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  • Monarch of Time

    Monarch of Time



    The power of absolute control... Time.After Rock died, he mysteriously reincarnated in Shun Long's almost dead body when a triangular-shaped rock merged with his soul, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head. He has now found himself in a mystical world filled with extraordinarily powerful cultivators who can destroy mountains with a single punch, and split seas in half with a single slash of a sword!This is Shun Long's journey in the majestic world of cultivation, as he fights geniuses and reaches the pinnacle of both alchemy and martial arts!

  • Space-Time Manipulation Box

    Space-Time Manipulation Box


    Namumuhay lamang ng mapayapa at masaya si Shaun Valdez. Ngunit, siya ay biglang nagbago noong pinatay at pinalayas ang kaniyang angkan sa tribong pinamamalagian nila.Dahil sa nangyari, ang mundo ni Shaun ay biglang nag-iba. Naging uhaw siya sa hustisya, at hangad niyang makamit ito sa abot ng kaniyang makakaya.Habang naliligo siya sa ilog ay nakakita siya ng isang kahon na pinaglumaan na dahil sa napakahabang panahon. Sa loob ng kahon ay may isang kakaibang nilalang.Makamit kaya ni Shaun ang hinahangad niyang hustisya? Ang kahon na kaya ang susi sa kaniyang tagumpay o panibago na namang problema ang kakaharapin niya? Ano naman kaya ang nilalang na iyon?

  • The Time Manipulator

    The Time Manipulator

    "Ang mawalan ng mahal sa buhay ang isa sa pinaka mahirap na karanasan. "Iyan ang aking naging karanasan bago ako makapag tapos bilang isang Guro. Sa pag hahanap ko ng Solusyon para maipaghiganti ko ang aking mga magulang unti unti kong makikilala ang tunay kong pag katao bilang si Sterben at isang Time Manipulator na mula sa Puting Lahi, ako huling baraha ng aming lahi na susugpo sa Black Time Organization na walang ibang ginawa kundi gumawa ng masama at patayin ang mga tao. Samahan ninyo akong tuklasin ang mundo ng aking lahi at samahan ninyo akong maresolba kung paano ko aayusin ang malaking panganib na parating sa ating daigdig.

  • Time Manipulator

    Time Manipulator

  • Time manipulating highschooler

    Time manipulating highschooler


    A story about a Highschooler with the ability to control time

  • The Manipulated Villainess

    The Manipulated Villainess



    What was the nickname given by people to a woman who does many evil and bad deeds? A 'VILLAINESS'. But what if the villainess was never a villainous person, to begin with? What if she was a mere puppet controlled and manipulated by someone? What if she lives her whole life in fear of the real villainess? * * * Villainous, powerful, beautiful yet cruel were the words people use to describe the Chairwoman and CEO of Yang Group, Nicole Yang. At only 25 years old, she was the youngest and most powerful businesswoman in the country. She leads the Yang Group with an iron fist and her vicious methods. She was nicknamed the 'Iron Lady' and the 'Ice Queen.' She was feared by her employees and even her competitors! With a famous politician stepmother and a fiancé who was from a powerful family, no one dared to approach her. But maybe that's what everyone assumed! In reality, she was controlled, manipulated and used by someone! She was desperate to break free from the chains that bind her and tormented her each day! But no one saw her weakness or sufferings until he appeared in her life like a miracle... * * * Kind, handsome yet playful were what people labelled with Aston Kang, the famous top actor of the country. An orphan who hides his insecurities beneath his carefree smile, he worked his way from the bottom to the top on his efforts. Though he was only 27 years old, no one would understand the hardships of life more than him! He loves to flirt around to hide his loneliness. Maybe that's why people often mistook him as a playboy. He never treated any woman or relationship seriously until he met the so-called 'Villainess' who gave his once dull life a challenge to take on! * * * * * * * Note: All characters, places and institutions in this novel are fictional. Disclaimer: I don't own the cover photo. All rights credited to the real owner.....

