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  • Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,

    Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,

  • Night of the lesbian vampires

    Night of the lesbian vampires


  • These high walls

    These high walls

  • come on

    come on


    "What the f**k are my eyes seeing?!" “ this human?” ... A new world where there are no humans, but they consider them to be animals that became extinct long ago A new world where vampires and werewolves rule the world But the question here is where did this person come from?! “Hello, my name is Louis Tomlinson,” says the young man lying on the floor cheerfully, waving gently at them. ..... The year 2018 is where it all began Everyone was preoccupied with the stories of the vampires and the werewolf, which were considered fairy tales at the time until... Until a mad scientist thought about these creatures that were running his curiosity and because he did not find any trace of these creatures and discovered that they were really mythical And in order not to place himself in the circle of depression, he committed a great sin, a sin whose result is the end of all mankind. . . “You succeeded!!!” the world shouts with joy, followed by the applause of the rest of the crew and their happy cheer and encouragement to break this happy moment, the sound of bottles containing chemicals falling "Damn it, it's moving," says one of the trainees, terrified, so the scientist smiles at his side, grabs his syringe and compresses it with the body of the experimenter, emptying what's inside the syringe with his veins. "Don't worry, everything is fine," he says arrogantly, and did he say it's okay??? Because this was never what it was, it was quite the opposite!!

  • You're My Other-Half

    You're My Other-Half


    Just a little oneshot and drabble about Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson!!P/S : Harry is a little spoon and a very clingy boy here. Imagine that Louis is more behave than him.

  • save my soul and help me not to drown

    save my soul and help me not to drown


    Louis Tomlinson, a 24-year-old musician, must live in a psychiatric hospital after having a severe breakdown due to his Borderline Personality Disorder. There, he meets Harry Styles, a charismatic 22-year-old resident of the specialty of psychiatry.

  • Mr Styles

    Mr Styles


    In world of werewolves, hybrids are looked down upon. Society tends to dislike them. So when male omega hybrid Louis Tomlinson moves from his town of hybrids to a werewolf dense city, it’s not pretty. But what happens when nature gets the better of Alpha teacher Harry Styles. Will they love or will society be too harsh.

  • The innocent Dona

    The innocent Dona

    Louis Tomlinson is an 'Innocent' 17 year old that has been through a lot; his mom's death and his dad taking his siblings and leaving without him, He just wants someone to take care of him.Harry styles is the 20 year old mafia leader of "heaven rejects" that is cold and heartless or that is what everyone including himself thought, but that was before louis everything change when he met louis.

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