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  • Trapped


    Sudden changes and whispered conversations, Andrea never knew that these things will lead to something unwanted, something disasterous. One marriage is planned. Not a marriage out of love, but a marriage for power. A marriage to destroy. _________________________________________ In a world of Mafia where everything seems so evil and horrifying all you can do is try to not get trapped. But, what will you do when many lives depend on you, on the choices you make? What will you choose, freedom or being tied down? _________________________________________ "One right choice of yours can save many lives. But remember, one mistake and I will take one life and that will be your fault."




    Ethan feels trapped and he plans to break free, his mother however has different plans

  • trapped


  • Trapped with a Demon Prince

    Trapped with a Demon Prince


    [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] A woman with a phobia of men and a Demon Prince trapped inside a robot's body… After finding out that she only has a month left to live, Zarina, a rich businesswoman in her twenties, decides to spend all of her hard-earned money and buy everything she lacks - a hot boyfriend, a love life, and a great sex life. But there is a big obstacle to that - her severe phobia of men. She ends up purchasing a realistic and hot as hell robot boyfriend to solve that problem. But upon it's arrival, she was shocked when the robot claims he is not a perfect boyfriend but a sex robot! And the plot twist did not stop there. Unbeknownst to her, someone is actually trapped in the robot - and it's a demon prince. Excerpt: “Are you sure about this, Zary?” He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.“Answer me," his voice became demanding, so unlike her usually naughty and playful Sam. “Because the moment I’m side you, you’re mine.”

  • Trapped for Eternity

    Trapped for Eternity



    "Where do you think you are running off to?" Alastair asked with an evil smirk on his face. "I-I..." Samantha stuttered, trying to come up with an answer and not daring to meet the King in the eye."Take your time, my dear. We have all the time in the world.""I want to go.""And where do you want to go?""Home.""Oh, Samantha darling. Let's get one thing straight. This is your home now and you are not going anywhere, not when I am here.""But I do not want to hurt you again, Alastair.""Ohh, darling. The only way you will ever hurt me is when you leave me and that is one thing I will never allow you to do. You are mine, eternity."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alastair Drayce has been searching for years for Samantha as she is said to bring the change of fates, according to a prophecy. And the first thing he does after finding her is to bring her to his castle, his home, under his protection.Wanting to save the most powerful man in the kingdom from her destructive self, Samantha hatches a plan to escape. But why is it that every time she tries to flee, she ends up right in his arms? Coincidence? Once: Accepted, Twice: Questionable, Thrice: Not anymore. Why does her escape plan go wrong with him around and most important of all, what is he hiding? Also, what does Alastair want from Samantha that lasts for eternity?A prophecy has been made.An angel has been found.And two lost souls have united.Now, how are Alastair and Samantha destined to bring the change of fates?Read their story to find out more.The cover picture does not belong to me.-------------------------------------------Join my discord server to know more about chapter updates. Discord: Instagram: prada_murthyFacebook: Prada Murthy

  • Trapped in Her Heart

    Trapped in Her Heart



    "Love finds it's way no matter what happens....." ..... At the beach. With their hands intertwined together, Sebastian and Ellie were taking a romantic evening beach walk together. Turning towards Sebastian, Ellie smiled and asked, “Seb, what do you like in me?” Wrapping his arms around her waist, Sebastian smiled. Inching closer, he brushed their lips together and whispered, “I like each and everything about you.” ...... This is a story about Ellie Miller, a resident of Seattle, Washington and Sebastian Stewart, a native of Los Angeles. After spending more than a decade trying to live up to his parents' expectations, Sebastian Stewart had lost the true meaning of life. He lived his life in a very systematic manner with each and every second planned and scheduled for something. Many even said that he lived a robotic life. But things changed when someone entered his life and dragged him out of the robotic life he lived in. Not only did she add colors into his boring life, she opened the most beautiful path for him, the path of love and compassion. Like every ordinary woman, Ellie Miller always wanted to have a perfect love story. After witnessing the special bond her parents shared, her expectations for love spiked. Having zero experience in love even after twenty-five years of her existence, Ellie finally realized how beautiful love actually is after meeting Sebastian Stewart. Coming from two different family backgrounds, will Sebastian and Ellie manage to overcome all the obstacles that come their way? Join Ellie and Sebastian in their sweet and beautiful journey of love and compassion where they learn and grow together. ---- Follow me on Instagram: author_sofia05 Join my discord server: P.S: The cover doesn't belong to me :)





