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  • Xuanhuan


  • Xuanhuan Tales

    Xuanhuan Tales



    [Coming Soon]Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/k7AnccE

  • A Christian Xianxia/Xuanhuan

    A Christian Xianxia/Xuanhuan

    Thomas was nominally a Christian. That's why he went to Purgatory. Luckily his stay there will not be the traditional type. Cos he's "lucky" enough to be sent to a Xianxia-esque universe. A Christian one, that is. How will he be purified there? Will it be like the life he departed from, just more fantastical? Let's find out, shall we?

  • The Never Ending Xuanhuan Story

    The Never Ending Xuanhuan Story

    Story Synopsis: Robert Bobble, known to his friends as Bob Bob, died. You can read the details in chapter one. Anyway, as is the case with so many dead novel characters. He reincarnated into a fantasy world. Not just any fantasy world mind you, but an Eastern Fantasy World. The type where main characters power levelled and villains said things like; “You’re Courting Death!” You excited yet? This author is! So, start reading. Also vote with Spirit Stones so this author can get a prize at the end of the week. Author Notes: I’m writing this story for Writing Prompts Contest #19: Xuanhuan. This will be a short story parody of the Xuanhuan genre, because this author is focused on other stories.

  • My Pick Up Artist System

    My Pick Up Artist System



    "With this system, I'll become the world's greatest seducer! If it doesn't kill me first..." I was a nobody, a short fatty Otaku. Then, a girl's voice popped into my head: [Seduce a woman within a month or die.]"What the hell...how? I'm an 18-year-old virgin..."[7+ looks only. No slam donkeys.]"You’re forcing me to die!” Facing annihilation, I saw no choice but to join the international community of pick up artists, and from that day forward, my boring student life became filled with craziness and womanizing. I just had one problem: "Why are all these guys insane?!?"Pick Up Artist: One who uses specialized tactics to seduce women.Additional Tags: weak to strong, supernatural, action, fantasy, funny, dungeon, face smacking, bloodlines, modern, harem, r-18, litrpg,magic, cultivation, martial arts, shameless protagonist, parody, satire, succubus, netori, adult, ecchi, sex, hidden gem, drama, wuxia, adventure, mature, school life, seinen, princess, billionaire, werewolves, xuanhuan, erotic, erotica, romance, revenge, polygamy, psychological, r18, 18, 18+, smut, hentai, comedy, light novel, alchemy, system.*No Netorare or Yuri.*If you dislike harem, I guarantee this one will be different and become the best harem you've read on WN. There are colorful characters, no bad romance, and no annoying female conflicts driving the plot.*Every volume so far has been even better than the prior one.*If you're wary of reading originals, I assure you that I'm a native English speaker and you'll find the writing here to be at a print professional standard. If I said this story had the 2nd best grammar on Webnovel, no author or translator would dare say theirs had the 1st.*If you doubt any of the above, please read the hundreds of 5-star reviews. Some originals may have more reviews because they're older or get more marketing from Webnovel, but I doubt they have more glowing 5-star reviews.RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1 new chapter posted every day by 12 pm Est/12 am GMT+8. Bonus chapters don't have a set time, but if there are some pending, on per day is posted for 2 chaps/day total.Join the largest Webnovel Discord of 2500+ readers for character art and more: https://discord.gg/VSKzgzV8J9 (case-sensitive)If you'd like to make a Paypal donation to support the cultural cause of the novel and author: https://bit.ly/3lU4xD1

  • The Dawn of the New World

    The Dawn of the New World


    The world ended in 2012. Hao Xuan was transported to a new realm along with the rest of humanity. The novel follows his adventures through this vast new plane, fighting men and beasts alike, making friends, finding love, and etching out his own existence in the boundless universe all the while trying to unravel an insidious plot that he has unwittingly become a part of. Romance, humor, friendship, betrayal, loss, schemes, light, and darkness.All the creatures from your dreams, stories, and movies are real in this absurdly wonderous world.TLDR: A Xuanhuan Eastern High fantasy novel centered around a displaced teen from earth in a world of cultivators, mythical monsters, Archaic Demons, and Old Gods. Tags: Magic, Adventure, Cultivation, Martial Arts, XianXia, Romance, Futuristic, Story Buildup, Demons and Gods, Gore and Violence, Military, Kingdom Building, mystery, exploration, sci-fi, Mech, World Jumping, Fate/Destiny. Official Discord (contains all new reference images): https://discord.gg/AHdSBFQPatreon with the first 8 Privileged Chapters among other benefits (Will be updated once there are patrons): https://www.patreon.com/shinigami8671

  • Xuanhuan: I become stronger when I exposed to the sun!

    Xuanhuan: I become stronger when I exposed to the sun!


