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  • The Dearest of The Cursed

    The Dearest of The Cursed


    The first Prince of Asgard had returned home from his studies. He was the rightful prince to the throne but due to a special reason, it is not easy. Once he went for a hunting session with his siblings. And his youngest sister goes missing. The royals lose hope when they realize, she had wandered into the Forest of Caron which has a legend behind it. But she returns safely. She also tells him that she got a new friend. The prince does not believe her at first, but soon, he finds it more and more believable. What's more, it seems that he also had a past with this 'friend' long before he even went aboard for his studies....

  • Short Stories... or real life incidents.

    Short Stories... or real life incidents.

    They are just stories, some in real life and other are just imaginary.

  • White Online

    White Online



    [WPC #246 - Silver Place Winner!] Since he was a child, Isaac was unable to improve his strength no matter how much he tried, like he was cursed by the Gods. One day, a massive snowstorm struck the peaceful city of Snowstar, wreaking havoc in a peaceful community. Young Isaac was wandering alone in the forest when the snowstorm struck, seeking adventures and excitement, but instead, he found something else that completely changed him and his future. Several years later, Isaac suffered an incident caused by his jealous classmates, which bedridden him for several months, but after the traumatizing experience, doctors thought that it would take him years before he could overcome his trauma, but against all odds... He overcame it in 2 weeks! Being heavily sheltered and protected by his family after the incident, Isaac's life seemed dull and kind of boring, but then... The highly anticipated VRMMORPG White Online was released. Without thinking twice, Isaac bought the cheapest VR Helmet available and entered the new world with almost zero expectations, but excited nonetheless. This is the story of Isaac Whitelock, who will rise from being a protected and weak individual to being one of the sole hopes of the entire Human race. [Connecting...] [Welcome to White Online!] [Legacies awaits you!] [Do you want to be a Legacy Carrier or Casual Player who history won't remember?] __________________ Disclaimer: Cover owned by me, made by Dini Marlina Tags: Action - Romance - Adventure - Video Games - Slice of Life - No Harem - R-18 - Yandere - VRMMORPG - Martial Arts - Comedy - Genius Protagonist - Beautiful Male Lead - Worshipped MC - Mysterious Past - Heartwarming - Cute Female Lead - Clingy Lover - Weak to Strong - Gods - Loved MC - Calm Protagonist - Rich Protagonist - Legacies - Historical - Famous Protagonist

  • Rise of the White Dragon

    Rise of the White Dragon



    On May 28 of the year 2010, the third awakening happened. Several smaller worlds had returned to connect with the main world as living beings of different races started to appear and some people managed to connect with the origin and gain control of various powers: control of fire, of water, of wind, of air, and of the earth... In the midst of all these confusions, towers that gave unimaginable powers began to appear in all corners of the world, where those who already had powers could upgrade and become more powerful or even those who did not have powers could receive powers through tests of the tower. And because of these towers, conflicts started to happen in all corners of the world by those wanting to monopolize these towers. Luan Dimas was transported back four months before the third awakening that started the apocalypse on earth. Being a man who lived for a thousand years and had accumulated several techniques, he now had a new chance to correct some of his early mistakes. Luan decided to make the most of this new chance that the heavens had given to him. * The 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we currently live on, so don't use our common sense for this novel. After all, this is pure fantasy. Discord Server: discord.gg/rK69edsWyt

  • A Gorgeous White (BL)

    A Gorgeous White (BL)



