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    it's all about the story of two destined werewolves. one is from the pack and one is from the world of humans. Primo Staveus didn't know that he was a werewolf. his parents raised him normally in the world of humans but in the age of 16 his parents finally tell him the truth. At first he hate it but he finally take it. Natalia Ghafar is the leader of the pack. The only girl in the Alpha. Her parents died because of hunters and by now she's seeking for justice. Like humans she still learning and leaving like a normal one but deep inside her she despise peoples. What if the two werewolf will meet by the power of destiny? is it gonna be war of love?Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction any names, places that is somewhat connected or related to a living or dead person is purely coincidental.#romance #werewolves #

  • werewolves


  • Black and white (werewolf story)

    Black and white (werewolf story)

  • Black and White (wolf story)

    Black and White (wolf story)

  • Witches Vs Werewolves

    Witches Vs Werewolves


    "My sweetest little treasure, don't be naive, you are either damned or dead in here, so now be good and scream your loudest for me." Persephone [Psyche] Charming found herself sent away into a strange highschool for troubled teenagers after commiting a crime worthy of hell back home. Soon enough the Witch began to realize these troubled teenagers were more dangerous than the worst of criminals. Especially the Crescent brothers who were more monstrous than animals. °°° "No, whatever you're gonna say, no, not now, not ever. Also get out of my room you psychopath, you'll get blood all over my sheets…. Why is there blood all over you?" She could no longer control her urge and asked. He really looked like a mess. So much blood that Persephone felt it was his. His face had a tear, and his hair was just…. Well that hair was always looking messy. At her words that smirk died. Replaced with a lost look. "Hm, you're being nosy." He said, coolly. "....." Persephone deadpanned. "You broke into my ROOM." She couldn't help the incredulity that filled her voice as she said those words. The reddish eyelashes fluttered, and then slowly but surely the eyes were opened. It was worse than expected. His red eyes were bloodshot, hurt, so many emotions going in a long and horrible roller coaster.  Persephone always thought Caspian was a straightforward person. Everytime she met him, he would always say or do whatever came to his mind. He looked like he was mad at everything whenever he was around, because he couldn't be bothered to hide his emotions. This kind of open person, when they were hurt, it was too obvious for the world to see. Persephone's throat bobbed as she swallowed. She didn't know why she was aggrieved by the hurt in his eyes. Anytime they crossed parts one way or the other Caspian always threatened her. Seeing the cool smirk on his face all those times, Persephone hoped it would be knocked off his face, but literally seeing that arrogant look away from his face, Persephone's heart was pumping really fast. This time she couldn't control her brain from allowing her hand to reach out towards Caspian, her fingers sinking into the mop of hair for the first time. Despite the unsettlement she felt at his hurt, she couldn't help the wave of satisfaction and the tremors of shudders that traced up her spine as her fingers sank into his hair. It was so silky, as she imagined it would be, so soft, it would entice anyone to keep touching. She has fallen down the rabbit hole so it couldn't be helped as she combed her fingers through his hair softly, her skin enjoying the tickling and electric feeling of petting his hair. She stiffened when she heard his sigh. It was actually not a sigh…. If she heard it correctly it was a moan, a soft and gentle moan. Persephone felt something thick had obscured her throat from swallowing as she heard the sinfully soft moan. She peeked away from the hair to his face. His eyebrows dipped into a furrow but the curve and contort of his features couldn't be misunderstood….. This was a look of satisfaction. "What happened to you?" She sounded like she had choked out the words. The reply was a bit late but it came. "I shouldn't have come here." Seeing the way she was petting his hair, enjoying every minute of it, enjoying him enjoying every minute of it, she indeed concurred that he should not have come to her. But she said, "But you did." A hand descended on the back of her head. "Yeah, I did." [Mature Content] [Slow burn]

  • The King of Werewolves

    The King of Werewolves


    Serene, a future Female Beta in the making, had never expected her pack to turn on her for a rumor, especially since they seemed to favor her over others.Beaten and on the brink of death, a wolf with a black coat comes to her rescue.The issue? It was one of the royal brothers. With a couple of mysteries to solve, she finds herself in the clutches of the royal brothers, a King and a Warrior, forced to choose between her fated mate and chosen mate.Will she make the right choice? Or will she fall into the depths of insanity?TKOW is an enemies to lovers dark romance with themes such as erotica (BDSM) and gore/death, please proceed with caution.

