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  • La Fille de Voldemort

    La Fille de Voldemort

    Fantasy Romance ACTION ADVENTURE

  • Voldemorts plan

    Voldemorts plan


    This is what I think would have happened if voldrmort had successfully killed harry potter!

  • The Rise of Slytherin Prince

    The Rise of Slytherin Prince


    After the second Wizarding war, the Pureblood families fell from grace. From being instigators they become targeted. Draco Malfoy is also one of them, still living the hell one can call life. But his bad luck has not yet finished as he got brain tumor and died. Maybe it's for the best as no one cares or so he thought. But seems like his story has yet not finished. Given a new chance with some powers and foreshadow of a bigger threat then Voldemort, can Draco become a hero he always wanted or will he again succumb to his inner demons? Find out...

  • Reincarnated as Draco Malfoy in HP World

    Reincarnated as Draco Malfoy in HP World


    A person from earth is reincarnated in the Harry Potter World as Draco Malfoy. Armed with future knowledge, he tries to defeat all obstacles while protecting his family, fighting Voldemort and figuring out how to deal with teenage girls.

  • Soul Power System

    Soul Power System



    Traveling to countless movies, animes, and novels:Tony Stark: "If I'm Iron Man who's that guy flying in that armored suit?"Madera Uchiha: "What! That thick eyebrow guy broke my susanoo!! Stop what you're doing!"Harry Potter: "I thought I'm supposed to fight Voldemort. How come Ron just send a spell that burnt Voldemort into a barbecued chicken?"

  • Night Owl | Harry Potter FF (DROPPED)

    Night Owl | Harry Potter FF (DROPPED)


    The Wizarding World was blissful as the young wizard hero, Harry Potter, has once again saved the world from the dark wizard, Voldemort.Unknown to them, there were a lot more people who help to defeat the dark lord. But it just revolves the young man, Harry there, Harry here, Harry everywhere, as always.Peculiar to his schoolmates, Ron, Hermione, and other more, one stand out from the rest. Unfortunately, not because of his heroic nor anything good in particular, but because of his bad deeds. A man named Elliot. But truth, he was framed.After the sorrowful life he had, he had the chance to change himself.Himself from the past.Creating an empire that will stand high among the rest.(DROPPED)

  • Goddess (Harry Potter Fanfic)

    Goddess (Harry Potter Fanfic)


    Many years after Harry Potter defeated Voldemort a new enemy came. This person isn't as strong as Voldemort or even Grindelwald, no this person is strong because of the amount of followers he has. This person is called Adelram. His idea is that the Muggles need to know about the existence of the Wizard kind and a lot of wizards and witches agree. But how he wants to do this, is the reason why the Ministry of Magic badly wants to catch him. He and his followers have been attacking Muggle villages. Alderam is saying that it doesn't matter if a few Wizards die trying to make his dream come true. It was becoming even more difficult for the Ministry of Magic to hide what Alderam was doing from the Muggles.A few years have gone by and his dream still hasn't come to fruition. So he decided that he will attack a city with the intention to murder everyone living there. But one crucial thing got out, the Ministry found out that they were planning to attack London and that they had a very powerful spell to do this. When the Ministry found out what was going to happen they send the best witch of its time, Amelia Emory, to fight Alderam.But no one expected someone who grew up as a mere Muggle to beat Adelram.

  • HP : The Magician's Rise

    HP : The Magician's Rise


    What if the world of Harry Potter has hidden families? What if someone is plotting his rise as Albus Dumbledore and Voldemort are fighting? A story of Harry Potter world but not limited to Albus Dumbledore and the golden trio. It includes the politics of houses, power beyond control, the hidden secrets of this world and most of all it's all told from a second person narrative as a mystery. Welcome to a world where heroes better than Harry Potter and villains worse than Voldemort exist.

  • The Saga of Harry Potter and the Sisters Black

    The Saga of Harry Potter and the Sisters Black

    Fantasy ROMANCE R18 HAREM

    Harry is captured by Voldemort, but manages to escape with some unexpected help. Now he just has to deal with the consequences.

  • Reborn again! In Harry Potter

    Reborn again! In Harry Potter


    I wanted to infotm everyone that is currently reading this. I have created the exact same fanfic in the Fanfiction part and if i ever decide to write again then it's that part that will be updated. Hermione Granger who had the memories of her past life finds out dumbeldores biggest secret just to die again and be reborn as Harry's twin sister who was left alone due to Harry being the 'boy who lived' even if she actually was the one who had been saving him from the curse.~lock into the story~“you really think I would do that”? Said Dumbledore and it finally clicked in my mind ‘an evil Dumbledore’!? I was a bit suspicious over if he was evil on the start, but his actions made me believe that he was a good Dumbledore who was very sad over that harry had to be sacrificed to kill Voldemort.~end of the look into the story~

  • •One piece: Pirate God Skin•

    •One piece: Pirate God Skin•

    [Exclusively signed novel by Feilu Novel: One Piece God-level Skin] Xeya traveled to the world of One Piece with the skin system, and changed the skins of different characters to get the power of different characters. Hawkeye: "Knight King, why is your slash so strong?!" Garp: "Uchiha Madara, I won't let you go!" Warring States: "Fire Dragon Naz, how dare you destroy the navy headquarters!?" White Beard: "Monkey King, come and fight me again! I won't lose this time!" Voldemort, Thor, Shigekuni Yamamoto... powerful skins appeared one after another! Feilu Novel.com reminds you: This novel and the characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.

