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  • Fantasy Simulator

    Fantasy Simulator


    After dying, Chen Heng finds that he has transmigrated to an alternate reality: everything is the same, except the world is now a Wuxia world heavily influenced by martial arts! Not only this, he discovers that he has a Fantasy Simulator, from which he obtains rewards that make him incredibly powerful in his new reality as well. Martial arts, immortal cultivation, and overpowered abilities--all of this begins from a single simulation!

  • Western Fantasy: My Evil Witch

    Western Fantasy: My Evil Witch


    As an elite in the 2020s, Arthur Saint Louis was studying at Yale University. He was engaged in the legal profession and opened a law firm alone at a young age. It could be said that he was in high spirits! Although he had broken up with his wife and divorced, he successfully saved all his property with his professional knowledge of the law. He invited his friends to the divorce party, and his friends brought a lot of people to attend. One of them was a Chinese female student, who was good-looking and well-educated. The two of them talked as if they were old friends at the first sight. Although girls in China were not as open as girls in Europe and America, the distance between the two was gradually shortened under the charm of Arthur Saint Louis and the means to flirt with girls. However, at this moment, Arthur Saint Louis was traveling through space! Just like the group of transmigrators in ancient Eastern China, he became a member of the time travel party and descended to a different world, just like the different world in the magic epic. Magic, fighting spirit, giant dragons, ghosts in that world. On the first day of Arthur Saint Louis arrived in a different world, he encountered a dangerous beast, a black wolf. Fortunately, he was strong and calm and successfully killed the wolf. In a small village, he met a mysterious and cold witch who was isolated from the world... Relying on his outstanding appearance and elegant demeanor, Arthur Saint Louis successfully stayed in the witch's house. The witch was very curious about Arthur Saint Louis. The two of them chatted for a whole night. The temperament and knowledge of Arthur Saint Louis made the witch feel good and involuntarily get close to him. In the early morning, Arthur Saint Louis woke up the system. He gradually became bold. While he was playing and flirting with the witch, the two of them got closer and looked at each other. Arthur Saint Louis hugged the witch, took off her clothes, and her white and soft body made him lick involuntarily. He broke the witch's legs and inserted into her... As a time traveler and a man with a system, Arthur Saint Louis, swore that he would control the world. He will sleep with all the beautiful women in the world. He learned magic and sword aura, killed the magical beast, cultivated magic sword aura, obtained wealth, and fought for power. Beautiful princess, gorgeous queen, cat-human race lovely girl, forest elf, abyss phantom demon, a gold giant dragon... All the women from different races were put into bed!

  • western fantasy ideas free to use.

    western fantasy ideas free to use.


    just a collection of ideas for books feel free to write more on these in your own book all i aak is that you 1 credit me for the idea and 2 tell me about your book. all of my ideas posted here i want to read please. this is western fantasy only i plan on making eastern fantasy and scifi "books" to. have a nice day yall stay safe and be polite my fffrei i mean acquaintances.

  • Fantasy Assassin in a modern world

    Fantasy Assassin in a modern world



    Fade was a legendary assassin that could kill just about anyone, as long as the price was right and the reason was just. One day as he was reminiscing about his life when he lost someone important, he fell asleep. When he woke up he was in a weird place, a different body, a different world.

  • Fantasy of Western : My Evil Witch

    Fantasy of Western : My Evil Witch

    As an elite in the 2020s, Arthur Saint Louis was studying at Yale University. He was engaged in the legal profession and opened a law firm alone at a young age.It could be said that he was in high spirits!Although he had broken up with his wife and divorced, he successfully saved all his property with his professional knowledge of the law.

  • Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

    Sadistic Player In A Fantasy Game World

    *Villain MC*Apathetic, cruel, and terrifyingly sadistic. Gray's world is brought alight when beings of unknown origin summon creatures and structures of terrifying nature to his hometown."Enjoy that feeling of pain. After all, you're only human." laughed Gray as he watched the goblin tug at the girl's breasts, prompting her to scream in pain.Equipped with a rather unique power, and sadistic nature, Gray's days are bound to be filled with blood goring fun.Join Gray on his bloodthirsty rampage, if you dare.

