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    Aku tahu ini mustahil. Mustahil tapi...--didalam kediaman Rostharia, telah terjadi kasus pembunuhan yang sama sekali belum pernah kubayangkan. Saat aku melihat ini, yang hanya ada dipikiranku hanya satu; "Apakah yang membunuh ini seorang manusia?"Apapun itu, Siapapun itu, aku akan memecahkannya. Kenapa? Karena aku...Itu ada.

  • A trip to UK

    A trip to UK

  • The UKS

    The UKS

  • The Demon Lord and his Hero (BL)

    The Demon Lord and his Hero (BL)



    When Demon Lord, Syryn Nigh'hart, found that he had gone back in time and turned into his child self, he had assumed to do better with his second life - commit smaller crimes, keep away from burning villages and inciting other demons, contribute to society, abide by most laws, you know? But then the hero, his old friend, had to fall in love with him and ruin his plans. "Goddess, I cannot take responsibility for your champion, Rowan Windwalker, getting bent. Please don't strike me down!"_______#This story can get sus af and is set in a fantasy world with different morals so please suspend your modern sensibilities and bear with the bull$hit. #Characters are damaged and carry psychological baggage.Their relationships won't all be happy and lovey dovey till they've healed mentally # After like 150 chapters - Angst and Emotional damage.Your mental health may decline as the characters' mental health decline #Trigger warning for mentions of child abuse #World building #Demon Lord (shou/uke) is a shameless FLIRT#The Hero(gong/seme) is an extremely patient man for putting up with the demon lord's nonsense #Gay and sassy #Reformed and immature demon lord (but he's nice now okay. He isn't a psycho.) # MULTIPLE POTENTIAL LOVE INTERESTS I'm begging you please dont fall for the other guy cause some readers do be crying. Second male lead syndrome is real. #Slow burn Romance #Patience is needed#The cat is NOT the ML pls don't ask about the cat ಥ‿ಥ some of you are getting the wrong idea.#If You're commenting under the chapters, avoid using these words (harem, BL, porn, sex, lmao, sh*t, b*tch) that webnovel is blocking even though my book is rated 17+ ______________________________________________Disclaimer: Cover art belongs to the original artists. If you're the artist, please let me know so I can credit/take down the image.

  • The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)

    The Rebirth Of A White Robe Man: I'll Follow You This Time (BL)



    When a wrong path is chosen, it isn't surprising to have a miserable ending."Before didn't I mention about how blind you are? Look at you now! Since you are so ignorant and stupid, next time, just ignored the other people and follow me alright? Base on our intertwined deep fate of being enemies in this life, I am sure that we will meet again in our next life!"With bloodstained lip, Shao Cheng let out an ironic smile, betrayed by his loved one, Ren Yuan who is his greatest enemy of all time has given him comfort and satisfaction on his moment of death, which is rather ridiculous considering the two of them have been trying to kill each other.How come this enchanting man is being strangely gentle and considerate toward him?"Alright, If I meet you again. I'll follow you this time."--------------------------------------------------The second life he was given has been full of mistakes, errors, and blunder.Losing their game of conflict, Shao Cheng will listen to Ren Yuan's word this time.Later on, a beautiful young man with a cold expression dressed in a snow-white robe follows behind an older exquisite young man dressed in a gorgeous crimson robe."Aren't you going home soon? How long are you going to keep following me around!?"Shao Cheng's sapphire eyes suddenly dim down turning pitiful causing the young man dressed in crimson robe to become guilty and panic inside."Alright, alright! Just follow me! This Big Brother is powerful, so protecting a single person wouldn't be difficult!"So a clueless and ignorant crimson robe young man let a wicked person follow along his side which he, later on, learned to have an abnormal ability.I seemed to hear him talking to a bird?Hey, why are you showing tender expression to a plant?MC (SHAO CHENG IS GONG/TOP)WARNING! BL, Boy Love, Yaoi, Don't Read It If You Don't Like it! Mature Content! BTW! There Will Be Writing Mistakes, Spelling that will be accidentally Miss, and Grammars - Just want to let you know before you start reading it.IF You Don't Like it and Can't continue reading it because of the writing problems, Please Just Try To Be Respectful and Quietly Leave. Thank You.I, as the author, know the problem, but I want to continue writing, so thank you.Editor: Dreamer (Chapter 285+)Mc White Robe (GONG/ATTACK/SEME) x ML Crimson Robe (Shou/Bottom/Uke)Buy me Coffee? Appreciate it ^^ LoveableChubby#1263 First Time Server, Please Become A Member? HahaCommission Book Cover! :)

