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  • The tooth fairy

    The tooth fairy

  • Lost tooth

    Lost tooth

    Losing a tooth was apart of life. It happened everyday to millions of children all over the world. A sign of growth in a world of decay and violence. Kathy did not know that by selling that small tooth would change her entire life, opening the world to possibilities she couldn’t even dream of in a million years.

  • An Arrows Tooth

    An Arrows Tooth

    Sa mundo ng mga mababangis na Lobo ay may isang bukal na mahiwaga na kayang pagalingin ang lahat ng karamdaman at nagbibigay lakas sa mga nagbabantay nito upang hindi magamit sa kasamaan at maging sa pag iibang anyo.

  • Sweet tooth

    Sweet tooth

  • Tooth and nail

    Tooth and nail


  • Sweet Tooth Honey

    Sweet Tooth Honey


    Honey's Sweet Tooth always seems to get the better of her, here are some of her stories.The stories of the Sweet Toothed Honey.#Bubbly #Girl #does #haughty #naughty #dripping #cannabis #seductive #seductivegirl #nothuman #nonhuman #cultivation #RNG #kinkyfarmer #alchemy #food #alchemyasfood #edibles #marijuana #treant #marijuanatreant #goddess #reincarnation #enlightenment #fighting #cooking #eating #nonsense #sidestory #sidestories #Friends #OOMTOWN #Request #requested #requestedwriting #2021 #2022Does not release on a Schedule.OTHER WORKS:Re:Birth as the Hero, the Story of Errit. IN ANOTHER WORLD (C▓NSOR▓D) Dog gets more respect The AI Stole my Reincarnation

  • Red in Tooth and Claw

    Red in Tooth and Claw


    "How could this happen..." He questioned whilst he watched helplessly as his guild was slaughtered one by one. The culprit? A single man who towered over the rest like a titan. On his right arm, the brand of a hippopotamus; the symbol of wrath. Now, Dalton, the former weakest member in his guild, swears revenge for his fallen comrade..

  • TaintedMetal's Tooth Fairy

    TaintedMetal's Tooth Fairy



    Callum Thomas had seen better days, but then came the day he escaped a serial killer who had damaged him, physically and mentally, all because the killer wanted to gain the help of the Tooth Fairy. No, not the friendly one who visits you when you sleep. The Tooth Fairy of this novel is a creature shown on a whole different level, a dark level at that. The author brings you on Callum's journey where he has to face the new horrors of the creature he thought never existed, but becomes more real than his own reality.

  • It's Payback  Time : dont mess with me

    It's Payback Time : dont mess with me



    ' A Tooth for a Tooth , An Eye for an Eye , you wish I never come back alive , if I do then I promise , I'm going to pay you back , all the pain I received. The burning fire and my dripping hot blood as the witness , I promise , I'll make you suffer more than I did . If I get a second chance , if I get a second life , I'm surely going to take my revenge ' Saying her last words , she closed her eyes , her skin felt hot by the burning fire , her breath started to slow down , her heart stopped to work , she remembered , her mother , her grandparents , who were the only one , who loved her truly ,yet they were no more alive . her heart beat stopped , her breathing put on a long break , she lost her consciousness, lost her soul , lost her life . ' Boom' Suzy , a twenty four years old girl , gets tricked , schemed and betrayed by her own people , whom she trusted and loved the most. She gets betrayed by her own biological father , her step mother and step sister whom she treated as her own blood sister , her own bestfriend , and her fiance . She was tricked and was taken advantage , when she finally found their true face it was already too late , she was already in the bed of death . She gets a new life , to seek her revenge , to pay back for their evil schemes , and finally she meets a man who truly loves her , supporting her in every aspect , becoming a wife slave , her childhood darling , Kim Tan . Their are lots of schemes , lots of revenge , lots of romance and lots of thrilling scenes in the story , catch up the female leads Revenge in her new life .

