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  • tris rahmawati

    tris rahmawati

  • Dark Blood Age

    Dark Blood Age


    Chu Yunsheng, an ordinary white-collar worker one day discovered his family heirloom book shined a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After studying for a long time, he still only understood a few symbols written in the book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the book tried to tell him: The sun will disappear, humanity will be doomed... He tried to spread the message but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone but prepared for the apocalypse in secret... Until one day, the sun really disappeared… our discord channel is

  • The president tried to trick me

    The president tried to trick me


    After marriage, his little wife openly stared at other men at the ball! It seems that the family is not strict, directly take home a good education!

  • Farm Owner: Having a Space Dragon from the Start

    Farm Owner: Having a Space Dragon from the Start



    As Earth’s resources dried up, every adult had to enter a lively mythical world and become the owner of a farm. If one could put all their hearts into tending their crops and livestock and protect their own farms, they would be greatly rewarded with power and money. As a new farm owner, Li Yang was surprised by the fact that the first animal he got was a Space Dragon, an animal that could produce the most expensive item, the space gem, to create space rings. Not only that, all the crops he planted would all turn into expensive ingredients. When he tried to hire a gardener to help him, he got a reply from a beautiful magician applying for the job. When he tried to develop the ocean next to him, gorgeous mermaids decided to move there. Dragons, elves, titans, griffins, catgirls… A few years had passed since Li Yang inherited the farm. He was now munching on a piece of fresh wholemeal bread with a glass of fresh milk in his hand. He looked at the captured gods that tried to take over his farm and ordered, “Throw them into the mine!”

  • Tri


    Three sisters

  • Winter Rabbit in Wonderland

    Winter Rabbit in Wonderland


    Soyun enters a place called Wonderland inside a book through her dreams but for some reason, Alice was dead?! Soyun is forced to become 'Alice' in order to help the winter rabbit in the book and tries her best to escape the book.

  • tried


  • Pampered by My Mate

    Pampered by My Mate

    Tris was reborn after she was killed by her Alpha and Wendy… Tris was the only daughter of the Darkstar pack's Alpha. She would have had two older brothers, but because of an invasion battle outside the Pack, one of her brothers had his neck bitten off and his organs removed from his body, leaving Tris alone with his daughter. Victor was Beta's descendant. He and Tris were just childhood sweethearts who had grown up together. It was not until the two of them had hosted their eighteen-year-old coming-of-age ceremony and successfully summoned the wolf inside them that they painfully realized they were not each other's Fated Mates. Neither of them had sensed their Fated Mates. Victor even promised solemnly, "Even if I meet her one day, I will not take another look at her! You are the only one in my heart, forever!" Tris believed him and agreed to Victor's proposal without hesitation to become a Chosen Mate at twenty years old. She supported him to become an Alpha of the Pack and herself to become Victor's Luna. It was not until Victor suddenly led Wendy back to the Pack and told her in a tone full of apology, "Sweetie, I'm sorry. I always thought I would not run into my Fated Mate until I met Wendy. My inner wolf was obsessed with her and crazy for her. I could not control—" From then on, the promise of love became a joke. Wendy acted weak in front of everyone and framed Tris in front of Betty. Victor's heart became increasingly biased toward Wendy. Until one day, he and Wendy set up a trap together and killed his Luna, Tris…



  • Tri Fuu

    Tri Fuu

    Test for Super Short Stories



  • Tri-Gan



    50 years ago, the massive multiplayer game [Roku Shiki Online] had taken the world by storm. Then one day, everyone was suprised that the mechanics of the popular game was usable in real life. The features, the monsters, the system, all of it became a reality. The whole world was transmigrated into the game! Years have passed and the once considered extraordinary is now considered the norm. Join Yoshino Aruven, a young man born in this new generation, as he ventures through the transmigrated world. When the dreams of the old and the ideals of the new collide, the story begins!

  • Villainess tries to survive

    Villainess tries to survive

    Soohyun got fired from her job one day, and she drank to the fullest to the point that she passed out, Then she opened her eyes and...!She found out that she had just reincarnated to a novel she read a few days ago.She can live her life not worrying about money anymore and just live her life to the fullest! but...! The body that she had just possessed was Avril Marthe's, The villain in the story, She also found out that a couple months from now, She'll die, So she tries everything in her power to survive!

  • I Reincarnated into a Prince, and all Female Players in the Server Tries to Get Me!

    I Reincarnated into a Prince, and all Female Players in the Server Tries to Get Me!

    Eastern Fantasy MAGIC


    After transmigrating into a game world, not only did Walt become the prince of a foreign country, he was an ultra-popular, super cool male star? Walt was stunned. He started off as a max-level NPC, the strongest swordsman of the entire isekai! But before Walt could even feel happy about this, he realized that he was about to awaken the “Fondness Meter System” the very next day. As long as someone could fill up his Fondness Meter fully, he would immediately get married, and become the princess of the royal family? Female players are all fine, but why is it that elves, orcs, and even male players could fill his Fondness Meter! “Sis, give up, I will never like you!” Walt said as he looked at the adorable girl confessing her feelings to him. “You want me to give up? Humph! No way! Unless you could kill the most powerful Magic Dragon!” So the next day, the world news read, “Walt kills the Magic Dragon from another dimension!”

  • Life of the tri-brid

    Life of the tri-brid

  • We Tried

    We Tried


    Kesha Tucker is a girl that accepted a guy's confession for the first time. Time passes by and when she finally fell in love, the guy she loved broke up with her with no acceptable reason. It broke her into pieces but after years, she finally moved on and finally happy again. Not until the guy she loved once that broke her came back to her life.

  • Skill:UNLIMITED Reincarnated as a Peasant

    Skill:UNLIMITED Reincarnated as a Peasant



    A recluse tried to save whom he thought to be a normie 3D-girl. He eventually got reincarnated.(The book cover's a temporary one.)

  • I Tried to Read His Mind

    I Tried to Read His Mind


    Sh*t!Not Again! She promised herself she will stay away from this... this... this bloody potato.Yet, here she was kissing him like he was the very air itself. Even air didn't get this much tongue action. Bravo Zenith just BravoBut what is a girl supposed to do, if a guy who looks like that, with all that raw sexual power, happens to land in her bed in the middle of a very, very wet dream?This is A story about a smart mouthed lady who is bonded to the Alpha King despite her wishes.

  • Rise Of A Tri-Path Cultivator

    Rise Of A Tri-Path Cultivator


    Our Protagonist is a university graduate who can't seem to find a job. One night as he walks towards his home from another failed(of course) job interview something hits his head.((The first 10 chapters have a little bad grammar but it gets better after chapter 10))The story is about a boy who rises to apex in a cultivation world by becoming the first ever Tri-Path Cultivator. There are a lot of Face Slapping and classic Cultivation novel Cliche's but hey we are the one who enjoy them.*WARNING* There is one NTR/rape scene but it is not related to MC's woman so dont worry it is just some cannon fodder.(Tri-Path Cultivator = One who cultivates Devil Path, Buddhist Path and The way Of Dao)(If you are here for R-18 stuff it will take some time to get those started.)

  • Đêm Tri Thức

    Đêm Tri Thức

    Magical Realism BL

    Trong thế giới ABO, một thanh niên 18 tuổi luôn sống với tâm thế là alpha, đi du học bỗng phát hiện mình là omega. Còn tìm thấy bạn đời, cạnh hai alpha???