  • The Manipulator of Time

    The Manipulator of Time

  • Master of Time

    Master of Time



    If you have the power to travel anywhere in time, armed with your knowledge, what would you do? Could you prevent wars, natural disasters and the economic crisis? Do you really want to? Wouldn’t you prefer to play God instead? Afterall, only God should have the power to control time. This is the story of my life. It is not for the faint of heart. I never wish for this power, yet I was granted it, nonetheless. I have watched the Great Pyramid being built, Rome being sacked, and unaccountable number of bloodsheds in the names of long forgotten Kings and Queens. Empire rises and falls, yet I remain. That is the single truth. Even the Modern Era is but a tiny drop in the ocean of time. History is just an experience to me. New Hollywood, what is that? Is that more interesting than the Great Migration or The Exodus? I will tell you all about it, the countless lives I have lived. As the Master of Time, time itself is my servant. It is loyal to a fault, preventing death from claiming me. In effect, it forces me to wander all of time and space, for all of eternity. I wonder when, if ever I will be free from this curse and this gift! Disclaimer: Story contains graphical sex scene. Tags: Time Travel, Ruthless Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Godly Power, Alternate History, Celebrities, Wars, Conquests, Kingdom Building. ******************** Discord Server https://discord.gg/ffazvKp

  • Fulfilling Life of an Urban Time Manipulator

    Fulfilling Life of an Urban Time Manipulator



    " The most beautiful and best player is his lover"" The most beautiful and best streamer is his lover"" The most beautiful and best killer is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy businesswoman is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy cosplayer is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy milf is his lover"" The most beautiful and sexy gilf is his lover" ......... ......... .......... " And who is he"" The only man worthy of all of them""What the f..."••••••••••The fulfilling life of a man with a little bit of time flow changing power. 2-4 chapters/week.If you have any ideas for the future then write them in the comments/review section. I'll consider them seriously. The world is a parallel world almost identical to earth. But here the legal age for conscientious sex is 14+.Words from a great man, " You bookmarked this?? Ah! I see, you're a man of culture as well"* Kiss and Groping only.** Snake and Kitty involved, no insertion.*** Full Thrust.English is readable, some grammatical mistakes can be pointed out so be sure to tell me if there's any. 《《IMPORTANT - Wallpaper is from His women's University Manhwa so if the writer ( Jae Hwan Baek ) want me to take down the wallpaper then please comment and I'll remove it ASAP. Please don't report.》》

  • Life as an Overpowered Time Manipulator

    Life as an Overpowered Time Manipulator


    Warnings- Cussing, Mature hints Nimi is a powerful being. She and her two sisters control the very fabric of time and reality itself. She can control the world around her and does to help her sisters create the proper future. That is, until she fell in love. This is the story of a girl who wishes to not be hurt by the loss of one she loves being chased by a lovestruck fool of a boy.

  • Time Tangled

    Time Tangled



    Rosalind, Edison, and Nora Shea always thought their parents were a match made in heaven. After their mother was killed, their famous scientist father couldn't handle living without her and built a time machine to go back and save her life. That was where everything went wrong. The kids find themselves stuck in the past with a broken time machine and no way to fix it. Their only hope is their much-younger father...who immediately gets off on the wrong foot with their mother. With saving their mother and returning home hanging in the balance, they begin to worry that they won't even be born. How did a spunky aspiring novelist and a misanthropic genius from a rich family ever end up together in the first place? Can the kids get two such different people to fall in love all over again or have they destroyed their timeline for good? Read on to find out! *cover by polkadottedscrunchie*

  • Golden Time

    Golden Time


    The golden hour where one can save a life.Golden Time. -----Revised Synopsis :Golden time is a Korean Medical Drama/ Reincarnation Novel. The novel is short and progresses quickly as the main character is sent back in time to his teenage years when he got into a severe accident. Causing him to lose most of his memories and even trapping him in a coma for three months. The main character wakes up 3 months later where the only memory remaining in his head are his medical knowledge and his name.A story about the life of a young teenage boy growing up as he strives to save as many lives as he can and becoming the greatest doctor in the world.Golden Time, a moment in which a life can be saved!**A licensed novel from Munpia**

  • No Time[BL]

    No Time[BL]



    Even before the apocalypse, Shui Yu's family and life were falling apart. So when he went back to the time when he was born, he tried hard to prepare and teach his siblings so that they would not be separated in this lifetime. But even though he was very OP(too OP in fact), troubles came his way. He just wanted to get rid of boredom and travel the world... but who's that mad scientist chasing him? Shui Yu: Why're you chasing me? Mad Scientist: You're my past life's lover! Shui Yu: Bullsh*t! I don't remember you! Get away from me! Mad Scientist: I'll make you remember me, starting with your body... In fact, this is a very dark but sappy story of two very OP individuals falling in love~ Reminder: This is a slow romance novel, so expect to get to the ML by chapter 70! And the apocalypse starts at chapter 45, so please don't comment or review about the novel being so slow or for me to hurry up with the story. If you read the <Not an Update>, you'll know how I deal with rude reviewers. Warning: This is BL, Danmei, fujoshi/fudanshi crap, etc. And the cover isn't mine. I edited it perfectly, but it's still not mine. The beautiful work belongs to its rightful artist~ #2 for Writing prompt #27: Reunion of a Separated couple

