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  • I'm the King Of Technology

    I'm the King Of Technology



    Author here; Please make sure to check out my other book!Thank you all for tuning in..... English is my second language... so I promise to try my best.Again, the first few chapters may seem slow, but trust me, everything will fall into place. there's a reason for everything.Discord: and be sure to check out my other books;•Help!: I Think My System Is Trying To Kill Me!•In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park... &•Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You?Well, now back to the synopsis....Er-erhmm. ................Chu Yi dies in a car crash and becomes Landon Barn, the illegitimate son of king Barn, ruler of Arcadina. Because his mother was a maid and the king’s greatest disgrace, his father had always despised him. The same could be said for his half-siblings. When he turned 15, his father had announced that the city of Baymard would be given to him, and would no longer be under the empire's control. It was a well known fact that Baymard’s lands were barren, and poverty stricken.... For god’s sake, this was banishment.His deadbeat father had indirectly banished him from the empire.Chu Yi woke up in a carriage, on his way to Baymard with a system"So what if my father hates me? So what if I’m banished?.... I will turn my territory into a modern society".Author-san: the book is a bit fast paced. But it be really be worth it. so just give it a try and you might be surprised.

  • Re: Life - Business & Technology

    Re: Life - Business & Technology



    From middle-class to running the most valuable corporation on Earth. Join a tired yet talented 23-year-old man working in the IT industry during the pandemic, who suddenly received the chance to relive his life a decade in the past (2011). Follow the story of Vince Dalton to pursue prosperity and fulfillment for himself, his sick mother, and friends. Money and power will not be obstacles; learned technical skills and future knowledge will prevail, not even hidden organizations and aliens can stop him! Science Fantasy, Bitcoin, Video Games, Business, Military, Politics, and more! Inspired by novels like Extraordinary Genius and God of Money "I discuss concepts such as different industries, globalization, armed conflicts, modern monetary theory, humanitarianism, mixed in with a slice of life, and sci-fi fantasy themes." -Viincentt Read the chapter titles to get a better idea of the themes and concepts in the novel. Check the comments for customer 3D characters I created Watch my Webnovel Writer Reacts to Comments on Youtube Check out the companion website here!

  • Technology Bigshot

    Technology Bigshot


    A talented young man, Ren Hong, drops out of Tsinghua University to establish a technology company called XlouS. XlouS's breakthrough application software, "Real-Time Online Translator", gains the favor of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who buys its exclusive license for a whopping 12 billion USD. This is just the start of XlouS's rise to prominence in China's technology industry. Two years later, it subsequently launches the wearable smart device, "S-1", challenging American multinational tech company Apple Inc.’s iPhone. XlouS continues to pioneer multiple industries by developing advanced holographic imaging technology, leading to a new wave of changes in film following 3D and IMAX... As XlouS’s slogan declares, every technological product it launches exists to “Change the World”, and it is all because of this young man, Ren Hong…

  • Re: Technology

    Re: Technology

    Being average his whole life, Chuck has never achieved any outstanding results in his entire 28 years of living. Out of depression, parental pressure and societal judgement, he decided to quit his boring day job and decides to become a tech entrepreneur. Unfortunately for Chuck, the day he quit his job also turned out to be the day he passed away. Hmm? Eh?! Why was I born again? What? My parents are prehistoric humans??!!

  • Rebirth of Technology

    Rebirth of Technology


    A programmer, back in 1989. The computer age had not yet begun and the Internet still had a long way to go. Play with your strengths, start easy and then go hard. Start with sensors, go deeper and deeper, layer by layer breakthroughs, the possibilities are endless! Technology is king! The industry is king! Step by step, changing the technology, changing the history! Hardcore technical literature, no stock market, no finance, no investment! Brand new research route! Different technology development routes! _______________________ You can find it over the Internet as 'Rebirth of Nothern Technology' Author: Light of Ice City I am just a reader like you. I read this novel a few months ago and liked it so thought of sharing it with you guys. With some minor tweaks here and there to make the story more readable. If there is any racism inside the story I will try to curb it to the best of my abilities and help me in it as well.

  • Orokin Technology

    Orokin Technology

    Sci-fi SYSTEM

    This novel takes place in the marvel world...Andy has been transmigrated to the marvel world and he has started a Bio-tech Compnay. Watch as he grows stronger in this Marvel world.

