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  • I'll Add Points To All Things

    I'll Add Points To All Things


    Su Yang was an average university student in Shanghai when he received a system that allowed him to add points to things. The point system provided him with missions and by clearing them, he would gain points. Add a point into an object, the object will receive a special ability; add a point into a plant, the plant will come alive; add points on himself, he will get talents or superpowers. With the mysterious point system in hand, Su Yang aimed to become rich and alter his fate. On his path towards success, he encountered many interesting matters and people, including famous actresses and business tycoons. Fueled by determination, Su Yang set his sight on adding points into all things to help him achieve his goal.

  • This Is A True Friend, He Will Stand Up When Things Go Bad

    This Is A True Friend, He Will Stand Up When Things Go Bad



    Lin Tian transmigrated to the fantasy world and became a member of the Lin Clan. He was also bound to the Good Helper System. The top clan in the Nine States came to call off their marriage engagement with the Eldest Brother of the Lin Clan. Lin Tian slammed the table as he shouted, “I will speak on behalf of my big brother. He will cut ties with his fiancee today. If you have a beef with us, direct it to me.” [Ding! You are brave and are not afraid of authority. You are awarded one free 10-pull.] [Ding! Congratulations! You acquired: 100 years of cultivation, 100 spiritual stones…] The members of the top clan in the Nine States came to challenge the Lin Clan. Lin Tian smashed a plaque with a kick as he shouted, “Our Clan Leader has spoken. Even if your strongest member is here today, your clan is still trash in our eyes. Point your weapons at me if you dare.” [Ding! You are brave and are not afraid of powerful enemies. You are awarded one free 10-pull.] [Ding! Congratulations! You acquired: 1000 years of cultivation, 1000 God-level puppets, 1000 Celestial Divine Techniques…] The top empire in the Nine States came to the Lin Clan to threaten them. Lin Tian broke a flag pole into two as he shouted, “Our Lord has spoken. Your empire is unworthy to negotiate with us. Kneel before us now and beg for our forgiveness.” [Ding! You are brave and are not afraid of death. You are awarded one free 10-pull.] [Ding! Congratulations! You acquired: 10,000 years of cultivation, 10,000 Super Heavenly Soldiers, 10,000 Imperial Pills, 10,000 Super Matrices…] [Ding!...] [Ding!...] [Ding!...] The Nine States... Lin Tian stood up and barked, “Say no more! Come at me!”

  • all the things we lost

    all the things we lost



    "Who are they?" I asked Sarah as the bikers got closer. "Bad news," she whispers, she looked at Tyler and James, who was already walking towards us in a hurry. "Get in the car," she warns. I almost did, but when I saw the look of fright in her eye I didn't move. I felt hands around my naked waist, I knew it was Tyler. He pulls me tightly against his chest, I could feel the heat coming from his body. "Get in your car and drive off. Don't say a word" he whispers into my ear. "Why?" why did they want me to leave? "Just fucking do it Bella!" he says angrily pushing me forward, I bumped into another hard chest. But this time I could smell cheap beer and sweat. I look up and saw a tattooed face with a nose ring. Taking a step back slowly when he showed me his yellow teeth. "Well, aren't you a pretty thing!" He laughs out, the others agreeing with him. "What's a pretty thing like you doing here?" I didn't reply, I didn't like the way they were watching me.I felt Tyler's hard hands on my shoulder, his grip was hard enough to make me wince. He pulled me up against his chest as if trying to shield me away. I look around the now deserted desert, everyone seems to have disappeared. It was just James, Jada, Sarah, Nelson and Tyler. They were all standing next to us."Boy! We've been looking for you" they yelled at Tyler. He didn't look affected by them, in fact, I think they knew each other. Why would Tyler be hanging out with guys like this? "I see you got your self a new pretty bird" one chuckles pointing at Tyler's arm that was around my waist. "What are you doing here Stone" he growls at the guy that just spoke. "It seems you've forgotten you owe us money" the guy name Stone growls at Tyler. Does he owe their money? Why? "We made a deal, you said on the 7th" Tyler say, today was the 5th. "Well, you see our boss change his mind" Stone laughs casually. "I don't have that kind of money on me Stone" Tyler was breathing hard now. I knew something bad was about to happen, I just wasn't sure what. "Then we have a problem boy," Stone pulls out a gun and point it directly at me. I freeze tears forming in my eyes, I stare at the gun, not moving. I held Tyler's hands tighter, trying my best not to move. "She's got nothing to do with this" Tyler steps forward blocking me from the gun. I felt him reaching behind his back slowly. "Your gonna have to pay Son and that one looks like she's worth 50 grand" He owns them 50 thousand dollars! I wanted to yell. How did that happen? Doesn't he know people like this can kill you for that? "Come back on the 7th and you will have your money" James steps forward. Oh god, this boys looked like they did this daily. What the hell was I doing here, I should be with my friends getting wasted not stuck in the middle of what looked like a gang War. "Just give us the girl and will be on our merry way" "Not gonna happened," before I could blink Tyler pulled out a gun from his back making my eye wide. HE HAD A FUCKING GUN!!Oh my god, this is not going to be good. Does he carry that with him all the time? If he does how comes I've never felt it. "Be a smart boy, there are three of you and six of us. If you give us the girl will let you keep the other two" Stone says referring to Sarah and Jada. "We just want one!" another biker yells making me jump. "None of them are going with you" Tyler stood his ground, pointing his gun directly at Stone. "Fine," Stone spat on the floor and the other men behind him pulled out their guns some had long knives instead. "James gets Bella out of here," Tyler whispers deadly not taking his eyes off Stone. Bella Thomson, the queen bee. This was her senior year, she already planned everything-homecoming queen, Harvard. Tyler Carter isn't like every other typical 18 years old. Living in the wrong neighbourhood all his life and after losing his mother age of 15, never knowing who his dad was. He is known as the best fighter on the north side.