  • Trial Marriage Husband : I Am  CEO's Plaything

    Trial Marriage Husband : I Am CEO's Plaything



    “You bastard! Because of your behavior now I'm getting drunk!" After broke up with her previous boyfriend who had runaway with her all moneys, Lisa, an employee at a multinational company, had to fight tooth and nail to support her sick mother and her sister who was still in college. Fed up with endless life and sad financial conditions, Lisa decides to have a one night love affair with a handsome man of European descent who turns out to be her own boss, a CEO at the company where she works. For the sake of dwindling savings and the scorn of those who make fun of her, Lisa was forced to be willing to satisfy the CEO's wild appetite. Even Lisa began to think about agreeing to give herself up to be the wife of a wild man in order to maintain the financial stability of her family's life. What kind of marriage would Lisa have living with a wild CEO who never stops toying with her body? What did the CEO mean to ask Lisa to marry him? Is it just to satisfy his fantasy? Or…

  • Mitch


    Running into a winged lion shifter was never in Mitch's plans. But Bluebird Valley Preserve has more surprises in store, including wildlife and shifters, most of whom Mitch never knew existed. As a caracal shifter, Mitch is used to oddities. The chaos, he can handle. Calix, the saber-toothed cat, is what knocks him off balance.<br><br>Calix is a vet and a physician. Great in theory ... except he can only diagnose, not heal. Still grieving, he vows to protect his heart from another crushing blow. Then, he saves a caracal shifter from the flood waters. When he sees Mitch, he struggles with leaving the past behind and making a future for himself which includes Mitch.<br><br>Raging waters and mudslides threaten, leaving the whole preserve at risk. Mitch puts his life on the line to rescue Calix. But, it's Calix's heart Mitch finds the most challenging and worthwhile to win.

  • Broken Demon

    Broken Demon


    Louis Carter, Grade A of Archeology. A nobody, An international underdog! A big project that was going to shake up the whole department of archaeological history. the same project that Louis put all his energy and soul in it but with a simple and slightly disrespectful argument with the class professor, all his efforts gone straight to trash! now he has to prove his belief in his new project."supernatural creature's don't exist"I mean...really? werewolves? vampires? tooth fairies? does someone still believe in this nonsense?Harry Ashford, tall, strong, and dominant. in one word? perfect! the one werewolf who had everyone's respect and submission. no one could stare him straight in the eye. so what was the problem?He was a damn beta and he needed an alpha for the big upcoming war, a strong one! and for finding that kind of alpha he had to trust a stinking prophet! now after two years, he had two options left.first option: Zayn Collins. powerful, extremely dominant, with a big and strong aura that forces everyone around him to listen. conclusion? he can be a hotshot alpha!second option: Louis carter? um... don't think so!

  • Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother

    Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnated as Rudeus's older twin brother



    This is moved to the fanfic section!! This only a fanfiction about Mushoku Tensei.I don't own Mushoku Tensei(It's owned by its rightful author).English is not my main languageThis novel is about a boy who is adolescent boy who is a big fan of Mushoku Tensei. He was reading the novel when suddenly some delinquents took the book and put it in fire. The boy finally snapped and couldnt take it anymore and started lashing out on them, having the adrenaline while fighting them. In the end he gave them a beating and lie down exhausted. You could see his fist full of blood at the ground several fresh tooth. If somebody saw this they would say "monster". Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his stomach. He saw a person full of bruises in the face and his hands holding a pocket knife in his stomach. He couldnt believed he will die this way. "I hope I'll get isekai'd like Rudeus. Id like to marry Roxy when I get there." suddenly he cried "Im asking for the impossible I might be crazy". Never did he know that his wish had been granted. Not only was he reincarnated he was also the twin older brother of Rudeus.[I dont own Mushoku Tensei, I created this fanfic just for fun]

  • Holy Great Dragon, Starting from Gene Evolution

    Holy Great Dragon, Starting from Gene Evolution



    As a top-tier scientist in the field of evolutionary studies, Ye Chen could not find a way to extend life. He decided to use himself as an experimental subject, genetically modifying himself to achieve his goal of immortality. He studied tardigrades, extracted genes from ants, and tried becoming closer to botanic life forms, fusing them all into his own genes. But his numerous experiments had all failed, and instead hastened his aging. In the end, the laboratory exploded as a result of energy leakage, and everything was buried in ashes. But this was not the end. All the fused genes in his body caused a strange change, bringing Ye Chen to a world known as the Holy Land, where he became an ordinary lizard at the bottom of the food chain. In this world, there were elves, magical beasts, goblins, tree man, giant dragons and humans, and many many other mythical species. As an ordinary lizard, his entire life could be summarized as just reproduction and survival. If he were unlucky, he would be swallowed whole by his natural predators at some random point in time, or run into a human explorer or hunting group, which would also mean his end. As he witnessed the fate of other lizards, Ye Chen could no longer stay calm. He didn’t want his life to end like this, he would fight to survive in this world. Afterward, Ye Chen discovered that he could extract and fuse other creatures’ genes into his own by eating them, and this fusion wouldn’t cause any rejection reaction, it was perfect. First, it was an ant, a chameleon, a rabbit, from which he extracted the genes of power, camouflage, and agility respectively. Then it was magical beasts like Saber-tooth Tiger, Two-headed Wolf, and the Bird of Flames. As he fused more and more genes into himself, Ye Chen’s physique gradually changed and got closer and closer to the legendary Holy Great Dragon. All lifeforms on the Holy Land went crazy. Kill Ye Chen, and find the secrets to evolution!

