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  • The Theatre

    The Theatre


    A Dream so far away yet so close, I finally got it, I got it, I got my theater, now what should I do, ahh I have got it, I will continue making masterpieces. My Sad endings are masterpieces, especially in this world, everyone is speechless once they hear my story I think they might be in love, even the super people come here just so they can listen to my stories, I will defiantly become super famous.[AN note:this is my second novel and I have started using an app to make the grammar and misspelling less frequent, also all criticism about the novel is open and please tell me how can I be better at writing, I am all ears and stay safe and bye]

  • Outbreak Theatre

    Outbreak Theatre


    After ten years, Reza went back to his hometown. He stays with his grandparents as he want to take care of them. He really excited the moment of 10 years back when his grandfather brings him to the theatre in that village. He wants to see that theatre again this time but when he entered the theatre, he found that theatre was breakdown. No people there, just only the staff. He felt disappointed but, after some incident happened after that. Suddenly, he became the director in that theatre. How can he do to make that theatre become more active again?

  • Soloist of the Dark Theatre

    Soloist of the Dark Theatre


    A place where every trees waves at you, the darkness gaze on you, the land of emptiness is screaming on your fearThe terror of the cold wind breeze falters your soulA webs silk that gives an imaginary pain, a stone roads of somebody's welcome and road of your frightA castle that invites youStatues that guards and stares to your soul are forcing you to enter.Inside, you are the one and only guestThe Marionettes are Joyfully surrounding you!The Characters From Cards Exits and welcome you!The Knights That Swore For You! The string that Looks Like a Web!AND THE Light! That you and you.... Only you, are being illuminated. slowly stepping up the stage, a being in a middle of the darkness.... Your fear, your panic, your helplessness.Your insecurities, your despair, your helplessness. It's the someone's happiness.Someone who's non existent.Someone that no one would tell he's a someone.The eerie and joyful music playsMakes you run, makes you stumble, makes you avoid, makes you cry, your own suffering is the someones funIn the stage of singular, you are the entertainer, your own grief drama, your danse macabre And your last requiem is the rolling credits.The entertainment of the void, his memento mori, the soloist of the dark throne is having great expectations for you, dear.

  • Love in an Abandoned Theatre

    Love in an Abandoned Theatre

  • Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

    Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn



    In her previous life, Su Jin was conspired by her family. Her baby was born through Caesarean birth, she had her eyes gouged out, and died tragically. When she was reborn, she suppressed the invincible Master Xiao. Her red lips lifted slightly as she said, "Handsome man, I see your yin tang has turned black. There will be a disaster in three days. If you want to resolve this calamity, marry me. I guarantee you will have safety, security, many children, and many blessings for the rest of your life.” Xi Chenxiao replied, “Get lost.” Three days later, he was rushed to the hospital. Su Jin said, “Handsome man, I reckon your heart may soon get pierced by an arrow.” Xi Chenxiao answered, “Get away from me!” Two days later, Xi Chenxiao was once again rushed to the hospital. Su Jin started, “Handsome man, I…” Xi Chenxiao interrupted her, “Stop! Let’s get married right now!” News of the overwhelmingly wealthy and powerful Xiaoye marrying the Su Family’s older daughter, a nobody, spread like wildfire. His brothers were puzzled but Master Xiao explained, “A wife to bless us with safety.” However, later… A fan asked, “Master Xiao, I heard that your wife is the world-famous voice actor.” Xi Chenxiao was confused. A reader asked, “Master Xiao, I heard that your wife is a greater writer.” Xi Chenxiao was confused. A little boy asked, “Master Xiao, I heard that your wife is a top hacker.” Xi Chenxiao was confused. “What are you guys talking about? My wife is a fortune teller!” [A little theatre] One day in a small, black house. Xi Chenxiao sat on a chair, his face a look of solemnity. “Tell me, then. How many more things are you hiding from me?” Su Jin shook her fingers and answered, “There aren’t many left, only that I’m a Qiuming Mountain racer, a certain boss in gaming, a certain talented right, and a special researcher of the International Research institute…” Xi Chenxiao was speechless. His wife was the real deal!

  • Theatre of the Crimson Circus Troupe

    Theatre of the Crimson Circus Troupe


    A collection of short stories portrayed through a series of plays by a theatre troupe known as the Crimson Circus.