    Qin yu died because of sun stroke reborn in cultivator world with system become The elixir transforms spirits who became stronger when exposed to the sun!

  • Paragon of Destruction

    Paragon of Destruction

    Fantasy MAGIC


    When Arran decides to become a mage, he quickly discovers that magic can be more dangerous than he had ever imagined. Soon, he finds himself hunted for powers he never knew he had. Helped by a mysterious mage with secret motives, he sets off on a journey to escape his enemies. But where will he run? And can he trust his helper? Pursued by mages and monsters alike, he knows there is only one true road to safety: to become stronger than his enemies! ——— Paragon of Destruction is classic fantasy with strong xianxia/xuanhuan influences, lots of action, and a variety of characters from different backgrounds. Release schedule: 1 chapter/day. Content advisory: strong violence, strong language, and some sexual content.

  • Rebirth of a Villainess

    Rebirth of a Villainess



    Stabbed in the back by her sect brother. Xu Hui promised not to make the same mistake that she made, trusting blindly without leaving any room for doubt. With her dying breath, she swore to return one day and seek vengeance on the one that betrayed her.------------------------Illustrator: Lukas_xCover design: Rebecacovers------------EDITING IN PROGRESS---‐------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #reborn, #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #martial world, #cauldron, #historical, #vengeful lover, #sworn enemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #villainess, #magical realism, #historicalromance #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #queen, #duke #danmei, #female protagonist, #history, #ml, #fl #polygamy #china #shou, #gay #eastern-fantasy, #gong, #cult #abduction, #kidnapped, #political #strongml, frenemy #fudanshi, #antagonist #scum, #sweetlove #reincarnation, #onenightstand, #gumiho #kitsune #cat #neko #strongfl, #deception #transmigration #uke, #mistress #furry #boylove #premium, #villianess noble girls, #otome, #martial #seme, #fling #otomegame #hiddengem, #faceslapping, #imperial #witchcraft #mistress #warlock, #historical, #cdrama #villianess, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #gender bender

  • Dewa Perang Bertanda Naga

    Dewa Perang Bertanda Naga



    DEWA PERANG BERTANDA NAGAALTERNATIF: DMWG; DEWA PERANG NAGA GENRES: AKSI - PETUALANGAN - KOMEDI - FANTASI - SENI BELA DIRI - ROMANTIS - SHOUNEN - XUANHUANSTATUS: SEDANG BERLANGSUNGKisah ini mengandung satu karakter hebat dengan kemampuan dan kekuatan luar biasa. Dia begitu kuat sehingga dia bisa membuat mukjizat yang nyata. Dia bahkan mampu menciptakan dunia baru, sehingga kekuatannya dapat memberi manfaat luar biasa bagi jutaan orang. Namun, ia juga bisa berbahaya saat ini, terutama ketika musuh muncul. Sosok yang kuat ini adalah santa terbesar dalam kehidupan masa lalu, jadi dia mewarisi banyak kekuatannya dari periode itu. Namun, dia dilahirkan kembali di awal cerita, dan dia siap untuk memulai dan mengembangkan petualangan baru.

  • The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife

    The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife


    In a series of event, a demon lord awakens in the mortal realm and must now live as one. With no memories of his past life, he now wears the skin of a human whom he loathes. A fearsome being is reduced to the weakest creature. So, begins the journey of the demon lord to build his non-existent powers in the mortal realm in order to return to his rightful position as the most fearsome being in all the realm!"Didn't you say you are a demon lord, then why are you so nice to me?!""Is that so? Then what will you have me do instead?""Huh?"---------------------------------EDITING IN PROGRESS------------------------------Cultivation Series:*Rebirth of a Villainess (Book 1)*The Demon Lord's Fiery Wife (Book 2)*Pill Master's Depraved Underling (Book 3)*Destined Bride of the Fox King (Book 4)*How to Capture a Death God (Book 5)*The Scoundrel's Reluctant Bride (Book 6)*Bewitched by the Demon Lord (Book 7)Tags: #battlefield, #commander, #peasant, #elixir, #empire, #domination, #monarch, #cult #antagonist #martial world, #cauldron, #strongml #novella, #china #historical, #frenemy #xuanhuan, #bl, #yaoi, #lgbt, #gay #political #villainess, #abduction, #kidnapped #fujoshi, #world hopping, #wuxia, #xianxia, #mistress #female protagonist, #rebirth, #boylove, #deception #novelette, #ml #reincarnation, #seme, #uke, #hiddengem, #premium, #short story, #faceslapping, #sweetlove, #imperial #shou, #gong, #cdrama #fudanshi, #face slapping, #demon king, #demon, #warlock, #witchcraft #antagonist, #eastern fantasy, #boyslove, #lgbtq, #gender bender, #danmei

