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  • Liz Tragedy

    Liz Tragedy

    Within my Story "The Drifter Era" A girl named Liz has a far more complex tale than one could ever realize!Liz's story starts in a Time Travel Regulation Government school where she was placed because of her survival skills on her birth planet 1.5. Now on their TTRG Moon School, she embarks on a new journey she hopes will lead to an easier, wealthier life. Unfortunately, the school she was dropped into forced her to collide with the MC from my main story, "The Drifter Era" The downward spiral of her encounter will expose the many mysteries of TTRG & their secret rivals. The nature of the hidden world will start to be revealed. A link to my main story here,



  • Underground Tragedy

    Underground Tragedy

    Horror&Thriller SCARY

  • Love tragedy

    Love tragedy

  • Relief (tragedy)

    Relief (tragedy)

    The guilt of losing someone you love

  • Brothers of Tragedy

    Brothers of Tragedy

    [DISCONTINUED](Will change this book into another story after my other story's done)

  • His soul

    His soul

    Contemporary Romance R18 TRAGEDY CEO


    "Like it or not, you'll still be my woman, Gina," Massimo said coldly, undeniably. "Everything is written in the agreement your grandfather and my grandfather made." "I'm not part of the Sanders family anymore, so I'm not obligated to fulfill that agreement." Gina answered loudly without any fear. Massimo laughed out loud. "So you rejected me?" "Of course!" “Fine, then I'll make the only person you love live in a miserable state. I will make him wish death was better than his current life,” Massimo threatened earnestly. Synopsis: Gina, who was born to a woman whose existence was not recognized by her father's family, was forced to find her father in Barcelona on the orders of her mother who died of cancer. Living with her mother and stepsisters did not make Gina's life any better, the stepmother who was after her father's property justified everything to make her beloved son Diego Alvarez the heir to the Sanders family. Meanwhile, Gina must be trapped in a crazy agreement made by her grandfather decades ago to become the heiress of the ruler of Barcelona Massimo del Cano who does not want marriage, Gina becomes a substitute for her step-sister for what her stepmother set her up for. The relationship that Massimo wanted was nothing more than a master and slave relationship, could Gina survive in that relationship? The terrible relationship of a man who turns out to be his first love.

  • Just Another Tragedy

    Just Another Tragedy

    The heart monitor beeped. The light flickered. Her heavy eyelids rose. Anna Davidson. Since the day she turned nine, she's been the hospital's favourite. Every nurse, every patient knows her. She's become the hospital's most 'tragic hello,' and tragedies have become her favorite. Faith is dancing on her dying hope's bed. Her eyes blinking tears, she's holding the label her boyfriend gave her. Aaron Peterson, the heir of the billion-dollar company. The only person who sees the hidden secrets in his mansion. He knows something dark is lurking behind the walls of HIS study. He just doesn't know what. The hospital's favorite meets the heir. Faith now dances in her heart, with hope sitting alive on the bed. But when the storm strikes, her house floods with her hidden secrets. He's finding that out. He's not allowed to get caught up with her. He does anyway, and, oh, her poor heart. Just Another Tragedy is created by Laiba Naveed, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

  • Tragedy of Rain

    Tragedy of Rain

    Fantasy Romance R18 MAGIC

    Born in an alienage in the city of Saleah, Rain is a half elf sharing blood with the ruling dynasty. Born under complicated conditions, cursed by a creature that haunts her nightmares, Rain is forced to leave the home she knew and discovers a much darker and greater world. Little does she know of the darkness consuming the kingdom, and her destiny that could reshape the world.

  • Unspeakable Tragedy

    Unspeakable Tragedy


    Someone's watching me. I pick my pace up a little, but the sound of rolling tires are right beside me. I know I shouldn't, but stop and I look up at the tinted windows of a black car as I watch them slowly roll down. A young handsome face around my age is on the other side. He's wearing sunglasses that shield his eyes and has a toothpick jutting out from his mouth. His black hair is slicked back and he hangs a muscular arm out the window. "Excuse me, miss?" His deep voice calls out to me. "Could you tell me and my friends where the nearest hotel is? We're awfully lost." The stranger asks with a sarcastic tone. Every fiber in me tells me to keep walking, but I slow my pace down. I look around for a minute and see some people walking along the sidewalk across the street and decide it's safe. I point down the road I was headed knowing there was a motel not far down. I look back at him and he slides his sunglasses down his nose and gives me a wicked grin. His eyes are bright green and crisp like a reptile. They were an unnatural green color. They were venomous. Deadly. I've met death before. I've seen the grim reaper in person once a long time ago. This guy has that same sickly lethal look swirling around in his stare. I can see it plain as day. I could recognize that look anywhere. "Need a ride somewhere? It might not be safe for a pretty thang like you to be walking around all alone." The grim reaper asks me. ~ Taylen struggles with her feelings about love and hate. She's conflicted with her will to live and the longing for death as she holds on tight to her unspeakable tragedy. Cover done by @IrysGwendolyn on Wattpad. AUTHOR’S NOTE; This story mentions suicide, suicidal thoughts, and mental health issues. Sex and violence. Please take this into consideration when reading as I do not put up warnings before my chapters.

  • A Privileged Tragedy

    A Privileged Tragedy

    Teen TEEN

  • A Love Tragedy

    A Love Tragedy

    Life isn't always perfect and Hunter knows it, but can he handle his world crashing down on him?

  • Tragedy Romantic

    Tragedy Romantic

    Sim Conner is a handsome man, muscle build body,trouble maker and he has many girlfriend in his past school. He lives at his uncle Ben who adopt, him, gives him love and so much care, when his whole family massacred. And he is the only survivor in that tragedy. And he will meet Akira Nelson that will change his life, and the events that happen in his life. Gian Cruz Ricci is a Italian Filipino who will be a part of his life. And in the story there is many craziest event will occurs and filled with revengeful thoughts.I will update this synopsis after a few days...

  • Fate and Tragedy

    Fate and Tragedy

  • Tragedy with satan

    Tragedy with satan

    From mighty angel to satan

  • Tragedy Awaits

    Tragedy Awaits


    "Even when tough times occur, the love that we share will never fade away."****Set in the year 2040 in Raleigh, the story is told in a non-linear interview style (though it will feature a song and a speech), focusing on various people who had experienced many tragedies throughout their lifetime. With stories that are enticed with deception, personal struggles, occultism, and a deep sense of fear, each citizen has gathered around in a restaurant called Harvest 18 to tell stories about their past and how it affected them in different ways. Dr. Bridges, a psychiatrist from Michigan, sets up counseling at Harvest 18 for patients that dealt with tragedies that affected them. Warm, helpful, and inviting, he offers great advice to patients on how to be resilient in difficult times. The series will be served as a prequel to the apocalyptic series 2049 which takes place nine years where a final battle for the end of the world will be staged. Tragedy Awaits is a psychological tragedy that is told in an interview style. Tackling dark social issues, its story revolves around the theme of resilience, which encompasses many different scenarios that each person had been through (i.e. family loss, paranoia, stress).Sequel: 2049Crossover: Codename UltimateShared Universe: Lonely (alternate story), Corona Force (alternate story)Content Rating: 16+ (violence, mature themes)

  • Cherished Tragedy

    Cherished Tragedy


    Playing into fate cannot be dodged, once cannot escape its jaws. The more one puts it off, the more it grips tighter until you can’t take it anymore.(Super slow updates)

  • School Tragedy

    School Tragedy

  • Inevitable tragedy

    Inevitable tragedy