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  • My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?!

    My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?!



    His legendary class is The Husband Of Deathwill Sisters! While other players went through common quests to get their classes, Alex started by getting a legendary class: Husband Of Deathwill Sisters! He got three beautiful wives from the start and the legendary castle! What would his girlfriend and friends say about this once he reveals his class to them? And what about Deathwill Sisters? What is their plight, and why would they suddenly get a husband? *I, Sixth, have published this story solely for I am not responsible for other illegal copies on other sites* #Support authors on by reading their stories here or on the webnovel's app!

  • The Villain 's Younger Sister

    The Villain 's Younger Sister

    Contemporary Romance ROMANCE REINCARNATION

    Nie AnAn woke up one day and realized that she had transmigrated as the villain’s adoptive sister.In the novel, the villain conquered left and right, and his always woe-is-me younger sister was always cleaning up after him. The two of them were rightfully the grim reapers in the book.The very next day after her transmigration, the soft and delicious Nie AnAn passed out from seeing blood.And so —The shivering competitors noticed that their nemesis’s sister had turned to a delicious treat — and wanted to protect her;The original male lead noticed that young Miss Nie, who had been chasing after him this entire time, wouldn’t even give him the time of day anymore — and felt unbalanced;Young Master Nie was very happy that his parents had two kids back then– she was so cute;A certain cold blooded and violent villain had been going home earlier and earlier, and the way he talked was becoming gentler and gentler.Villain Brother: AnAn, come over. Let me try some of it.Nie AnAn: Hold on, gege. It’s not ready yetIt is not my novel I am just translating it All copyright goes to the author

  • my younger sister is a villainess

    my younger sister is a villainess

  • Cultivation Online

    Cultivation Online



    Yuan was born with an incurable illness that left him blind at a young age and crippled a few years later, rendering everything below his head useless. Deemed hopeless and irredeemable, his parents quickly gave up on him, and the world ignored him. In this dark and still world, his younger sister became his sole reason for living. Watch as this young man reaches for the apex as a genius in Cultivation Online, the newest VRMMORPG, becoming a legendary figure in both worlds. --------------------- My other novels: Dual Cultivation / Magic System in a Parallel World

  • My younger daughter

    My younger daughter

    They lose their mom at a very young age. The older one learns years later that her dad is a mystery man.

  • I Am The Villain Younger Sister

    I Am The Villain Younger Sister


    I am the deadly assassin in the 21st century yet I died because a chunk of apple stuck in my throat.What worse is I got reincarnated in a 19 r novel that my stupid subordinate read to me while we are running from the enemy!My brother, the main villain, is the evilest human that even demons are afraid of him. How am I supposed to survive?But, something... seems strange?**"Elaine.. it is not like brother didn't want you to marry him but.. he is too stupid for you."Okay, but I don't think you should destroy his household for that."It is because you are too stupid that father will live a long life to take care of you."No need for that, I can protect myself."Darling, mama is worried about you. Remember, when the men come, just whip their bun bun and make them bow to you. Don't be so kind-hearted."I just punched a group of boys ..."How about you kill me? I will not regret if I die in your hand."And what's wrong with the main leads. I am the villain's younger sister, not the female lead!Also, there's seem to be a secret. Will I ever live a happy life?

  • Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks!

    Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks!


    Su Xing traveled through ten years in time and secretly checked in for ten years at Tianquan Peak. He thought he could continue to develop, but he suddenly got three junior sisters. His first junior sister was seemingly the reincarnation of a female emperor who had fought bloody battles to the edge of the world in her previous life. Her second junior sister seemed to have royal blood as well, but due to unforeseen events in the dynasty, she had no choice but to leave her hometown and bear the hatred of her family and country. His third Junior Sister seemingly transformed from an ancient beast. Her origin was a mystery, and her bloodline was exceptionally powerful. Originally, he thought that as their senior brother, he could take care of his juniors, but instead, his powerful junior sisters had him covered everywhere. Three junior sisters, “Who dares to bully my senior brother?” Su Xing, “As the senior brother of three freakish junior sisters, I am under too much pressure!” When the Emperor's Secret Realm appeared, his three junior sisters fell into danger at the same time. For the sake of his junior sisters, Su Xing decided to longer slack around. Coming out from seclusion, “Who dares to bully my junior sisters? I will destroy your orthodoxy!"

  • My wife's sisters want me to make a harem?!

    My wife's sisters want me to make a harem?!



