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    VOLUME 1 : COMPLETEDNovel Official Trailer Link below:1. Instagram Link: https://bit.ly/3fvoXQS2. Youtube Link: https://bit.ly/3v81ATG WARNING: A roller coaster love-hate journey and a tear-jerking story equipped with mysteries. Dylan Sterling, the youngest and the most ruthless chief executive of Sterling Group, has special powers that superseded the Group. Money, fame, and intelligence were clear evidence of his status in the society he belongs to. His exceptional talent had a hidden purpose, and the DARK WORLD he ruled was cruel. He showed no mercy to everyone who blocked his path and devoured those who attempted to stand against him.Savannah Schultz- 21 years old, an orphan turned to be a model, was engaged to wed Devin only to gain support for the family business that her father built for many years. Later she went south after her father died. And her uncle Dalton Schultz adopted her to get everything she had, including Devin's aid.Devin had sold her off like a slave to his uncle Dylan - to scheme the notorious man for additional capital to inject into his business venture. Dylan had eaten her up like a box of chocolates and treated her like a bargaining chip.She felt herself knocked off balance and falling into a deep abyss. Anger, sadness, embarrassment –swelled within her and threatened to ruin her life.To save himself from humiliation, he perfectly planned to take her as his nominal wife and promised to help her break up the engagement and aid her family business.Helpless and humiliated, she accepted his bargain. She started to become strong in front of those bullies, yet she was weak when it comes to him.They lived together but treated each other as strangers. He had no plans of falling for her as someone had occupied his heart a few years ago. Then the situation shifted when he discovered who she really was! But the dark world he ruled threatened to destroy them.Mystery, deception, and revenge-fueled them both to rise together.Cover created by WeilanWanna know more about the story follow me at Instagram: annashannellin





    {COMPLETED} Phraser knew the second he saw her that she was the girl he'd had a crush on two years ago. But when she blatantly turned him down, he swore to make her college life like a living hell. AU of "The Bad Nerd Boy" by Agatha Rose.

  • Temptation Chronicles

    Temptation Chronicles



    --AUTHOR'S NOTICE--I regret to inform you, that as of Monday, 10.01.2022, I'm putting Temptation Chronicles on Pause. I came to the conclusion, that as of now, I'm unable to continue writing, due to several issues coming up as of late. These include, but aren't limited to: University Graduation work, Exams, as well as Monetary Issues. I'll try my best to get back onto writing as soon as possible, however this most likely won't happen at least until June 2022. Once I've graduated, I might continue writing this story, given that I'll have the time to do it in my free time. Another thing I've noticed, is that ever since I've started writing, my enthusiasm for this story has been on a steady decline. The issue isn't that I don't think highly of it, which I definitely do, it's a more personal reason. I don't think that it's up to par with what I envisioned for it, as well as having to write in a style I personally don't really like. I hope to see you once again, when I'm back writing, until then, please enjoy the story up to the current point.See you this summer (probably)!You know you want it. Come on, click on it. Give in to [Temptation]. Born into a family of heroes, Dan Atys, son of some of the top heroes of the world, was an absolute [Low Tier] loser. Getting bullied was his bread day in and out. What do you think happens to someone like that? I mean, he was raised by heroes, groomed to be one. You'd think he'd turn into one as well, right? Turns out, Dan thought not. The abuse has messed with his mind, and even his powers didn't seem to affect the people who blindly follow principles. His power, [Temptation] , is a superpower that affects the mind of the afflicted. The only condition that is needed to be fulfilled, is that Dan wills it so. Up to this point tho, he thought it's a charm effect, that has a positive effect on those surrounding him. This usually worked this way, but for some reason, ever since he enrolled into the prestigious School of Herocraft, Heracleon, named after the first superhero in history, his powers didn't seem to affect anyone. No one wanted to be friends with him, and all the affection he had from others, was through extreme abuse. They wouldn't just beat him up, they would torture him both physically, and mentally. So much for those "heroes."After realising his true potential, the ability to manipulate just about anyone in the world, he thought it would be natural for him, to "stray" from the path of "heroes." ---DISCALIMER---We've had a few people clicking on TC, because they were expecting some sexual/explicit [Temptation] content. There's nothing of that sort going on! Please, read the synopsis if you're interested in the story, and if it caught your eyes, please, do give the story a read.Thank you.---WPC #194 Silver PrizeCover Design: @kincesco (Instagram)



    "Isteri cantik, kedua anak lucu, kesejahteraan mapan, dan keluarga harmonis. Kehidupan Liand begitu sempurna!Tetapi dari hari ke hari, Liand merasa ada kekosongan dalam hatinya. Perjuangan sulit mendapatkan Humaira dulu seolah dimentahkan begitu saja. Impian tentang sebuah pernikahan ideal ternyata tidak sesuai harapan.Hingga, dia bertemu seorang wanita yang begitu memikat.Liand merasa tertantang mendapatkan wanita berpunggung mulus itu."

