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  • Yugi The Author

    Yugi The Author

    The journey of Yugi Mutou and Yami Yugi, as they're lives entwined once again. After a few months after graduation from high. Yami can't be away from Yugi as he never goes to the afterlife. The two decide they wish to be together forever and that's exactly what they intend to do. Yami adapts to the real world and learns what it means to be a normal person, while Yugi finds out what his passion in life really is. Join the author Yugi Mutou and embark on his wonderful story and life as the greatest author in the world. Storyboard includes: Sexual content, Yaoi shipping, self abuse, vivid language, and graphical content.

  • The Perfect Storm ( Taya x Yami Yugi )

    The Perfect Storm ( Taya x Yami Yugi )

  • Iam Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh!!!

    Iam Dueling in Yu-Gi-Oh!!!


    Su Yu, who created a trumpet/second account in the fully submersible trading card game "Yu-Gi-Oh: Link World", inexplicably transmigrated through game world, and even brought his own NPC template. Time went back to the time before game was launched, the player still had a month to come, the nameless Pharaoh was still sleeping in the body of the high school student Muto Yugi, and the Battle City with cross-generational significance had not yet started. When Game was officially launched, players logged in and found that there was a new NPC in the game that was not in the original anime. Su Yu: Do the players over there want to draw card packs? Fifty for one packs, five hundred for ten packs, fair price, no bullying! The players stared directly at the Pot of Greed marked as UR in the product list, their eyes were burning, and the same thoughts came to their minds invariably—just draw that card P.S: This is my first time translate a novel, please give me some support.... support for more chapter : pat r eon.co m/coolfauzi68 P.S.S: The picture is not mine (DIsclaimer) P.S.S.S: I'll upload 3/3 or more each day, as long as there's some generous people who donate.... Thanks

  • Boku Wa Betsu No Isekai Kami Ni Narimasu

    Boku Wa Betsu No Isekai Kami Ni Narimasu


    Yamagi Yugi adalah pekerja kantoran yang saat itu lembur, karena tidak kuasa menahan kantuk ia ingin pergi ke ruang bebas untuk mengambil mesin pembuat kopi. Ruangan itu ada di lantai pertama yang membuat Yugi harus turun melalui tangga, lift masih rusak dan ditutup sehingga tidak dapat digunakan.Karena itu Yugi harus menuruni tangga untuk mencapai ruang bebas, naasnya karena ia kelelahan dan menahan kantuk, membuatnya terpleset dan jatuh di tangga hingga berdarah dan tidak bernyawa lagi.Suatu saat, ia bangun dan dihadapannya adalah perempuan yang cantik dan anggun mengenakan gaun putih layaknya bidadari. Yugi dibangkitkan kembali di sebuah dunia dimana ia menjadi seorang Dewa, yang dapat mengatur kehidupan dunia lain.Akankah Yugi dapat menjadi Dewa untuk mengatur kehidupan Astarnor?Akankah menjadi Dewa itu menyenangkan bagi Yugi?Author: HayusyaPicture Source: Pinterest

  • The 7 dragons

    The 7 dragons

  • Boku Wa Betsu No Isekai Kami Ni Narimasu (Global Version)

    Boku Wa Betsu No Isekai Kami Ni Narimasu (Global Version)


    Yamagi Yugi was an office worker who was working overtime at that time, because he couldn't hold back his sleep, he wanted to go to the free room to get a coffee machine. The room was on the first floor which made Yugi have to go down the stairs, the elevator was still broken and closed so it couldn't be used.Because of that Yugi had to go down the stairs to reach the free room, unfortunately because he was tired and holding back drowsiness, he slipped and fell on the stairs until he was bloody and lifeless.One day, he woke up and in front of him was a beautiful and elegant woman wearing a white dress like an angel. Yugi is resurrected in a world where he becomes a God, who can govern the life of another world.Will Yugi be able to become a God to rule Astarnor's life?Will being a God be fun for Yugi?Author: HayusyaPicture Source: Pinterest

