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  • The Art of NINJUTSU

    The Art of NINJUTSU


  • Commanding Wind and Cloud

    Commanding Wind and Cloud



    This was the era that belonged to various powerful bloodline warriors, the fervorous era where magic powers and warrior powers were the deciding factors of dominance! With endless ardor and unstoppable courage, a grassroot nobody could also shine and live like a boss! --------------------------------------------------------- Our Patreon Page is now active! If you love the book, please support us and become a patron! You will get more chapters, and our team will be forever grateful! Link:

  • As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me

    As the Wind Blows Your Scent to Me

    Contemporary Romance SLICEOFLIFE FIRSTLOVE


    [COMPLETED] "Meow~ Meow~" The orange tabby cat sneaked out of the house, bringing back with it a little girl to resurrect the faint link between two people who had just crossed paths together once. Three years ago, Kato Himari was forced to end her first love in order to cherish herself more. In the early moments she faced her own heartbreak, she met him in a series of strange events. At the same time, Hayashi Kazuya was compelled to assume a crucial role after tragic events kept on befalling his loved ones. There were things he had to let go of and there were things he had to hold on to. Unknown to them, a funny companionship of a cat and a little dumpling led them to meet again. Would their encounter give them second chances of gaining more hopes in the face of the future? Would the reappearance of Himari's first love break the ties of their Fate? And, what was the secret that Himari concealed even from her loved ones? "Uncle, when would you give me an auntie?" "Uncle, why don't you marry Teacher Kato home?" "Teacher Kato, do you find my uncle handsome?" Both of them exchanged glances before they hurriedly looked away with the tips of their ears reddened. The little girl grinned and gave thumbs up to the orange tabby cat next to her before she looked at her back. "Big Brother, look! I've found us an auntie!" "Meow~ Meow~" The orange tabby cat happily agreed to the little girl's words. --------------------------------------------------------------- Entry for Spirity Awards Spring 2021 for Slice-of-Life and First Love themes My other books: Spring Blooms When I'm With You [Completed] The Ocean Beneath Her Feet [Completed] For Our Happier Path [Ongoing] Discord: hansora#1507 Instagram: hansora_author The cover art isn't mine. I found it on Pinterest and edited it. If the original artist wishes for it to be removed, please contact me :) Enjoy!

  • The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

    The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce



    When Feng Qing was born, she was sold to a couple from the mountains due to the hospital’s negligence . Sixteen years later, her biological parents brought her home from a small mountain village, she thought her life would better, but it did not. Not only did she not get love from her parents, her substitute sister made her blind. In the end, her parents married her off to an old man in his fifties. On her wedding day, Feng Qing escaped from the hotel with strings of bodyguards chasing after her. In a critical situation, she climbed into the black car that was parked by the roadside. In the back car seat sat a handsome man where cold ruthlessness was a constant fixture on his face. He looked like someone who could not be trifled with. Feng Qing patted her dirty little hands. "So, mister, I noticed that loneliness is written all over your face. What do you think about having a wife who has now presented herself to you?" Xie Jiuhan was commonly referred to as the Ninth Master. He was the overlord of Capital City and had a volatile personality. He was stubborn and ruthless. The socialites in the Capital City used all means, but none of them came close to even touching the hem of Master Ninth's clothes. From this day onward, rumors started to spread in Capital City. Ninth Master, who usually steered clear of women, raised a petite little wife in the manor and spoilt her to the core. Master Ninth: "My wife is too weak to take care of herself." The doctor: "Then, who's that lady who shattered someone's kneecap with a single kick?" Master Ninth: "My wife used to live in villages, she's not good at her studies." The students in Capital University: “Your wife keeps getting number one in every examination. If she's not good at her studies, what are we? Retards?" Master Ninth: “My wife is extremely timid. She's not met many bigshots or prominent figures." The public: “Please shut up!" The leading authority in medicine, science professors, and famous international directors queued outside your house, begging to see her! Yes, your wife had not met bigshots or prominent figures before because she was the most prominent figure here.

  • Dynast of Wind

    Dynast of Wind


    Due to natural disasters, the Earth was close to it's destruction but a meteorite gave people the power to rebuild themselves. Therefore "New Earth" was born but the government of it has became corrupted and our main character Ariel K Wind wants to make a peaceful environment in this "New Earth" by becoming the King of Kings!