  • Craving Temptation: Love Of A Vampire

    Craving Temptation: Love Of A Vampire



    "Who are you, Sebastian?" "I think I can ask the same. Where did you come from, Anastasia?" As soon as the last syllable escapes my lips, we find ourselves interlocked in a kiss. Knowing my full attention, I stop to ask, "Are you sure you want to do this, Anastasia?" "The only thing I'm sure of is the way you are making me feel." Unable to contain myself, I pull her into a fiery and passionate kiss. All my thoughts are obliterated. For the first time in over two hundred years, I am kissing a mortal woman. I can feel the hunger grow inside me, the pleasure building towards a peak. I pull her even tighter into my body. I can smell her arousal, and it only fuels me. The kiss is getting deeper and deeper with every breath that we take. "What are we doing, Sebastian?" "Anastasia, let me show you.” Vampire Master, Sebastian Belmont, has been carved to perfection for over two hundred years. Drawn to danger, he dangles his fingers in all that is supernatural and has great power beyond compare. Ruthless, yet charming, he rules his empire with an iron fist. With a line of scorned ex-lovers left behind, this charming Vampire is set to cross paths with Anastasia Santi. Anastasia Santi is a young girl that has great aspirations and desires all the things, the love, and the fulfillment that she dreamed of as a child. She is strong-willed and always finds herself in some sort of trouble she needs saving from. Though one fateful night, Sebastian crosses the line and sets his life in a new direction. A destiny toward a great legacy and to all things that goes bump in the night. But the ultimate sacrifice lies at the end… Will Sebastian give up the one thing that he values the most…his immortality…

  • Forbidden Temptation

    Forbidden Temptation

    A game of spin the bottle wasn’t supposed to change my life. I wanted to get out of our small town, and the only way to do that was to get good grades. I didn't want to get distracted by anyone or anything, but I couldn't seem to ignore Liam. He was sexy, moody, and about to become my stepbrother. Exactly the kind of trouble I should have avoided. But I let my hair down for a party in the woods; a couple of girls and guys playing spin the bottle and truth or dare. Silly games shouldn't change your life but sometimes fate steps in. It's nearly graduation and I'm closing my eyes, thinking that I can't deal with having one surprise today, let alone two. Forbidden Temptation is created by Ted Evans, an eGlobal Creative Signed Author.

  • Temptation.


  • The Assassin's Temptation

    The Assassin's Temptation

    Micah "Savage" St. Clair, is a deadly assassin who has never failed a mission. He's as lethal as he is gorgeous. His one Achilles heel is the one woman forbidden to him. The one temptation that his dark soul can't resist.Sophia has only ever desired one man. The man who had broken her heart. Will Sophia and Micah ever find a way to make their love work? Or will their forbidden love break their worlds apart?Prod

  • The Temptation

    The Temptation

  • Temptation.


  • Dangerous Temptation

    Dangerous Temptation


    In an ever-evolving world, where everything is fast paced, and everything is in an instant; managing a career and a marriage at the same time seems like old fashioned to some, but not to this woman. Rayla Porter, 27-year-old, Human Resource consultant at Information Technology giant; Gigabyte International. Her husband Brad, 28 years old, is a registered nurse at the city’s largest hospital in the western hemisphere, seems like the ultimate power couple, doesn’t it? Not everything is as it seems in this marriage; they may look happy on the outside, but underneath calm waters run deep rivers. Rayla is unable to have a child which means her husband resorts to a surrogate. Much to Laura’s helpless dismay, she supports her husband’s decision to go ahead for a child through surrogacy. Evan Blade, 29-year-old and handsome IT genius who has joined Laura’s company seems to have built a bond with Rayla and has become more friendlier than normal towards her, and seems to be paying her a little more attention lately. After one fateful night at a conference, things change for Ralya, which leads to one thing after another. Fighting conflicting feelings she feels towards her co- worker, will Rayla fight her feeling she feels towards Evan to do the unthinkable and risk everything or stay faithful in her rocky marriage? Find out in this cringeworthy romantic drama of: “Dangerous Temptation!”

