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  • Me Me Me (You?)

    Me Me Me (You?)


    Warning (#r18/#r34) The foundation of this story is based on the vocaloid Me me me. _______________________________________ Shuu, an otaku who spends his days couped up in his room watching anime and collecting anime figures. His life revolves around entertaining himself by anime titties, anime ass, hen*ai, etc...(you know the weeb drill.) Anyways, he finds himself lost in his dreams as a multitude of hot anime chicks smuthers him in a realm of boobas. He considers this to be his fantasy at it's peak, well...that was until everything went down hill. His now dream of fantasies, turns into a great nightmare as the sexy, hot, kawaii anime chicks try to literally eat him alive. During this time, he thinks about his former girlfriend Hana, the girl he broke up with for some reason. She kisses his lips as he lays on the ground with his half-eaten body. This last kiss triggered his emotions to well up inside of him which caused him to go berserk mode and do a full battle suit Mecha transformation. He fights against the hot anime chicks but the power of their tits were just too overwhelming. His battle suit was torn to shreds and the anime chicks ate his whole body, leaving his head to glide onto the ground with closed eyes... But then, by some miracle or stroke of hope, he opened his eyes again... What will happen this time? Will he be defeated once again by the sexy anime boobas? Or will he overcome his weaknesses and finally defeat the evil Hana? Note: Before you read this book. I recommend that you watch the vocaloid (Me Me Me) to get a better understanding of the story. Depending on how well this book is, I'll update chapters accordingly. Now without further Ado, let's get into it.

  • thousands leek

    thousands leek


    Read how our Mc survive the other world after being transformed into a leek read how he evolve into a higher existence together with his little lovely companion and systemWarning:I don't own any vocaloid character who will be in the novelcredits belong to their respective ownersthe cover is not mine I searched in google,If the owner want to take ti down,feel free to do soand don't expect too much from me as I am only an amateur and only writing this for funplus English is not my native languagealso please do give me some advice for what I should improve I accept even the most hateful review

  • Vampire Twins

    Vampire Twins


    Life being special has its consequences. Whatever the consequences, that must be endured patiently. They were special, that fact made many other creatures envious. There were many disputes. The soul mate of one of them must also be the victim. A history that will contain romance and bloodshed. "I have to protect it as well as protect my people, I will make it back to normal." - Alex Carlev Vocaloid "Pain? Of course, you must have never imagined what it would be like to lose your love. If I had to choose I'd rather not be a special vampire." - Alexa Carlev Vocaloid Two twins who will cross their destiny. Even sometimes they can not see the situation and understand the feelings that exist.

  • carefree journey:unbound by destiny

    carefree journey:unbound by destiny

    **********************************************************************************************this novel is just an expiriment of mine to see what type of novel I really want to write,to improve my vocabulary skills and see how I can put more emotion into a character cause I noticed that it's too lifeless in the future i will write a novel with this as the base but with different story,plot and race,so why not write one?(the characters is still the same)cause i really like novels with non-human(but there is too few novels about dungeon masters/cores and nonhuman mc) but the mc will never turn into a human (unless necessary)because i really like stuff about evolutions **********************************************************************************************this is my first time writing a novel,so please be gentle with me our mc got teleported to a fantasy worl and given 5 wish read as our mc travel around the world with his vocaloid companions i don't own any vocaloid character

  • Cinderella and the Seven Hunters

    Cinderella and the Seven Hunters


    Her name is buried and forgotten in the people's mind, a beauty that cannot be describe, a passion never been seen. She is Louise Carolina Alberta an English aristocrat. Her story can be heard in the mouth of all the witness of her dreadful end. She who fall in love in the wrong man, he who refuse her love. She who will give everything and him who will always by her side but can only be seen in the shadow. A legend pass down about a young girl who fall in love and an apple. An apple that is the mark of her end, and the start of her journey in different lives. In 21st century a young orphan Beatrice Mary Victoria is bound to this story. When everything changes in the full moon of her 16th birthday, a mysterious man named Sebastian told her that her life is in danger because the 7 hunter wants her heart to gain the power and ultimate immortality. What will happen to Beatrice? Who is Sebastian? What is the relationship between Beatrice and the seven hunters? Is it more than hunter and its prey? Or something Much deeper? Is it related to the legend about Louise Carolina Alberta? Who is the seven hunters? What is the relationship of this legend to the present? Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Adventure, Action, Suspense, Romance, Fantasy Inspired from Cinderella and the poison apples (Vocaloid),Seven Deadly Sins. This is my first time writing a novel but I will try my best to improve and the update will also be minimal because I'm not a person who just write and do not reread her work . I reread my work for like 20 times but sometime often ignore the problem and also I'm still in University and my beloved companion, Calculus is making me busy. Forgive me if I have some grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation and the likes. After all English is not my first language but I will cope up with my lack and seek for improvement. This novel is intended to test my writing skills and also to seek other's opinion so don't hesitate to complain. I really like to add some question to hook interest and curiosity (as you may observe in my description). And the title kinda resemble snow white and the seven dwarf though but Beatrice is much more valiant and really resemble an independent woman who knows when she need help and when she didn't. JUST ENJOY! XD Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mipU2LVoyBA Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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