  • The Uke's Harem System

    The Uke's Harem System


    Just like a wound, a broken heart takes time to heal. Unless it has been scarred again.

  • A Wonderful Vashikaran Specialist Pandit Ji In UK | +91-8146591889 | London

    A Wonderful Vashikaran Specialist Pandit Ji In UK | +91-8146591889 | London

    Vashikaran specialist pandit ji a love vashikaran expert will help you with your lover in controlling the mind, spirit, business with others and love spell.

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  • QT: No to Bad Boys! Transmigrated as an Otome Side Character

    QT: No to Bad Boys! Transmigrated as an Otome Side Character



    Mo Aini's sister only plays the route of the bad boys in dating simulators. He was offered a deal to make her play all the other routes in exchange of 10K yuan per route. What he didn't expect when he signed the contract is that he would be transmigrated to the game as a side character! But as he push the bad boy character away from his sister's MC so that the other LIs could shine, the bad boy end up becoming clingy to him! --------------- Mo Aini: "A-Tian, can you stop bothering me? Don't you love the MC anymore?" Hu XXXtian of every game: "The MC doesn't love me anymore, so I'll keep bothering you." Mo Aini: "Why? Are you taking revenge on me for changing the MC's route? Hu XXXtian of every game: "No. Because it's fun! 233333333!" --------------- 1v1 (The canon, at least) Mo Aini is foul mouthed and dramatic, so expect a lot of strong language Gong/Seme/Top MC x Shou/Uke/Bottom ML Lots of side characters and ships The r18 part would be for later chapters, World 1: Route 3 to be exact (approximately Chapter 40-50). Still, there's some spice on the earlier chapters. *wink wink* Updates 1 chapter daily 7:00 am (UTC+8) WPC #211 Silver Prize Winner ~BRIBE ME, PLEASE~ Ok, I'm getting desperate and pathetic so now I'm willing to accept bribes. I get jealous easily of other books that have a huge following and get sad everytime, thinking what's the point of writing if I feel like no one's reading/appreciate it. 1 NEW 5 star review with genuine feedback (emojis and just saying compliments doesn't count) - 1 extra chapter 100 comments in a week (only those with TEXT count) - 1 extra chapter 5 NEW people voting for my other books- (so invite your friends haha) -1 extra chapter dedicated to them 50 votes in a week in any of my books - 1 extra chapter for all of them Magic Castle and up - Burst update If you love my stories and would want to read more of them, please show your support through one of these bribes. Thank you!



    @@+27632739717)) I NEED URGENT DEATH SPELL CASTER IN USA UK CANADA EUROPE ASIAN CONTACT NOW, DEATH SPELLS CASTER WITH GUARANTEE RESULTS. Black magic Revenge Spells - Powerful Voodoo Revenge Spells to Destroy Enemy. Revenge Spell, INSTANT DEATH SPELLS IN Australia, Canada, United State, United Kingdom, Malta, Singapore, Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Chain, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominica, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guyana, Haiti, Holy See, Hungary, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan , Jordan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Marshall Island, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Papua New, Guinea, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Seychelles, Solomon Island, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, Afghanistan. REVENGE SPELLS. Call Or What's App On +27632739717 .MAMA MUSUBO Web:

  • Transmigrating As The Insane Villain: Wait, I'm The World Savior?