    ( An LGBT+ novel) Ending your life isn't the right decision. Moulin didn't believe this saying until he did it. Moulin, a depressed shut-in digital writer, transmigrates into the frail body of a spoiled young master. Unknown to him, he was swallowed by the fear of death. This time, he intends to start a new beginning and relive his life carefully. Waking within the frigid confines of a cave of ice. Nightly whispers of guidance and so much more. The power of unknown origin... An unusual world where special people possess elemental powers and thriving magical beasts, A cute meng selling snow-white fox, A crowd of overprotective people, and a powerful yet impressively annoying person...a stressful Moulin massaged his forehead. This couldn't possibly get any worse... Moumou: My body doesn't feel right...( secretly inspects lower body) Moumou: ...@$%#!!!! An Evil Lion: My love, our bed has gone cold... Moumou: (#ง'̀-'́)ง... Warning this novel includes the following: 1. Smut 2. Gore 3. Inappropriate language Publish dates: Monday to Friday, Sporadic (If Mimi gets busy, 2 chapters if Mimi's hands are free!) Publish time: GMT+8 6:00/ 7:00 pm. || I M P O R T A N T N O T I C E! || This novel is inspired by several BL novels• If you do not like reading LGBTQ+ novels please avoid reading this• This author is trying her best!• Enjoy! The cover is originally is drawn by yours truly º^º *hehe want a commission?*

  • The Rise of the White Lotus

    The Rise of the White Lotus



    COMPLETED The downfall of the infamous white lotus, Lexi Yang led her to the only escape she knew -- SUICIDE. Born with a golden spoon, having all the privileges being the young miss of the prestigious Yang family, Lexi Yang was the type of person that whatever she wants, she gets. However, fate must have challenged her the moment she fell in love with the domineering CEO of Liu Empire. Alas, just like in every romance novel, Morris Liu fell for another woman who's kind, fragile, and gentle. Due to her intense desire to gain Morris Liu's love, she has done extreme vicious deeds. But in the end, everything backfired on her. Now, on her death moment, just as her vision went to a pitch-black abyss, a cute minion voice was heard. "Chuchururu~! CONGRATULATIONS! Your viciousness score surpassed the preliminary test! To receive full access to the 'otome love system', here's the initiation main task -- make your ex-fiance's best friend fall in love with you!" ----- For spoilers, questions, novel discussion, join my discord server: https://discord.gg/tdSWbQK Catch me on discord: BAJJ#2931 Buy this pleb a Kofi -- ko-fi.com/authorbajj

  • Broken White

    Broken White



    Kirana Agniya menghadapi masalah klasik bagi perempuan yang berusia hampir 30 tahun. Dia diharapkan segera menikah, tapi trauma di masa lalu membuatnya enggan berkomitmen. Kirana dijodohkan dengan Birendra Wijaya, lelaki yang dua tahun sebelumnya menolak perjodohan mereka. Kini, pria itu mendadak ingin menikah dengan Kirana. “Kenapa Mas tiba-tiba berubah pikiran?” tanya Kirana. “Memangnya, kenapa tidak bisa?” pria itu justru balik bertanya. Kirana tak berniat menolak perjodohan ulang. Namun, dia harus tahu mengapa calon suaminya bisa berubah pikiran. Mungkinkah dia hanya pelarian? *** "Kenapa Bos memilih dia?" “Karena dia sepertinya juga tidak mungkin jatuh cinta kepada saya,” tutur Rendra. “Jadi, tidak akan ada pihak yang terluka saat ikatan itu berakhir.”

  • I Cultivate Passively

    I Cultivate Passively

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM LEVELUP


    #Passive Skills #Counter-stereotype After thousands of years of silence, the world of cultivation once again welcomed the golden age. While the prodigies and sects’ various disciples in the world competed, Zhou Feng had only a skill panel. And the panel would only give him passive skills. Gluttony: When you digest food, you can digest it faster and better. You will also get hungry faster. Strength: When you are not fighting, you will slowly regain 1% of your health. Blade-Sharpening Rock: You will gain 1 point every time you fight. Age Gracefully: Every year you live, you gain Defense +1. Armor: You will have armor of a certain ratio every time you attack. Dao Enlightenment: Increase of 1% to your familiarity with cultivating the Dao. … “All sorts of passive skills are vested within me. I cultivate passively!” “As long as I can live until the end, then I will become the strongest!”