  • With the Wind

    With the Wind

  • Naruto : The Wind Calamity

    Naruto : The Wind Calamity



    The MC transmigrates into Narutoverse in the body of a civilian orphan. Luckily for him, the transmigration results in chakra being unlocked. Follow the story of the MC as he grows in power and stabilizes himself into the world of ninjas and trains to be the strongest. Warning : 1. The MC won't be op for a long time. All his power would be gained via hard work and training over years (so if u want an op mc right from the word go, this one ain't for you)2. No harem (probably no romance either)3. There will be a lot of killing (maybe gore too, not sure if I can do gore right though)4. The story will start slow. Quite a few of initial chapters will be around training, orphanage and academy life, instead of directly becoming a Genin. 5. MC is a careful person, he won't put his life at risk unless there is no other choice. 6. I haven't read (nor will be reading) Baruto. So Baruto plotline won't be considered much in here. What to expect :1. Smart and consistent MC 2. Lots of training3. MC manipulating the plot to his advantage4. A lot of original arcs. 5. Plot will mostly stay the same (at least till Shippuden), but I won't repeat any scenes/dialogues that took place in the manga (as I'm assuming you've already read it).Disclaimer : I don't own Naruto or it's characters (except the original characters I create)PS : It's my first fanfic, I'm hoping it turns out good. All reviews and constructive criticisms are welcome. Grammar and English should be fine, but I'm not sure how good the dialogues and scenarios will be. Hopefully I'll improve as this fanfic progresses forward..

  • As The Wind Whispers Upon The Flowers

    As The Wind Whispers Upon The Flowers



    A girl from a modern world wakes up into a historical setting. But this world seemed weird. People here take their life force from... flowers? A society of royalty and magic seems common enough. But have you heard of a realm where humankind relies on flowers to survive? But apparently, Mai finds out that she is allergic to flowers, just as she was in her past life as well. Well, our main character wants none of that! And what more? Along with defeating the odds of not being able to touch flowers and attempting to help her city, Mai, now called as Calla, finds out that she actually has strange powers. All she wants in this life is the chance to rebuild the Eastern region back to its former glory, but why do people keep saying that she is more than what she thinks she is? Adventure, mysteries, and haunting ghosts of the past await Calla, sole young lady of the Eastern Dukedom. 『 A story of magic, friendship, courage, uncovering mysteries of the past, with definitely a doze of romance. 』Lines from the male leads Lavi, Topnotch WizardHearing my answer, he scratched his head aggresively, making a mess out of his smooth straight hair. "Is that not the same thing?!" He was yelling again. "You're a bloody mess, Calla. How do you still have the energy to fight back when you know I have every right to get mad?" Sein, Eldest Young Master of the West "About the gown," Sein started, our bodies still swaying to the music box's harmony. "I gave it to you so that we could wear matching attires."I stumbled on my footing."W-what…""I know, I know. I should've asked for your permission first." Sein blushed. "But the thought that someone might ask you first made me panic. I was being impulsive. I'm sorry, Calla." Alistair, Crown Prince of the Empire"I was asking if you were alright. You're shaking." I didn't expect that he'd suddenly grab hold of my hand. He held it up and I saw that it was indeed shaking. "See?"I took my hand back and looked away to lie. "This is nothing." Then I tried to smile as I faced him again. "I have to go-"He grabbed both of my shoulders and leaned closer. "Hey, tell me. What's wrong?" His deep ocean eyes looked directly at mine as his hands dug deeper into my shoulders.Note: There is only one main lead. Disclaimer: I do not own the artworks on the book cover. I simply photoshopped it, all rights go to the creators.Support me by purchasing my Priveleged Chapters!

  • Will of the Wind

    Will of the Wind


  • Catching the Wind

    Catching the Wind


    Preparing to meet the Kings army on the battle field after betraying him to save a dragon, the last of it's kind, Captain Nikolas was not privy to the taste of fear. Sending a solider to ask a powerful witch named Hagthoria for help, could be the biggest mistake the Captain had ever made. After a brief drunken slip up caused by the witch and her associate, the dragon Caspian wasn't sent to some place safe as was intended. Instead, before them standing on the forest floor appeared a very interesting women before the battle. How will the soldiers and Captain handle this new comer, and will a dragon, the last of its kind, ever truly be safe? Will the witch, and her associate find a way to send this person back from whence she came and get Caspian the dragon sent off to some place safe?



  • Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack

    Rebirth: Pampered Wife’s Counterattack


    "It's my first time. I'm afraid of pain. Be gentle…" Fang Xinxin's body is stiff with anxiety. Bai Qinghao pinches her dotingly. "We're just swimming. I didn't pull you with too much force; how did you manage to flop into the water like that?" In their previous life, she had been overweight. Her face was covered in acne. Yet, he still forcefully ate her up. Exactly how much did he love her? However, she never noticed his sincerity and blindly pursued a scheming bastard. In the end, she was left blind and half-paralyzed. After receiving a second chance, she finally understands that her poor appearance was caused by the 'drugs' her sister had added into her skincare products. In this lifetime, she chooses to distance herself away from the bastard, to lose weight, and to 'treat' her face. She recovers her seductive figure and outstanding looks, treasuring her husband's love. They then sweetly collaborate to torture the bastard and give birth to a little 'dumpling'…

  • Running From The Wind

    Running From The Wind


    Pandora De Mevius’ developed a crush for her childhood best friend, Braxton Goldman, but he suddenly disappeared one day without informing her, leaving her heartbroken and devastated. Now, Pandora has moved on, is now successful, and happily in a relationship, when her father comes with a contract marriage proposal that puts a halt to her perfectly outlined future, and brought her face to face with Braxton, a man she’d rather strangle than be in close proximity with, and what’s worse? He’s the man she was supposed to get into a contract marriage with.

  • Wind Chronicles

    Wind Chronicles

  • Whisper Wind

    Whisper Wind

  • Wind Flower

    Wind Flower

    Romansa Kontemporer ROMANCE R18

    Albercio Faresta Arkana sama sekali gak menyangka akhirnya dia bisa bertemu lagi dengan Bebi. Seseorang yang selalu membuat darahnya berdesir dan jantungnya berdegup kencang gak karuan. Namun sayangnya, Bebi sama sekali gak ingat siapa Albercio. Yang dia ingat cuma satu hal. Dari hari pertama Albercio menginjakkan kaki di perusahaan tempatnya bekerja, cowok itu selalu menyebalkan, dingin, arogan, dan susah ditebak yang pernah Bebi kenal di sepanjang karirnya sebagai seorang sekretaris. Malah saking gak bisa ditebaknya, apapun yang dilakukan Albercio selalu menjadi kejutan yang gak bisa disangkal bagi Bebi. Lalu, ketika sesuatu yang gak pernah Bebi bayangkan sebelomnya terjadi, membuat Bebi menyadari harus memilih salah satu. Pilihan apa yang sebenernya? Kenapa hatinya terlalu berat untuk melakukannya?

  • Wind flower

    Wind flower

    Contemporary Romance VILLAIN BEAUTY CEO

    After being a diligent student and an overachiever, Quinna Buckley finds herself entangled in the life of a mysterious and dangerous family, and her inconvenient affection for an older man leads her in a journey to discover the secrets , the history, and the unnatural privileges of an old money family

  • Autumn Wind

    Autumn Wind


    Misel works as a dancer in a dancing theater, to support his family in the place of his disabled father. But after a while, their city's fragile peace breaks. The distant war infiltrates in every households', citizens becomes poorer, and the family's forced to rely more on the eldest son. Meanwhile, Misel questions his own happiness and desires, opening up to someone he might never should. But what is more important? To be loved or to find happiness? And is there any happiness, when the world's slowly falling apart?**WARNING: - This is a BL story. (duh)- There are themes what might be disturbing, and cause discomfort for some audiences. I'll make sure to write warnings at the start of those chapters.

  • Wind goddess

    Wind goddess

    Humanity fell in a great calamity and while the calamity unfolded a young and frail adventurer from centuries after calamity found fortune in her miss fortune.This is all I can write since I got no clue what I’ll write.This is my first story and it is pretty much purely so I can improve writing overall so it is a bit shit at the start but I try to test around.I don’t know what audience to target but there’s a duck in it so it will be female.

  • Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

    Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao



    An ultimate warrior, the one and only Alchemy Emperor, Ling Han, had died in his quest to achieve godhood. Ten thousands years later, and he, with the "Invincible Heaven Scroll", was reborn in the body of a young man with the same name. From then on, winds and clouds moved, as he set himself against uncountable geniuses of this new era. His path of becoming a legend has begun once more. At all eras, and underneath the heavens, I am the strongest!