    Transmigrating As The Insane Villain: Wait, I'm The World Savior?



    It is truly ironic and amusing for Xiao Wei to be given the task of being the world savior after transmigrating on the body of an insane villain. However, a list of cliches shortly occurs after dying by a vehicle of a drunk driver. Transmigrating into the World of Novel, Check! Having a well-known Cheat System called Black, Check! Being an Op character befitting of as the most villainous character in the story, another Check! Nonetheless, before the start of the apocalypse, Xiao Wei happened to meet a rather attractive man oozing with wild self-confidence, a destructive sexy smile along with his roguish personality. So the mayhem, confusion, and chaos that soon followed didn't cause Xiao Wei to become surprised. Soon, Xiao Wei has gotten himself an insane and crazy lover in the new world... another check on his growing list. Black: Aren't you happy I scammed you? If not, how will you be able to become lovey-dovey with your lover now? WARNING: BL Story, Writing mistakes, grammar, and spelling,. This is an Apocalypse world, where there is no longer law, so anything can happen, so not for faint of heart. (MC) Xiao Wei *Shou/Bottom/Uke* x ML Shen Hao (Gong/Top/Seme) Dog Food, ~ Shamelessness~ ALMOST ALL COMMON SENSE ARE THROWN AWAY IN THE STORY. DISCORD: LoveableChubby#1263



    Por causa de una estúpida muerte, Dios me dio la oportunidad de reencarnar en otro mundo junto con tres deseos Pidiendo mis deseos términe en unos de los mundos que más conosco y dentro del cuerpo de cierto chico de pelo verde con tendencias suicidas

  • My English essay for higher, I’m uk so idk what that is to Americans.

    My English essay for higher, I’m uk so idk what that is to Americans.

    Yall able to help see if this is good?

  • Fobia: Semua Masalah Bersumber Dari Ruang UKS

    Fobia: Semua Masalah Bersumber Dari Ruang UKS

    Bercerita tentang keseharian Reiji dan Reiko sebagai anggota Komite Kesehatan. Mereka berdua berusaha menyembuhkan berbagai masalah yang berhubungan dengan "kesehatan" murid.

  • Rebirth of a Villainess

    Rebirth of a Villainess



    Stabbed in the back by her sect brother. Xu Hui promised not to make the same mistake that she made, trusting blindly without leaving any room for doubt. With her dying breath, she swore to return one day and seek vengeance on the one that betrayed her.------------------------Illustrator: Lukas_xCover design: Rebecacovers------------EDITING IN PROGRESS---‐------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #reborn, #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #martial world, #cauldron, #historical, #vengeful lover, #sworn enemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #villainess, #magical realism, #historicalromance #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #queen, #duke #danmei, #female protagonist, #history, #ml, #fl #polygamy #china #shou, #gay #eastern-fantasy, #gong, #cult #abduction, #kidnapped, #political #strongml, frenemy #fudanshi, #antagonist #scum, #sweetlove #reincarnation, #onenightstand, #gumiho #kitsune #cat #neko #strongfl, #deception #transmigration #uke, #mistress #furry #boylove #premium, #villianess noble girls, #otome, #martial #seme, #fling #otomegame #hiddengem, #faceslapping, #imperial #witchcraft #mistress #warlock, #historical, #cdrama #villianess, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #gender bender

  • Haru's Love (A Stepbrothers BL Harem)

    Haru's Love (A Stepbrothers BL Harem)

    Eighteen-year-old Haru Ono has been in love with Aiden Davis since he was in middle school. Trying to keep his feelings under wraps is annoyingly hard when they’re living under the same roof, more so since Aiden is so caring and selflessly showers him with kindness.Haru knows family is important to Aiden, who has been shouldering the burden of raising five younger siblings, and it’s best Haru never reveals his feelings to Aiden. Then again, an eighteen-year-old boy with raging hormones can only bottle up so much until everything starts to burst.* * *Haru's Love is a BL (Yaoi) Harem and the uke (Haru) will gain his semes (men) one volume at a time.The uke is a beautiful boy and the semes are all hot.A Slice of Life contemporary BL.WARNING: This book contains lots of steamy, sexy scenes.