  • I hate that I loved you!

    I hate that I loved you!



    Hell hath no fury like a women scorned! 5 years of togetherness. She was so naïve to fall for him the billionaire son of Bennetti Conglometre just so he can completely ruin and destroy her to the point of no return. People say revenge is the dish best served cold. "An eye for an eye , A tooth for a tooth". Let's see how Rizi D'Souza, a fallen heiress, serve hers? After destroying the enemy and his daughter, Zain Bennetti the famous and popular CEO of Bennetti groups thought he will fill utmost satisfaction. But wait what is this void inside him? Join me in this Love Hate Revenge journey of Rizi D'Souza, a fallen heiress turned skilled hacker and Zain Bennetti, an Italian billionaire. -------------------- Sneak Peak #1: Zain Bennetti's laptop's screen flickered again. All three men had their eyes glued on Zain's laptop screen. It turned black and then lit up again. After a few minutes, a 'ding' sound came. The screen was split into two sections. One section displaying advertisement of viagra with laughing emoticons and the other section displaying two words in bold. [Hey. there!] Below those words, there was a small signature. 'Dark Web Masters'. "What the f**k!" Assistant Han blurted out. Francesco and Zain glanced at each other. [LOL] Another line appeared on the screen. The Assistant Han was shocked to see that the Hacker not only hacked his Big Boss's laptop but was hearing them right now. After a couple of minutes, Francesco's asked in a serious voice. "Why did you attack us again?" No response. "We already paid you ransom. It was agreed you will not breach us again. What do you want?" Francesco asked another question. [Fun. :D] quickly a response appeared on the screen. The Office sank into an eerie silence. What the hell is happening! After couple of seconds, screen lit up again. [See you soon] another response appeared. "What do you mean?" Francesco asked instantly. In the next second, split-screen converted to a single screen, the chat window was closed from the hacker's end. The only thing playing was a weird advertisement. "Your system is hacked!" ********* The kiss was rough and forced at first. Rizi's resolved became weak. She had once loved this man with all her being, all her heart and all her soul. Before she even understands anything, her hands clutched his shirt and tears rolled down her cheeks. Zain felt her warm tears, and he could not control his own. His own tears fell down his cheek. Rizi felt his tears, and a sob escaped her mouth. Zain tightened hold on her waist and deepened the kisses. He felt home! They both poured every emotion in that kiss! ********* Author's note: This is my first time writing. I apologize in advance if there are any mistakes. All suggestion and feedback are warmly welcomed. Please dont crucify it on first couple of chapters. It will start bit dark and emotional. But please give it chance and read further. Characters and plot will evolve slowly. It will be more interesting. I hope you will enjoy it. if you like the chapter and story, please add review, comments and vote for the book. Your support will motivate me to be more creative. Book cover is not mine. Credits to the actual creator.

  • Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate

    Her Unfortunate Fate Turned Fortunate



    Anna was a cheerful, fierce and brave girl she follows an eye to eye and tooth to tooth concept. But due to some unfortunate fate she met with an accident.When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a unfamiliar place facing unfamiliar people. What's more shocking is she's no longer Anna Mantis. She's reincarnated as Yu Han who's a rich, soft, shy, caring and beautiful woman, surrounded by the people who love her, who hate her, who wants to hold her in there arm and protect her but also by the people who wants to see her in nothing but pain and wants her dead.Anna a.k.a Yu Han had finally adopted to her new body and surrounding. Her new life goal is only to take revenge for Yu Han's life.But fate has another plan for her, one day she has to go back to her ownself but the question is will she be able to leave the people who now has become part of her life, her family and her love??-------sneak peek"Hubby, do you want to be punished for bringing another woman here." Anna's eye had fire. Ji Yang smiled at his wife."I'll be glad when you're the one punishing, I'm looking forward to it.." Ji Yang smirked. Anna is stupefied seeing his shamelessness."..and don't worry Feng Yi is not with me.." He switched his position and now Anna is caged between his arms."Now let's talk about your punishment for coming with another man here" His voice is low and seductive, Anna lost all her senses as he bit on her earlobe.

