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  • This Was A Failure

    This Was A Failure


    So this was an absolute failure. Im gonna work on my imagination and hopefully write smth better. So uh, title gonna go bye bye. Pray that I stop being lazy.

  • Shattered Realities

    Shattered Realities

    Fantasy ADVENTURE

    The cycle of birth and rebirth exists in everything, whether it be as small as quarks or as big as the universe. But what started that cycle? And when will it end?

  • Cold Water

    Cold Water

    Nicki Palmer would describe herself in three words: adventurous, ambitious, and fun. She's not your average girl; she gets into trouble at school, doesn't do what her parents ask of her, and likes to sneak out at nights. She can't wait for high school to end so she can pursue her favourite hobby: dancing. Niall Harrison is a troublemaker who happens to hate her. He would describe Nicki in three words: selfish, spoiled, and annoying. The two of them have never been able to stand each other, ever since Rey moved to a public school 3 years ago.All they have to do is get through their last year of school without killing each other before they will finally get their freedom. But that could be a little tough, since they're stubborn, tough, and strong-willed. Their differences may collide, but at the same time, they sort of complete each other. Too bad hate is much more powerful than love.Or is it?

  • The water

    The water

  • Queendom in The Water

    Queendom in The Water



    "Anak tampan... Kau harus jadi milikku," bisikan sosok itu terdengar jelas di telinga Tian. Ingin bertanya apa mau makhluk itu sebenarnya? Namun tak satupun kata mampu terucap.Ratu Oseanna menculik pria tampan yang ia inginkan di sekitar danau santofe. Sudah lama ia menunggu sampai berhasil menemuan Tian yang akan menjadi raja di dimensi Aquarez miliknya. Namun usaha sang ratu mendapat perlawanan dari Dita, kekasih Tian di dimensi manusia.Ada kerajaan gaib dalam air! Sang ratu bisa menculik lelaki manapun yang ia mau.

  • Scarlet Water

    Scarlet Water

    He'll be able to conquer his life... his misery... his abusive family... But first, he needs to get rid of this dude!!!

  • Water Emperor

    Water Emperor

    Space, Time, Light darkness, death..This word is filled with geniuses, all with unique powers.Can our main character, who have the common power of water, compare to them?

  • Black Water

    Black Water

    When Sarina meets her alleged Mate, is he really who she thinks he is?

  • Water Element

    Water Element


  • Fateful Water

    Fateful Water


    As creatures begin to stir and powerful people put their plans in action an awkward hunter and his magical Jix companion set out to explore the world outside of the woods they've called home for many years."Is it wrong to challenge fate?" - Valun

  • Water(elements):?


    Water (elements):?



    Prelude to she, Pescha. A collection of short stories.

  • Water Spirit

    Water Spirit

    A girl named Yui who lived in Japan Loved her friends and family but she got knocked out one day and made friends with a water spirit named Akua, what will Yui do?

  • Water scarcity

    Water scarcity

    Future in danger

  • Water Well

    Water Well

    A dystopian novel about a 15 year old girl who goes into a coma for 7 years... Mysteriously most of the population is gone.

  • Colder Water

    Colder Water

  • Water Phoenix

    Water Phoenix

    Fantasy Romance SLICEOFLIFE

    This book is a part of the Phoenix series. I will be Posting the other books to the Phoenix series in different volumes. I will be updating those individual books as well. But I will bring them all here in one long series. I cannot put the books in any particular order. This book is contracted and I cannot contract the books separately for some reason. I have tried but the books do end. So, I am bringing them all together here. This series includes A Bride for Aries, From Embers to Rebirth, Water Phoenix, and The Dragons Wife. About this book: Born and raised on an island, Sereia has no idea that she has been born from an egg. After she goes through all the trials to find her future husband, she is to start her new life. Will the newcomer change her life forever, or will she find out her true and real beginnings?

  • Black Water

    Black Water


    The town of Fallhaven finds itself shaken when a teenage girl goes missing one night on her way to the local diner. Once a charming place steeped in history and tradition, Fallhaven and its residents are thrown into disarray as the days go by without answers. Reese and Ava have been inseparable since Ava moved in next door when they were little and bonded over their love for adventures. Now juniors at Fallhaven High, they both want to explore their boundaries and find themselves. As the town's residents struggle to cope with the disappearance, Reese and Ava’s sense of security and normalcy is threatened, so the two friends set out on a fun and light-hearted expedition to retrieve an old time capsule. But what seems like a simple and exciting night out for the girls, quickly turns into a nightmare as they make a sinister discovery that ties them to the missing girl. Reese and Ava quickly realize that this particular adventure may just be a bit more than they bargained for.

  • Water Foundation

    Water Foundation

    Teen ROMANCE

    (Photo on cover does not belong to me.)"Do you see me as more than a friend?" he looks into my eyes.I look back at him. I feel a connection between us."Um... yeah. Do you?" I ask."Defintely," he grins. I blush and he wraps his arm around me. "Do you love me?" he asks.I can't believe he asked that...

  • Blood and Water

    Blood and Water

    Being caught between two worlds is not easy. Dineo grew up an ordinary human aside from her weak lungs and breathing problems. Until one day when Neo’s world is turned upside down. Neo learns she has never been human at all, and she has a vital role to play that could save lives on both land and sea. Neo takes us on a journey of self discovery, from being a sickly human to a powerful ocean queen. -- Neo slowly moved towards the water to do as ordered. Her bare feet gradually parted with the ground as soon as she stood beneath the waterfall. A mirror reflection of her appeared, she was aware that she was looking at herself but the white patterns all over her upper body and the long purple fish tail made her doubt that it was truly her. "You need to embrace what you are and return to the ocean" Thandi said "Because the answers that you seek are within the depths of the ocean."