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  • Warm Hearted: Fanfic(Naruto)

    Warm Hearted: Fanfic(Naruto)


    A try at the fanfic scene. Not the best, but I did try my best. Declaimer: I do NOT own Naruto. This is for entertainment purposes only. PS: It should be Fanfic under the category but it’s now showing up for me or it is just frozen. Sorries. :p

  • The warm hearted : Once in a millennium

    The warm hearted : Once in a millennium

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE

  • Heart of Darkness

    Heart of Darkness

    Fantasy Romance MYSTERY DARK


    He put one hand on the door beside her head before leaning forward. What was he doing? Trying to intimidate her again? “Truth is…” He began to speak in a low voice and she strained her ears but all she could hear was her heartbeat. “I hate when you touch me because I like it so much.” Her eyes widened in surprise and he leaned even closer before continuing to speak. “I also hate the way you smell…” she could hear him inhale her scent “You smell delicious. And I hate your hair because it’s tempting. I want to run my fingers through it, pull it gently while I taste your lips and bite your neck.” Angelica suddenly felt like there was no air left in the room. “Your touch makes me unable to resist doing those things and all the other things I want to do to you.” “Oth...other things.” She breathed not realizing she was thinking loudly. One side of his lips curved into a smile. “Imagine all the things a man would want to do to you. I want to do those things and much more.” He leaned closer bringing his lips next to her ear. “Because I am no man. I am a beast. A hungry one. So unless you want me to bite you, refrain from touching me.” **************** A woman alone in a man’s world. In a time and place where it’s difficult for a woman to live alone, protect and provide for herself, Angelica must find a provider and a protector after her father is accused of being a traitor and executed by the king. Now known as a traitor's daughter, she must survive in a cruel world ruled by men, and in order to do so she ends up seeking protection in a man feared by everyone. A man with many scars. Both physically and mentally. A man punished for his pride. Rayven is a man with many scars. They cover his face and punish his soul. He can never show himself without people recoiling at the sight of him. Except for one woman who willingly comes knocking on his door. Is she an additional punishment sent to him, or will she be his salvation? ---------- Coverart by bubug/@bubug_

  • Warm-hearted Demon

    Warm-hearted Demon

    Martial Arts ROMANCE ACTION

    Once a kind and ordinary man who wants to live a peaceful and quiet life turned into a ruthless demon after his fate was shattered. He has sought countless life and death in order to have his revenge. He has overturned the society with his ruthlessness and overwhelmed the whole country with his true identity. Unbeknownst to all that a seemingly poor and ordinary man who has a breathtaking looks that can turn the whole world upside down has an unveiled identity that shocks the whole society that he himself hadn't known about. ____________________________________________ He was being shamed and trumpled on by those arrogant second generation sons of the elites. He was picked on every now and then but he remains indifferent and wouldn't even care to fight back cause he finds it useless and unworthy of his attention. They were just a scumbags, so why would he care? They isn't his match at all. His priority was to graduate in his college degree quickly and worked himself at night in order to support his sick mother. He thought that they would just get bored as time goes by but unbeknownst to him that they would gone overboard. Yue Naihe, though he has lived a simple life he has always been indifferent to everyone and he has always had a mestyrious atmosphere with him that seemingly a presence of sovereign king, a monarch, a God of all Gods. He has always caught the attention of everyone not just because of his breathtaking appearance but his presence himself gave a sense of superiority. And that's what made those filthy rich sons had an overflowing jealousy towards him. They wouldn't get satisfied and even get more irritated and pissed off by his indifference. So they got an idea to turn there target to someone precious to Naihe. And they hadn't failed to unleash the demon in slumber. Naihe, in front of his mother's thumb has a bloodshot eyes and the atmosphere dropped badly in zero degree that could make anyone in the perimeter freeze instantly. He stood there motionlessly till dawn. He declared in front of his mother's thumb that from this day onwards he would make those arrogant brats lived a living hell. " I won't die without an exact revenge!!!" Those words echoed in the whole semitary as if the word of the devil has just been declared. ______________________________________________ During his journey for revenge, It made him encounter an unworldly beauty that could melt his cold heart. He wouldn't thought that he could fall in love with someone. At first, he wouldn't accept it, but the urges and the temptation was so uncontrollable until it made him fall deeply. And the time he fall in love was the cause of his downfall. But he isn't willing to give up yet. He was holding on to his mother's promise that he wouldn't die without an exact revenge. And during his life and death he had meet a mysterious person that had the same facial features with him. Though he's more mature than him, but it is still evident that they have shared the same resemblance. Who could the man be?