  • KAREN Technology"

    KAREN Technology"


    In 2007"... The Man Who Very Mad At All The People" And Very Corrupt... And A Multi Million" Inventor. Named Min-jion".. Made A Useful Robot Named KAREN" Was The Most Greatest New Technology Of Min-jion "... Everything Was Perfect"... But Min-jion Maked KAREN A Spy".. To Bring Down All The People".. And Be In The Top"...Written By: Joshuaandre"...

  • Technology Datang

    Technology Datang

    A modern ordinary computer graduate, a code farmer traveled to Datang.See how to lead the development of science and technology in Datang, and jointly lead the development of science and technology.Several years later, technology has completely changed Datang.Sit and see how this technology and electronic technology will change this Datang.

  • Best Technology

    Best Technology

    This is the best platform for the science knowledge thanks for reading

  • God Of Technology

    God Of Technology

    Niles always had it rough always being bullied,ignored and oppressed His parents and twin younger siblings despise him,he gets humiliated by his childhood crush and gets beaten up by her boyfriend whose his bully and is tired of it hoping something will change.What happens when his entire class gets summoned to a new world as new found Gods but he still gets treated as a bug by these Gods who summoned them and shunned and mocked because I'm weak.While they get help from the older gods on their starting villages I'm stuck in a place where they throw the worthless in society.Well that's what they think -Infertile land i will make it flourish-Weak village i will turn it into an empire- No one has been blessed with magic talent by the God of magic who needs it while i can turn my people into espers and give them a better constitution than all- Well lets show them to think my divinity of technology is trash well lets see .

  • The Nighthawk Technology

    The Nighthawk Technology

    Jake, a famous scum in a university, randomly helped someone in need, suddenly sees a game-like screen in his consciousness.

  • Science and technology

    Science and technology

  • Nature And Technology

    Nature And Technology

  • Kingdom of Technology

    Kingdom of Technology

    Antonio seorang mahasiswa di California, Amerika. Antonia yang pada saat itu sedang berjalan kaki melihat seorang pria paruh baya yang sedang menyebrang sambil berlari tetapi dari arah yang lain muncul mobil berlaju dengan kecepatan yang cepat.Andre memutuskan untuk menyelamatkannya dengan mendorong pria paruh baya itu. Akan tetapi Andre harus mengorbankan nyawa untuk melakukan tindakan itu.Andre juga tau apa akibat melakukan itu jadi sesudah mendorong pria paruh baya itu. Ia memejamkan mata untuk mempersiapkan mental menahan rasa sakit.Tetapi rasa sakit yang dinantikan itu tidak datang dan ketika ia membuka mata ia langsung terkejut dengan apa yang dilihatnyaPerjalanan Dimulai saat itu....!!!

  • World of technology

    World of technology

  • Technology Is The World

    Technology Is The World


    Even if were the same, am still better than you!

  • the history of technology

    the history of technology

  • The King of Technology

    The King of Technology

  • The technology on Mars

    The technology on Mars

    About Mars everyone knows living things don't live there but see the history of earth. How earth beggin with only a part of sun fire and today this is a good developed planet.That mins this is right that Mars has a planet where may be living things exist but they didn't need water and food like us. They can a type of that species which need only that material which present on that planet.

  • Human Binary: The Unrivalled King of Technology

    Human Binary: The Unrivalled King of Technology



    ****Please check out the second Chapter of this book.Ascension of the Supreme Tech king****Ha! Ha! Ha! "I'm giving a second chance... But wait! Where I am!?" **** [10%......50%.....75%.......100%] [.....System Synchronizing complete....] [What are you?] "...I'm a human being..." [I know, but you’re just an empty vessel. Your brain is empty except for some basic instinctual needs. Nothing’s there. You’re not worth spending resources on. You should be killed to save valuable resources.] What! ***** Follow the adventure of a young man and his narcissist system. A competition who can be the King of Narcissists between them. While they invented groundbreaking technology. During the darkest hour, their wit and technology were put to test... Can they overcome.....? Who would bend?.... Technology or Absolute Strength?... Would mankind.... Destroy...Subjugated... ***** [Shush! it was I who made you the best. You're trash before I joined your life. Shush! Worship me.] 'Oh-Common! You'll be a pile of junk without me. My gene is one of a kind. Without it, you will be nothing. Accept me as your lord and I will treat you better.' [Shut the Fvck up!] 'Shut the Fvck down!' ***** The second volume is out. Please check it out. Ascension of the Supreme Tech King Cover not mine. All right belongs to the owner.******join my discord server

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