    "A few wives is a norm for Overlord such as you." My wife's sister said... Minato was your ordinary guy. He had his shop and led a happy life with his wife by his side. Should his wife be as ordinary as him, Minato would probably die as a happy man in sixty years! Alas, his wife was actually from another world, and she had fox psychique?! Their bedtime was actually dual cultivation, and the husband became Overlord due to it?! And what's up with her sisters... falling in love with him?! *I, Sixth, have published this story solely for I am not responsible for other illegal copies on other sites* #Support authors on by reading their stories here or on the webnovel's app!

  • For Younger Brother come to fight Big Sister!

    For Younger Brother come to fight Big Sister!

    Since young,Dylan appearing to have autism and did not speak only using actions to express what he wants or needs.Corinne is very worry father no where to be found and mother getting old and sick. The only healthy people in the family is her.But she got no idea how to earn money.At this time,she saw a poster that is recruiting real person game npc for Fantasy Jianghu World. She apply and unexpectly get accept. Now come to see the journey of Corinne how she try her best to be the ghost npc no one suspect is pretend by a real person not a just number of computer codes and along the while getting the salary she need the most. Will she has enough cash at end?

  • (DROPPED)Reborn in Boruto as Shikadai's younger sister.

    (DROPPED)Reborn in Boruto as Shikadai's younger sister.


    A lazy genius is reborn in boruto as shikadai's younger sister what will she do in her new life?

  • Zombie Sister Strategy

    Zombie Sister Strategy

    Fantasy Romance APOCALYPSE


    Lin Qiao remembers nothing from the past five years since the post-apocalyptic era began. She wakes up only to find herself having become a newborn, superpowered zombie, in a body that used to belong to an evil and notorious woman! Having kidnapped a girl and raped her father, the previous host met her demise at the very hands of the conspiracies she courted all her life, leaving Lin Qiao no choice but to deal with the consequences while trying to figure out her own past and the fate of her loved ones. As for the little girl’s father, can’t he just have a decent fight? He’s a human being, but why is he biting a zombie? She’s the zombie! She’s the one who’s supposed to bite!

  • The Tale of Three Sisters

    The Tale of Three Sisters



    One day, Ivy, the eldest of the three sisters bid goodbye to her aunt and siblings. She's going to work in the mysterious castle at the top of the hills as a housekeeper, promising them that she'll come home for a visit once a month. A month passed. Two months passed. Ivy never paid them a visit. Worried to death, Kate went to the castle to check on her sister. She promised to return three days later. However, she never returned. After one month of waiting and still, there's no sign of her sisters returning, Ella, the youngest of the three sisters was getting restless, she was consumed with a burning desire to investigate what happened to her beloved sisters? Hence, Ella sets forth on a journey to find her missing sisters. What she found and discovered inside the castle was simply...shocking and totally out of this world. For it's too late for her to know that once an outsiders step inside the castle they can never get out alive. Unless... ~~~~~~~~ *My Other Novel on Webnovel* * Hot Romance With The Vampire~ Ongoing * The Beauty And The Wolf~ Completed. * The Vampire's Love: You Are My Destiny ~ Fantasy Romance~ Vampires~ Demon's~ Shapeshifters~ Completed. * Hidden Husband: Beloved Wife ~ Completed~ Contemporary Romance * The CEO's Painted Skin ~ Contemporary Romance ~ Completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife ~ Contemporary Romance ~ Completed. * The Last Embrace ~ Fantasy Romance. Vampires Love~ Completed.

  • My Vampire Little Sister

    My Vampire Little Sister


    In a world where magic was abundant and supernatural creatures existed, Jin Valter lived as a fallen genius. Being the son of two A-Ranked Hunters, Jin had inherited his father’s keen eye for martial arts and his mother’s innate talent for magic. Alas, before Jin could reach his full potential, an Outer Demon attack left his soul crippled and his body weakened beyond repair. Now, Jin lives out his days bound to the hospital bed with nothing but his brains to keep him company. Gone were the days when his peers hailed him as a genius as he struggled to even conjure a spell with his body falling apart. However, it would all change when on the Night of the Blood Moon, a unique visitor paid him a visit… New chapters every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

  • I Have 108 Older Sisters

    I Have 108 Older Sisters


    "Yu Tian's only remaining family, his younger sister, was diagnosed with leukemia, and they needed 2 million for the bone marrow transplant. There was no way the poor siblings could afford that. Just as Yu Tian was completely devastated, a red Lamborghini stopped in front of him. The lady in sunglasses who walked out of the expensive vehicle told Yu Tian that she was his long-lost older sister. She then transferred him 3 million to solve his current problem. "Come on. Come back with me. All of your older sisters are dying to meet you." "Um... How many older sisters do I have?" "Why don't you guess?" "Two? Maybe three? There's no way I have seven or eight older sisters, right?" The lady shook her finger and smiled. "Including me, you have 108 older sisters." Yu Tian's eyes widened."

