evil being should have never been born they say, but only she knew that this evil persona of hers was already killing her from the inside. From the moment she pull the trigger, and made her first kill. She was already beyond saving. No matter how much her enemies abhorred her with fear and hatred. She was one to never bow down and apologize for her inhumane behavior. In the end, who can save her?

  • Colored Tears

    Colored Tears


    Cordelia is living the most miserable life and she just want to get away from everything.



    Fantasy Romance REINCARNATION

    Why don't you show that it hurts?Why don't you cry when you're having a hard time?Why can't you show that you can no hold longer?How could it be possible that someone could not cry?Her tears didn't fall even though she was already hurting so much?Is it possible to lose her senses?"My god! I think she is not a normal"."Look oh" At the same time, they pointed the woman who had poured coffee in the cafeteria."She doesn't looks like hurt .King's coffee is still hot".This is the call of women who are obsessed with King."Yeah, I think she is witch looks her hair!".Exaggerated people who witnessed the incident in the cafeteria."Why is he still talking to that witch?""Oh no!""Don’t tell me she is the woman King wants?"According to the article that he has someone in his heart.He said I am already taken by her, even though she doesn’t know have an idea about that I’m her and she is mine.“Do I still have to hurt you for you to see me? King said ”Ha? What are you talking about? She asked.“It is true that you can't feel, even if you are hurt"."I meant throwing coffee on you and I am sorry about that I just want to confirm something". And he kissed her in front of everyone."If I have to melt the ice in your heart I will"“If I’ll have to look like crazy talking to you I don’t care” -Chester Blythe Remulla known as King."Are you okay,you look idiot a while ago.Now you suddenly hug me".The woman blushed in embarrassment."I love you, not because you used to be her, I love you more for who you are" - Chester Poblete.How come that she has no senses?What is the story of her?Is there a possibility that, between the two Chester will be the one who can broke the curse of her?What are the ways to restore her senses?In this situation she should have a family to sympathize with, but no, she is like a sheep in a vast forest and lost, looking for family.In her searching she finds people who will complete herlonging for a family.A true friend, and people she will love and will love her.I am Lathe Styphe Valencia, the cursed woman.Some do not believe in the curse but I do believe because it is happening to me now.P.S unedited please spare grammatical errors.Google translate. soon I will edit this.ThankyouFeel free to give reviews negative or positive it can help me to improve more. Ciao.

  • Thousand Tears

    Thousand Tears

    Its truly said, “many people’s comes to your life and many peoples goes away fom your life but the one who teaches you what actual life is always stays in your heart no matterwhat? Wether, they are with you or not”. The same theory works with Shiva a teenager boy who loved someone more than himself and unlike other love stories which ends with a happy ending where the boy meets the girl in the end, apologize everything, where girl too wait for the boy to come back for years patches up with each other and both of them stay together for the rest of their life loving each other. This story isn’t like that. Here apologize means to hurt yourself more and where sorry means nothing. A story from alone to all alone. A story of ‘Thousand Tears’.

  • Hidden Tears

    Hidden Tears

    Forced into marriage, not loved, hidden tears.

  • Tears Falling

    Tears Falling

    Realistic Fiction ABUSIVELOVE

    Galing ka ba sa break up? Galing ka ba sa masalimuot na relasyon? Galing ka ba sa isang M.U or tinatawag na walang label? Naka move on ka na ba o mag m-move on palang? Ano bang rason mo bakit kailangan mo ng move on? Ikaw ba ay isa sa mga taong naniniwala na para maka move on, sarili muna ang unahin. Yun bang tigil muna sa finding si Mr. or Ms. Right dahil paulit-ulit ka ng nasasaktan sa kaparehong rason? O dahil napapagod ka na lang na sumubok ulit magmahal kaya sarili mo muna.

  • Crocodile Tears

    Crocodile Tears

    Historical Romance HISTORICAL


    “Whoever marries the princess will become emperor.” A twist of fate brought them together. Born a curse, she was cast away from the royal family. But when the kingdom needed an alliance with the Northern barbarians, she was the one to marry. As the second son, he had no right to become heir. Yet in the face of war and politics, he was always the first to fight for the country. To her, he was a barbarian. To him, she was a pawn. But under the guise of the prophecy, they pretended to be the most affectionate couple. In front of others, they were the ever-flirting Prince and Princess Consort of Jin. But behind closed doors, they plotted for their own means. Was it really all no more than an act? Or was there a bit of truth to their fabricated devotion? They were unwilling puppets, each trying to break free from the invisible strings of fate. Only, when the stage finally fell, it was to chaos. In the end, she no longer knew if her tears were for him or the irony of it all._____Excerpt:He finally stopped in front of me.“Can I trust you?”Subconsciously, something inside me willed me to nod. Perhaps it was the knowledge that I was to be bound to him until death. Or maybe it was the awareness of how this marriage was much more than a simple union between two people.He moved slowly, waiting for another nod of my approval before closing the gap further.“You’re a smart one, somehow seeing through most of my guises.” He reached out and gently caressed my cheeks. “True love doesn’t exist in the royal family, but it seems as if we are the perfect match for partnership.”He leaned in as if to kiss me, instead stopping short at eye level.“Help me put on my act.”_____Crocodile Tears: Insincere expressions of sorrow._____Cover: Manipulated by Photoshop but all photo credits to their original artists on Pinterest

  • Unshed Tears

    Unshed Tears


    "Just close your eyes and you will seeAll the memories you have of me Just sit and relax and you will find I'm really still there inside your mind. Don't cry for me now I'm gone For I am in the land of song There is no pain, no fearSo dry away the silent tear. Don't think of me in the dark and coldFor here I am, no longer old I'm in that place that's filled with loveKnown to you'll as 'up above' " - Anonymous

  • Bloody Tears

    Bloody Tears


    A mystery story with a touch of romance.



    Teen FAMILY

    Despite Mezu being happy with her parents, her life would change completely after her mother got killed right in front of her... How did she react to that accident?

  • Dreams & Tears

    Dreams & Tears