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  • The Witchcraft in the Church

    The Witchcraft in the Church

  • The innocent Witchcraft

    The innocent Witchcraft

    Fantasy Romance ROMANCE COMEDY

    A story of an innocent witch who is an orphan lives her life pretty well. She simply saves a man who is being bullied. From this point their destiny became entangled.

  • Witchcraft Academy

    Witchcraft Academy


    Luna has been accepted into Witchcraft Academy, the school for gifted and talented witches. She is excited for all the adventures she's going to have, but little does she know that this adventure wont be all fun. Join her on her journey, as she makes new friends, discovers her true powers, and finds that her true love isn't all that far away.Possible trigger warning for anyone with mental health issues.

  • The world of Witchcraft (TAGALOG)

    The world of Witchcraft (TAGALOG)

    Regalia Rose, isang babaeng nakatira sa mundong maayos pero medyo magulo bagkus hindi niya ito ikakahiya. Philippines is her favorite place, subalit paano kung nalaman niyang isa siyang witch at kaya niyang gumamit ng mahika. At makapunta sa mundo ng Witchcrafts.Ano kaya ang magiging buhay niya? Tara tunghayan natin ang kanyang buhay... bilang isang witch.

  • Investigation and Witchcraft

    Investigation and Witchcraft

  • The joy of Witchcraft

    The joy of Witchcraft

    Desdemona will need to learn how to survive if she wants to practice Witchcraft. but the crown hunting her down isn't her only problem.



  • The World of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    The World of Witchcraft and Wizardry


    Set in the same world of World of Demons and Gods (My other book), a teen named Magnus Firewood has been forsaken at the age of nine due to his parents leaving him and when they returned home, they are already dead as a corpse in their coffins. Due to his extreme depression, he convince himself to ran away from home. Because of this, he lived in a poor beggar life; living in streets, eating leftover food and drinking water from city rivers. However, one day. A man named Julius Ainsworth took Magnus to his home and introduces the Mahika and the secret world of magicians; he enrolled Magnus to a mystical academy only for people who want to become a magician! Thus, it was the start of the amazing adventure and story of Magnus Firewood towards his peak and his life as a magician! ////////(All the resources that I used to make the book cover are not mine; they belong to their rightful owners.)Right so...Volume/Book 1 Is more likely to be POV.Chapter 1 - 50

  • Witchcraft by LazyMissy13

    Witchcraft by LazyMissy13

    Alam ni Charm kung gaano kadelikado ang mahika. Kaya naman nang mapilitan syang magtransfer sa isang magic school sa isang mahiwagang mundo, hindi nya magawang harapin kung sino at ano ba talaga sya. Hindi lahat ng fantasy world ay puno ng mga rainbows, sunshine and unicorns, ang mundo kung nasaan sya ay puno ng panganib at mga pagsubok. Hindi nya kailangan ng isang Prince Charming. Hindi naman sya isang damsel in distress. Hindi rin sya isang prinsesa. Isa syang Witch.

  • Witchcraft Against Crime

    Witchcraft Against Crime

    Martial Arts MYSTERY

    When a series of brutal murder took place in the city of San Francisco, California, they assigned one of the most elite Detective to handle the case. After studying several angles and examining victim's atrociously tortured cadavers, it turns out every crime scene was mysteriously clean. The Detective is willing to take risk in solving the crime, even if it means getting his hands filthier than it already was. Serving justice in a remarkably aberrant way possible.

  • All about witchcraft

    All about witchcraft

    Realistic Fiction MAGIC

    All about witchcraft

  • Goddess of fire and witchcraft

    Goddess of fire and witchcraft

  • Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points

    Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points



    Ye Ming transmigrated to a world of swords and magic, here there are giant dragons, elves, orcs, magical beasts, the undead… Ye Ming realized that he was a student who obtained the last place at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was about to be expelled. “Ding, Supreme Skills System, loading……” “Ding, unknown reason, system bug has occurred……” “Fixing bug……” “Bug fixed, skill points remaining: max!” …… Looking at the skill panel that had appeared before his eyes, Ye Ming tried to click on the “+” icon behind the “Fireball” magic. “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 6.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 7.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 8.” “Ding! Your Fireball has improved, currently Level 9.”...... “Congratulations on your self-taught mastery, you have understood the “Laws of Blasting Fire’, your Fireball has evolved to become Forbidden Spell: Dark Sun Blast!” Looking at the enormous fireball that was as deep and dark as a black hole floating before him, Ye Ming smiled and started going crazy on his skill points…… The next day, Ye Ming dragged his exhausted body to the wizardry academy library. He knew that he had to learn new skills now. Because~ the skills that he’d learned before all became forbidden spells! He tried to light a fire for a barbeque and almost blasted away the entire academy!