    My heart started thumping as he entered the room and locked the door behind him. He looked incredibly handsome in his black suit. His blue eyes were filled with lust and were piercing me like a dagger. I felt like a rabbit who is trapped in a Lion's den. He removed his suit and sat on the couch. He didn't take his eyes off me even for a second. " Come and sit on my lap," he said in a deep and stern tone. At that moment I realized that it was too late to run away. I just have to obey and do what he says me to do. Surrendering to him is the only choice I have left now. How am I going to survive this hot and intimidating guy ???? ************************************* Hannah lives a life of lies. She isn't aware of her own identity. Everything changed when she met Liam Eaton. She is obsessed with him from the very first day she met him. He is a ruthless Drug Lord under the disguise of a Hollywood movie producer. He is invincible in both underworld and the business world. He is desperately looking for ways to avenge his family members' death. He comes to know about Hannah's true identity and uses her to his advantage. He imprisons her in his cage in the name of love. Even after knowing his true intentions, Hannah loves him infinitely. Having suffered a tragic past, she sees him as the only light of her life. Her obsessive love changes her into to completely different person. She is even ready to take a bullet for him. It's too late when she realizes the person she has become due to her obsession. She tries to run away from her dark side but in vain. Her dark side follows her like a shadow wherever she goes. She becomes the most wanted target in the underworld. Will she break free from her trap of obsession and survive in the world of immortality?~~~~~~~~~~~~Join my discord server to view pictures of characters and more with the author directly there and give your feedback.

  • Trapped with Tycoon

    Trapped with Tycoon

    Romance ROMANCE R18


    It was a late night in Montreux when Jun kept his eyes to Bella. He never felt this kind of emotion run through his vein with these girls.Bella was studying and working part-time in Montreux. Her stepsister chased her out from her homes and sent her to boarding school in Switzerland, as mistress daughter. She never knew that her future would be in the palm of the most powerful tycoon in the world. "It can't be happening" She mumbling as she woke up on Jun bed one morning. She saw a goddess man looked at her and gave her smiles. she was naked and got a ring on her right ring finger.--------This is my first novel created based on my imagination of a flash marriage between two people. the devoted male lead that was orphaned due to the greed of wealth from his parent enemies. the female lead was not the strong smart women, she was naive and stupid. when they were together, the male lead would protect her at all cost.IG: Poetri_cantique

  • Contracted Bride Is Trapped By Her Husband

    Contracted Bride Is Trapped By Her Husband

    After the death of Jocelyn's mother, her father brings home his mistress who then becomes Jocelyn's stepmother. Gradually, she becomes the least favorite person in the family. Her stepmother is mean and her younger sister always bullies her, taking away everything that belongs to her. Meanwhile, the family business is on the verge of bankruptcy due to her father being a gambler and her stepmother and sister being spendthrifts. At this time, they receive an invitation from the Brown family to a bouquet that is intended for the young master of the Brown Family to choose his future fiancee. The news excites Jocelyn's family a lot because if Maria could marry into the Brown family, the family wouldn’t need to worry about money anymore! The stepmother says to Jocelyn, " If your sister could attract Master Aren, even you, a motherless girl, would also be a beneficiary. By then, a lot of boys would fight to marry you to get into our family.” Father says to Jocelyn: " Your sister is so beautiful, I think she will be Mrs. Brown! Maria, let me see your face, the face of the future Mrs. Brown!" At the moment, Jocelyn is glad to be ignored by her family. She just wants to get away from this ridiculous wife-picking affair, but fate seems to be leading her towards… The first time they meet, Jocelyn has a one-night stand with Master Aren. The second time they meet, Master Aren gets out of the car in front of Jocelyn's family and grabs her wrist. " Do you think you can run away from me again?” Later, Mr. Brown announced that his future wife will be—Jocelyn.

  • Trapped Married By Young Master

    Trapped Married By Young Master



    Some chapters contain adult content Starting from an accidental kiss that happened between Evan and Luci, they finally got involved in a contract relationship. Evan, who has not been able to forget his past, necessarily has to have a lover so that he can avoid an arranged marriage. However, in the middle of his contract agreement with Luci, he already fell in love with her. His arrogant and domineering personality makes her often feel cornered, and another fact is that she doesn't love him at all. Luci has fallen in love with someone else from her past. The fact that she had to be patient for her contract with him to end had made her cramp. At the end of the contract, she has been forced to marry him. Then what about the man in her heart? Can they unite?

