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  • They Met in the Woods

    They Met in the Woods

    M?ns Elemander had A Plan. A researched and well-thought-out one, devised to help him avoid getting lost while foraging for mushrooms in an unfamiliar forest. But his cell phone battery didn’t get the memo, died unexpectedly, and thwarted The Plan, leaving M?ns with a basket full of mushrooms, but no idea where to go. Until the sounds of someone chopping wood reaches him.<br><br>M?ns follows the sound and finds a quaint cabin ... and its owner, Viggo Moberg. Viggo is kind, understanding of the situation, and willing to help. He’s also smoking hot and their connection is instant, threatening to ignite and burn down the woods. Will the sparks burn fast and fizzle out, or will the attraction grow roots, just like the trees in the forest?

  • Into The Woods

    Into The Woods

    Fantasy Romance ADVENTURE

    Darcy Valentine always thought that magic was just something that existed in fairytales, there were no such things as werewolves, wizards or mythical creatures. Yet, these exact terms would become her new reality after she accidentally enters the Wizarding World.She was saved by a certain Slytherin headboy, who never in his entire life thought to save a muggleborn's life! Yet, he finds himself having a weak spot from the very first moment of meeting Darcy on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.Soon Darcy will realise that she's far from the ordinary girl she thought she was, but she knows she can beat whatever crosses her path! Darcy managed to get through the Forbidden Forest and lives to tell her story! She escaped dangerous creatures and dodged the most ominous things lurking within the shadows. There can't be anything worse than that.Or so she thought...**All characters of the Harry Potter series belong to the one and only J.K Rowling, credits to her!**

  • Into the Woods

    Into the Woods

  • The Woods

    The Woods

    the mystery of the woods to be uncovered...



    Someone or something in the woods..

  • In The Woods

    In The Woods

    Jack found himself living a horror story that he made fun of.

  • To The Woods

    To The Woods

  • Dark Woods

    Dark Woods

  • Crystal Woods

    Crystal Woods

    Zoe returns to Crystal Woods in Cornwall and Madison-Rose and her family return for another holiday. Madison-Rose thinks that this is going to be another normal family holiday with her family, Jade and Steven as they have come along but what she doesn't know is there is trouble coming to Crystal Woods as there is a few new faces coming to cause trouble. They want to take over the beloved Crystal Woods. Madison-Rose and her sister, their relationship is so much stronger now and Madison-Rose lets her big sister know. But Zoe has a choice to make when Chocolate wants to go back home, will she stay with her friends in Crystal Woods or go back to Japan with her half-brother?

  • hollow woods

    hollow woods

  • Woods of vengeance

    Woods of vengeance

    Vengeance can eat your soul without a trace. But you can change that legacy.

  • into the woods

    into the woods

    A medical doctor falls in love with a photographer and get married, they decide to take a vacation to an African country, their curiosity brought them into the shuddery woods and they become preys to the pernicious predator—ambivalent of their survival.

  • Kamatayan Woods

    Kamatayan Woods

  • Leopard Woods

    Leopard Woods


    Juno becomes lost in the woods after a plane crash and is cornered by a leopard. The leopard takes him to a cave...that has a bed and furniture?

  • Endless Woods

    Endless Woods


    Everyone knows fairy tales, they are read to us as children. Every fairy tale has a happy ending, or at least our versions do. This isn't an ordinary fairy tale, there is no 'happy ending', only lies and stories that make us believe there is. Follow the story of four teens that were about to start a war.

  • Adventure into the woods

    Adventure into the woods

  • November Woods

    November Woods

    This is a story about a young man who remains nameless throughout the book, who gets sent away to a private mental hospital after he attempts to take his own life where he meets another patient and a therapist who helps him overcome his issues.

  • Stranger in these woods

    Stranger in these woods

    Annie Black is a high school student that moves from Malibu, California to Salem, Massachusetts. There she meets Jace Montgomery who becomes her partner for an English project. Jace's father had died two years prior to their meeting each other for the first time. They decide to do their project about his death. Having been discovered after going on a hunting trip. Jace's fathers death was ruled to be the cause of being mauled to death by a bear. Jace though never could find any trace of the bear. As they investigate further that is when all sorts of things start happening. Murder, mystery, abduction and some gore. Find out what really happened to Jace's father and what someone would do to ensure nobody finds out the truth.

  • Something in the Woods!

    Something in the Woods!


  • Dark woods

    Dark woods