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    it's all about the story of two destined werewolves. one is from the pack and one is from the world of humans. Primo Staveus didn't know that he was a werewolf. his parents raised him normally in the world of humans but in the age of 16 his parents finally tell him the truth. At first he hate it but he finally take it. Natalia Ghafar is the leader of the pack. The only girl in the Alpha. Her parents died because of hunters and by now she's seeking for justice. Like humans she still learning and leaving like a normal one but deep inside her she despise peoples. What if the two werewolf will meet by the power of destiny? is it gonna be war of love?Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction any names, places that is somewhat connected or related to a living or dead person is purely coincidental.#romance #werewolves #

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  • Black and white (werewolf story)

    Black and white (werewolf story)

  • Black and White (wolf story)

    Black and White (wolf story)

  • Returning From The Magic World

    Returning From The Magic World



    The consciousness of a Great Magus suddenly returned to his original body on earth, just before he transmigrated into the magic world. Nothing has changed, it's still the same earth. However, when he looked at earth once more as a former great magus, he discovered earth was not as simple as he knew it to be. Hidden magus, legendary races such as vampires and werewolves, they do exist, ruling the world through the shadows. Faced with a former great magus, who possessed as many spells as libraries, would the earth that had been ruled by a few people be able to remain calm?___Art by nebulahorion!





    "she was chosen because she was his right from the very beginning..." Once on a rare occasion, the night of a blue full moon, a girl is being taken from a household to serve the beasts who call themselves werewolves. The werwolves were the one who ruled the town and controlled everything. They looked human but buried under their human facade was a ruthless monster who seeks to destroy. Everyone tried to protect themselves but deep down they knew they were no match for the werewolves. Arianne was a little girl who was born different from other people in the town. She had long red hair and she was born with different coloured eyes. One green and one brown. No one knew exactly why she was born that way and it wasn't hereditary. Her mother also died during her child birth and because of that her father, Massimo distanced himself from her and chose to remarry instead. He married a woman called Christine who already had a child out of wedlock, Rissa. Together Rissa and Christine decided to make Arianne's life hell to which her father turned a blind eye to and because of that, it affected Arianne and she decided to withdraw herself from her family and the society. The day of the selection came and Rissa was selected to go and serve the werewolves. Scared for her life, Rissa decided to persuade her mother to convince Massimo to offer Arianne up for the selection. Ignoring her screaming pleas and tears, Massimo offered up Arianne to go and serve the werewolves. No one really knows what happens to the girls that are being selected and no one bothered to ask. Not knowing the fate that awaits her, Arianne decided to go and serve the werewolf who they call Ivan Giovanni, a alpha who is known for his ruthlessness. Can Arianne survive living among werewolves? What happens when she finds out more about her identity and the only person who could help her was Ivan? What do you think will happen if she finds out that Ivan was the boy she had saved all those years ago from dying? NOTE: I DO NOT OWN THE COVER IMAGE OF THIS BOOK. IMAGE WAS FOUND ON PINTEREST.

  • The Second Ritual (Werewolf Erotica)

    The Second Ritual (Werewolf Erotica)



    COMPLETED | WARNING- This is NOT a Werewolf Romance book! This is an erotica and includes various sex scenes. Alpha Vishous and his girlfriend Ava are werewolves living in a pack. After completing the rituals, Ava has become the Luna of the pack, But it is not the end of all the rituals. Read the journey of more unknown Rituals that Ava might have to go through. Alone. --- Now you can directly buy this book's entire series from me by going to : reamstories.com/krystalwatt There are more books and more eroticas available on there for you to read and enjoy. FB group: fb.com/groups/krystalwatt / Krystal Watt’s Pack: A Reader’s Club Page: fb.com/ktish7 Instagram: @authorkrystalwatt

  • Alpha's Cruel Addiction

    Alpha's Cruel Addiction



    [WARNING: EXTREMELY MATURE CONTENT] “If you ever come near my woman again, I will find you, brutally torture you, and unleash hell's wrath upon you for the rest of eternity." Her story with him should've never been said. Their world was as cruel as it was cunning. Werewolves rained terror upon humans as warriors of the nation. Vampires ruled high society with an iron fist. All her life, Ophelia wondered why the vampires and werewolves in the kingdom never attacked her—only to realize she was declared off-limits ten years ago. Yet, the entire realm was fighting over the rights to her body—or her life. But why? And what for?