  • The Traps of Black Swan

    The Traps of Black Swan



    'Each betrayal begins with trust' ~~~ ‘Endure a while’ was what her grandfather said. She endured the curses. She endured the pain. She endured the unfairness. She endured the behest. She endured the down heart. She endured many things but what did she get in return?  Betrayal from her own people. ‘This cruel world is not for innocents.’ She had to learn it forcefully laying on the deathbed wishing to leave the world forever. But fate plays cruelly. Now she is back to the same world to stand strong and smile at the evil. --- Excerpt: Aarvi Evans typed a message shamelessly on her mobile, [I need a kiss.] Her lips tugged to a rare mischievous curve clicking on the send button. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes, her mobile went off. She walked out of the private room of the restaurant and answered the call, “Hel…” She was suddenly yanked to the opposite private room. Before she could absorb the situation, the door was shut, she was pinned to the wall and a pair of thin soft lips pressed on her forehead calming her nerves. ‘How naive!’ She hadn’t thought he would actually ignore his client just to give her a kiss. A kiss! Aaron Rivas would have called her naive if he could hear her thoughts. The next second, Aarvi’s petite face was showered with gentle pecks without leaving an inch unattended. Aaron paused and said, “Cupcake! you hadn’t mentioned where you needed the kiss.” He didn't let her react and locked her lips. --- This is an original story. Thank you ^_^ for giving it a try. DISCORD: Munchkin_2#7368 Story DISCORD: Ko-fi: Instagram: auth_munchkin Linktree: *Credit to the real owner of the novel cover photo.

  • Trapped Destinies

    Trapped Destinies



    “The fragrance of your love always flows in my veins,” Asher said coming dangerously closer to Louisa “How do you?” Louisa asked shocked. For some unexplainable reason her heat skipped the rhythm listening to those lines “Babygirl from now on you will only be answering my questions” Asher spoke caging Louisa in his arms “The past is gone just like the water under the bridge, you can’t get a second back; what matters is ‘now’ the right now and where will we go from here” he whispered into her ears smiling viciously The way he said those lines contemplated something in her mind “Why do his eyes look like the ones I knew?” she thought trying to get out of his tight embrace which is making her feel suffocated. “I am loving this Babygirl, where I can see you out but you can’t see it; It’s giving me inevitable pleasure,” he said leaning towards her lips but she pushed him away “Babygirl; if you are still thinking of running away, you better give up that silly idea of yours. You don’t have any other way than this as we had our destinies trapped together,” Asher said following her -------------- Synopsis: Louisa Miller: Born with a silver spoon in the affluent Miller family. She is strong, independent, and talented. Some memories were engraved deeper into her heart than the tattoos on her body. Life was never easy for her but she knows how to beat the hurdles and rise against the odds Asher Carter: Mystery runs in his blood. He is like the brightest moon, who still have a darker side which scared him about the worse things it can do and one day everything he was scared of happening, happened and it changed everything. __________________________ This novel has a mix of all the emotions ranging for happiness to mysteries, with the unexpected twists and turns I believe that the story can keep you hooked. The starting chapters maybe a little lousy but every chapter is important for the main crux of the story. I hope you will shower the love, feel free to comment, and correct my mistakes. The cover doesn’t belong to me and was downloaded from pinterest and was edited by Sree_Exol#1214

  • Trapped With The Condom CEO

    Trapped With The Condom CEO


    I'm Trapped With this condom CEO! He is My Boss and He's such a Jerk! I love-hate him. He is a thorn in my flesh but still, i find it difficult to stop working for him. The reason was something I couldn't fathom. I'm just so confused. Is this love? Is this hate? Or love-hate? If you want to know, just follow my story and let me know what you think about what I feel for him on the comment section.



    Contemporary Romance R18 COMEDY WEAKTOSTRONG DARK

    They say fate can never be changed or rectify, that was the story of Emily Wilburn, a hardworking lady whose life revolves around her job and family. Fate threw her into the hands of Cade Callaghan, a billionaire businessman who is ruthless and heartless, he doesn't believe in love neither does he care about it. They met by chance and due to circumstances Emily found herself being offered a bargain, at first she refused it but things didn't went as she hoped which led her into accepting the offer. Cade took her to his family island but she didn't realize that that was the worst mistake she ever made. The island was full of mysteries and secrets which could result to havoc in both their lifes. Emily was all business, she wasn't prepared to fall in love with Cade but we can stop while we fall in love with, even if that person is the villain. The island of love and secrets, Emily wasn't ready for what's coming! Now let's ask ourselves a question... What are the secrets?