  • Rebirth of a Villainess

    Rebirth of a Villainess



    Stabbed in the back by her sect brother. Xu Hui promised not to make the same mistake that she made, trusting blindly without leaving any room for doubt. With her dying breath, she swore to return one day and seek vengeance on the one that betrayed her.------------------------Illustrator: Lukas_xCover design: Rebecacovers------------EDITING IN PROGRESS---‐------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #reborn, #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #martial world, #cauldron, #historical, #vengeful lover, #sworn enemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #villainess, #magical realism, #historicalromance #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #queen, #duke #danmei, #female protagonist, #history, #ml, #fl #polygamy #china #shou, #gay #eastern-fantasy, #gong, #cult #abduction, #kidnapped, #political #strongml, frenemy #fudanshi, #antagonist #scum, #sweetlove #reincarnation, #onenightstand, #gumiho #kitsune #cat #neko #strongfl, #deception #transmigration #uke, #mistress #furry #boylove #premium, #villianess noble girls, #otome, #martial #seme, #fling #otomegame #hiddengem, #faceslapping, #imperial #witchcraft #mistress #warlock, #historical, #cdrama #villianess, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #gender bender

  • Humanic World of Witchcraft

    Humanic World of Witchcraft

  • Lord of Enigma

    Lord of Enigma


    When the spiritual barrier that has been intact for a hundred years is shattered by a meteor, spiritual energy that had disappeared starts to return. The mystical realm slowly begins its revival—magic, witchcraft, curses, supernatural lifeforms, strange and mysterious legends, monsters and gods from other worlds… The old world order collapses, yet the new order is mystifying and chaotic. Just before the unprecedented reformation is here, Tang Qi awakens and finds himself hung on the cross, having turned into an inferior demon and in great pain and agony… With his special ability to see through the nature of all things from the mystical realm and a sly and crafty mind, follow Tang Qi as he develops new skills and powers—as well as making new friends and allies—to battle and protect himself from never before seen supernatural threats in an unfamiliar world!

  • Hogwarts In Marvel World

    Hogwarts In Marvel World


    Dunridor obtained the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry system in Marvel World. Not only can it extract all the magic, buildings, animals, and characters in the "Harry Potter" movie, it can also extract the magic elements in other movies and games. So Dunliddo opened Hogwarts, a magic school with hundreds of thousands of students in his own parallel world.(It mainly tells the daily life of opening a magic school. Please focus on this book for the timeline and storyline.)REAL Author:Jin Huanghuang---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Not Mine And It's Machine Translated Because I'm Not Chinese] https://m-imbg-cc.translate.goog/novel/143023.html?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=tl&_x_tr_pto=ajax,nv,elemCOPY PASTE THIS

  • Town of the undead

    Town of the undead

  • Clow Cards Cardcaptor

    Clow Cards Cardcaptor


    Night Battles—system-organized battles carried out in the dead of the night when all are asleep, save for Night Battle participants. "Congratulations, you have obtained the SSS-grade power." The system's voice is music to the ears. Yet for Fang Ran... Slamming the magic book in his hand onto the ground, he bellows,  "F*ck you and your Clow Cards! I am not a f*cking magical girl!" Fang Ran, twenty years old, with no bad track record, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink, and is a virgin. The amount of time he has been single is the same as his age. He had always believed that he has an ordinary fate. However, he is about to find out that fate is in fact unpredictable when he gets randomly dragged into Night Battles. "What happened to the promised immortality cultivation, ancient martial abilities, magic powers and witchcraft?!" "I f*cking started with a cool infinity-genre opening, so why did I get the power of a magical girl!?"

  • The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife

    The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife


    In a series of event, a demon lord awakens in the mortal realm and must now live as one. With no memories of his past life, he now wears the skin of a human whom he loathes. A fearsome being is reduced to the weakest creature. So, begins the journey of the demon lord to build his non-existent powers in the mortal realm in order to return to his rightful position as the most fearsome being in all the realm!"Didn't you say you are a demon lord, then why are you so nice to me?!""Is that so? Then what will you have me do instead?""Huh?"---------------------------------EDITING IN PROGRESS------------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #cult #antagonist #martial world, #cauldron, #strongml #novella, #china #historical, #frenemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #gay #political #villainess, #abduction, #kidnapped #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #mistress #female protagonist, #rebirth, #boylove, #deception #novelette, #ml #reincarnation, #seme, #uke, #hiddengem, #premium, #short story, #faceslapping, #sweetlove, #imperial #shou, #gong, #cdrama #fudanshi, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #warlock, #witchcraft #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #lgbtq, #gender bender, #danmei

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