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  • volturi mate

    volturi mate

    Fantasy ROMANCE

    fanfiction on twilight volturi

  • Twilight: Bloody Hell

    Twilight: Bloody Hell


    Firstly, I only own my own SI character the rest of the characters and story belong to the author to twilight series. Second, it's my first time writing a story so bear with me if it's not too good. Hopefully there won't be any grammar and spelling mistakes. It won't be like other fanfics in which the mc starts his life from 17 then goes to forks school and meets the characters. While the characters will be there the mc won't be affected by most of them. The mc would be joining Volturi and his mate would be Jane(I don't care if she was 13 when she was turned she is a legal loli). The story would start with mc going to Confederate Army, meeting Jasper and then joining Volturi. The image doesn't belong to me I just got it from google.

  • twilight fanfiction- 'Shields of power' written by thunderful edited by Sky Unicorn

    twilight fanfiction- 'Shields of power' written by thunderful edited by Sky Unicorn

    What if Bella already knew about vampires before she came to forks, what if she'd already met the Volturi, but wasn't allowed to tell anyone? And most importantly, what if she had her own gift?

  • Thinking Twice

    Thinking Twice

    In a world full of magical creatures, Alexandra Volturi despises werewolves the most. This will have to change once she finds out she's the erasthai to a lycan. Putting her life-long vendetta aside for love will be inevitable, but what will she lose along the way?

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