  • A Wizard's Romance

    A Wizard's Romance



    "Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who changes everything" -- " Let's leave," Arthur said. Vladis crouched down on land and gently asked Camy to hop on his back. Although she wasn't injured she happily climbed on Vladis back because she felt safe around him. "Big brother you need to give me 1,2 no,10 packets of candy. Promise?" Vladis chuckled. "You sure have a sweet tooth. Your teeth will rot if you continue eating sweets like this." Vladis commented with a slight smile. Camy totally ignored her sister and talked non stop with Vladis. Vladis didn't deny her and got engaged in her sweet nothings. Witnessing Camy ignoring her and the sweet interaction between Vladis and Camy Ciel pulled a dark face. She glanced at Arthur and pouted in frustration. Arthur was very much enjoying her expressions but after remembering about Ciel injured leg he stopped being mean and he too gently crouched in front of Ciel. "Come on what are you waiting for? Just hop on. With your tiny and injured legs, there is no chance that we will cross this forest before dawn" Ciel got furious after listening to his comment and wanted to scold him but decided against it. She was not a fool and understood his kind intentions and thus forgave him this one time as she quietly hopped on his back. ------- "Long Enchantment spells, freaking orbs, taming dragons, fighting demons, sorcerers, witches, all these got me bored Chesire. Suggest something interesting." A certain fluffy grey cat swayed on his master's shoulder and whispered, “why not fall in love." " And you think it's a good idea kitty, a certain smug wizard spat." [ sigh! only if he knew very soon, he would love this idea, clashing with the time and with magic itself for his beloved] --------- Arthur is the wizard King of Reinstels empire who is surrounded by various mysterious enemies. Amidst of all the dangers he has a task to protect the love of his life from an unknown enemy. Will he be able to win over Ceil? Will he be able to protect her from him or will he lose her? What if his brother like a buddy betray him? Will he able to solve this complex game of emotions.? Let's find out. Join us for a magical romance story. ------ [ I don't hold any copyrights of the image above; it is just a random image chosen. If any of you have copyrights then do tell me, I will give the credits.]

  • The Dinosaur Dragon

    The Dinosaur Dragon


    A boy gets thrown into a magic world that was separated from Earth a long time ago. The only thing he has in his pocket is a dinosaur tooth he stole from a museum. Using magic he resurrects the mighty Giganotosaurus! Now in a world dominated by dragon riders, can the boy and the dinosaur rise up in this magic world?My first novel! Hope you guys enjoy it!Warning: Chapters are subject to updates. I intend to continually refine old chapters as my writing gets better. Thanks for reading!Cover By: PaladinPainter on Deviantart

  • Think out of the box

    Think out of the box


    This is story about a cruel magus and a kind outcast. About the magic and the science.The world ain't big for both of them. Or not?__At the dark night of the great storm, a strange child was born. Her red eyes was burning in curiosity. She was energetic, brave. And thrice crazy. First, she learned to run, then she started to walk.She shouldn't have been born, because of her mother was been infertile. But a legendary healing flower helped her. The girl was named after the flower, Artoris.She wanted to reach the limits of the magic, so she need to think out of the box.Steal from nature. Create new spells. Fight to feel her life.Mord, her younger sister, wasn't so lucky. She has no magical talant. Outside. Looser. The ugly, ugly girl. Overcoming the weakness, Mord use her intellect to become the Queen of the Magus.__Sleep, my monster child, sleep. Become nightmare of monsters. Hurt her soul.Snakerings were sleeping in the cycle dreams, eating beast spirits. Shellbacks bird hunted. Goblins lurked in the homes, but they will be killed by the monster child. Longhands pulled their hands from the shadows to afraid preys. Close the eyes.The Bloody Moon sees you. The dark future is coming on.The magic is here. There are a burned skin and a frozen heart. A black rotten slime warms the body. Time to choose pawns for systems.__Hello!I hope that my English is not bad. I try to become better with you together. Your advices can help me.If you have cool ideas for my novel, then write it in the comments! I'm seeing their all. (-) Think out of the box!__If you are author of a picture, which I remade for my bookcover, contact me.

  • Lifed