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  • Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

    Raising My Children With My Personal Spatial Ability

    Contemporary Romance BABY CHEATS SPATIAL


    When she woke up, she had transmigrated into An Jiuyue, a woman living with two young children on a mountain after her husband abandoned her. She was pushed to the ground, and now, there was a bloody wound on her head. With only a handful of rice left in the rice bag, she had relied on digging wild vegetables to satisfy their hunger every day. Her children were so often starved that they were all skin and bones. On top of that, a wicked woman threatened her to sell her son! If she refused, the woman would snatch him away forcefully. But An Jiuyue took a deep breath, revealed her sharp claws, beat the woman up, and threw her out of the house. She could show the woman she was not to be messed with! They were out of rice and vegetables now, but she was not afraid. Acquiring food using her spatial abilities was as easy as curling her fingers! Moreover, her spatial abilities were unlimited, and her medical skills did not deteriorate. She could no doubt earn money and raise her children well! As for her ex-husband… The prince, who had returned from the battlefield, smiled maliciously. "My beloved concubine, please calm down. I brought back a mountain of gold from the battlefield as a gift for you and our children."

  • My Special Ability is Perfect Replication

    My Special Ability is Perfect Replication


    After transmigrating to this world where spiritual energy is revived, I realized that it’s a world rampaged by Direbeasts. But what is most exciting is that humans with special abilities do exist! It’s awesome to witness control of thunder and fire, titan’s transformation, limb regeneration, teleportation, telepathy, precognition and many more. And guess what? I have them all.

  • The Transformation of

    The Transformation of

    I had never considered a poly relationship before. This all changed the day I met the Eden sisters.A story of my life starting with a new job.

  • Villain Transmigration: Author Transformation

    Villain Transmigration: Author Transformation



    [ENRICHED WITH MATURE CONTENT. PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION. ]AUTHOR TRANSMIGRATION"I want to write Villain perspective! Enough of this Hero and Heroine gig!"Nathalie Jean Quinn, life was so ordinary until she wrote the first book of her sequel, The Prince's Retribution, swept all over the literature world and garnered massive fan base and fortune.Now, she wanted to leave out of her comfort zone and challenge herself-- To seek the memoirs of a villainess in the story; for its sequel, The Prince's Ascension, Mystique is revealed.But even the management and the audiences begged to differ, so she made her way.Although, in the middle of completing the Sequel, the main villain, Mystique Blackwell, comes for her in that magical encounter and cursed her.Will Nathalie now transform to a monster that she created in her own story?*** Excerpt***"You're mine. Am I clear? You're my property."Mystique was pressing her thighs against his, which he could never break free from her beguiling clutches.She was on top of him; the surge of confidence came with her and took charge for the whole ride. Her eyes were obscured with gleaming lust, and her hands worked their wonders and slinked to his chiseled abs up to his brawn sweaty chest.Every time she landed a smooth caress, he let out a stuttering moan as he was in spasms. His toes would dig deep into the mattress, no different from his nails that clawed, not trying to touch her sacred body.It wasn't all as she reached for his nipples, rubbing them ever-so-softly. The man would throw his bobbed back to the woolly pillows and arched his back from pleasure.Even though the bed creaked—fast and subtle that played their ears—she loved it.Just as she adored every point in him...Not a second delayed as he would shiver every time she would stroke the same parts of him.On the other hand, she has kept up the pace ever since. She crashed her well-endowed chest against his. Their lips parted by a hair's breadth, and he gritted his teeth as he saw her angelic feature up-close, driven by ecstasy.His gestures and countenance fueled her within, hastening the pace. There, he couldn't control his voice and let out pleasurable groans and grunts. Within those seconds, more thoughts began to blur her.She grabbed a handful of his hair, bringing him closer to her while whispering his ear."You're mine. Am I clear? You're my property."***P,S,The book has come to an end in a good note! Thank you so much for reading!

  • Stellar transformation

    Stellar transformation


    I loved this book when I read it on wuxia world website and wanted to put the book on here for others to read. But since it’s an issue that causes everyone to comment the obvious (I’m not the Author) since it was already written more than once I’ll just let this sit here.

  • The transformation god

    The transformation god

    The transformation god

  • The transformation serum

    The transformation serum

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE

  • Life transformation

    Life transformation

    beautiful, sincere, soul, fear, loyality, romantic, kindness

  • My Transformation

    My Transformation


    A young boy, Agni, dreams of honor and glory. To follow the path of the warrior. To slay beast and demons like the heros or lore. Only the path he pursues cannot be abtained without power. While out training, he stumbles into a cave not far from his village, with a child's playful curiosity he decides to explore it. Only to find a stone that resembles an egg with an eye carved into it. While in his hands, a feeling emerged within him, this stone will give him the power he seeks. However, what left the cave on that day, was not Agni any longer...

  • The Great Transformation

    The Great Transformation

    After being transported into another world Adam Miller finds out that he has the [Customization Menu], a system that lets him modify almost anything. So what is he going to do? Will he become a six-armed Asura? Or will he modify himself into becoming a real furry? What will he do? Disclaimer: This novel DOES NOT feature furries!

