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  • Supreme Magus

    Supreme Magus



    Derek McCoy was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice. After being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world, until everything was taken from him one last time. After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnates until he finds a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters. Follow him along his journey, from grieving brother to alien soldier. From infant to Supreme Magus. ------------------------------------------- Tags: Transmigration, Male MC, Western Fantasy Schedule: 12 chapters/week (unless I'm ill or stuff happens) Chapter Lenght: 1200 - 1400 words Warning: The MC is not a hero nor an anti-hero. He is a broken, cynic and misanthropic person looking only for his own gain. If you are looking for a forgiving, nice, MC that goes around saving people in distress, this is not your cup of tea. Same if you want an unchanging MC with no character development. -------------------------------------------- Support the Author: https://ko-fi.com/legion20 https://paypal.me/Legion20 ------------------------------------------- Discord channel: https://discord.gg/Z5T7CBD ---------------------------------------- Cover by Traellium https://twitter.com/traellium

  • The Legendary Mechanic

    The Legendary Mechanic



    What do you do when you wake up and find yourself inside the very game that you love? What do you do when you realize you that you have not only become an NPC - you have even been thrown back in time to before the game even launched! What will happen when our protagonist's two realities coincide? Han Xiao was a professional power leveler before his transmigration. Using his past life's knowledge, Han Xiao sweeps through the universe as he prepares for the arrival of the players. This is definitely not your typical transmigration novel.

  • Reincarnated With The Strongest System

    Reincarnated With The Strongest System



    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that," the Goddess Amalthea said as she held William in her loving embrace. "Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that.” In order to help his little brothers and sisters at the orphanage, and save the person he loves, William decided to make the ultimate sacrifice. This selfless act moved the hearts of the Gods into gifting William the opportunity to enter the Cycle of Reincarnation with their blessings. Together with his Mama Ella, and a herd of goats, William embarks on a new journey to find the meaning of happiness in his new life. In a world of Swords and Magic, where adventures roam wild and free, the tale of the Legendary Shepherd is about to begin! [Disclaimer: You might get addicted reading this story.] ---- Feel free to check out my other story! "The Prince of Heaven's Gate - Last Stand At World's End" ----- If you are sick and tired of reading the same old isekai, reincarnation, system, and OP MC's then this novel will give you a breath of fresh air. So... Prepare yourself to read a story you've never read before. Prepare yourself to feel things you've never felt before. I'll wait for you in the latest chapters! ---- P.S I would like to thank my editor RedPandaChick for always being there to help me with the edits of my story. Special thanks to Eranoth for helping me Fine-Tune the novel to make it more consistent and less chaotic. -----

  • Re: Evolution Online

    Re: Evolution Online



    Liam was a nobody, whether it was grades or sports or appearance or social life. Not because he didn't have a brain but because his luck was just that bad. However, everything changed when a mysterious game called 'Evolution Online' was suddenly launched. The world he knew changed upside down!There was blood, death, and carnage everywhere. While everyone from small companies and big governments scrambled to get a foothold on this mysterious video game, some people's lives turned for the better and some for the worse. Liam, unfortunately, being the latter, still somehow ended up at the bottom of the barrel. His insignificant life was squished like an insect and his loved ones were destroyed right in front of him. In the end, he was already dead without ever having a single chance to fight back.But his story did not end there. Liam found himself returned to the time before everything began!Watch as the young man who was once a nobody reaches for the pinnacle of strength and power, wreaking havoc on the world that destroyed him once! This time everything will be different!*******************If you want to support novel characters' illustrations, visit my Patreon: patreon.com/yolohyDiscord Link for chatting with author and character arthttps://discord.gg/XS7gWScKn8

  • My Vampire System

    My Vampire System



    The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward. Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities. Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves. Quinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his family and the only thing he had inherited was a crummy old book that he couldn’t even open. But when the book had finally opened, Quinn was granted a system and his whole life was turned around. He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a quest he wasn’t sure he could complete. "It is time to feed!" "You must drink human blood within 24 hours" "Your HP will continue to decrease until the task has been completed" https://discord.gg/kqCxfZF6xH https://www.patreon.com/JKSManga OTHER WORKS My Werewolf System My Dragon System