  • Tempest And Temptation

    Tempest And Temptation



    "Have you not had enough?" She narrowed her eyes.  "Have I?" He looked up to her, laughing.  Laughter? Laughter? She found the sound of it maddening. "You laugh as if something is funny?" Her face was cooking red again and she could not believe she heard the sound again.  "Haha." He squeezed liquid from his uniform cuffs, still laughing. "You don't realize what's funny?"  He had her again. She couldn't help but angrily question, "What?"  "It is you." He looked her in the eyes, wrenching out more warm liquid from his uniform. "You are funny. Do you pay attention to your surroundings or the people in it?" "Are you threatening me?" Her voice inclined. "Surely not," he was quick to reply. "'Surely not?'," she scoldingly parroted, displeased once more at his calm disposition. "Are you a blind fool?" For a moment, he furrowed his brows and glanced around the room. "Well, I think I can see." Her snarl approached quickly, but even it was second to her snapping temper. "Fool. You are a fool! You don't seem to recognize how insignificant you are. A single hair on my head costs more than you probably ever will make in your lifetime. You are nothing compared to me. Nothing---." "---Hah." There was a muffled snicker that baffled her once more. "Was that a laugh?" She peered at him. "Haha." "There it is again." The corner of her eye twitched. "Are you laughing?" "Haha." He laughed again, casually knuckling the corner of his raised lips. "Oh, goodness." He sighed. "Really, what am I gonna do?" "Excuse me?" Blinking, she burned her gaze into him. "I didn't ask that." "Why don't you?"

  • Seducing a King: Irresistible Temptation

    Seducing a King: Irresistible Temptation

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE FIRSTLOVE


    ....he turns around and walks closer to you. His hands are inches away from yours and he searches your eyes. You smell his musky scent and it prickles all your senses. You don't know if it's his dark brown eyes staring into your heart or the way his face glows for you, but you feel excitement brewing. "Lady Winters, it's so kind of you to see into my soul and show me your affection for my trouble. This is what attracts me so. You don't just see the King, but you see me. I have a lot of troubles, Lady Winters but when I'm with you, every last one disappears...." It's the 19th century. The King is betrothed to Princess Catherine since infancy. You're a woman of nobility and the King is head over heels for you...

  • The Temptation.

    The Temptation.

  • The Alpha's Temptation

    The Alpha's Temptation



    (Mature Content) What price are you willing to pay for freedom? The wolf-less and orphaned Tania was trapped in the life of a slave. A part of her spirit was held captive by her master to exert control. To gain freedom, she made a deal to spy on King Eltanin, the most ruthless and powerful Alpha of Araniea. Stormy-eyed libertine, King Eltanin was dominanting, arrogant and commanding as hell. Racing against time to save his wolf and kingdom from the demon king, Alpha Felis, he crosses paths with Tania. She is a spy, and temptation personified. And now Eltanin must choose between the fate of his kingdom and his mate. Will Tania choose her freedom and reject her mate? Or will she give up the only thing she ever wanted? Thesaurus definition of "Libertine": debauched Synonyms for libertine: freethinking, profligate, dissolute, immoral, lascivious My other novels are: Feral Confessions: Adrianna and the Alpha (Completed) The Silver Crescent Alpha Prince (nomination WSA 2021) Ileus-The Dark Prince (Silver award WSA 2022) Dark Hunger (5th Prize in werewolf contest) The cover belongs to me. It is commissioned. Cover artist: Micehellwd

  • My temptation

    My temptation


    Ivy is a bold, gorgeous girl of her college. She is a dream girl of all boys. Every boys want to touch her once. Her temptation is beyond of everything, it's enough to arouse a boy. She tasted many boys, her life was full with exciting thing but all of a sudden a guy entered into her life and that's her childhood love, her uncle..WARNING : THIS STORY CONTAINS SEX. ONLY FOR 18+




    " I will touch you , love you ,be with you I can feel it in you and I know you feel the same , don't be scared I will never leave you" she said softly"I don't need you" I said my voice breaking."Tell that to your heart " she said chuckling.After a rollercoaster of emotions and days Xander has know found a person worth her time will she welcome her to herlife or build taller walls around her

  • Savage Temptation

    Savage Temptation

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Akasha is stuck in a new place again when she is still running from her problems. She decides to stay at a hotel for a few days until she found a job; that's when she runs in Jay Pérez. Jay Pérez, Leader of the Pérez panther shifter clan, father of 3 lovely children. It's been 3 years since he lost his mate, Arya, the mother of his children. He has become cold and angry without her until he runs into a woman with a scent so amazing and addictive that his panther can't be away from her.Will these to end up together in harmony?

  • Temptation Kingdoms

    Temptation Kingdoms


    Love story adventure about a girl who finds out she's princess but no body thinks she's worthy of anything besides having sex. She eventually understands what God has planned for her even when she can’t see it with her eyes on earth.

  • Innocent Temptation

    Innocent Temptation

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

    Disclaimer: This story contains a mature scene. Readers must be 18 years old in above.Lucia Marie Hernandez grew up knowing what's wrong and right that her mother taught her. Being responsible is her duty but sometimes becoming a naive person is not an excuse. She know that she's lacking and being aware of that helps her to remind herself to know what her boundaries. Narcus Apollo Celestial, one of the heirs of Celestial Empire. The mysterious guy with a smoky and dark aura caught her eyes. He's dangerous and Lucia knows that, but why is she's always caught in his captivating aura?She doesn't understand her feelings.Why that man is always giving her an unknown emotions?This is dangerous! As long as it is early she need to avoid him because she know boundaries and limitations is her expertise.Credits to the book coverPainting: The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

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