  • The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men

    The Female Cultivator In The World Of Men



    [Warning: Might contain things you won't be expecting.] Xin Xiao dies; only to reincarnate as a female in world of cultivation of snotty young masters and Nobel ladies. Born with a hidden bloodline and a unique body, Le Fang Ling struggles on the path to immortality with a cute loli system by her side and her lovers who accepts her for who she is. [A mini theatre] Le Fang Ling: Aiyo! So what cheats do I get? A cute loli system: Cheats? Skills? You are going to work your ass off to live like a proper cultivator! A senior sister: Hmph! I hate you...But come here, let me apply herbs on those injuries. It’s not that I like you or anything. A certain evil demoness: Let me suck you dry off your spiritual energy!! Tags: #Genderbender #system #Yuri #mature #cultivation #system #romance #harem #Slow paced at first then it picks up the pace #And do consider dropping by if you are just doing window shopping kek. I had mix max of ideas when I started this book, so the beginning chs are mess but t gets better later as it settles down. :D discord:

  • Julietta's Dressing Up

    Julietta's Dressing Up


    Julietta, born as an illegitimate child of a nobility, is raised in an opera theatre to hide away from the eyes of the noble's main wife.To pay back her debt, she turns into a servant and challenges the high paying job that nobody could withstand.But her special charm could not be hidden with clothing, as she catches the attention of the crown prince. Unlike other woman who flock to him, she was brutally honest. But why was he so bothered by her?------© Chae Habin 2017 / D&C MEDIA

  • The Deathless Ones

    The Deathless Ones



    With the introduction of a new vaccine to combat the Corona virus, the whole world finally started going back to normal. The quarantine was scrapped, travel bans were lifted and offices, malls and theatres all over the globe started opening up. Things were looking especially good for Ray until a deadly new strand of COVID-19 forced the world to go into lockdown once again. But little did Ray know that the lockdown would be the least of his worries. The mutated virus has started to transform their hosts into deranged monsters with only one thing on their mind: Human Flesh. Will Ray, who has lived most of his life playing video games on his computer, be able to survive this increasingly dangerous new world all the while protecting the ones he loves most? Book Cover credits:-

  • The Bookworm Became a Mafia Queen

    The Bookworm Became a Mafia Queen

    Romance CEO MAFIA


    "She is a bloodthirsty queen that everyone in the underworld fears. She was cold, domineering, wise and decisive. After transmigrating, she was actually reborn in the body of a timid and weak girl! She was so lowly that she liked an outstanding man that was out of reach, yet she was treated like a toad that wanted to eat swan meat. When she became her, everything would be turned upside down, and the wonderful legend would begin! Theatre 1: ""What? That Hu Jian came to school? She still has the face to come to school? This love-struck fool wants to drug the hooligan!"" The girls huddled together and looked at the skinny figure that was getting closer and closer. They pointed at her and spoke in disdain. ""Scram!” A cold voice came out of the thin girl's mouth. The cold light in her eyes made one's heart tremble, and the aura that burst out from her body was extremely terrifying. It shocked the person who was originally determined to teach her a lesson and let her walk past in a daze. How was he still that cowardly bookworm? Theatre 2: ""Great news, Hu Jian from Class A, who ranked last in the entire school, was transferred to Class F."" ""Great, we're finally rid of that love-struck fool!"" The guys patted their chests in relief. ""That love-struck fool deserves it!"" the girl gloated. In just two months, another monthly examination took place. An explosive piece of news swept through the entire school. ""What, Hu Jian is first in the school? That's impossible! What! Class F's average score exceeds Class B's? That's even more impossible!"" Everyone thought it was a joke, but unfortunately, it was all true. A mafia queen reborn in the body of a weak, love-struck girl. Faced with all the troubles she had left behind before she died, she could only sneer in disdain."

  • I was Reincarnated as a GIRL and received a list of Tasks... WTF?

    I was Reincarnated as a GIRL and received a list of Tasks... WTF?


    "Where am I?" I realized I was in a movie theatre where a man with a long white beard watched a movie. No, was that my family? That's me in a coffin?! "Hey, you, what's that?!" I ran toward the man while pointing at the screen. "Hohohoho, that's you. See, now it's time for them to bury your coffin." "That makes no sense. I was going to propose to my wife and showed up at this place." "What kind of idiot uses a crane to propose someone?" "Are you mocking me?" "Of course not. Well, don't you see that? Your bride is crying. You're dead, man." The old man looked at me. In his hand, I could see a packet of buttered popcorn. "Am I dead?" "Oh yeah, and I need a favour." "A favour?" "I want you to fulfil the tasks that the heroine failed to finish. How about that? If you do, I will revive you." "Huh?" "ANSWER!" "Oh, sure, I'll do that." "Great! See you later." "What? Without any explanation?" "I don't need to explain anything. When you wake up, look on your left thigh." "My left thigh? What do you mean?" **//** If you own the artwork and want me to remove it, please contact me at discord Igor#0001 My discord:

  • A Rose Among Handsome Boys

    A Rose Among Handsome Boys


    Miso is a 22-year-old girl. She is pure but prone to make mistakes. Both she and her twin brother has majored in practical music in high school. It’s been years since she had already graduated, and after working several part-time jobs, she finally had to money to major in Theatre Arts while her twin brother was scouted to become the main vocalist of a band called Blue Rose. But, one day, the manager of the boy band asks her to join the band instead of her twin brother Jay who had vocal cord nodules and had to rest his voice for at least six months after his successful surgery. There, she met six other members of the band and ended up becoming the main vocalist of the group. With the manager helping her hide her true identity as a woman, she had been deemed safe until the official debut of the band. But how would she be able to successfully hide her identity when she had to live with them in a dorm? As if the heavens did not hear her prayer, one member had found out who she really was?!

