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  • Harry Potter and the boy in the shadow

    Harry Potter and the boy in the shadow

  • Uranus Yang telena

    Uranus Yang telena

  • Ring of Uranus

    Ring of Uranus



  • Uranus yang tersesat

    Uranus yang tersesat


    Dia terpaksa kehilangan kemewahan serta kerhormatannya demi mengejar misteri dibalik Dewi Adrian yang selalu menghantui nya sepanjang mimpi mimpi nya.Ia sampai di sebuah planet yang tak pernah diketahuinya sebelumnya apakah itu?dan siapa yang menolongnya apakah dia akan bertemu Dewi Adrian ataukah seorang pangeran impiannya yuk simak ceritanya..........

  • Greek Mythology: Devouring Three Hecatoncheires From The Start

    Greek Mythology: Devouring Three Hecatoncheires From The Start



    When Lorne was transmigrated in the age of Greek mythology, he devoured three Hecatoncheires, and his body began to morph into something else entirely as he resided in the depths of Tartarus. Because of Lorne, fate began to shift. The Titanomachy didn't proceed as intended, changing the whole Greek mythology. The three original Hecatonacherieses had transformed Lorne into a new God, giving him even more power over the titans and the gods of Olympus. Gaia was troubled by the shift of events as if Lorne wasn't willing to side with the gods, then Zeus would not be able to overthrow Cronus' rule. In the end, Gaia decided to meet with Lorne in secret and asked why he refused to help the gods of Olympus. "Why should I?" Lorne scoffed. "The Titanomachy is one of the universe's biggest disasters. Do I look that stupid to you?" Upon hearing that, Zeus brought every god from Olympus to beg Lorne to help them. ""Please, you have to help us. The titans are false gods. We are the future of the entire universe!" "My dearest child, is there anything you want? We can give you anything," offered Uranus. Lorne was angered when he heard that. "Get lost! Child? You are the one who threw all the Hecatoncherieses into hell. I had to wait there for millions of years! How dare you show your face in front of me? You're lucky that you're hiding up in the sky or I'll shred you to pieces!” -The Hecatoncheires were giant creatures in Greek mythology. Their name means "hundred-handed ones", and apart from a hundred hands of unfathomable strength, they also had fifty heads. They were children of the Titans Uranus and Gaea; they were three, Briareus or Aegaeon (the vigorous or the sea-goat), Cottus (the striker or the furious) and Gyges (the big-limbed). The natural forces that were represented by the Hecatoncheires were the earthquakes and the huge sea waves.

  • Forever Beauty

    Forever Beauty

    Fantasy, Romance, mystery, gender bendIt's all about the story of the girl that has been cursed for he beauty and its her deep secret on her life, and hide her self in to the deepest part the mountain, that forgetting time. and live there alone.until someone find her and that change her life.

  • Memo Time

    Memo Time

  • My Ex Roommates

    My Ex Roommates

    its a story about a girl something big change happened that change her whole life. that made her more confuse to her self and accept it in the end.

  • The flower on winter

    The flower on winter


    Lian Hua. A kind and gentle person that was admired by many for his feminine like features. But, despite his lack of strong appearance he is quite skilled when it comes to saving every village who is in need.Despite al of this, there was knife scorched through his heart where a name is written 'Yue Liang'. Behind his gentle attitue hides a very unrequited feeling towards him and swore every bone in his body that he will forget him Just as he was about to, A very unfortunate thing happened that led Lian Hua and Yue Liang to cross paths once again. The owner of their thread find each other once again under the cherry blossom where they first met.

  • I'm Different

    I'm Different


    [Mature Content 18+] [WSA 2022] This story is not about a teenager who lives an ordinary life but about Jack Marshon, a teenager who just finds out that he is not from planet Earth. To find out who he is, he is helped by QL, a boy who comes from the planet Uranus and is sent to protect Jack's life. Joy, sorrow, and even a battle must be lived by Jack when he wants to explore who he is. Moreover, Jack has now become the target of Kronos, a man of extraordinary strength who wants to steal the power that is within Jack. As time goes by, one by one signs appear about who he is, but because of the arrival of Cloe, will Jack be able to control his heart so that he can focus on the real mission? or he is trapped by feelings of love for Cloe who turns out to be the younger sister of the dark power, Kronos. ----- Werewolf, Vampire, Superhero, Super Power, Mythological Creature, Imagination, And many more are in this story.

  • Renewed Eclipse

    Renewed Eclipse


    Light and dark. Day and night. One against another. This was my history. But then I met him. Everything change. We are on two different sides of a war. But maybe its time that the moon and sun are join.~~~~~~~~~~~~~\~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Solaria. Short for solar system, if you're from the milky way galaxy. Anyway, Solaria is found in this Celestial Galaxy. The two are exactly the same, like doppelgangers, but there is a slight difference- living things are everywhere. There are ten kingdoms. The Moon kingdom, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and finally the Sun Kingdom. Since forever the Sun and Moon kingdom were at war with each other. They were total opposites. The Moon kingdom was always Winter while the Sun Kingdom was always Summer. One was dark while one was light. Never to touch. Until me. Welcome to Solarian Academy

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