  • The Master Necromancer

    The Master Necromancer



    - Waking up one day in a prison of Vampires and just the barest minimum of memories, Skraal is an apprentice skeleton-mage with a problem. Escaping, he walks right into a conflict between his captors and their enemies. What will he do in this world of Vampires and mages, Werewolves and Elves, without his memory´s to guide him? *Death is nothing to fear, when you live, it doesn’t, when it does, you don’t.* -

  • The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to unveil

    The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to unveil


    In the world of werewolves, witches and vampires, aadhya a human always wondered if this is really the place she belongs to. No matter how many times she asked the question, the answer always remained the same… YESHer parents were one of the strongest beta couples (second in command) of their time on the whole continent. But even after having beta blood running in her veins, aadhya knew that she is different from all the werewolves that she have met in her whole life. She doesn’t have heightened senses of werewolves, she didn’t even transform into her wolf when she came of age which automatically made her “the pack’s weirdo”.Even after being treated as an outcast, bullied by other wolf kids and waking up every day with that eerie laugh and nightmare which always felt too real to be just a nightmare, she never let herself feel weak. She pushed herself to the most and trained herself as every wolf of their pack was trained.It was the day of her twentieth birthday when she suddenly felt the ‘mate-tingles’ from the touch of her number one bully, the to-be-alpha of their pack Ethan Smith. She knew that nothing is going to be normal from the time she felt that first tingle but she didn’t know that there is nothing normal in her life from the time she came into this world to start with. Will Ethan accept the gift of mate bond and leave his rank-holder girlfriend behind for a human? Will aadhya be able to survive all the things that are soon going to come her way? Join aadhya on the journey of her life which is filled with mystery, action, romance and many twists and turns.. Read “The Pack’s Weirdo: A mystery to Unveil” to witness the rollercoaster of emotions and see how the life of a normal human ‘aadhya’ unfolds in the world of werewolves.Already loved and appreciated by thousands of readers all over the world on different ebook platforms. The first signed creation of author Mudita Upreti

  • Witches Vs Werewolves

    Witches Vs Werewolves


    "My sweetest little treasure, don't be naive, you are either damned or dead in here, so now be good and scream your loudest for me." Persephone [Psyche] Charming found herself sent away into a strange highschool for troubled teenagers after commiting a crime worthy of hell back home. Soon enough the Witch began to realize these troubled teenagers were more dangerous than the worst of criminals. Especially the Crescent brothers who were more monstrous than animals. °°° "No, whatever you're gonna say, no, not now, not ever. Also get out of my room you psychopath, you'll get blood all over my sheets…. Why is there blood all over you?" She could no longer control her urge and asked. He really looked like a mess. So much blood that Persephone felt it was his. His face had a tear, and his hair was just…. Well that hair was always looking messy. At her words that smirk died. Replaced with a lost look. "Hm, you're being nosy." He said, coolly. "....." Persephone deadpanned. "You broke into my ROOM." She couldn't help the incredulity that filled her voice as she said those words. The reddish eyelashes fluttered, and then slowly but surely the eyes were opened. It was worse than expected. His red eyes were bloodshot, hurt, so many emotions going in a long and horrible roller coaster.  Persephone always thought Caspian was a straightforward person. Everytime she met him, he would always say or do whatever came to his mind. He looked like he was mad at everything whenever he was around, because he couldn't be bothered to hide his emotions. This kind of open person, when they were hurt, it was too obvious for the world to see. Persephone's throat bobbed as she swallowed. She didn't know why she was aggrieved by the hurt in his eyes. Anytime they crossed parts one way or the other Caspian always threatened her. Seeing the cool smirk on his face all those times, Persephone hoped it would be knocked off his face, but literally seeing that arrogant look away from his face, Persephone's heart was pumping really fast. This time she couldn't control her brain from allowing her hand to reach out towards Caspian, her fingers sinking into the mop of hair for the first time. Despite the unsettlement she felt at his hurt, she couldn't help the wave of satisfaction and the tremors of shudders that traced up her spine as her fingers sank into his hair. It was so silky, as she imagined it would be, so soft, it would entice anyone to keep touching. She has fallen down the rabbit hole so it couldn't be helped as she combed her fingers through his hair softly, her skin enjoying the tickling and electric feeling of petting his hair. She stiffened when she heard his sigh. It was actually not a sigh…. If she heard it correctly it was a moan, a soft and gentle moan. Persephone felt something thick had obscured her throat from swallowing as she heard the sinfully soft moan. She peeked away from the hair to his face. His eyebrows dipped into a furrow but the curve and contort of his features couldn't be misunderstood….. This was a look of satisfaction. "What happened to you?" She sounded like she had choked out the words. The reply was a bit late but it came. "I shouldn't have come here." Seeing the way she was petting his hair, enjoying every minute of it, enjoying him enjoying every minute of it, she indeed concurred that he should not have come to her. But she said, "But you did." A hand descended on the back of her head. "Yeah, I did." [Mature Content] [Slow burn]