  • Journey to the Peak of the Universe

    Journey to the Peak of the Universe



    ——— Transmigrating into a new world, a cultivation world. Where his goal is to save the universe from the devourer. But is that all? Watch his rise in power as he builds a dynasty that will never perish. ——— Please read: The first volume is a bit bad, there is even slice of life, that was my bad. But I will improve the second volume, please bare the atrocious first volume. ——— Warning! This novel does have incest and many other taboo topics such as rape and other things. Although it won't be dark, this will be mentioned every now and then. I just want to inform you about this. ——— Tags: [Xuanhuan] [Weak to Strong] [R-18] [Adventure] [Romance] [Action] [Handsome MC] [Bloodline] [Transmigration] [Dragon] [Immoral] [Taboo] ——— COVER does NOT belong to me. All rights belong to the creator. If the author wants me to take it down, contact me on discord: Dragon Words#3157 ———

  • I am reincarnated as the Female Leader, but I want to marry the villain!

    I am reincarnated as the Female Leader, but I want to marry the villain!



    Cheng Shuyi was a modern woman in the 21st century, with an ordinary appearance and a serious attitude, who spent many years of her life working for the Chinese government. At the age of 40, she finally decided to take some time off and go on a well-deserved vacation. But, before she even had the chance to feel the calm ocean breeze on her skin, her plane exploded! The next time she opened her eyes, she had already become the young miss of a general's house in an alternate world, a Xuanhuan world. As of now, she has become part of a strong military family, the Sheng family of the Phoenix Supreme House, who currently possesses the greatest military power and a powerful guardian beast, the sacred phoenix. Her new name was similar to her name in the past, Sheng Shuyi. But now, she was a young 15-year-old girl, and it was time to choose her groom for the marriage that would take place the following year. However, the current plot reminded her of something from her past life. It was a Chinese web novel that one of her younger co-workers had often urged her to read, "Supreme Hero." Sheng Shuyi had actually become the female lead, who, after fighting with the other women and receiving the best wishes from her family, finally succeeded in marrying the hero of the story. Unfortunately, it was not a happy-ever-after ending. That female character had suffered a tragic death, while her husband, the hero, felt no remorse. Instead, he married her younger half-sister and then proceeded to exterminate Sheng Shuyi's side of the family! The only person to mourn her death was the villain! A man who seemed to have no feelings, only possessing the desire to dominate the world! In the end, it was revealed that the villain had actually been in love with her and the hero had only been interested in using her to gain status! To continue living in this Xuanhuan world, where the strong rule and the weak and crushed like bugs, Sheng Shuyi made three resolutions. 1. Become strong. 2. Avoid the "hero." 3. Fall in love with the villain! I just published it again!So let's take it easy!IT WILL BE 2 CHAPTERS PER WEEK.

  • Universal Master

    Universal Master


    Genres - Incest, R-18, Harem, Tragedy, Romance, Transmigration, Xuanhuan, Fantasy, Action, Weak to Strong, Dark.My Discord: [Universal Sect]https://discord.gg/pDtMQbESKP Main character will be somewhat close to the character of Vincest from "Collateral" movie with Tom Cruise in main lead. (He would also have the same name as Vincent after transmigration) This is my first time writing, and my eng is not my main language, so there might be some mistakes in writing quality. I like psychos type characters like Michael Mayers, Hannibal Lacter, or Vincent.[I do not own this cover. I just saw it in google images and found it quite fitting for my mc, so, if you're the owner and want me to take it down, contact me in discord.]Have a good day. ********* David Strom is an orphan who witnessed a lot of hardships in his life. His parents died in plane crush when he was a child. Bullying at school. Hard college time... He studied a lot of different martial disciplines. He is tall, handsome, with long white hair and somewhat red eyes. But he overcomed that all. The most important person for him was his aunt. A beautiful and caring woman in her thirties. One day on his way back home, his life changed...

  • The Legendary Demonic Deity [BL]

    The Legendary Demonic Deity [BL]

    Eastern Fantasy SYSTEM BL YAOI


    People worshipped the Demonic Deity for he brought faith upon the salvation. “No weak can be trampled on. The strong should be respected. The world can be unfair but those who persevere, I will lead them to the top of their world. Only the one who gives up can never be saved!” said the Demonic Deity with awe-inspiring voice. <<Lord, the universe has sent another quest. Please keep up this good spirit for one hundred years more.>> “... Can I take a rest for one year?” <<Request denied.>> --------------------------------------------- Author's Warning: The novel is Yaoi | Boyxboy genre. If you don’t like Yaoi, you can still read because I think that some Xianxia and Xuanhuan have acceptable BL moment too. If there is NSFW scene I will warn beforehand. I can no longer write. I'm sorry...