  • After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure

    After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister's Treasure



    "When Shi Qingluo, an agriculture expert, opened her eyes again after dying, she realised she had transmigrated as a farm girl in an ancient era. Her story started from when she was sold by her family, and was currently being forcibly taken away. She subdued evil with greater evil, and violence with greater violence, forcing the troublemakers to cry in defeat and ended up giving in to her. Then, she married off to another village. She became the wife of Scholar Xiao Hanzheng who was in a coma, and had just been abandoned by his extended family. Qingluo looked at Scholar Xiao’s frail mother, delicate younger sister, and obedient younger brother, and rubbed her chin out of satisfaction. From now on, they were all hers to protect. Since then, she took on the crucial role as the family’s breadwinner, led the family towards prosperity and accidentally became the nation’s wealthiest individual. Xiao Hanzheng woke up to find that his brother, who supposedly died from drowning, was alive and kicking. His sister was still at home. And their mother, who was supposedly eaten by wild beasts when she entered the forest in hopes of earning money to buy medicine, was still alive. More importantly, he even gained a capable wife after waking up. All of his immediate family members loved and relied on her. He looked at her and asked, “If you’re the breadwinner, what should I do?” His wife said, “You just have to look pretty, and earn a position in the government so that you can support me.” Xiao Hanzheng’s frozen heart suddenly came alive. “Sure!” Since then, he has worked hard in his career. He went from being an elementary scholar to a distinguished minister with great influence. He knew that from the moment he woke up, his wife was his saviour.

  • I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

    I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible



    "Five years! Do you know how these five years have been for me?" It had been five years since Gongzi Liang was transmigrated to a fantasy world and had received the Legendary Gold System. However, the system kept nagging him to top up every time. [$3 for God's Ring, $6 for first-time reward, $18 for enhancement, $28 for God-tier Beast...] Gongzi Liang could only look at all the god-tier rewards and couldn't do anything because he didn't have money. But, he did realize that he could level up his skills and strengthen his body by using copper coins. It could save him 99.99% of training. It wasn't even hard for him to jump a few ranks in one day. He would also gain coupons by completing the daily missions. Just like that, Gongzi Liang became obsessed with completing his daily missions...

  • Trinity the last White Witch

    Trinity the last White Witch



    Rhazien diz Razim is the Prince of Vampires. Born to lead his people. Breed to become a king. And Trinity is his Queen. The last white witch they called her. A bringer of bad luck hissed the humans. A heretic yelled the church. A traitor shouted the witches. But the only thing matter is Rhazien’s opinion. Together they face numerous struggles and adversaries from the power-hungry vampire council, the pitchfork-wielding humans, to the hypocritical corrupt church, down to the countless silver daggers of the vampire hunters, to curses and spells of warlocks and witches and from the long years of war with the werewolves. He made her a vampire to cope with his eternal age, and time became irrelevant . . . until SHE appeared. A mate. His mate. A woman destined to be with him for all eternity –– a transmigrator from a distant world with advanced ideas and never before heard technologies. Doomed to suffer for all eternity at seeing their love, Trinity took her life. But Fate has other plans, and she was given a second chance. But once again, destiny pressed her with only two paths. Will she still chose Rhazien, knowing he will discard her in the end? Or this time, will she chose a different path in the arms of her forgotten werewolf friend and, once more, suffer the same inescapable bond of his mate? ----- I OWN THE COVER. I painted it myself ^^ COPYRIGHT @ 2021 MIU ----- Read my other works: I am the Queen (FL) Genre: Fiction, Mature, Modern Romance, StrongFL, RichFL, PoorML, ColdML Realm Wars (ML) Genre: Epic Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Mature, R18, Romance, RPGelements, GAMEelements, OPmc Angels, Demons, Sprites, Elves, Beastmen Generation of Heroes (ML) Genre: Action, Adventure, Epic Fantasy, Friendship, Magic, Beasts, Game Elements, Multiple Leads, OPmc, Romance, War, Military Leanna (FL) Genre: Modern Romance, Reincarnation, Second Chance, StrongFL, RichML, ColdML, Mature, ---- Stalk me here: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: MiuNovels ---- Donate for my Milk Addiction: PayPal: Miu.2017@yahoo.com

