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  • Eternal Thief

    Eternal Thief



    A young boy was living peacefully. Although he was poor and alone, he was happy with what he had. Until one day a girl came into his lonely life, making it worth living. However, this also didn't last long when the girl who he considered his only family in this world got afflicted with a mysterious illness!In the end, he sold his parents' house which was the last memory he had of them, hoping to save his Lil Sis.He was even willing to live in the slums if he could save her and for the first time in his life stop this tragedy from happening! But fate yet played another trick on him when a greedy shop owner sell him fake medicine and take all the money he got after selling his parents' house!After being pushed into the corner, he hated those treacherous people; he hated the unfair life, and he even hated Heaven itself! In the moment of hatred and helplessness, he holloed to the sky, "IF I HAVE THE POWER, I'LL STEAL FROM HEAVEN ITSELF, JUST LIKE HOW IT STEALS EVERYONE FROM ME!"However, this boy didn't know this absurd wish of his will be granted one day by something called the system, and it will also force him to walk on the path of a THIEF!A path that was despised and loathed by Heaven itself!------Also, check my new Novel,[Cursed Immortality]

  • The Great Thief

    The Great Thief



    He had never invested in shares or bought a lottery ticket, and neither did he have any experience in the general business industry. Lu Li found that the only thing he could do was play games. Luckily he had experienced rebirth, and was one step ahead of everyone else. Luckily, games had been developing extremely quickly, and there were many people who had become rich through playing games. In his ‘past life’, he had spent countless nights awake, in grief and anguish. However, although all of this had been washed away, so what…? This life, he was determined make a fierce counterattack against fate and stand at the very top! ------ Release Rate: 5 Chapters/Week; will be released on Mon, Wed, Fri and Weekend;

  • Jake's Thief

    Jake's Thief

    What happens when a desperate man tries to pick a Dominant's pocket?<br><br>Jake Cohen is lonely; he wants a submissive of his own now that his friends all have someone to take care of. He's so desperate he's going to ask the Sub Club for help. Until the worst pickpocket ever bumps into him one night.<br><br>Davey just doesn't have it in him to be a good pickpocket but he's desperate. Luckily, he tries his skills on Jake. When Jake hears Davey's story, he's inclined to help him. Jake also thinks Davey is just what he needs both in his professional and personal life.<br><br>Can two desperate men looking for the same thing overcome their pride and fears, and give in to their wants?

  • The Moon Thief

    The Moon Thief


    "Power in the world of magic belongs only to the Ainsars who can create frightening storms and seas of flames."This was a phrase that was spoken to Heinald when he was still a child, by his grandfather, who was once a mighty Ainsar.Heinald was a young man who has been trained from childhood by his grandfather. His only desire was to become a mighty Ainsar.But the game of fate never awaits!One day he meets a mysterious person man introduce himself as Moon Thief, and from then on, the game of fate begins for him.Who was the Moon Thief?To reveal this ancient secret, he had to ascend to the top of the Ainsar World and become a tyrant!

  • Thief | √

    Thief | √


    Falling Inlove in the game is not easy especially When he captures your heart the moment you met him in the game and also in Real Life

  • The thief

    The thief

  • Spell Thief

    Spell Thief

    A family of Knights give birth to an unprecedented genius mage, yet they refuse his mage training, only to have the whole family wiped out. The boy (Judith) escapes, armed with his family's gifts. The boy trains in the Ruby-Fiend families knight art of Flaming Empresses Imperial Will. Judith then comes upon an elderly woman in the swamps and learns magic, while he then gains her inheritance and becomes a Spell Thief. With this new profound power, he strikes out his vengeance against the ruling mage towers who slaughtered his family.Join Judith in his fight for vengeance for the loss of his family and play all those mages in power by stealing and using their own powers against themselves.