  • Building The Ultimate Fantasy

    Building The Ultimate Fantasy


    A young man sat on a chair and looked out at the ocean. With one wisp of Spirit Qi, he could point anywhere on this vast and expansive world, pointing at any place that didn’t look right. Someone once became the last one to wield a knife that could decapitate huge dragons and bathed in dragons’ blood. Someone once loved treating others to chicken soup, so he kept nine phoenixes in his backyard. Someone once sat lazily on the top of mountains as his words flooded river banks, and his qi could hold a million soldiers back. Someone once moved mountains and shifted hills with just one brush, his paintings so captivating it could enchant immortals and deities. That year, the warmth of spring made the flowers bloom. They were merely an ordinary butcher, a bookworm, a chicken farmer and a poor artist. This is the story of how a Low Level Martial World Continent was transformed into the Ultimate Fantasy Universe.

  • Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Starship commander trapped in a fantasy world

    Fantasy ROMANCE


    After crash landing in what turns out to be a fantasy world, the orbital marine Dax will have to fight the powers thatoccupy the world to reclaim the technology that got stranded along with him and eventually repair his crashed shipto return to his own world.On the way he discovers the rule breaking power of mana, a special particle that seems naive to the world he nowis a part of. Feeling seriously outgunned Dax places a priority on regaining his lost weaponry that is scatteredthroughout the world, ranging in size and effectiveness from electromagnetically powered assault rifles,powered exoskeletons and autonomous drones from the size of a spying UAV to heavy assault ships.But the marine is not alone in his search those weapons, the powers of the world he now finds himself a part of isquickly realizing that something outside their realm of understanding has graced the planet and that those artefactstrapped inside large floating black sphere’s hold vast strategic value. Dax is then faced with a complex problem,he must secure the technology that he needs to leave while at the same time make sure the tools of war from his world is not misused at the cost of being made a target by powers he fails to fully understand.On his way Dax will have run ins with various powers, some of them hostile, some of them a bit more amenable to persuasion and mutual cooperation. After all, what is a knight, king, angel, demon or grand wizard to a railgun or even a tactical class high energy laser in orbit?They’re soft targets.For the record, English is not my first language, so there might be some spelling/grammar mistakes here and there. I’ve been getting better at writing over the last year or so, and have plans to go back and edit my old chapters, but it’s really hard to find the time.Also, check out my discord server if anyone of you wants to trash talk me with a faster response time~ https://discord.gg/n9Xbn7k

  • Western Pleasure

    Western Pleasure

    Handsome Ty Steele, a professional horse trainer, is looking to add to his income by offering horseback riding lessons at his horse farm. Unfortunately, he accidentally places his ad in the personals section of the local newspaper.<br><br>Gordon Burkhart, recently transferred from New York to the Midwest, comes across the ad. His over-active libido causes him to misinterpret the ad as offering something far different than what Ty intended.<br><br>What happens when Gordon arrives at the farm for his ‘lesson’?

  • The Western Academy

    The Western Academy


    Among the freshmen of Western Academy, appears an odd ball. That odd ball turns out to be an elf! What's more? Everyone else there ain't human either. ---------------------------------------------------- Even though it's tagged "Fantasy-Romance", the romance in this novel is supposed to be very low in the first few arcs. If you seek more action and over powered characters, this would definitely be your cup of tea. [Cover illustration would be updated soon!] ----------------------------------------------------- Words : 1500 - 2500 (per chapter) Updated : Every Saturdays & Sundays

  • Western Lands

    Western Lands

    Jackson was a Confederate soldier in the Civil War, it's been roughly a year since the war has ended and his family was killed and he was captured and held as a prisoner by old confederate soldiers he knew. Jackson escapes and is fueled with a passion to avenge his family. (Warning for racial slurs, racist themes, PTSD themes, and violence)

  • Science and Fantasy

    Science and Fantasy


    “When the world you know is gone, what will you do? Will you fall or stand?”When the world suddenly plunges into a brutal war in the entire world, only a select few would be able to survive. Nuclear war, biological weapon, and other firearms are used to create the biggest damage all over the world.William was in Country V when the attack occurs. Trapped there, he met with many other survivors.“It’s hard to survive on your own.”Some formed groups, some stay alone.Even if they were nothing more than insignificant ants in the eyes of the powerhouse, they did whatever it takes in order to preserve their small lives.This is the story of the small civilians under William’s lead who are trying to survive against all odds. ...The name of the country is on purposely on alphabet because I don’t want to use real country nor making some complicated names…Join the discord to chat with the author and other readers:https://discord.gg/pBy2wGB...Other novels:- Flowers Bloom from Battlefield [complete]- Under the Veil of Night [complete]- 7 Path of the Lilies [on long hiatus]- 1 Year of Beginning [complete]- Villain Lady [complete]- 2 Years of Restarting [complete]- Forgotten Legend of the Bloodied Flower [on going]- The Quiet Empress [on going]...If you like my writing, I would really appreciate it if you can support me through either one of these:Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/sorahana2ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/sorahanaPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/sorahanaFollow me on IG: @sora100518