  • Meri Phuppo Ki Beti

    Meri Phuppo Ki Beti


    Sheroze Khan a 23-year-old Pakistani living in UK has eyes in which girls can stare for hours, lips that make the perfect smile, cheeks that make the perfect dimple that makes the girls skip a beat. And when he opens his mouth his voice is like OMG. Hoorain Ali, A pretty 19-year-old having sarcasm as her second language, quite crazy, friendly girl living in Pakistan.Dive in to know about the two and how will they end up together...

  • Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams

    Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams



    "I would give you everything, there is nothing in this world I wouldn't do to ensure your happiness. I'll cherish every part of you. Because without you beside me I can't survive." (Part of a series: This is Book 1) The Year 4014 Have you ever wonder how does it feel to be a Princess? Is it nice and fun or...actually not? Sadly for Lyn being a Princess isn't as nice as fairytales described. She is an abandoned Princess bearing a 'cursed' birthmark. Her mother the Queen isolates her, Lyn becomes the most unloved Princess. What can she do in this situation? Only study, study and study so one day she can be free from this cage. Lyn thought that she will live her dull life like this for a long time until... A young man from the Sound Kingdom comes into her life like a prince riding a white horse. But, he's actually a thief. His name is Kazuya. He brought new colours to her monochrome life, introducing her to many 'first' times. Sweet, gentle and kind but what if it's all just an act for hidden motives? Is the affection he showed her...genuine? What will happen between the two youngsters trapped in love-cage? What is the mystery hidden behind the birthmark? Can the two of them unite in such a chaotic world? Watch as Lyn begin her love journey on a thorny path haunted by dark politics and bitter life. --- [Commissioned Cover by: vatarison] Join me on discord: Invite Only (ask in comments section) Part of "Lyn Journey" series (1) Princess Lyn: Fleeting Dreams (ongoing) (2) Queen Lyn: Clash Of Kingdoms (ongoing) (3) Empress Lyn: Overlapping hearts - Side Purple Flower The Wolf and Beautiful Blade Updates: 2 Chapters everyday (UK Timezone)

  • Danseur


    When Jai decides to rent out the house he shared with his late husband, he has no idea he's about to meet the man who'll change his life. For Lin DaoShi's not only famous, he's also straight – and comes nursing an eating disorder and a broken heart. After a riding accident that threatens to end his dancing career and hamper his acting, he trades China for the UK in an attempt to flee the spotlight and find some peace.What he finds, though, when crossing paths with Jai, is his life changing and his world turned upside down. For after their chance meeting, DaoShi no longer knows who he is or what he wants out of life. Brought together by a common love for ballet, they soon find themselves trapped in a pas de deux only the secrets they must keep can break apart... Content Warning This novel contains mentions of eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, abuse, domestic violence, rape. Reader discretion is advised. Danseur is created by Ruth Miranda, an eGlobal Creative Publishing author.

  • 7 Years of Virtual Dating

    7 Years of Virtual Dating

    Berkisah Nyata Dari Seorang Pemuda Yang Biasa" saja Dari sebuah kota kecil di pinggiran pulau yang Panjang biasa disebut kota Selatpanjang . Pemuda ini sering dihina oleh teman-temannya Karna perawakan nya yang kecil, hitam , dan biasa dibilang Bad Looking.Pemuda ini juga sering dihina karena tidak ada yang menyukai nya , teman - temannya juga selalu memanfaatkan kebaikan nya, tapi pemuda ini tidak pernah mengutarakan isi hatinya. dan ketika pria Ini bertemu dengan seorang wanita yang menemaninya selama 7 tahun dan itu sebuah Virtual dan dia berubah drastis menjadi seorang yang percaya diri dan pekerja keras.