  • Trapped in Hisstory [BL]

    Trapped in Hisstory [BL]



    "Help me fill the pages of the book, with an untold story."Chance Howard, a historical researcher, was assigned to discuss the history of the last king whose death was said to be connected to a male lover and now he is struggling with lack of information about the requested topic. Dead tired, he took a nap but that was when he got into a deal with Wish and Fate to help him know the king's story. Thinking that it was just a bizarre dream, he was shocked to find himself awakened in the 19th century, back in the last monarch of Antares. Surprised to also see his friends!Living the life as the prince, the main subject of his research, he met the man who caused the death of the person he is living in. Caliber Stein, the man, whom no matter what changes, still bound to be part of his life.And even if he returns back to his time, he knows that he will forever be trapped in history.In his story.~~~~~~~~~~Disclaimer:Picture used in the cover are not mine, all credits goes to original creator. If the owner sees this and wants it to be taken down, please do tell me. Thank you!Discord: Reed#0934IG: miss.reeed(ALEXANDRIA [GL] is out now!)

  • *Trapped*


    Nala price got rejected by her mate who was also her boyfriend, Jordan price.She was lucky to have a second chance mate Don Richardo a ruthless hot and rich lycan well know for his anger.Will Nala be able to open her heart to Don?And will Don be able to open his heart after the death of his first mate.They are each other's second chance at love!!

  • 99 Days Trapped in the Body of the Royal Prince's Wife

    99 Days Trapped in the Body of the Royal Prince's Wife



    Casey Hoult had a fatal accident. But instead, she woke up in a very different state. She just realized that her soul had been trapped in the body of a woman named Clara who had died after the wedding, allegedly due to poisoning. Casey who doesn't know what to do is finally met by a mysterious man who cannot be seen by others who promises to always accompany her for 99 days as Clara. Within 99 days, Casey has the opportunity to uncover the facts of the accident that happened to her, and reveal who had poisoned Clara. .Within 99 days, Casey lives as Clara, which makes her forced to act as the wife of Nathanael William Rudolf who is a noble man who inherits his royal family's company and loves Clara very much. Slowly, Casey feels comfortable living with Nathan, but she doesn't know what if Nathan finds out about who she is? She also didn't know if after 99 days she was still alive or not? The fact that it made her in mental agony, plus the facts about the people closest to her including her lover also made her very sad ... What happened to Casey and the people around her? Will she be immortal in Clara's body with the help of the mysterious man? Or will she return in her original body still in a coma? Or, maybe she will die and not have a chance to live with Nathan? Let's read because this story is not only about crime but also about love after marriage

  • Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband

    Inevitably Trapped With The Amorous Husband



    Song Xiulan's parents doted on her so much that they would even find the best bachelor out there to be her husband.They were eyeing Xing Hongqi, a very respectable man and the most powerful in S and T city. But he is also a notorious player and womanizer.Xiulan's parents believed that their impeccable daughter can change a man like Hongqi. Xiulan was willing to follow whatever her parents planned for her. But marrying a womanizer seemed too extreme. Now that she met the man and people around her seem to worship him and talk about his dirty laundries like it was fine. Xiulan is now conflicted about whether she should obey her parents or this time follow her common sense that marrying a womanizer is not fine!But she suddenly finds out a secret that hinders her from not marrying him.Story and cover by redroui



    Fantasy Romance R18 VAMPIRE

    WARNING: MATURED CONTENT....Do you love me Lockshay?.... Lockshay blinked severally.....he captured her lips again and her whole being stilled...Lost of words at his actions and beautiful kisses she just like this new side of him...

  • Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Fantasy ROMANCE


    After crash landing in what turns out to be a fantasy world, the orbital marine Dax will have to fight the powers thatoccupy the world to reclaim the technology that got stranded along with him and eventually repair his crashed shipto return to his own world.On the way he discovers the rule breaking power of mana, a special particle that seems naive to the world he nowis a part of. Feeling seriously outgunned Dax places a priority on regaining his lost weaponry that is scatteredthroughout the world, ranging in size and effectiveness from electromagnetically powered assault rifles,powered exoskeletons and autonomous drones from the size of a spying UAV to heavy assault ships.But the marine is not alone in his search those weapons, the powers of the world he now finds himself a part of isquickly realizing that something outside their realm of understanding has graced the planet and that those artefactstrapped inside large floating black sphere’s hold vast strategic value. Dax is then faced with a complex problem,he must secure the technology that he needs to leave while at the same time make sure the tools of war from his world is not misused at the cost of being made a target by powers he fails to fully understand.On his way Dax will have run ins with various powers, some of them hostile, some of them a bit more amenable to persuasion and mutual cooperation. After all, what is a knight, king, angel, demon or grand wizard to a railgun or even a tactical class high energy laser in orbit?They’re soft targets.For the record, English is not my first language, so there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there. I’ve been getting better at writing over the last year or so, and have plans to go back and edit my old chapters, but it’s really hard to find the time.Also, check out my discord server if anyone of you wants to trash talk me with a faster response time~