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  • My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

    My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—



    WPC #206 contestant The Hero Age— circa 3113 ad. An age where humans have developed superpowers such as superspeed, superstrength, and every cliche superhero power there is. But not everyone awakened superhero powers. A tad 1% of the population were unawakened and Satoshi is one of them... or so he thought. It all started when he wished for a System-like ability in front of a retro computer, which in turn granted it the power of the System. What Satoshi didn't know is that he holds the power to transform/evolve animals and inanimate objects. How will Satoshi's life evolve after this newfound power? Will he finally be the very best like no one ever was? tags: action, adventure, modern, comedy, system, zerotohero, weaktostrongmc, parody Disclaimer: Photo for the book cover is not mine but all edits are mine.

  • Less Than Zero To Hero

    Less Than Zero To Hero


    For most death is the end. For someone who never thought himself anything special, death is the first chance to live on his terms. He's not going to waste it.

  • Zero to Hero Leveling Within the Ausmontalia Continent

    Zero to Hero Leveling Within the Ausmontalia Continent


    One day, the continent of Ausmontalia was called Australia. But due to the "Rising of Monsters and Levelers" event also known as the "Awakening of Ausmontalia" which shook the entire world to it's core, forever changing history and how society lives. Those who set foot on Ausmontalia are instantly shown are a floating screen in front of them which shows their new class with anyone who comes to the land now known as a Leveler. But the lands are harsh and death is common place. Those who come here are either exiled and banished from their countries, seeking adventure and profit or trying to re-civilize the lands. With our [mc name here] who is trying to make a living for his struggling family, he lands on the shores of Ausmontalia. [Ding! Congratulations User on receiving a Class!] [Class Name:______!] [Welcome to LS!]

  • The Talentless Sage

    The Talentless Sage

    Axel was a talentless villager, who was not able to activate the Spirit Sea. To be in fact, it is so rare for people to have no Spirit Sea, at all!With perseverance, he travelled the entire world with no powers to support him. Throughout his travels, he became more and more well-known as he travelled even the strongest of Spirit Users and survived.He wa later titled as the, "Talentless Sage" and became a story for thousands of years to pass.In his final breath, he wished to travel again. And lo and behold, the usual cliche comes in.He was born again with his memories intact. I wonder what the story will tell!------------------------Book cover picture not mine~

  • Master Zero

    Master Zero

    Here lies Jackal Gannon ,aged 15 and one of the weakest people in the world, with absolutely zero capabilities with arcania and constantly mocked by other students. Until he one days he was betrayed during a school training session but, crosses paths with the exact fossils of both of the legends.Voices filled jackal’s mind with two constant message fighting over each other ‘Young one, you have great abilities locked by shackles become my successor and gain skills beyond me’ with ‘I sense raw strength let me release it and you shall unleash your destructive tendencies’Jackal closes the distance between them both and is lured closer and closer and reaches out both his hand for the two remains, and is about to touch both at the same time. He knew his life was about to change for the better or for the worse...

  • Leveling To Hero

    Leveling To Hero

    5 Tahun Yang Lalu,Muncul Nya Fenomena Aneh Yang Menyebabkan Adanya Monsters,Dungeon Dan Semacamnya,Setiap Orang Menaikan Level Dari Rendah Sampai Tinggi,Seperti Halnya Di Game Ada Rank E Sampai S,Dan Aku Yang Bernama Kevin,Aku Adalah Rank E,Akankah Kevin Mencapai Rank S?

  • Mystic Moon

    Mystic Moon


    Imagine waking up on your girlfriend's birthday only to see a full blue moon changing every single form on earth including the earth itself.Also giving them mind blowing superpowers, but turning Human kind to a new life form with abilities to turn into a werewolf. Giving Yuo Su a bitter slice of life because of the more crueler and harsher new world. Things go from Zero To Hero for him when he finds a magical item.

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