  • Western Novel Suggestions

    Western Novel Suggestions

    Ever felt an extreme desire to start reading Western Novels, but don't know where to start? In here you can find Western masterpieces. Read these books; they'll change your life, I guarantee it. They will take you apart, they'll devastate you, and then they'll rebuild you into something far greater than you are now.

  • Western Dark Horns

    Western Dark Horns


    ALEXA was the girl who always wondered about the way how life works and questioned her entire existence. For her, things were always easy. She could do everything perfectly—even the hardest one just after seeing it once. And that was the reason why everything about her life became so boring and dull. Unlike the others who spend a lot of time and effort about something and finally becomes happy after achieving it, Alexa could do everything without sweating. However, during her eighteenth years of existence, an unexpected occurrence suddenly came that made everything about her usual boring routine exciting and lively. She died... But that wasn't the end of her story. Because she seemed to survived the cycle of transmigration and now, she was sent back to being a vulnerable kid in a very suspicious place! However, despite of that good change, she has something else she was wary of. And that was the place she was living in. There was a moment she saw a weird light coming from her nanny's hand after she fell off her crib. The place was always gloomy and she haven't even seen the sun in that place yet! Her father also looked devilishly handsome... And a creep. Just where did she get transmigrated?! Could this place possibly ease her longtime boredom? [Weekly updates. Cover is not mine. If you are the original artist and you want it out, please dm me]

  • The queen of the western kingdoms

    The queen of the western kingdoms

    Contains all what you need to keep you up and happy



    WARNING: [R18] STORY WITH EXTREMELY EXPLICIT CONTENTShe considered herself as Andrew's number one fan. Andrew Scott, a famous actor, and has always been the most beautiful highlight of Lana's fangirling years. She dreamed of seeing and embracing him. She dreamed of marrying him. But she never once thought in her fangirl life that all her dreams and fantasies about Andrew could have even more thrilling and romantic scenes. It was more than what she thought. But it wasn't easy because she knew for a fact they were from different worlds, so she was forced to stay away. But destiny has always had its own way of reuniting hearts set for one another. Because Lana met the young man again three years later. And this time she knew she could do nothing more, but introduce Andrew to Andrea, their daughter. The fruit of a nightly fulfillment of all of Lana’s fantasies about her admired actor.

  • The Story Of Western Parotia

    The Story Of Western Parotia


    The leaders of our ancestors joined forces, forgetting all rivalries for the sake of the greater good, discussing a great plan which will grant them freedom for a hundred years. They constructed a great wall. It had a height of fifty meters tall, and a width of fifteen meters. The wall surrounded mankinds territory; it stretched on for a few hundred miles.

  • Reincarnated in a western fasntasy world

    Reincarnated in a western fasntasy world


    He finds himself floating in an endless sea of golden light, having no knowledge about himself or how he go here.He only remembers general thing as well his knowledge of anime, from what he can only guess must have been his previous life.As he was thinking all of this a majestic voice interrupts him from his toughts and offers him two choices. Move on to the after life or be reincarnated into a world of your choosing.He chooses to be reincarnatedAnyone who likes to read a story with perfect English, this isn't for you. My English is pretty bad you have been warned.Most of the characters are not mine and there will be very few original characters in the story.

  • Fantasy System

    Fantasy System



    Edward died after trying to act cool and is then transported to a world where he kept his name but everything else changed. Fortunately (or unfortunately) he got a system of his own ... a fantasy system. **This is my first attempt at writing so it may get stale at times, and in such cases, I ask for your patience and forgiveness, English isn't my first language so please excuse my mistakes. I hope you enjoy what I will write in the future**New Discord server https://discord.gg/4bMvegk

  • Sauvage: A Western Werewolf Story

    Sauvage: A Western Werewolf Story

    in the 1870s, two werewolf siblings from the Ardennes forest in france enlist the aid of a veteran of an american civil war veteran to evade a gang that is hunting them down.

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