  • Beautiful Thief

    Beautiful Thief


    Synopsis:Helen hunter was picked and raise by the boss, she has no life of her own, she lives and breaths by the command of the boss. She has no stopping time, she is always on the move from one mission to another.She is a professional thief, she never failed a mission and the boss gave her credit for that.Her life took a twist when she was ask to kidnap a Prince after she has successfully kidnap a little girl. She met Edwin Luca a fine man in his early thirties whom his first love broke his heart and ran away with her lover leaving him heartbroken and never wanting to fall in love again.He fell madly in love with Helen but she on the other hand was a cool bloody thief- who didn’t care about love, all she could think of is how to steal everything from him even to the point of cutting his hair because she thought his hair looks expensive.Surely you can’t tell your heart who to love, but what happened when your heart beats for a thief?, And a beautiful one at that [Note]You can read my other books*In love with your sister*Love out of league*The girl is mine*You can’t have me_______You can follow me let’s chat on:************Instagram account: channel: cup of co tv.Excerpt #1“Are you sure you won’t leave me after this?, You won’t break my heart?”“If I take your virginity I’m never leaving, like why would I ever leave a girl who trust me with her body?” Edwin said in a whisper.Helen thought she has never seen a perfect gentleman like Edwin, he totally swept her off her feet and she didn’t know when she lost her virginity to Edwin.“You’re so sweet, please wait for me and don’t do anything stupid ok” referring to Noah again.

  • Heart Thief

    Heart Thief

    Magical Realism ROMANCE COMEDY

    “You tried to steal from me!”“Yeah and expected to be in jail, not at a lavish party as your girlfriend!” Yuri snapped back.“My fiance!” Jae corrected.“Oh, of course, as if that makes it any better!” Yuri owes her ex-boyfriend $20000. Why, you ask? Long story; A shorter story is the consequence of that- and how in order to help that money fly into his pocket faster, Yuri helplessly robs and exploits Kim Jae, who has it all laid out for him- a scandal free, luxurious life as the successor of the Kim franchise. Until- “The most eligible bachelor found making out with an unknown girl”- she barges into his life and flips it upside down, to the point where he marries her, well, kind of. When feelings uncalled for spark and an unspoken no-strings-attached deal is struck, a roller coaster ride is an understatement.

  • Thief of Hearts

    Thief of Hearts

    The year is 1806. Bastard-born jewel thief David Lambert has few rules in his personal life. Never bed the staff, never more than once with the same man, and never, ever, kiss. Attending an aristocratic party and relieving some of the wealthy of their possessions should be easy, but in the space of a weekend, one by one all his rules are shattered by a footman with a secret.<br><br>Jeremy Naylor thought he had found the man of his dreams, the one man who might understand him. Someone passionate, handsome, and respectable. But in one shocking moment his world is destroyed, and he is forced to run for his life.<br><br>Flung together to escape the hangman’s noose, the passion between David and Jeremy burns fiercely. But Jeremy yearns for respectability, and David refuses to admit what lies in his heart. Will they find a way together, or will their differences lead them to the very brink of disaster and the shadow of the gallows?

  • Thief System

    Thief System


    Hanging over the abyss, Airik gasps for breath as the Queen has tortured him Blood running down his head, "I'll Kill Her I say i'll Kill her!" [System system has been activated.][Congratulations Player.][For being the first one to awaken. You have 2 choices.][First Start world ending event][Second awaken the demon lord soul within yours and reset the countdown to World end by 1hour]Staring at the screen a Smile appears on Airiks Face. "I chose..."