  • After Annuling, A Werewolf CEO Starts Wooing Me

    After Annuling, A Werewolf CEO Starts Wooing Me


    It’s a dark room. The man was tall and awe-inspiring, like an emperor. Every time their flesh met, it was as if he was carrying out a merciless punishment. They had a passionate night of sex, and their souls and bodies felt connected. Luna did not remember who the man was; she only had vague recollections of his extraordinary body and the long howl at the end of their love-making. It had sounded like a fierce wolf who had managed to let its soul free. Later on, the ugly and plump Luna discovered that she was pregnant on the eve of her wedding. Her fiancé, who had always regarded her with disgust, coerced her to break off the engagement, while her family regarded her as their shame. Luna agreed to break off the engagement so that she could give birth to the baby. However, her firstborn baby boy was taken away by her stepmother and sold at a high price to the rich Julie, who was in urgent need of a baby. Luna risked her life to give birth to two other daughters. With her brother’s help, she fled the hospital with her daughters. At that moment, Alpha, the heir of the richest financial group in Europe and who was rumored to be cruel, was in the hospital’s lounge. He was waiting for the birth of his first child. Ten months ago, Alpha was set up, and he had sex with a woman after he was drugged. He did not remember who the woman was, but Alpha knew that they were soulmates ever since that night. Hence, he wanted to find that woman! Just then, the daughter of a tycoon, Julie, approached him and said that she was pregnant. It was only then that he learned that he was going to be a father, but what puzzled him was that he did not feel anything with Julie. Five years later, when Luna brought her daughters back, they met. Not only did Luna regain her health and beauty after giving birth, she even gained superhuman strength. Right then, Luna only wanted to find her son and expose her stepmother’s scheme. But Alpha could not stop his heart from racing when he saw her. He could not stop himself from getting closer to Luna nor stop himself from doing the things he did around her. Even a simple smile from Luna was a sweet temptation for him. When someone hatched a scheme to kidnap Alpha’s precious son, Luna saved him. But before she could see his face clearly, Alpha took his son away. With wary eyes, he warned her, “Don’t even think about using the boy to seduce me.” Luna thought that he must be sick in the head. Sometime later, during a banquet, Alpha grabbed Luna’s arm and spoke gently to her, “I… My son likes you quite a lot. I mean… I like you too.” Luna stared at his red ears and smiled coquettishly, “Don’t even think about using your son to seduce me.”

  • Vansel:King of Werewolves

    Vansel:King of Werewolves


    Vansel Being was nothing more than a desperate father trying to save his son from an unknown, fatal vampire like disease. Doing everything he could, Vansel finds himself going to Mount Diros where he finds himself being thrown into the middle of a vampire-werewolf war. Now finding himself in a scenario he cannot escape, Vansel is thrust a major responsibility that could determine the fate of mankind...becoming the King of Werewolves.

  • Transmigrated Alpha's Bride

    Transmigrated Alpha's Bride


    Carra Livingstone, a forensics investigator, lost her life in a fire explosion while inspecting a crime scene. Her soul was transmigrated into the body of an oppressed lady who also lost her life in another fire incident, at the same moment in time, leaving a deep scar on her face.With a new body, but a familiar name, this is the epic journey of a lady, who has a second chance at life in a fantasy world of werewolves, vampires, arranged marriages, oppressed life, and the deadly mysteries of this new world?

  • The Alpha's Human Luna

    The Alpha's Human Luna



    Nancy Neo, moving from town to town her entire life. Got to settle in Akin city with her family, a city that promised peace and safety and ended up robbing her of everything. She has always been lonely. Unaware of the existence of werewolves in this modern era. One day she accidentally stumbled into the territory of a werewolf pack on the night of a full moon. She finds out that they are throwing a celebration. When the alpha lays his eyes on her she realized it was her lover Baby. how will -a humble Nancy - take it?

  • The Werewolves Mate

    The Werewolves Mate


    Picks. The new place where a stubborn and rude girl named Arabella Castro moved in. She was sent by her parents there because of her stubbornness. She doesn't have any idea that her life is about to change.Then, she met Maldix, who is a mysterious man that always saves her when she needs help and when she's in danger. And the moment they hold each other's hand, there's something strange going to Ara. She's starting to feel strange connections.The unexpected feeling is starting to take her sanity.An unknown sensation is running inside her nerve. He didn't know that she's a vampire.She didn't know that he's a Werewolf.They didn't know that there's a war between their pack.Can love defeat hate and be powerful enough to stop the endless war?Is LOVE even possible for a vampire and a werewolf?