  • All Things Bright

    All Things Bright


    Welcome to America! The land of the free, where dreams come true.Literally...When you say that all the magic happens in your bedroom, you're usually talking about one thing. But not if you're Cameron. While everyone else is vast asleep and dreaming, his mind travels through time, and he has no control over it whatsoever. That might be neat when you just want to mess around and have some fun. But not when you keep getting thrown into situations where you constantly have to face the person who broke your heart. Especially not when their life is slowly deteriorating right in front of your eyes.Drugs. Guns. Suicide. And there is nothing Cameron can do to save him.Lost in time and deprived of sleep, Cameron gets closer to an old friend again - depression. And suddenly his crush isn't the only one whose life is in danger.An LGBT Coming-of-Age story about true love and mental health.

  • Stranger Things

    Stranger Things

    Morgan Berry’s mother had always wanted a daughter and when she gives birth to a son, she simply dresses him as a girl and treats him as she would a daughter. When he’s picked on and teased at kindergarten, she homeschools him herself.<br><br>Morgan is eight when his mother brings home a new beau, a no-nonsense man called Dennis O’Rourke. He compliments his new ‘daughter’ on how pretty she is and when his mother doesn’t correct the man, Morgan flees the room in embarrassment.<br><br>Naturally, Dennis eventually discovers Morgan isn’t a girl. From that moment on, he barely acknowledges Morgan’s existence and is, in fact, openly hostile to his cross-dressing step-son. On the eve of Morgan’s eighteenth birthday, Dennis, now an alcoholic, bashes his stepson until Morgan loses consciousness.<br><br>Morgan wakes up outside. He has no idea how he came to be under a tree on top of a small hill beneath a starry sky. He’s trying to work it out when he meets Reginald Batt, of the Big River Batts.<br><br>Morgan and Reginald become inseparable and together they experience worlds of wonder and awe. Morgan is shown sights he could never have imagined and in the process he learns many things about the world, and about himself -- the most important of which is a revelation indeed.

  • Re Istode : Things that kitsune girl do in another world

    Re Istode : Things that kitsune girl do in another world



    Giselle Gibson is too masculine to life as a woman, it made her life quite abnormal, it is also not uncommon for her to be considered a sissy by others when she wore women's clothes. Giselle was being bullied, ridiculed, and used as a joke.Lifelike that pressed her mentality. To protect her mind, Giselle plays VRMMORPG Ark Fantasy online. And unfortunate for her, the hardware that can scan her gender accurately encounter an error and she got a man avatar. Giselle held back her tears and continued to step forward. And happy things arise! In the game, Giselle encountered good people who then became her friends. In the real world, after she learned to accept herself for what she was, she got a girlfriend. For the next few years, Giselle's life was getting better. But ... the circle of fate spins. Giselle had to part with her girlfriend. Her work became unstable. Knowing the future waiting for her becomes unclear. Giselle decided to fully play Ark Fantasy Online to raise money. Thanks to game items trading, Giselle can support her life. She also became a player who was strong enough to deserve the title of an elite player. To test her abilities, Giselle participates in a PVP Tournament. The woman won the match and she became a champion. Then, the circle of fate spins once again.The gift she got after winning the PVP Tournament changed her life forever! What things in her life that change? What will happen to Giselle? Can the woman survive? Can she get her happiness?No one knows other than you. Discord link:[Warning: For character development, there are a few chapters in the first 25 that have sensitive content about Sl*ve, Assault Attempt, and Dark Past. There is a notice on those Chapters.]

  • Imperfect Things

    Imperfect Things


    .Penerimaan diri di umur yang terlambat."Dewasa ini, akhirnya aku sadar. Aku hanya akan menjadi manusia rata-rata. Mimpiku hanya akan sebatas mimpi saja. Aku ingin melepasnya. Bagaimana menurutmu? Apakah itu ide yang buruk?".Cinta yang mereka pelajari bersama."Jangan pergi, ya? Tetap di sini. Aku ingin melaluinya bersamamu.".Trauma yang mereka sadari, ada."Aku takut ditolak. Aku takut dijauhi. Aku takut ditinggalkan. Perasaan itu menyakitkan. Aku benci kalau harus merasakannya lagi.".Romace-Family for Self Healing

  • Transitory Things

    Transitory Things


    When Amélie meets a boy named Micah in the woods behind her house the two form a powerful friendship. But as high school gives way to adulthood can the relationship between the two of them stay strong? Or will the changes that come with growing up force them apart?

  • ohfo things

    ohfo things

  • General things

    General things

  • world things

    world things

  • Fleeting Things

    Fleeting Things

    People are like an endless layer of onion that you have to peel one layer by layer, you cannot just go trough all of them at once maybe several layer at once you can. Just like Onion, when you peeled it, most of the time your eyes would water and you would cry, maybe you wouldn’t because it’s mot that painful yet, or maybe the tears have dried up inside of you, or maybe you have closed your eyes while still peeling the onions.

  • Unexpected Things

    Unexpected Things


  • Special Things

    Special Things

  • magical things

    magical things

  • last things

    last things

  • things good

    things good

  • strange things

    strange things


  • worst things

    worst things