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  • The World of Angelique Tsukishima

    The World of Angelique Tsukishima


    “ He's my light!"“ The World of Angelique Tsukishima” relates to the story of Angelique Tsukishima, an introverted girl who never gets around others. Due to an incident that occurred in the past, Angelique had become as cold as ice and untrusty of others having for sole companion pain and seclusion. She had always walked the path of a lone wolf. That is until the day a boy who happened to be a new transfer student got transferred to her school." Stay away from me, please! This is for your own good". Angelique said, crying.Angelique who was always used to being alone found someone who wasn't willing to leave her in her shell." I'm here for you and I'm not planning of ever leaving you alone".Will Angelique's life changed after encountering that transfer student?This story will cover many topics like growing up and accepting oneself. It’ll be slightly dark and happy moments will be composed as well. The story will evolve according to its characters and growth. If this is your cup of tea, do give it a try and stay with us until the end of this journey.PS: The cover isn't mine. It belongs to their respective artists.

  • Tsukishima Kei

    Tsukishima Kei

  • Tsukishima fanfiction- Haikyuu

    Tsukishima fanfiction- Haikyuu

  • Kei tsukishima and Y/N

    Kei tsukishima and Y/N

    Fantasy ROMANCE

  • Tsukishima Kei
Hinata Shoyo
Kozume Kenma
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kageyama Tobio

    Tsukishima Kei Hinata Shoyo Kozume Kenma Kuroo Tetsurou Kageyama Tobio

  • I Love You Too Much (Tsukishima x Male reader)

    I Love You Too Much (Tsukishima x Male reader)

  • obsessive



    tsukishima was in love but not the love you would imagine to be in during a teenage time. he was obsessed with y/n and was determined to make her his.y/n wasn’t one for relationships or love so when the infamous, cocky tsukishima kei slams her against the wall crashing his lips against hers, she’s dumbfounded and doesn’t know how to react.will tsukishima make y/n his?WARNING: NSFW content.

  • tsukihina | soulmates

    tsukihina | soulmates

    Fantasy R18

    soulmates are something important in life. some may have them and not love them, some may not have them. tsukishima kei, a 16 year old boy at karasuno high. he's a middle blocker for his volleyball team. he... never experienced love or felt anything close to it. as someone who have trust issues, he doesn't really trust anyone unless it's his best friend yamaguchi. hinata shoyo, a 16 year old boy who never really focused on his soulmate. he only focused for volleyball, he never felt love. but it doesn't matter to him since he's a volleyball freak. he's like a ball of sunshine in his volleyball team. he cheered his teammates up with just a smile. such a bubbly person who have someonewhat if these two found out they're each other's soulmate? what would happen if tsukishima really did let down his walls to feel love? what would happen if hinata got hurt and never be the bubbly person he is again?

  • Reincarnated in Another World as Twins

    Reincarnated in Another World as Twins


    Tsukishima Natsumi was known as the most beautiful and elegant girl in the school and Nakamura Tetsuya is a silent and gloomy guy of the class. The two of them were best friends since childhood but Natsumi has crush on Tetsuya. One day all of that changes as they meet with an accident and they both died.Both of them reincarnated in another world of swords and magic having the memory of their previous lives as twins to a nobleman. This is the story of the two twins who later came to be known as the legendary twins of Rinsburg.

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  • Fate memory: The future kids after stories, Haikyuu ship ( Final part

    Fate memory: The future kids after stories, Haikyuu ship ( Final part

    It when Yorizora Tsukishima lost her memory in a game. As other kids forgot about their past when they were little but during the time Kaganari Kageyama spend time with 5 girls. The five girls have fallen in love with him. However Kaganari Kageyama in love with Yorizora. Will the girl fight over him.