  • Ability


  • Highschool Transformation

    Highschool Transformation

    Highschool deliquent boy recives a gift to live the life he always wanted. With the gift he will change himself into the man his family desperately needs.

  • The Final Transformation

    The Final Transformation


    This is a work of Pure Literature translated into wordsIn the year 2069, the company ROUUE changed the world when they mass released a VR machine to the world that allows them to get rid of all of the currently incurable illnesses and strengthen their body and SPIRIT to superhuman levels. In this world, our Main Character Tian Long shall Ascend to the Heavens.

  • The Forgotten Ability

    The Forgotten Ability


    As a young woman Adair Fox enters the civilization test, the most difficult test in the entirety of the Galactic Empire, in hopes of achieving that highest of honors and finally becoming eligible to meet her parents. During the test Adair acts out of desperation and uses a dangerous ritual to save her people, only to get betrayed by them shortly after. Unfortunately not only does Adair fail the test, but she also finds herself trapped in a void for thousands of years until she eventually meets up with another being. She makes a deal with the Reincarnation Machine, which allows her to go back in time and become a sorceress.

  • Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive

    Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive



    Every human on Earth was transformed into a summoned monster and was summoned to another world. Every summoned monster only had one life and was gifted with ability right from the start. The abilities ranged from Wind Blade to Fireball, Ice Arrow, Guardian Shield, Heal, Illusion, and so forth. Li Xuan was also summoned to another world, but his ability was the Unlimited Revive System. Whenever he revived once, he would get another ability. That was the birth of the most fearsome summoned monster in that world. He would simply self-destruct if the fight wasn't in his favor and he would start collecting new abilities by doing so. When Li Xuan finally grew to become an untouchable being, he had formed a contract with a princess by accident. On that day, the princess stood on the city wall and looked at the wave of monsters that was charging at her city. She sacrificed herself out of desperation to save her people and the sky suddenly turned dark. A figure that was as terrifying as God itself tore through the sky and looked at the lives that were beneath him. The world turned quiet as they looked at the being with their widened eyes. Even the millions of monsters that were charging towards the city were stunned by the being's appearance.

  • My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

    My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—



    WPC #206 contestant The Hero Age— circa 3113 ad. An age where humans have developed superpowers such as superspeed, superstrength, and every cliche superhero power there is. But not everyone awakened superhero powers. A tad 1% of the population were unawakened and Satoshi is one of them... or so he thought. It all started when he wished for a System-like ability in front of a retro computer, which in turn granted it the power of the System. What Satoshi didn't know is that he holds the power to transform/evolve animals and inanimate objects. How will Satoshi's life evolve after this newfound power? Will he finally be the very best like no one ever was? tags: action, adventure, modern, comedy, system, zerotohero, weaktostrongmc, parody Disclaimer: Photo for the book cover is not mine but all edits are mine.

  • HYBRID Transformation

    HYBRID Transformation

    I'm just "level zero litter," as one of my peers put it. And so I conclude, until...

  • Ability Wielders

    Ability Wielders



    Superpowers. Are they a myth? Are they real? What if they existed in the world without you knowing? What if there was a hidden world that consisted of superhumans? What if humanity has lived this long and has advanced leaps and bounds without knowing the existence of such… Phenomena? Most of them simply dismissing it as conspiracies. Myths. Imaginary.How about the different bodies of mythology all around the world? Were they really just simple myths? Were they really something that merely lived in our imaginations? Were they something that can be ignored? Or were they stories based on actual events that was lost in the tides of time? People thinking that they were too farfetched to be reality?Reality and fiction. History and mythology. Physical and metaphysical. Normal and supernatural. What exists, and what did not? Are the stories really only stories? Or were they truths hidden from the public?…..The year is 2057. Underneath the moonlight, a man slept and dreamt of something bizarrely vivid. When he finally woke up, he felt that he drowned in the dream, only to find that he acquired superpowers. The one thing that many people desired. The one thing that he so wished.If you were to be put in his place, what would you do? Would you go on a killing spree? Would you use it to play the hero? Or would you rather hide it, using it exclusively and discreetly for your benefit? These are questions that all those who bear the title Ability Wielders must face.Since then, the man’s life has changed, being plunged into the so-called world of wielders. A world where people with Abilities are omnipresent. A world where combat strength is the factor that determined your status. A world where death was treated lightly. Will he survive? Will he be able to live unbothered by the other people? Will he be able to protect those that are dear to him?

  • Transformation Universe Project

    Transformation Universe Project

    ในโลกที่ทุกๆอย่างสามารถแปลงร่างคุณได้ไม่ว่าจะเป็นน้ำดื่ม,น้ำหอม,หน้ากาก,แอปในมือถือหรือแม้กระทั่งเหตุการณ์เหนือธรรมชาติอย่าง Great Shift, Transformation Rain, Pink Mist, Randomized Transformation และนี่คือเรื่องราวของเด็กหนุ่มผู้ที่ชื่นชอบการแปลงร่างทุกรูปแบบ

  • Magical Transformation — Deleted

    Magical Transformation — Deleted