  • Undercover Werewolves

    Undercover Werewolves


    Werewolves. You're probably thinking- 'Oh my gosh, I love werewolves!'- but the people in my world don't.Well, it's not just werewolves...other monsters too!I'm not really surprised considering everything they've done to them.Hi, I'm Kathryn.Welcome to my world.I'm an ordinary girl with an ordinary life to most people.But like everybody, I have a secret. And it's a big one.I could probably tell you but I'm not that easy.

  • White Werewolves

    White Werewolves

    Romansa Fantasi ROMANCE

    Jaehyun, Yuta dan Johnny adalah tiga orang remaja yang udah bersahabat sejak kecil dan sama² kuliah jauh dari orang tua. Suatu hari, mereka melakukan penelitian ke hutan untuk memenuhi laporan tugas kuliah.Saat perjalanan pulang, mereka menemukan bayi serigala dan membawanya pulang. Mereka tidak mengetahui jika serigala tersebut merupakan cucu dari King & Queen WerewolfLantas gimana kelanjutannya? Gs area! Not BxB!Gasuka? Jangan baca!Silahkan vote dan comment jika mendukung cerita ini.

  • The werewolves truth

    The werewolves truth

    Fantasy Romance WEREWOLF

    the insane lone wolf may be insane but she who stalks stalks in the shadows she who relentlessly tracts her desires she who stands in defense of those she loves she who howls with me in joy she is the true alpha the true Luna the legend the true Luna angel

  • Werewolves in City

    Werewolves in City


    Alpha King arisesHow would you feel if a spirit from millennials ago offers to change your life upside down and opens the door to fantasy? Fenrir. That was the spirit's name. He was a Demi-god and being of great power who came to earth to merge his soul with a capable human one's. And supposedly it was Silas. On this night everything changed for him. He became something greater then human. Silas thought he was a loner in the mass until he met him under the beautiful moonlight.His mate.But not everything is rainbow and unicorns. An old enemy, Vigar Odinson, from a different galaxy arrives at earth and wants to steal something precious to Fenrir and Silas. It is at this moment that Silas has to gather all his power and protect all his loved ones and prevent the upcoming catastrophe. Will he be able to win and protect everyone? Is there even a way out? Come with me and find out.||Hey author here. First of all English isn't my first language nor my second or third but I like to challenge and improve myself. Meaning wherever you see a mistake or something just comment and I will correct myself or even critique is welcomed as long as its respectful else I will delete it. Hope you'll like this story. My first ever written story. Hope the world I am building makes sense, if not I am open to ideas but no promises.Btw I have no schedule planned and don't plan to. So please don't expect that from me as I am a very very spontaneous person.

  • The werewolves Era

    The werewolves Era

    Who doesn't like to have powers or have the capability of doing magic? Vampires, witches and Werewolves are Hazel Lewis favorite novels. She's an eighteen year old girl who believes a world like that do exist.Hazel is a very mysterious girl, she doesn't like to socialize and talk too much which gives people the illusion that she's a shy, boring pathetic girl. She had a private life until he appeared from nowhere, Stephen Gray.The rich charming, handsome spoil brat heart player boy. When he wants something no one can stop him from getting it and this time his eyes fell on Hazel Lewis. Stephen and his family became the talk of the town about their sudden appearance and the richness, properties, businesses they possess are beyond the imagination.Hazel will discover new things about herself which will change her whole life including her personality. Will she embrace the change happily and will she be an easy target for Stephen? Read to find out and this book is suitable for over 17 years

  • Queen Of Werewolves

    Queen Of Werewolves

    Queen of Werewolves Soon to be Queen, Clair has always loved the idea of being mysterious and being adventurous. Until the day she was saved by a vampire, maybe Vampires are not so bad after all. Until her 21st birthday when a group of Vampires are sent to kill her. Now she is stuck with her best friend, not so friendly guard and a cocky vampire in a house. Maybe she will find all the answers she has been looking for. Will she be a queen that follow rules or will she be a queen that follows her heart, read to find out.

  • Werewolves and Nobody

    Werewolves and Nobody

  • witches and werewolves

    witches and werewolves

  • lost with werewolves

    lost with werewolves

  • Werewolves Chronicles

    Werewolves Chronicles

  • A werewolves distrust

    A werewolves distrust

  • The Queen of Werewolves

    The Queen of Werewolves

  • A Werewolves Tale

    A Werewolves Tale

  • the night of the werewolves

    the night of the werewolves


    as every Halloween the wolves shine out becareful to watch your feet out,because we don't know what might happen by the time we learn we did was wrong