  • weak to strong

    weak to strong

  • Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

    Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself



    Rumor had it that Qiao Xi had a weak constitution—a sickly beauty. Rumor had it that she spent a fortune every day on medications—eating them like candy. Rumor had it that ten servants waited on her by her bed every day—a burden to everyone. They were all waiting for the Qiao family to toss Qiao Xi back to the countryside and leave her to fend for herself. Qiao Xi: "They're all saying that I'm weak and can't take care of myself. Apparently, I spend money recklessly as well.” She looked down at her tattered shirt and was exasperated. Qiao Xi: “Are you saying that this wealthy family lets their daughter wear tattered clothes every day?” The Qiao family's rich daughter? She had enough! She would not be it anymore! Therefore… Scumbag guy: "Without the Qiao family, you're nothing." Qiao Xi: "If I'm kicked out of the Qiao family, I'll be done for." Scumbag girl: "Sis, don't be too disappointed. As long as you work hard, you'll be praised one day.” Qiao Xi: "Shut up, I don't know a traitor like you." The scumbag guy and girl: "???" Rumor had it that the Gu family's youngest son, Gu Zheng, rashly married a woman who had nothing but looks. Qiao Xi: "Is someone looking down on me?" One day, Qiao Xi saw one of Gu Zheng's employees racking his brains over a series of numbers on the computer screen. Since she was free, she lent a hand. Did she just crack the firewall created by the joint efforts of top elite hackers?! Gu Zheng inched closer with every step. "Qiao Xi, what else are you hiding from me? Hmm?" Qiao Xi: "Oh, no! I feel dizzy again! I'm so weak. This body of mine is just too weak!"

  • Weak to Strong : The Hybrid

    Weak to Strong : The Hybrid


    I was a weak human; he was the Lycan king. Fate bonds us through a beautiful love story, at least that's what I used to believe. Then I discovered that I'm nothing more than a human pet for him, a sexual tool as he liked to call me. He won't ever love me out of the mate bond, and I'm too weak to be his queen.Well, this Queen doesn't need a king, not anymore. Now that I'm ready to give up on my human side, he'll soon learn that he wasn't supposed to mess with me, not to mess with the 'Hybrid'.

  • Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Strong Female Side Character Awakens

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN


    When Ye Qing Ran wakes up, she finds that she has transmigrated into a book. She has become the vain, domineering, and evil villain who dies a tragic death. Before she transmigrated into the book, she was the carefully groomed heir of the family. Her life goal was to make the family stand at the apex of the world of fame and fortune. After she transmigrated into the book, she does not want to participate in wars in the business world anymore. Every day, she would hit on chicks, torture trash, and flirt with handsome boys. But why do her father and three brothers look at her more and more lovingly? Father: "Whoever dares to say that I favor boys over girls, I'll make his family bankrupt." Big Brother: "My sister is the smartest and most suitable to be the heir." Second Brother: "My sister is invincible and cool. She is my idol." Brother San: "My sister is an angel. Our whole family is honored because of her."

  • Demon Cultivator From Weak To Strong

    Demon Cultivator From Weak To Strong


    The Path To Domination…Updates will be daily at least once a day, enjoy :)

  • She Goes from Weak to Strong

    She Goes from Weak to Strong

    Fantasy Romance ACTION

  • Strong bullies the Weak

    Strong bullies the Weak


    Jade Ravenreese is your typical 16 year- old high school girl. She lived her life in a normal household, goes to school with her friends everyday, hang out, go home and repeat. However, everything changes when she came home one day from a karaoke bar with her friends after school. She saw her younger sister lying on the ground swimming on her own blood. Beside her was her father full of bruises while holding a knife on his left hand, unconscious. She felt a blow on her head with a long hard weapon. The moment she woke up she's already in an unknown facility. Unaware of what's happening a horrifying future awaits her.

  • Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs

    Transmigrating to the 80s to Become Stepmom to Five Bigwigs


    Mu Jingzhe transmigrates into a book filled with sweet, doting love to become the useless supporting character who serves as a foil to the female lead. She also becomes the stepmom of five kids to her recently deceased husband. The five children are the sort that was bound to grow up to become villainous bigwigs. Right now though, these five bigwigs are still pitiful little kids. After weighing the pros and cons, Mu Jingzhe decides to stay for the time being to take care of them, only hoping that they wouldn't seek revenge on her in the future. Unexpectedly, when she is about to leave, the five bigwigs cling to her and refuse to let her go. —— A long time later, her supposedly dead husband, Shao Qihai, returns. The terrifying business bigshot, Shao Dong: "Thanks, Mommy." The famous author-and-media mogul, Shao Xi: "Mommy helped me." The academic genius who two top universities are fighting over, Shao Nan: "Mommy, help me choose.” The youngest winner of the Best Actress Award, Shao Bei: “Love Mommy the most.” The globally-renowned musician, Shao Zhong: “This is for Mommy.” ...... The five children only recognize their mother and have zero thoughts about their father. Their father's dear brother and old rival turn into his rival in love, waiting to abduct his wife home. Shao Qihai: Hm?!! I'm not dead yet. I'm alive, and I'm back!

  • Story  of a famous writer
-from weak to strong

    Story of a famous writer -from weak to strong

    He created a world through his 10years of writings. The world where his ML(male lead) is always kind towards everyone except enemies, always present (rare incident not to present in scene or in need of story) when FL(female lead) in danger.His ML's are either CEO,Major general or underground leader with high profiles. He writes for fame and money. In mainland china the life of common people are hard,earning livelihood quite hard. Expense of life is high. Not only men but also women work hard morning to till night for fulfilling demand of owners,have to manage ton of work for the sake of good image of company,satisfy customers.Few free hours, days of vacation of them are the main target of him.Romantic story with strong background ML,fragile FL attract them greatly.They obsessed that types of story and he build a new empire by them. Ela and Ryan know each other by julia. After their encounter his inner world started to fall from sky to bottom.He is not satisfied with his present works. He want become a real writer,yes a real strong writer(from weak to strong).she is the new light for him which leads him upside down.The birth of strongest writer begin from here..

  • The Strong Son, and the Weak Daughter

    The Strong Son, and the Weak Daughter

    Fantasy Romance ACTION

  • Even Weak Can Be Strong

    Even Weak Can Be Strong

    Ana is a daughter of a Duke that even his father never look for her or He never care about Ana in the first place and our protagonist is a loner in school and no one ever talk to her because she have no talent in sword man ship or even magic that's why she hostility by her Family

  • Weak Heart, Strong Love [BL]

    Weak Heart, Strong Love [BL]

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE R18 COMEDY BL YAOI

    Fie is a sweet young boy who lost his mother even before seeing her. Fie is suffering from severe Arrhythmia, a heart disease. But despite of having a life threatening disease Fie never lost hope and never stopped smiling. He got admitted to the Beijing University China. What happens when he falls for the cold senior, without realising that he has started falling in love. °Name : Xia Xiao Fie. °Age : 18 years old.°Student majoring in Botany. A first year student in Beijing University, China. _____________*********____________Kai an aloof person, never interferes where he's not needed. He's a second year student in Beijing University, China. His juniors respect him and his seniors don't mess with him. He's not someone you should mess with. He only has one dream and only one goal to become a successful Cardiac/Heart surgeon but his dream changes when a sweet junior stumbles into his life but his goal remains the same. °Name : Han Lee Kai. °Age : 20 years old. °Student majoring in Cardiology. Second year hazer in Beijing University, China.Plagiarism is a Crime. This is pure work of fiction and is not related to real life, any resembles is a mere coincidence. Thank you.

  • Weak eat the strong(stopped for a while)

    Weak eat the strong(stopped for a while)

    Dungeons,abilities and monsters.All of these suddenly appeared nine years ago and brought hell on earth.The rule of the strong rule over the weak became the most important.I,Ender Ryley,am one of the weakest ability users,called hunters,and this is my story of how I became the strongest.

  • A Strong Woman Transmigated to a Weak Boy?!

    A Strong Woman Transmigated to a Weak Boy?!