  • The Greedy Prince turns into a warm hearted person

    The Greedy Prince turns into a warm hearted person

    Rizuna was a maid to serve the son of a king. She was shy and obedient but the prince didn't know the value of her and bullied her. After suffering the so much torture, she left. But before leaving she did something that changed his life! ... I will try to upload 2 chapters a day!

  • Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee

    Pillow of Hearts: A tale between the warm hug and cold coffee



    Moon Young Jae’s homophobic family considered him a disgrace and held his freedom in their clutch. Even with being obedient, he was not free from their abuse. Young Jae was almost blinded and crippled by his father when he stood up for himself for the first time. Left to bleed and die, luckily, he did have a family who wanted to save him. It was twin cousins, who were disowned long before him, who saved him. Sad and hopeless, Young Jae became curious when he met his cousins’ friend, who understood him better than anyone, even without words. Curiosity got the best of him, and he ended by handing his heart, love and soul over a plater as a price. Slowly, Young Jae fell in love with everything about and around Min Jun and eventually fell for the man. Calculative Wang Min Jun entered Young Jae’s life accidentally. He challenged Young Jae's belief with a warm smile and flipped Young Jae’s world upside down. Min Jun read Young Jae like an open book. He planned to get over the little crush he had on his seniors' cousin brother but failed miserably. Min Jun did not like the often-visited ‘frown’ between those beautiful eyebrows and even the always singing of ‘sigh’ through those sinful lips. Min Jun made it his mission to change it only to fall for everything about Young Jae. Wang Min Jun carried his share of baggage, but he was well-prepared to meet the demons from the past head-on. But Young Jae became a mess whenever his past demons decided to pay a visit. He realised he did not have to face anything alone as he has a wonderful boyfriend who cherishes everything about him. Both faced their past demons and trauma together. When a person betrayed by a family fell in love with a person who holds his family above everything, sparks flew, and hearts soared in happiness. Will their story has a harmonious bell, or would it be a sea of misery? Teaser: Files were shattered all over Min Jun’s bed, and his laptop was placed on the bedside table. It chimed once in a while, indicating a new email for him to check. The work was piling more and more as he was diligently finishing it. Young Jae walked into his boyfriend’s bedroom to witness his handsome lover working hard. "Jun Jun! Are you busy?" Even though Young Jae did not want to disturb his lover, he knew he needed some help to impress his boss. "Never for you, love. Tell you what you need?" Min Jun did not lift his head from the file he was going through, but the warmth in his voice reached Young Jae's heart without fail. "Do you have a minute to help me in reviewing my monthly internship report? I have to present to our boss tomorrow morning." Young Jae pouted as he asked. Min Ju looked at his adorable tokki and smiled mischievously. "You are brave, asking your superior to help you sneakily. I can't do it for free. I need a huge bribe to help you. What are you planning to offer?" "Be serious. You have too much work to do." Young Jae chided his shameless boyfriend, who never failed to seize every opportunity to make him moan and groan as he takes him to the pleasurable heaven. "Exactly. I have too much work to do. If I am taking my time to help you, I need something in return. Something so tempting that I don’t mind cramping lots of things later." Min Jun smiled like a devil he was as he grabbed Young Jae towards him. The little rabbit who fell into the cunning wolf's lap did not even get a chance to protest as he was devoured breathlessly. Young Jae forgot why he entered the wolf's lair altogether. Min Jun pushed the files away to make space for his little rabbit to lay down comfortably. Young Jae’s report was long forgotten as a treacherous hand started to caress him again under the shirt as a sinful sound filled the room. P.s: The cover belongs to the rightful owner, and it will be removed if the original owner asks to do so. WARNING: THIS IS A GAY LOVE STORY WITH BDSM. IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT, SPARE THE NOVEL. Discord: https://discord.gg/jSQxjwPV5s