  • The Final Act

    The Final Act



    What happens when a vampire joins a coven of witches?Chosen as the vampire to continue their tradition, Evelina journeyed to the capital with a goal of observing her prey, planning her strike. It was her destiny to be there, her destiny to bathe in the most delicious type of blood amongst all.What she did not expect was that she will find more of acting affairs than just bloodlusting because, bat's shriek, she just joined a theatre troupe! And with witches as actors? It was for her plans, she swear!Until it became more to her than just a mere stepping stone.Soon she must decide if her new found relations, the people she began treasuring, held more importance than the honor and respect she must get from her kind.-*-EXCERPT FROM THE THIRD CHAPTER:It wasn't supposed to be like this.She joined them in their laughter, more mockingly than real. "Pardon but have I missed the joke?"The protagonist beside her chuckled, moving closer to whisper. "Darling, we don't accept just anyone. Especially not a minx who thinks that she could get anything with just a twirl of her hair."-*-GOLD TIER WINNER OF WFP #11DISCORD: Vampi#0843Instagram: @youarejannBook Cover by: @ryadozeBuy me coffee (?) at:

  • A Dance of Death

    A Dance of Death

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    A phantoms theatre

  • Blue Moon Archives Collection

    Blue Moon Archives Collection


    A collection of short stories told by a theatre troupe who only perform in the month of Halloween.

  • Falling In Love With The Devil

    Falling In Love With The Devil


    I do not own the book cover.Ying Yue: " I am going to Canada to become a tourist guide! "Xiao Ye and Mina were both dumbfounded: " You want to be a tourist guide when you are already China’s underground’s boss? "Ying Yue: " Yeah! This weird dude asked me so I said yes and either way, I have you guys to take over for me right?" Mina asked: " This weird dude you talk about isn’t the US’s underground boss, wouldn’t it? "Ying Yue nodded: " Yeah! "Xiao Ye and Mina: ...Ying Yue is a superhero, why? Because she is shameless! Someone who has no shame is invincible so basically, she is a superhero! Small theatre “ I only touched your muscles and give you a hickey so why are you chasing me? I did nothing wrong! Stop it! I don’t want to take responsibility! “ Ying Yue yelled.“ It wasn’t me who started it, just admit it, I am yours and you are mine, little devil, so just sign the marriage certificate. ” Jun Feng calmly answered to the little struggling devil sitting in his arms. “ No! Who’s the devil here? You are the devil!” Ying Yue kept struggling.“Fine, fine, I am the devil who fell for you!” Jun Feng surrendered as he pecked Ying Yue’s lips.PS: If you came here to read a story about abuse, you came to the right place! This is a book to abuse single dogs! Careful, sugar is everywhere. Sensitive hearts should stay away.

  • Realistic novels are intended to make the events narrated look real. I

    Realistic novels are intended to make the events narrated look real. I

    When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of theatre involves singing, dancing and acting at the same time, Nick and Nigel set out to write the world's ...

  • Sol´s Journey

    Sol´s Journey

    This is a book based off two theatre scripts i had to make.

  • The love package; My Darling wife and baby girl

    The love package; My Darling wife and baby girl

    Contemporary Romance WEAKTOSTRONG SURVIVAL

    I rushed into the hospital, carrying the injured woman not minding that she is so heavily pregnant with my assistant running behind me. He had tried to carry the woman from me...but I refused to allow him or even let my driver touch her. Somebody help me I shouted.... The emergency staff and nurses ran to me ... Doctor what can be done for her...she is so seriously injured. We have to get the baby out of her first he said analysing her injuries. We will try to save her life ...I hope the baby is still alive. What! I said in shock... Take her to the OR the doctor said ... The nurses and emergency staff put her on an hospital bed...and started wheeling her to the operation theatre. A nurse came with some papers for me to sign ...I didn't look at them I just signed. Doctor Robert turned to me and said who is she.. I don't know I answered I was still in shock blood all over my shirt and trousers... She can't die...she cannot die I told myself. I felt this strong sense of attachment to her. As if, as if ..... Sir....sir assistant called out I don't know how long he stood there but I suddenly realised he was calling out. Sir, you need to change, there is a rest room overthere he said holding out a change of clothes to me and pointing toward the restroom. I just continued to sit there ...dazed! The incident playing over and over again in my mind. Mr Crown ...a nurse called out .. I looked up at her ...wondering when I sat down. My assistant immediately asked her what she wanted We need to know her name for our records she said We don't know my assistant asnwered.. But... The Doctor Robert suddenly came out of the OR, pulled off his mask, we stood up .. You have a baby girl he said smiling Me ? I asked ....




    Through the trials of high school theatre and teenage drama, an unlikely connection ties multiple teenagers together by the final curtain call.