  • The Crippled Boss Loves Me

    The Crippled Boss Loves Me



    The once rich girl Shen Hanxing lost her mother when she was born. She was then dumped overseas by her own father when she was little to her own devices. Nineteen years later, her father personally took her home from overseas, and the reason was to replace her younger sister to marry her fiancé Ji Yan, who had lost his legs’ senses after a car accident. Father: “Know your place. You’re already marrying above your station when you marry Ji Yan with your status.” Younger Sister: “Thank you for willing to sacrifice yourself for my love~” Shen Hanxing smiled faintly: “Agree to my two conditions, and I’ll gladly marry him.” Afterward, she stepped into the Ji family’s home with empty luggage. The man in the wheelchair angrily roared at her in the dark room. “Scram!” Shen Hanxing quickly switched on the light, pulled open the curtain, and extended his hand towards the man with the light behind her. “Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m your wife, Shen Hanxing.” When he saw her the first time, he treated her coldly. And then, he treasured her. Ji Yan looked at this woman that suddenly barged into her life. She used her strength to tame his wild and brash younger brother. She patiently and compassionately healed his fearful and introverted younger sister. She used everything she had to slowly support this cold family… And then, Shen Hanxing fell into a trap. Before she drifted into darkness, she saw the man that was supposed to be in the wheelchair running towards her in anxiety. When she woke up again, the man pointed at the washing board, the keyboard, and the durian and asked, “Hanxing, which one do you want me to kneel on?”

  • My Genius Sister is Only Seven!?

    My Genius Sister is Only Seven!?


    The country girl, Emily, was an orphan. She survived off the scraps that she could find from families around her. Every one of them despised her. One day, a fairy-like little brother came to the city and brought her home. At first, Emily wasn't popular in other people's homes, but she quickly awakened her god-tier learning talent. She could learn pretty much anything and everything in an instant. Soon, Emily was regarded as a child prodigy. She was proficient in all sorts of arts, including zither, chess, and calligraphy, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The elders and older brothers who didn't really like her in the past were all captivated by her and spoilt her like a little fairy. Every day, her grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, and brothers fought to pamper her. Grandpa said, "Baby, can you help Grandpa take a look at this painting?" Grandpa liked to collect oil paintings, but his deteriorating eyesight couldn't discern good paintings from bad ones, and he kept getting tricked by sellers . So he had to consult the seven-year-old Emily because paintings that passed through Emily's hands were never wrong. Her father pleaded, "Baby, help me. The chairman of the Gu Site Corporation wants to get a calligraphy painting from you. This will determine whether my company can land a deal with them!" Her brothers pleaded. "Baby, are you busy today? When are you going to visit your brother's school? I promised the principal that I would bring you there. You can't go back on your word."

  • With A Younger

    With A Younger

  • Monster Paradise

    Monster Paradise



    Lin Huang was a 15-year old boy from Earth, on a path to live his life in a world full of monsters. With his younger sister in his care, and given only 91 days to live, the odds were not in his favor at all... That is until, he killed a vicious vampire, purely by accident. With a twist in his tale, his life was changed completely. As he fought his way through this world with the help of his troops made of men and monsters, the boy sets his sights on a much larger ambition of becoming the greatest monster hunter in the world!

  • My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

    My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather



    Ordinary salaryman Qin Yu had a proud and talented younger sister who was the rising star of the police detectives. He often felt inferior to his younger sister with her achievements. Gradually, he began to accept his fate… One day, he acquired the Godfather System, allowing him to obtain the templates of top villains one after another! Using the templates, he found suitable disciples and trained them. As such, terrifying giant-level figures popped up continuously in the underground world! [Wanted dead or alive. S rank terrorist: Joker. Reward: 10 billion] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Fake Psychologist. Reward: 500 million] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Martial Arts Maniac. Reward: 500 million] [Wanted dead or alive. A rank terrorist: Crazy Scientist. Reward: 500 million] Before he realized it, Qin Yu had his identity as the godfather of villains exposed by his younger sister! The entire world was shocked!

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