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  • the lonely gut who played Minecraft called technoblade

    the lonely gut who played Minecraft called technoblade

  • An Orphan and A King

    An Orphan and A King

    A king, an anarchist, a friend, and an orphan's second worst nightmare. He is known to abolish any governments that stand in his way. However, he is also known to protect his friends and seems to never die in order to protect them. But what if he met an orphan in a world filled with murder, betrayal, trauma; or what we know it as: the Dream SMP. Will he do what he is known to do? Will he really be Technoblade, the orphan obliterator?A/N Hello everyone! This is my first time writing a story so please dont judge! I have dyslexia so if you see any grammar mistakes, please don't point it out.  I have a hard time spelling and with my grammar. My sister Dani (dubbii_) in Wattpad and she is helping me check my errors! I hope you like my story and I will try to update each chapter every weekend. This is an original story I made in my head and I hope you guys have an amazing day! Also this is not lore base! This is just a story I created in my head! It is lore from the past but with my twist! :D ENJOY!!

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