  • The Devil who devoured Snow White

    The Devil who devoured Snow White



    When she woke up, her nightmares began. After a tragic accident, Lu Mengjie woke up with no memory of who she was, unable to recognize the people around her as well. Without her memories to guide her, she was like a blank canvas... that was until the Devil from her past finally appeared.The Devil was known for his cruelty, a heartless man who only cared for himself and no one else. He would use anyone as his pawns, however he liked. He was a selfish tyrant walking freely in the world he saw as hell. They were two imperfect souls; one was damaged, and yet, she had a fire burning inside that refused to be put out by the iciness of the world around her, while the other was filled with complete darkness, as the world had eaten him alive with its brutality. Simply intended to be together, their love for each other was perfectly imperfect, and out of their control. Join Lu Mengjie on her journey to unravel the mystery of her accident and the enigma that surrounded the Devil in her memory. Their love would be tested. Lives would be lost. Love conquers all but would their love be strong enough to withstand what's coming their way?------------The ML won't be known until CHAPTER 93! So prepare for a roller coaster of emotions and let's play a GUESSING GAME on who the ML is![WARNING: BOOK HAS MATURE CONTENT and NOT for the FAINT-HEARTED. Don't worry, there will be NO RAPE in this book. BE READY FOR A WHIPPED, TRAPPED, TRIPPED, WIFE-DOTING HUSBAND. Don't read if you are under 18. You can come back once you've reached 18 *winks*]WSA 2021 EntryUpdates: 1-2 Chapters/weekAuthor: BerriApplepiEditor: nago_dm ( Edited starting from chapter 94)IG: @berriapplepiCover: @gisel.artsFB Page: BerriapplepiDiscord: https://discord.gg/z56kkGG Donate: paypal.me/berriapplepieTAGS: First love, Royal Romance, Comedy, Modern, Psychological, Dark, Mystery, Family, Friendship, Action, Tragedy, Game Elements, Character Growth, Couple Growth, Drama, Amnesia, Scheming, Betrayal, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Split Personality, Adorable Kid, Wealthy Characters, Torture, Marriage, Revenge, Second Chances

  • White Dove

    White Dove

    When college freshman Dove Addison makes the decision to move in with her long term boyfriend Samuel, also a freshman, she believes that she is taking a step in the right direction. But when complications about their lack of sex life surface, she feels as if her needs aren't being met, and that they struggle to even share a bed together. Desperate to get his attention, she finds an escape in the world of cheerleading - but what happens when she catches a senior's eye, who is more than willing to show her what she's been missing out on?

  • White Blaze

    White Blaze



    IMPORTANT READ : First ADD TO LIBRARY then continue below, For Synopsis, the Earlier one was a little bland failing to attract attention….So let's try the nowadays trending method- Pros 1.Adventure. 2.Action 3. Shonen genre (idk spelling) 4. Realistic storyline 5.No cheats, hacks, or system 6.Romance (yeah we have!) 7.Cultivation(sort of) 8. General Positivity ( spread optimism, in the end, there is too much hate in the world) 9.Food ( oh! are we talking about novel? ) 10.Different characters with different stories to choose your favorite from.Mine is Nuve(introduced later in story) Cons 1.No Harem(oh noo) 2.No Face Slapping ( I miss them, but WN is already full of those) 3.No repetitive story policy(like xinxia(but l love xinxia)) 4. Little Typos ( I have made it readable guys....cheers) 5.Idiot and shy Author 6.Not overly dense or arrogant MC(if heavens block my path,I will crush heaven. [I love lSSTH by the way]....No, we don't do that here.) 7.MC doesn't get best everytime like 1st position in every competition, every artifact, winning every fight etc.(but he has the PLOT ARMOUR, I mean who doesn't have) 8.hmm,m I can't think of any more why don't u tell me in chapter comments ;) So if you are tired of reading too many novels with the same storyline try this for a fresh breath of air. If you agree with one or more pros, come on hop on the shaky journey. If you want something from con…...you should still give it a try…..ok kidding you can skip this book. Just read something that makes you happy. Those who are already following the book, please don't be shy like me. You can make review or give power stone for push . P.S- I don't own cover. Contact me with comment or review to take it down. P.P.P.S- Say No to Hate, spread happiness. You have little time on this earth spend time by being happy…...Happy Reading .