  • The Cold Hearted Boy And The Warm Girl.

    The Cold Hearted Boy And The Warm Girl.

  • Cold Hearted Devil Fell In Love

    Cold Hearted Devil Fell In Love



    When Ivy Hughes meets Ceo and Underworld boss Noah Adler sparks and fists fly. The first time she meets him she hates him, the second time she meets him she saves his life. Burnt by love before she wants to be free with no ties but Noah wants her everything. This domineering CEO is determined to have her and she is determined to run. Can he tame the firey kitten and can she warm his cold heart? _______________________________________________ EXTRACT "But.""No buts, not any more you have to stay with me you are mine forever." His deep cello voice melted her heart, she would ask no more of her man tonight.Ivy for the first time initiated a kiss, she was too impatient to wait for Noah. She grabbed his face and turned it towards hers. She kissed him with everything she had and hoped that he felt her sincerity. He promised her she was his, his only lover. She accepted that, she didn't want more than to know she had someplace in his heart even if it wasn't love, as long as he had wanted her as much as she wanted him.Noah was relieved, he kissed Ivy back and was careful with her not to touch her back or sides. He held her and kissed her, he had missed this and didn't want to ever be alone again. He got a taste of his old life in the last twenty-four hours and he didn't enjoy it. _______________________________________________ Discord: https://discord.gg/VeHkknJ6A2 Instagram: alexia_author (Mood boards and book related pictures) I do not own the book cover all rights go to the original owner. I will take it down if requested.

  • Heart-Warming Youth

    Heart-Warming Youth


    That year, when the plane soared to thousand miles in the sky, Xu Ai cried like no tomorrow at the airport and since then lost her innocent love. This scene broke into the sight of the people watching sceneries as they waited in the lounge. Then, on the first day of college, she met Lin Shen, who became the knot in her heart for the next three years, robbing her a place to rest her love during the best time in her youth. She originally thought that she no longer had the strength to love someone anymore, until Su Xuan's appearance. He came with warmth and sunshine, driving away the haze for her, creating great ambiance of youth and love.

  • Warm heart

    Warm heart

    Hard work pays



    a sudden event changed the life of these two people forever, Jo and Dan were best friends through thick and thin...oh how people change when given the right amount of stress and circumstance...I warn you now, this is not your typical feel good story, this will churn your stomach in odd ways, you will feel hate, anger, disgust shame, and shock...welcome to Jo's life... welcome to hell!....figuratively, at least.

  • Cold Hands, Warm Heart

    Cold Hands, Warm Heart

    When Byron Reese infiltrated a big cat refuge in north Florida, he knew undercover work wasn't all fun and games. But now the case is over, the arrests have been made, and yet ...<br><br>And yet he's still here at the refuge, working with Kendall, sleeping with Kendall, and maybe, just maybe, falling for Kendall.

  • Falling In Love With A Broken Hearted Man

    Falling In Love With A Broken Hearted Man

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE COMEDY TEEN


    Raine Scott is a 22-year-old independent girl with a cool personality who loves her friends, family and work. Some of boys lined up for her, but being a part-timer distracts her from falling in love. She met a man whose broken and wasted who is apparently his boss, Noah Clark. He manages a photo editing shop and she became his part-timer. The strange feeling she experienced when she laid her eyes on him made her wanting him to fall in love with her and protect Noah's heart from being broken.Here, Raine Scott and Noah Clark's love story begins as they heal the wounds of their heart, growing feelings for each other, and become adults as they dream for the future. Their story's unfold with a glimpse of comedy with an important part in a photo editing shop.--------------------------Author's Note: The book picture doesn't owned by the author. It was edited with the title.