  • Soul Colector

    Soul Colector


    When the world was on the verge of collapse, came an unexpected hero with his scythe and black power

  • Sorrow Of The World

    Sorrow Of The World


    In Tomosaki High School at 3 PM, the class is over and there is a boy named Shinomiya Haru who was going on his way home. A boy named Yugi Natsuki invited him to karaoke and said he'll buy him donuts. Haru went to karaoke with Yugi. Thanked Yugi for the donuts and already went his way to his house. Haru got tired of walking, He stopped by at the river and lied down on the grass, and fell asleep. He worked up to the other place and Met a girl named Urawa Yuzuha and Shoyo Tokiro.

  • The peak of glory

    The peak of glory



  • A Dangerous Bond With The Lord Of Vampires

    A Dangerous Bond With The Lord Of Vampires


    Alyssa,A Vampire huntress got her best friend taken cause she said she was too weak to protect her,to rescue her best friend from the grasp of the vampires she had to go to where they are.And going there alone was really risky,she ended up with her best friend,bit surely trapped inside an inescapable castle with vampires soon they meet their lord.The vampire lord,and Alyssa had the worst luck cause she was accidentally bonded with him, knowing they can't kill each other cause of the bond,they felt something they never ever felt in a lifetime.

  • Crazy In Love With You

    Crazy In Love With You

    Realistic Fiction ROMANCE HAREM

    Sakami Cheng,a boy everygirl wishes to marry,meets a bullied girl full of bruises,he soon knows what was her name,he became interested cause her name was very familiar.When they meet each other again,what will happen?,



  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver

    Fantasía ROMANCE

    -Niño, porfavor, solo dime la dirección de tu casa.--Mi nombre es Yugi Amane, no niño.--Mi nombre es Minamoto Teru, no señor taxista.-Un viaje y mariposas interestelares en los éxitos musicales que acompañan a dos almas en un auto||Advertencias||•Personalidad Ooc •Se contemplan temas como la violencia, incesto y abuso sexual.•Modificaciones en la edad de los personajes ¡Gracias por leer!

  • You Belong To Me - Tbhk/Jshk Fanfiction

    You Belong To Me - Tbhk/Jshk Fanfiction

    Yashiro Nene a girl who is bad at romance encouters a super model named Amane Yugi,who almost never smiles,he always has his blank expression,but when he encountered Nene and got more closer to her.He had this funny feeling inside him that he doesn't understand,the same goes for Nene,but she was different than amane,as their friendship go on,they still don't know on what's gonna happen in the future.Will Amane discover that feeling inside him was love?Will they be together?Will there be a tradegy going to happen in the future?

  • Mystical University's Secret Files

    Mystical University's Secret Files

    Teen ROMANCE

    It's 14th of July when the dean, admins and handler established the Mystical University.It all started with the three very first departments.Abecedary DepartmentThey are the most respected students because of their unique intelligence they possess.Bravura DepartmentStudents where you can't deny that their talent is extraordinary and they possess is special talents. They have strong self-confidence and resilience in any situation.Cantankerous DepartmentThis is where students can literally turn your life upside down. They are all bad temper and uncooperative. They do what they want.For many years the whole university has been peaceful and orderly with their help:Dean:• Clive Cairo Ideon ( Mr. Dean )• Kerr Cohen ( Co- Dean)Admins:• Xixi Aphro Reinhart ( Ms. Admin )• Aaron Asher Evans ( Mr. Admin)Department Handers:• Yugi Sage ( A Handler )• Selena Fern ( B Handler )• Amethyst Klaus ( C Handler )It's a school so they have this sets of rules:Mystical University Rules- Be responsive and participate actively.- Strictly follow the instructions.- Standby for awards and punishments.- Always wear your ID.- No romantic relationships among officialés.- Be professional.- Please approach the officialés for your complains and suggestions.What exactly can happen inside the school? Discover the facts and lies.

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