  • My Girlfriend is an S-Class Adventurer

    My Girlfriend is an S-Class Adventurer



    Luke is a half-beast who grew up in the twisty streets of a large city called Oukiwa. Abandoned by his parents as a child, he soon had to learn the arts of thievery to survive. Even on the fringes of a super-powered society, he has followed a single rule all his life: never get involved with the Adventurers. However, this rule is broken when his gang begins to hatch a plan to rob the most powerful family in town. And so begins the chronicles of Luke Lange, a thief with no ancestors who in the future becomes one of the strongest men in history, with powers that are rivaling even the gods. ------------------------------------------- Main Tags: Harem, Weaktostrong, Male MC and Adventure. Schedule: 14 chapters/week (Except when I'm sick or very tired because of internship/college). Chapter length: 1020 - 1400 words Discord channel:

  • Thief of Time

    Thief of Time


    [This work is also being serialised on RoyalRoad under the name Xel Vi Coronata]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Book 1: The Legend of TotSynopsis:Claud Primus, a self-declared master thief, has a simple goal. To live forever. It's a rather easy task, for miraculous objects called lifestones are able to extend one's lifespan. These lifestones are best found in the treasuries of nobles, lovely resorts that Claud pays a visit to every so often. Unfortunately, one of those nightly visits go awry, and Claud is forced to escape with just a single lifestone and a box in hand.Normally, that's when things die down. The guards yawn, the gates close, and the night continues.But this time, the night isn't that forgiving. A dozen schemes result in the murder of someone important, and with a convenient scapegoat — Claud — at hand, it doesn't take long for him to be framed as a heinous criminal, wanted for the indirect murder of someone high up...and it just gets worse from there.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________[Check the synopses for the other books on RR!]__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Book 6: Secrets in ShadowSynopsis: The person behind a strike that would enter the annals of history flees his home, bringing with him the person closest to his heart into a new land and into a new world. Having left Istrel for the first time in his life, the two of them attempt to settle down in foreign lands, only to be caught in the middle of hostilities between two mighty powers grappling for dominion. Yet, none of that has anything to do with him. Following his desires, Claud eventually makes his way to the fabled Celestia Ruins, a fragment of another world. Bearing witness to truths he cannot yet comprehend, he returns from his exploration, a small break away from the machinations of destiny. One thing, however, is for certain. Destiny will not wait for him.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Book 7: Reddest RageSynopsis: Destiny churns on, heedless of mortal machinations, and Claud watches as the battlegrounds between the Moons and the Dark are drawn up. With the forces of the great Dark occupying Lostfon, Claud comes to a startling realisation — that he may have very well be a murderer of heinous proportions. Grappling with that realisation, he struggles to prepare for his Second Tutorial...Back in Istrel, Dia finds herself confronted with a perennial truth. Even in a time of writhing destiny, the machinations between nobles never cease to end — and unfortunately for her, the group once known as the Moon Lords are forced into dealing with a petty squabble between two counts. What they didn't account for, however, was the startling discovery they would soon make...And the shadow of the Red God's Holy Son behind it all.

  • The Transmigrated Thief

    The Transmigrated Thief

  • The Princesses Thief

    The Princesses Thief

    Historical Romance ROMANCE

    As the only Princess of the Azure Empire and the firstborn of Emperor Caelum II, Asteria's duty is to serve her kingdom until the day she dies. Bound by the blue blood of royalty, prisoner of the throne made out of lies her father rests upon... Asteria wanted only one thing, to be freed of the heavy chains her title as a princess gave her.Her savior comes into her life one night in the form of a mysterious man, who offers her many adventures and freedom in exchange for her jewelry. But can she keep her heart closed to the man who gave her the moon and the stars?

  • Thief of hearts

    Thief of hearts

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • The Ember Thief

    The Ember Thief


    War is outlawed. The great houses now challenge for terrorites by putting forward their best champions, known as Chimeras, to compete in the brutal Quintail tournament. Bonded to a soul of an animal early in life, Chimeras harness the creature's attributes to make them faster, stronger and more agile than any other human. And to the lucky few, they're gifted with some extraordinary abilities.Raide is a prisoner with stolen memories. With the aid of Wisp, a voice that only a few can hear, he embarks on a journey to unravel the plot that has had him imprisoned for murder, leading him into the Quintail, and to the heart of the corruption that surrounds the reclusive creators of the tournament -- the Sisters of Ember.



    Fantasy ADVENTURE