  • Gold Heart, Warm Soul

    Gold Heart, Warm Soul

    Ambar Lee was reincarnated into a second life. She had a tragic past life due to chasing her love. In her second life, she decides to change her destiny and learn to love herself. However, she has a time limit. Will she be able to change herself for the better and make full use of the time she has left? Can she change the strings of fate and extend her time to be with her family? “I’ll choose to be the hero, instead of the princess! I’ll save myself instead of waiting for someone to save me,” Ambar thought to herself with determination. “I’ll make a name for myself. I’ll sharpen my skills and talents!” “I’m sorry to my past self, I learned from my mistakes! I won’t be a disgrace anymore.” Will love come her way again and what would she do? An original story of self love and growth of a girl who has limited time to live and experience life. Will there be a miracle for her to save herself from dying? Genre: romance, modern, reincarnation, life. The novel and its content is copyright of joann_s. All rights are reserved. You may not, except with our written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content.

  • She warms my heart

    She warms my heart

    Her thoughts : It's you who game me my life, I will love you until my last breath but...His thoughts : Even if I die I won't let you go...

  • Trump card warm marriage

    Trump card warm marriage


    She was a medical expert, talented and beautiful. She was reborn as his little wife. Her in-laws did not like her, her husband did not love her, and she was as timid as a mouse. She was weak and easy to bully. When she became her, her goal was to flirt with him, flirt with him, flirt with him! One day, she stood in front of him with a mischievous expression. "Young Master Si, I heard that you have a crush on me? " Si Zhanbei raised his head and glanced at her. He stretched out his big hand and pulled her into his embrace. "Wife, this is a love affair. " So... ... The result of flirting with him was that the sheep went into the tiger's mouth ...

  • Race With a Heart

    Race With a Heart



    Sometimes dreams come true, even the impossible ones. Martin never expected to get a summer job as a mechanic at GP2 one day. As if that was not enough, he will work on his idol's car! The racing driver, however, turns out to be different than what the media shows him, as if he had something dark inside him ... With the smell of grease, gasoline and car oil, Martin learns more about life than he could ever expect. All events, characters and organizations are fictional. The resemblance to any real person, organization, or event is purely coincidental.

  • Villainess of Hearts

    Villainess of Hearts



    Rosalyn Lockhart was betrayed. The King of Hearts exiled his Queen. Her most trusted Knight killed her. And the only reason for this—it was that Alice! She could not believe it, even when her own very head got cut off. When Time offers her a chance to go back to the past, she'll ensure that this time it'll be off with their heads! But will she truly succeed? Fall down the rabbit hole and find out. -- Blood spilt on the earth, staining it a lovely shade of crimson. It was her favourite colour. Except the blood that stained the ground was hers. “Do not worry, Your Majesty. This blade shall smoothly cleave your head off—you won’t feel anything.” His lips curled into a smile before she was gone. -- Say hi on Discord? https://discord.gg/NNU4emZ Support Me: https://www.patreon.com/rachel_ruth https://ko-fi.com/cheldv

  • The Bridge: A Beautiful and Heart-Warming Story.

    The Bridge: A Beautiful and Heart-Warming Story.



    Magical Realism ROMANCE

    " It's been five years.... am still waiting for you kayla~""No!!....i don't think it will work out! I won't suit your life style Travis!! "A STORY OF A MATURE GIRL AND YOUNGER BOY.... WHO WILL DOMINATE THIS LOVE JOURNEY? " Don't kiss me like that!! am.... am.... " *blush" your single kiss make my bad day warm kay! "READ THIS STORY TO GET WARMTH IN YOUR HEART ~