  • Joy Of Manipulation

    Joy Of Manipulation



    Main character Hyun-ki Quote "A Man Can Be Destroyed But Not Being Defeated" Hyun-ki is a high school student looking nerdy and good student but in reality, he is the most one you should be afraid of even the higher-ups in school are fearing him, all that because he is obsessed, he likes to control people lives, now you're thinking it's a superpower but in reality, it's just him playing with people mind with some tricks, but everything starts changing for our Hyun-ki when the transfer student named Mi-cha came to his school and because of his best friend Mun-hee he will become close to her and her new best friend Hyun-ae that has a past with Mun-hee and Hun-ki, the four friends will go to a university and that when their life journey changed completely and got really messy because of Hyun-ki, all this was in Hyun-ki plan to make that mess but something will happen that even Hyun-ki didn't make it in his plans. So what will he do to fix it? Is he going to change plans?



  • God Of Manipulation

    God Of Manipulation



    Follow the adventurous journey of the God of Manipulation as he takes what he wants manipulate everyone he wants and makes his wishes come true.HEY GUYS I HAVE STOPPED WRITING THIS NOVEL BUT IF YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE THIS NOVEL THEN COMMENT "MORE" IN THE REVIEW SECTION I WILL MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT AND MAKE IT EVEN BETTER IF I GET MORE THAN 100 COMENTSjust some advertisingThis software will help you promote your instagram much better. if you want try it -Insta Promoter - https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/k4dhw/0This tiktok tutorial can help you get 1000$ per month guarenteed on tiktok. If you are interested link is below -Tiktok tutorial - https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/t4c44/0If you cant find the perfect trading platform for crypto curreny try this.It can bring a lot of traffic for your crypto buisness link is below -Crypto commision - https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/p3zn0/0




    A normal guy reincarnated in Tales of Demons and Gods with the looks of an angel and heart of a devil. ----------------------------X------------------------------------- WARNING - THIS IS A BL NOVEL. He got the powers attributed to the concept of manipulation. He wants to have a romantic life with Nie Li and will go to any extent to have him. MC - Firstly, I fucking died in a gutter full of shit. Secondly, they didn't give me any strong powers just this creepy manipulation technique which is complete bullshit. And now you're telling me that I get a system but it will only assist me in becoming strong and I have to do all the hardwork ? No starter pack, no gifts, one bullshit power nothing. Are you of any fucking use?? How will I win over Nie Li like this?? Cherry- The system is perfect for someone like you. But it will be of more use if you firstly remove the pornographic trash out of your mind. MC - cough......cough.......What are you saying ? My intentions are pure and sweet like angel. -----------------------x--------------------- This is a harem. So, Mc will have at least many partners [ max 2-3 ] - Both male and female. [ MC is bisexual ] Warning - MC is highly evil and manipulative and can even kill for proving his cause but will not kill anyone unless necessary. Get ready to read the story you never read before. Get ready to feel the power of manipulation. Get ready to ....OKAY. Read the story for more information. --------------------------------------x--------------------------------------------- FOLLOW THIS DEVIL WITH THE LOOKS OF AN ANGEL AND LOOK WHAT CHAOS HE CREATES IN THIS WORLD. And yes I do NOT own Tales of demons and gods or the cover so please don't sue me. (◕‿◕) Feel free to contact me in case of any query - https://discord.gg/8FdcdUE52t

  • manipulation


  • I Can Manipulate Time.

    I Can Manipulate Time.

    Rick moves through space and time and appears in a different dimension that is filled with magic. People around him could fly and throw fire from their hands. The world is full of danger and Rick have to move through hurdles after hurdles to traverse the dark and difficult path towards power.Although the world is dangerous and filled with all kind of evils it also has a beautiful part to it and on his discovery towards the true magic. Rick comes across both.

  • The Manipulation System

    The Manipulation System

    Emilia is starting to go to school, and right off the bat her day is going terrible, having to cut out gum after the first hour of school, but it couldn't get any worse. Right?