  • Harry Potter and The Secrets of Azkaban

    Harry Potter and The Secrets of Azkaban

    Magical Realism HARRYPOTTER

    Mystery of Magic-this is not a official part of harry potter series.it's just something i wanted to share. the story begins from dumbledore's death and lead the trio to something terrible. something more terrible than Voldemort and Grindelwald. read the novel to raise the curtain from the mystery of Magic

  • Harry Potter Fanfiction: The me in me! 
(Hermione Granger)

    Harry Potter Fanfiction: The me in me! (Hermione Granger)


    After the fall of Lord Voldemort in 1981 by the hands of a baby Potter, the Wizarding World is in peace. Now, at the age of 11, Harry Potter is on his way to Hogwarts, but meets a boy his age that goes by the name Thomas Donovan, a boy who was an orphan until the age of 5. Thomas is a very kind, witty and charismatic boy who sticks up for his friends and is determined to prove to Harry and his friends that he is of no threat to them, especially after he is sorted into Slytherin! Follow Thomas and Harry's journey as they navigate their school lives and find out more about their pasts, presents and futures. Thomas will face hardships of trust, love and friendship where he will eventually find his place in this world. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Harry Potter or any other characters associated with the original fantasy series under the same name. I merely own my OC/s and anything related to them and the added on content of my own imagination. This is a FANFICTION for the book series originally written by non other than J.K. Rowling and it is also my first Fanfic on this app so please treat me well guys! Anywho enjoy reading the very first chapter! -trinikirito (A Hermione Granger x Male OC! Fanfiction)

  • Hogwarts



    Tom Riddle has turned into 'Voldemort' after having Jughead. A spirit named Voldemort possed Tom's body. There are eight Horocruxes in total and Jughead is one of them. One of your first questions might be "How the heck is Jungkook a Horcrux if he had the time to kill him before he became Voldemort?" Well, a second before he was fully transformed he told Lilly (Jughead's mother and Tom's wife) to take Jughead to the Andrew's (they lived next door). When he got there he was fully transformed and Tom had no control over Voldemort's actions and killed Sierra, Lilly, and Natalie . But Lily and Sierra had protected baby Jughead and when Voldemort tried to kill him, he failed. That was the moment Jughead got his scar. (The only reason Voldemort was kind to Jughead was Tom's love was so strong for him it passed onto Voldemort.)                           .........          

  • Prokletá sestra (cz)

    Prokletá sestra (cz)

    Fantasy Romance HARRYPOTTER

    Co by se stalo kdyby měl Harry sestru a tu vychovával Voldemort? A co kdyby Voldemort nebyl tak zlý? To a mnohem víc se dozvíte v této fanfikciUPOZORNĚNÍ : V příběhu se vyskytuje hodně gramatických chyb proto ČTĚTE NA VLASTNÍ RIZIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harry Potter and the Vampire From Another World

    Harry Potter and the Vampire From Another World


    This book is a spin off of the novel "Vampire in the Harry Potter World" by dragonfang1917 which I was very sad when he stopped writing it and did not finish his awsome Fan-fic. So as a fellow writer dicided to adopted his story with some revision and it will carry the same character. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Kai is a tourist on holiday when he is killed in a terrorist attack. He wakes up during the year 1981 in a forest and finds out that he is a vampire progenitor in the Harry Potter world. Kai then heads out to the nearest human settlement which happens to be Godric Hollow. -This is my first time writing a novel so I will have mistakes, I'd appreciate it if you could point them out. -I want to point out that HP doesn't belong to me. -THE STORY WON'T BE GOING ACCORDING TO CANON! I will be introducing my own elements to the story. -OOC Voldemort

  • phenox of harry potter

    phenox of harry potter

    Its time for the wizarding world to change we need a way out of the darkness and into the light. Now that Voldemort is really destroyed the wizarding world is in shamble and some people see this as the time they could make the most change.

  • Harry, key, and the half blood prince

    Harry, key, and the half blood prince

    Many things are changing, faes are hiding again, Key's parents appear again, Abigail is not at Hogwarts, Harry is with Dumbledore discovering the history of Voldemort

  • Harry, key, and the order of the Phoenix

    Harry, key, and the order of the Phoenix

    Many things are changing, faes are hiding again, Key's parents appear again, Abigail is not at Hogwarts, Harry is with Dumbledore discovering the history of Voldemort

  • Harry Potter’s Natural Villain

    Harry Potter’s Natural Villain

    A person from earth is reincarnated in the Harry Potter World as Draco Malfoy. Armed with future knowledge, he tries to defeat all obstacles while protecting his family, fighting Voldemort and figuring out how to deal with teenage girls.Fanfict based on the characters and harry potter novels belonging to J. K. Rowling.