  • Werewolves And Creators

    Werewolves And Creators

    Going home leads to an adventurous, action-packed with thrillers, fears, mysteries, and romance. A train that teleports back to 3000 years ago is filled with magical powers and dangerous situations.These people don't know where they are heading or ending for the journey just begins. Why they are led there and who will they encounters? What are the motive and plans? It's in-between the line! Is everything a dream or reality? A story of love between werewolves, humans, and the creators. Creating the perfect werewolf by creators or does it leads to the destruction of the entire clans? A destiny love story by chance or soulmates? In the end is it a dream or reality? When trust, love, and friendship are being challenged by situations.In the beginning, some werewolves used to be human for most of the month, but then it became a full moon. When humans and werewolves first started living together. It was hard at first because humans and werewolves didn't know how to share their spaces. But we learned how to live in peace. We learned how to be with each other in a way that didn't come out of fear, or fight, or anger.This novel is a prequel to the first novel "Vampire Everlasting Love The Series"

  • The Moon Goddess' Chosen

    The Moon Goddess' Chosen



    Humans and Werewolves have lived together in this world for nearly four hundred years... Since the appearance of the first two werewolves, royals, given this power by the moon goddess herself. In a world where humans and werewolves live together in a tight and uncertain collaboration filled with mistrust and pretence, hunters exist to keep the peace while rogues exist to disrupt it. Two children are born... destined to put a stop to all the bloodshed and suffering, but not everyone likes the idea of a world with peace between the werewolves and the humans..... With the Moon goddess along with the Prometheus, the god of mankind only able to watch and provide assistance where possible without breaking divine laws, the question still stands. Will her Chosen Ones be able to accomplish the task at hand..... The Rogue King strives to keep the two from ever uniting, forcing the them to lead lives that can never be described as normal, but can be called interesting... ..................................

  • Loving You Till Dawn

    Loving You Till Dawn



    In a world where mythical creatures coexist with humans, a power struggle ensues when the dominant Werewolves seek to rule over all. However, the other creatures and humans reject this notion and strive for peaceful coexistence within their respective communities. Defying the collective decision, the Alpha Werewolf, Dimitri Quinn, brutally murders a Witch, a Vampire, and a Human as a warning to anyone who challenges his authority. Enraged by the ruthless killings, the remaining creatures unite and launch an attack against the mighty Werewolves, despite their inherent strength disadvantage. The ensuing war rages on for three days and three nights until an unexpected intervention occurs on the third night. The moon goddess, Sierra, appears in all her radiant beauty, captivating everyone with her presence. Her enchanting voice echoes through the night as she condemns the Werewolves for initiating the conflict. Sierra strips Dimitri of his Alpha status, transferring it to his twin sons, Jayden and Kayden Quinn. Under the new leadership, the Werewolves are cursed by Sierra to never harm any creature outside their kind, lest they lose their inner strength and half of their powers. However, the curse arrives too late to prevent the loss of countless lives in the war. Despite the devastating aftermath, peace gradually returns to the realm. Years later, the once-established norms of finding mates within one's own kind are shattered. Sierra's curse mandates that Werewolves must now have human partners, while Witches and Vampires retain the freedom to choose their mates. Amidst this backdrop, Muna Carmichael, an eighteen-year-old girl, and her younger brother Nathan find themselves orphaned due to the war. Forced to relocate to a new city and live with their childless aunt and uncle, Muna's life takes an unexpected turn. She discovers that she may be the destined mate of a Werewolf, the very creatures responsible for her parents' deaths. Caught between the past and an uncertain future, Muna faces a series of difficult choices. Will she accept her fate as a Werewolf's mate? Can she overcome her deep-seated hatred and learn to coexist with the being who took her parents' lives? And what will happen if she uncovers the truth of her destined connection as the Alpha's mate? Muna's journey is one of love, forgiveness, and discovering the strength to embrace an unexpected destiny.

  • werewolves vs vampires

    werewolves vs vampires


    A city with a dark secret, has a supernatural creatures who look like human beings but changes their real form at night. Two different creatures who rules their packs and never cross each other's territories until a human arrives and happens to change everything. Meet melissa a girl with a dream to be humanitarian, happens to cross path with a ruthless, arrogant billionaires who cares about nothing but their own pride and territory. Three different people with different opinions about life who hates each other.toby the werewolf has grudge against Mike and wants to avenge for his dad's death. while on the other hand lisa finds out about the supernatural world,she gets torn apart and doesn't know which path to take and can't stand the war between them. she has to choose a path because it involves the people she cares about.which one will it be??join me on this journey where three different creatures meet and can't find a way out of a situation they put themselves especially lisa.how will she take it and also be able to settle the differences between them?.