    Violet's life changed the day someone she knew and trusted led a gang to defile her, nearly killing her. She never expected to be discovered by a supreme being who offered her power in exchange for her soul.She took it in order to exact her vengeance on those who had wronged her, and as a result she became an existence that defied nature, was powerful, and obtained what she desired.She will go to any length to achieve success in life and love.

  • White Snake

    White Snake



    [Host has given chance for reincarnation.]Host:"What?"[Accessing user character/personality/behavior]"Am i really dead?".......................................................................................................[Compatibility with 3 ancient god...][Brahma = 12.5%][Vishnu = 28%][Shiva = 53%][Generating forms based on ancient god Shiva][1. Vampire2. Snake3. Dark elf4. Human5. Fallen Angel6. Minotaur7.Lich]"Hmm, what is my personality?"[Character/Personality/Behavior:- aggressive, aloof, arrogant, cruel, cynical, dishonest, domineering, greedy, impolite, obsessive, ruthless, selfish, unkind, perverted and …]"I agree with this personality but what about me being handsome, honest, kind, caring.”[Narcissist]--------------------------------------------------Chapter schedule:-

  • The White Phoenix

    The White Phoenix

    Fantasy Romance SUPERPOWERS


    "I won't bow down to you. I'm The Queen... I'm The White Phoenix!" Farah craved for a normal life and she had it. She achieved it but then The Ancient Phoenix came into the picture. He made Farah the next Phoenix stronger than anyone else. Even though she didn't ask for such power, it was given. She fulfilled the Ancient Phoenix's wish, to build a land uniting all the different types of Phoenixes and she named the kingdom after the Ancient Phoenix— Gazaria. Little did she knew she was only fulfilling the prophecy. Repeating what has happened 500 years ago. The Queen of Hell once again escaped the depths of her cage and will do everything just to destroy Gazaria. Farah fought as best as she could, but unfortunately she lost. With the help of an old friend she'll travel with the man she'll fall into— Oxoluz. Together with the help of her friends they'll find a way to bring back Gazaria to it's former glory. In the end, will Farah once again have the life she'll always want or she'll end up doing what have happened 500 years ago. "If we lose again, we will no longer have something to save, everything is on me now, it is time for me to choice, what is right and sacrifice what I want," Farah said as a lone tear fell in her eye. "No I won't let you! We will fight together," Oxoluz said and held Farah's hand. "Together?" Farah asked. "Always." Oxoluz answered and claimed her lips. --------------------------- :: Do call me Midnight! I'll call you guys (my readers) as Raven! Yay! :: WSA ENTRY 2021 :: NOVEL WRITTEN BY A 14 Y. O. TEENAGER FROM THE PHILIPPINES. :: Instagram :: @wake_at_midnight :: Twitter :: @clalelroums :: Facebook :: Lychee Morelli :: UPDATES WILL BE DAILY ( 2-3 CHAPTERS A DAY) :: TIME FOR UPDATES ( 7 PM — 12 MIDNIGHT) (GMT+08)

  • White-Robed Chief

    White-Robed Chief

    Martial Arts ACTION HAREM


    Chu Li was a particle physicist until a freak accident took his life and transmigrated him to a parallel universe — one where he wakes up with inexplicable abilities and finds himself in the running for a job in the imperial palace. This is a story of heroic adventures, cunning strategies and romantic tales. How will our MC thrive in a world completely strange to him? Where will his ambitions and abilities take him in the palace?





    She'd never asked for anything; all she wanted was to live a simple life, be with a normal man, and have her own children. From a young age, all she wanted was to watch her children grow up, love her family, and simply be happy, but greed turned her life upside down. What is the point of having a lot of money if you can't protect and keep the one thing you really want? And what will happen when you track down the people who have made your life a living hell? She is going to make them all pay!!! It was going to be BLOOD FOR BLOOD.