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    we don't know what's underneath...

  • UnderWater


    We don't know what's underneath...

  • Underwater Prodigy

    Underwater Prodigy

    She woke up in a endless aqua planet, before she was on earth but a century had passed during her slumber, she still looked young but she was over a hundred years old...




    An alpha is waiting heavily

  • Underwater Paranormal

    Underwater Paranormal

  • Underwater House

    Underwater House

  • The boy underwater

    The boy underwater

  • Underwater {Kuroshitsuji ff}

    Underwater {Kuroshitsuji ff}

  • Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System

    Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System


    Transform into Divine Dragon and dominate the world! He is the only Divine Dragon in the sea who founded an underwater Dragon Palace. With Crawfish Soldiers and Crab Generals as his followers, wild sharks and gigantic octopuses as his subordinates, he is the dragon that rules the city.

  • The hidden underwater world

    The hidden underwater world

  • Enchanted Underwater Paradise

    Enchanted Underwater Paradise

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    A small coral reef with magical powers makes it an underwater paradise. However, something mysterious happened and all the residents either left or died. After one entire century, the enchanted reef calls the pods and families of which their ancestors once lived in its paradise. In order to do that the coral reef picks an animal per species to try to convince their family members to come back to where they once lived. Except, after an entire century no one quite knows after this enchanted reef it went from the truth to a little story. Another bad thing is that after leaving their beloved reef, after generation to generation they have either went on the bad path of life or the end of their lives. This enchanted reef is alive and knows how to come back it’s residents’ descents and knows how to bring them back in the right track of life, but it’s harder than it looks. Who knows if this coral reef will succeed in its plan and who knows if the descents can actually get back on the right path of life. No one knows, but life is not set on stone.

  • Escape The Underwaters

    Escape The Underwaters

    We do not have a specific time frame here and we change our seasons bye the reflection of the light upon upon the triangle that lays it's reflection on the palace of Peruth..........We can only make it past the walls if we work together.....

  • Why humans can’t breath underwater: Oil Lamps, Alcohol, and Anger

    Why humans can’t breath underwater: Oil Lamps, Alcohol, and Anger

    The fisherman listened with loyalty and understood and thought of the bright side. He will no longer have to endure the guilt, the yell of his neighbors, and the persecution he would get if the village brought him to his death instead. And that is how he ended. Sadly he died in many negative emotions, but he was in his loyal understanding, in the Underworld.

  • I'm a Stingray?

    I'm a Stingray?


    "The Hell!? Why am I underwater?"[System reboot][Loading...][I'm your ocean survival system, you are my servant][Feed me points, and I'll show you the secrets of survival with the aid of body upgrades] "Oh for the love of..."Original cover is owned by the marvelous artist, HalfwayDecentDrawing

  • lord Sri Krishna Dwarka home found in underwater 5th Century

    lord Sri Krishna Dwarka home found in underwater 5th Century

  • Magic Era: My Cells Can Evolve

    Magic Era: My Cells Can Evolve



    Austin arrives in a world of magic but realizes that he has no talent for magic and cannot establish a foothold in this world. However, at this moment, he activates a system. His abilities are simple—every cell in his body can evolve independently. When Austin’s cells are accidentally scalded by flames, the cells evolve and produce Fire Resistance Lv1 and Fire Control Lv1. When Austin misses a foothold and falls into a lake, the cells evolve the ability to breathe underwater. When Austin is bitten by a fire ant, his cells evolve to give him 100 times his original strength! When Austin’s cells come into contact with a void monster, they evolve the ability to pass through the void and devour the energy of the stars! Just like that, even though Austin does not want to put in any work, he becomes extremely powerful despite him only eating and drinking every day, all because his cells are too powerful!!!

  • Island Management: Starting With the Heart of Ocean as a Prize

    Island Management: Starting With the Heart of Ocean as a Prize

    Magical Realism SLICEOFLIFE


    Sick of the city life, Qi Fan returns to his hometown island and ends up with an Island Management System. He starts with a special prize that helps him not only to have underwater night vision and breathing, but he also attracts ocean life. In the day, he takes a boat out to catch lobsters and fish marlins. At night, he dives into the deep sea to search for mysterious treasures. On the weekend, he takes a fishing boat far out to tease the turtles and look for blue whales. Once he’s earned enough, he’ll make his hometown rich by developing a holiday resort city. The beaches would be full of tourists enjoying the sun, sand, and bikinis…

  • Infinite Blood Core

    Infinite Blood Core


    People are different. The more superior the bloodline, the easier it is to control power. Ordinary people without supernatural bloodlines can only occupy the bottom rungs of society, unable to achieve anything even if they try their best. Humans are different from other races. Humans aren't as good at magic and archery as elves. They aren't as good at casting metal and brewing alcohol as dwarves. They don't have the physique of orcs, and they don't have the freedom of merpeople underwater. However, if humans had a blood core, everything was possible. Human: "Oh my god, what a noble bloodline. You are the glory of mankind!" Elf: "I've never seen a magic genius like you." Dwarf: "No matter what kind of casting, it is easy for you." Orc: "You are the pride of us orcs. You are the most talented warrior in a millennium. You should be the Emperor of the Orcs!" Merpeople: "Son of God! Boohoo, the Son of God has arrived!"

  • I Can't Explain This. My Novel On Relics Became Reality

    I Can't Explain This. My Novel On Relics Became Reality



    Upon waking up, Lynn traveled to a parallel world in which people were interested in the exploration of relics. As a traverser, Lynn instinctively imitated the popular treasure hunting novels from her previous life. Immediately, she became a best-selling author and ventured towards the pinnacle of her life. After Lynn finished the eighth book of her novel, all of a sudden, an ancient city was discovered under an Atlantic island. Following the live broadcast to explore the ancient city, people shockingly discovered that the underwater city of Atlantis was exactly the same as described in Lynn’s novel! Overnight, Lynn landed in the headlines of prominent media broadcasters. Netizens were astounded, “The treasure hunter is a best-selling author?” “Lynn, do you dare say that you are not a treasure hunter from Atlantis?!” “Everyone thinks that Lynn is writing a novel, but she’s actually writing a treasure hunting note.” “What the? What Linn wrote is real?!” And at this moment, Linn also awakened the God-Level Treasure Detection System...

  • The Golden Tail at Hampton Bays

    The Golden Tail at Hampton Bays


    Fourteen year old Tyler and his little sister Emma meet their neighbors foster son, fourteen year old Calem at their beach house in Hampton Bays, New York. After discovering unusual fishermen and nearly drowning, Emma discovers that there is something in the water that helps save her. After sneaking out to the beach at night, the kids discover a mermaid named Acrilla who helped Emma. She takes them to her underwater home where she, and the other mermaids live. Unfortunately, they are in danger from humans who take sea mammals and sell them for money. It is up to Tyler, Emma, and Calem to help the mermaids protect the wild ocean animals while keeping it a secret from their parents. The Golden Tail at Hampton Bays is created by Michelle Fishkin, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.