  • I’m in love with a human but so though

    I’m in love with a human but so though

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    The god weather who is send to earth to find the missing prince of heaven When he arrived at earth he meet tsukishima who help him a lot

  • I’m in love with a human

    I’m in love with a human

    The God of weather who is send to earth to find the missing prince of heaven when he arrived at earth he meet tsukishima who help him a lot

  • The prince of heaven

    The prince of heaven

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    The God of weather who is send to earth to find the missing Prince of the heaven When he arrived at earth he meet tsukishima who help him a lot

  • kirarin revolution ep 117 english sub

    kirarin revolution ep 117 english sub

    Kirari Tsukishima, a gluttonous 14-year-old beauty, is a girl who does not care about idols and the entertainment world because her mind is occupied by food. Her obsession with food only causes her to be clueless about love. One day, after saving a turtle that is stranded in a tree, Kirari meets with a handsome and gentle boy named Seiji, who gives her ticket to a SHIPS (a popular idol group) concert to show his gratitude for her saving his pet. Kirari then storms off to the concert and runs into another boy, who tears up her ticket and warns her to stay away from Seiji because she and Seiji live in different worlds. The outraged Kirari then sneaks into the concert, only to discover that Seiji and the boy who tore her ticket, named Hiroto, are actually members of SHIPS. Finally understanding the meaning of "different worlds" (Seiji is a popular idol while she is an average middle school student), Kirari refuses to give up. Filled with determination to be with Seiji, she declares that she will also become an idol.

  • Falling in Love with The Ice Prince

    Falling in Love with The Ice Prince

    Teen ROMANCE R18

    Sato Megumi was in a relationship with Tsukishima Yuki when he died in a car accident. He died in front of her eyes right after their date. She visits his grave every week until one time, her bandmate, Hironaka Itsuki decided to take his first step.Itsuki is known as the Ice Prince because he keeps on rejecting girls who confessed to him. He is usually quiet and just watching Megumi from afar until he already confirmed to himself that he fell in love with her.Wil Megumi fall in love with the Ice Prince?




    Hola mi nombre es Tsukishima Kei y en este momento estoy sufriendo en mi cuarto. Ustedes se preguntaran por que pues les dire.Viví al principio de mi niñez muy feliz ya que conoci a una gran persona persona pasaron unos años asta llegar a la preparatoria y cresimos, despues esa grande persona se me confesó y yo acepté por que no queria sentirme solo oh por que me gustaba.Vivimos muy felices pero esa felicidad se acabo ¿por que? Pues por que yo lo engañe despues de una pelea y deje de estar con el para estar con el otro y lo peor es que el me descubrio de la peor manera. Me encontro besandome con mi amante pero en ese momento no me importo por que no me interesaba en ese momento.Pasaron unos meses tuvimos nuevos alumnos y maestra, tambien tuvimos un viaje a Paris por un tema que la sensei se le olvidó. En el viaje a Paris la gran persona encontro a un chico que se enamoro aprimera vista por su belleza y no lo dudo.Despues al regresar del viaje pasaron unas dos semanas y fue del festival cultural, una de las nuevas chicas disfraso a esa gran persona se veia mus lindo y sexy.Despues del festival culturas como hiba pasando los meses el empeso a cambiar ya no me evitaba, me imvitaba a comer con ellos, no me miraba con ojos de enfado y me hablaba otra ves como cuando eramos niños eso se me hiso muy raro pero no me importo.Despues de unos meses me entero que esa gran persona tiene una hija pero de quien no lo se, y no les comente que esa gran persona me enamoro su forma de tocar la musica. Despues de unos meses poco a poco me empese a juntar con el y su hermosa nena todo comensaba a ser feliz asta que yo lo aruine. Les dije que estaba con su hija y con el por lastima cosa que no era cierta, esa nena escucho lo que le decia a el, el se fue y la nena me dijo que me odia y decearia que yo nunca hubiera conocido a su mami. El se volvio a ir y esta es definitiba y mirame en este momento estoy llorando en mi cuarto que es lo que are respecto, ire por el.

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