    A CEO of promising talent and future rose from delicate scenarios to become the woman that she is after a decade has passed. But after she have reached the pinnacle of life and planning on enjoying the fruits of her labor she died, and died a unmemorable way. Now she transmigate and wishing to conquer this new world with her new life. The only problem is that there is no female in this world!!What have become to her?!... or him now?!!_-_-_$-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-$-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-$_-_-_-With a list of misunderstandings the MC is in danger of losing her/his purity countless of times.A certain tycoon: Keeping cats? Just useless effort for upbringing, no need. (after meeting MC) Oh a litte kitten lashing for attention. I will keep you.A certain actor: What is a tsundere? I know but don't care. (After meeting MC) He is my tsuntsun

  • The Alpha's Weakness

    The Alpha's Weakness

    Cole Grey, the fearsome leader of a powerful werewolf clan, insists that having a mate would weaken him and swore off the idea…until he received a bride – the feisty, rule-breaking Dove Summers. Dove Summers is a curse to her pack. Bullied and ostracized, she finds strength in the Moon Goddess and swears to a life of a priestess, serving the deity. But to save her father’s life, she becomes the unwilling bride of the clan’s leader and enters a new life that forces her to turn her back on the Moon Goddess. While Dove tries to save the souls of the Whispering Moon Pack, she will unknowingly melt the icy heart of her striking husband and discover a passion that she never knew existed. The Alpha's Weakness is created by Noko Simkin, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

  • A Villainess Should Be Strong

    A Villainess Should Be Strong



    "A Villainess should be strong," she thought as she vaporized an entire lake.The day Estelle Clareste was born, she already had the memories of Kirisaki Reina, a 21-year-old woman living in modern Japan.From a Villainous Duke's daughter, to the world's leader, and suddenly a Goddess?! Estelle's past, was it as simple as she first thought? Or was there something more lurking behind?Will she achieve her goals, or will she meet her downfall before that?-Photo not mine, I found it on Pinterest ^^-

  • Lady to Queen

    Lady to Queen


    Her older sister, the queen, died in result of a meticulous trap and she herself was drowned alongside the rest of my family.Patrizia, at the last moments of her life, fell into despair. 'If only I had been the Queen.' She had the confidence to not love the emperor. Then none of this would've happened. Everyone would've been alive, everyone would've been happy.And when she opened her eyes again, she had returned to before her sister had become the Queen.At this point she makes a huge decision to change the future of her family and herself."I shall become the Queen instead!"Will this bring the happiness she sought for?Or will this create for chaos?

  • Binding to Geniuses To Become Stronger

    Binding to Geniuses To Become Stronger

    Eastern Fantasy GENIUS


    "Ding! Congratulations on binding God's Chosen One. You will receive 150% of the other party's cultivation comprehension and cultivation speed!" "Cultivation-related matters related to the bound target can be obtained as additional rewards." "Enjoy your cultivation!" … "You and the Great Tang Princess admire the purple aura, discuss the Heavenly Dao, and acquire the Purple Aura from the East! "You and the saintesses of the demon race explore the mystic realm and search for the legacy to obtain the Demon Sovereign's Indestructible Body!" "You fought a decisive battle with the Fiend Son of the fiend race in the South Ocean and gained the Godfiend Hell-Crushing Force!" … A hundred years later, you have bound yourself to all the elites of the infinite worlds. Turning around, you realize something. You are invincible.

  • weak college student reborn as a strong dragon queen

    weak college student reborn as a strong dragon queen

    the main actress is name june moon , after stumbling upon a dragon ring she ends up in another world in another body

  • The Mafia's Weakness

    The Mafia's Weakness


    Blurb Everyone believes Giovanni Martino the Italian mafia boss is a misogynist, women were the last thing on his mind. His enemies were desperate to know his weakness, but he does not have one. Giovanni doesn't allow men close to him. All he does was strictly business and deals. What happens when he finds a woman in his room in the middle of the night, a naked woman in his shower. ****** I moved away from the shower, I was expecting him to say something, but he only stared. I tried to move past him, but he didn't move. His eyes was glued to my naked body. The only thing that occurred to me was to get out of here before I get into trouble or even get raped. Long hairy hands snaked round my waist, pulling me to a hard chest. My body became hot instantly. My breasts were squashed against his hard chest and his hands were on my ass. I tried squirming away but his hands only tightened. "Who the fuck are you?And what the fuck are you doing in my room?"He asked, his deep voice booming out loud.

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