  • I am the Rich Second-Generation Villain

    I am the Rich Second-Generation Villain


    Su Yang transmigrated into the urban novel that he read before in his previous life. He thought that his misfortunate and awful life was finally over. Who would have thought that the identity he possessed was one of the villain and cannon fodder in the story!?As a villain, his destiny was already written. The women he was fond of were snatched and his family was miserably ruined.Fortunately, it was still early and the story has not yet officially begun.He also obtained the [Supreme Villain System]. Which will help him becomes stronger to deal with the protagonist.Opportunities, heroines, fortune I want it all. Let the protagonist also experience what it tastes like to be destroyed.–––———————————Novel tags: Harem, Drama, Romance, Action, R-18, Mystery, Martial arts, Xuanhuan—————————————the cover is also not mine too. and if you want me to remove it message my google account.akosipapamoo@gmail.com

  • Disciple of a heartbroken love god.

    Disciple of a heartbroken love god.


    Endless worlds of cultivation are filled with a never-ending amount of miracles. Once a simple fisherman, a young boy met a dead end on his journey to immortality. Until he attracted the attention of a god. Given a second chance, he tries to live a different life. And when he understands that every debt must be repaid, he becomes a disciple of a unique and wild love god. A love God with a broken heart. Author's note: This is a novel without any system or transmigration from the earth. There also won't be instant face slapping or revenge alongside with gratification. If you read my other work you can make an opinion on how I write. It's my own view on the genre of Xuanhuan. As I am by no means an expert of Chinese culture and mythology you can even say that this is more of a fantasy novel.

  • The Sky Clan’s Last Male

    The Sky Clan’s Last Male



    Genres: comedy, seven sins, xuanhuan, eastern fantasy,romance, strong protagonist, devoted love interests, action, adventure, unique cultivation method, mature. .......... Born in a clan that had been driven away from their home planet, he was forced to return and take it back with his own hands. His aunt was confined, his mother was banished, and his own cultivation was destroyed, yet he was forced to participate in the trial. ...........

  • Dragon God of Demons and Devils

    Dragon God of Demons and Devils



    Tags: Action, Adventure, Bloodlines, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Martial arts, Mature, Reincarnation, Romance, Xuanhuan. Xia Tian a regular student in a top university, his aim is to get a good job, deeply love someone and lead a peaceful life without any hassles. But, unfortunately, he met with an accident when returning from his college and reincarnated into another world. In this world, strength is supreme. you are able to survive and respected only if you have sufficient strength. Xia Tian reincarnated as Ye Jian, who is considered as the trash of the Ye family in the Misty Sky City. But as his grandfather is the patriarch of the Ye family, he is able to lead a comfortable life in an isolated mansion. As Xia Tian is inclined to lead a peaceful life, he thought depending on his grandfather and slowly improve his strength without any struggle. However, Xia Tian met with troubles after his grandfather arranged his marriage with a Genius Martial artist. Xia Tian dream of leading a peaceful life came to an end because of this arranged marriage. What are the problems faced by Xia Tian? How did he survive in this strength-based world? How he became the Dragon God of Demons and Devils??? ============================ Bonous chapters are available if you increase my ranking by voting with power stones. so vote with your power stones to enjoy extra chapters each week. Rank 30-50- 1 bonus chapter Rank 10-30- 2 bonus chapters Rank below 10- 3 bonus chapters

  • In a Different World With The Naruto System(Indo)

    In a Different World With The Naruto System(Indo)

    Author(s)鱼丸酱醋米TypeWeb Novel (CN)GenreAction Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mystery Shounen Slice of Life XuanhuanDi Divine Wind Continent, ada sistem kultivasi — douqi, ilusi dan sihir.Ren Tian You adalah penggemar Naruto, dan satu momen kecerobohan menyebabkan dia tiba di dunia yang berbeda.Tanpa diduga, hanya untuk mengetahui bahwa tubuhnya memiliki sistem Naruto!Apa? Anda akan menggunakan douqi! Taijutsuku juga tidak lemah! Lihatlah tarian bayangan saya!Apa? Anda akan menggunakan ilusi! Namun, saya memiliki leluhur setiap ilusi, Sharingan! Lihatlah Tsukuyomi-ku!Apa? Anda seorang penyihir! Saya seorang ninja! Lihatlah gaya api saya ——– bola api agung!Note: Bagi kalian yang ingin membaca novel ini harap mempersiapkan mental, karena novel ini mempunyai beberapa kata yang harus di proses oleh otak anda untuk bisa mengerti novel ini.

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