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  • Warlord Husband:Shenshen is Gonna be the Winner

    Warlord Husband:Shenshen is Gonna be the Winner

    Her fate has been turned upside down for saving him by accident. He already has 27 women, how can I be the special one? I even gave him a baby! A commander? Warlord? But what of that! He wants to marry me? Fine, clean up his mess first, and then throw these women out! Or don’t even think about that!【Copyright Authorized】

    4.64142 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Fake Hero

    Fake Hero

    What could a mechanical repairman do?What could a special scout do? What could a military staff do? A person who could combine three professions, and even master psychology tricks and assassin camouflage, however, was a wretched,despicable and fat man.

    4.3198 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Super Son-in-law In Another World

    Super Son-in-law In Another World

    Qin Shi, an ordinary undergraduate, accidentally goes through the time-space journey and becomes the leader of an evil sect. But this sect is so unreliable that the fund is raised by the leader through marital fraud. Qin Shi wants to resign as this position. This story is about a leader who sticks to core socialist values.

    99 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • My Beautiful Time with You

    My Beautiful Time with You

    Lin Jiage has only ever wanted two things in his life — Shi Yao, and time spent with Shi Yao. Starting from many, many years ago, Lin Jiage has had something he wanted to tell Shi Yao. However, it isn't until many years later that he finally has the good fortune to say it to her: There is nothing in this world more beautiful... than my beautiful time with you.

    4.72197 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Fairies Cultivation Manual S1

    Fairies Cultivation Manual S1

    「Fairies Cultivation Manual Season 2 is now launched on WeComics only! Search for "Fairies Cultivation Manual S2" and get it!」 "There are so many fairies to collect and I want to collect them." Tom Sue Gardener embarks on a fairy collecting journey.

    71 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Trading with Immortals

    Trading with Immortals

    Wang Jian, a construction worker, accidentally got a magical app from the Immortal Realm when he was in deep despair because of his younger sister's serious disease. He not only rescued his sister but gained some magic skills that helped him win the hearts of his female CEO and a cute girl. However, as time went by, he found there were some secrets about his identity...

    64 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Tower into the Clouds

    Tower into the Clouds

    To get back my memory, I, Mao Li, have accidentally embarked on a journey to challenge the celestial tower. However, why are all these tower guardians so weird? A sinister doctor who attacks with his armpit hair; a muscleman who hides his weakness in a place that cannot be described; and a weird lady with a sexy body! Please, guys. Everyone who's reading this comic, PLEASE SAVE ME!!

    4.74186 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • I'm Not a Drag Queen!

    I'm Not a Drag Queen!

    What happens if a modern, straight guy time travels to an ancient world where women are superior to men? His new, powerful mother had been expecting a daughter but ended up giving birth to him. So, guess what? He's been forced to be a drag queen ever since!

    4.8171 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Adorable Vampire

    The Adorable Vampire

    Hey! Can you not look at me like I’m your food? Alright alright I’m sorry okay? Don’t come closer! And don’t lick me!!

    213 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Unspeakable Touch

    The Unspeakable Touch

    Does rebirth really exist? Do people have a soul after their death? The comic tells stories between a cold psychic and a super lucky college student. Will Shi Chenhua bring luck to Xia Ke who has been surrounded by trouble? An exciting but unmentionable part-time job; the spirits-dispelling rites that can touch souls; the destined encounter... and someone hiding in the darkness. After going through all the trouble, Xia Ke says to Shi Chenhua:" Would you like to be my lucky charm?"

    61 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Moon and the 1/2 Lovers

    The Moon and the 1/2 Lovers

    Ji Xianfeng and Zhao Yushuang both have a quirk that transforms them into the opposite sex when exposed to moonlight. One fateful night, they stumbled upon each other's secret, which led to their lives becoming intertwined and a series of comedic events. A youthful schoolyard romantic comedy thus unfolds!

    4.8340 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Finally Living With My Hater

    Finally Living With My Hater

    Finally Living With My Hater The "lovely" daily life between an idol and his pro hater! 「Please note that the last 5 chapters can be unlocked by Coins Only at the request of our author. Thanks for your support~」

    4.9457 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Stop Teasing Me, Mr. Zhou

    Stop Teasing Me, Mr. Zhou

    One day, Cheng Jiajia decided to go to an elective class on a scooter now that she got up late, which was a violation of school rules. Unexpectedly, she crashed into a BMW sports car. Due to the overly aggressive attitude of the car owner, Cheng Jiajia asserted she’d compensate him and they exchanged their contacts. As it turned out, the car owner was Zhou Mufan, the new substitute psychology teacher and a legendary alumnus of B University.

    60 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Hunky and Shorty

    Hunky and Shorty

    Originally known as My Childhood Friend Who Turned Into A Real Overbearing CEO.I finally see my childhood friend again after years of separation! However... He has become... No! This must be a bad dream!

    42 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Unique You

    Unique You

    National idol Ming Gu, a lovely and docile sheep in front of fans, however, a little devil with deep mind and few words in private. Grassroots girl exchanged her souls with him unexpectedly and decided to "live an unrestrained playboy’s life!" How can he get his body and life back?

    65 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Three Months to Live

    Three Months to Live

    What?! I only have three months to live?! What the hell is that?! The officer from hell will work as my body guard?! Oh my! This hell is so different! Could you please send another guy here?!!

    4.9472 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • The Top Martial Artist's Retired Life

    The Top Martial Artist's Retired Life

    I retire as the top martial artist from now on. But what should I do? I have no special skills, and I'm not good at business, either. The only thing I'm capable of is being peerless in martial arts. I'm so distressed...

    4.39114 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Come On, My Mighty Brick

    Come On, My Mighty Brick

    Ren Fei travels to another world. By chance, he obtains the strongest Magic Instrument-- a brick, but he is also labeled as the evilest man in the world. While fleeing, he sticks to his cultivation, only to find that he is involved in a huge Conspiracy, which is related to his previous life. Meanwhile, the careerist Yuan Xu tries to kill him by hook or by crook...

    62 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • From Riches To Rags

    From Riches To Rags

    You may see ancient persons in elegant clothes, knights who know magic, cultivators who can ride a flying sword, cute girls who can command mekas, the undead from the spiritual land, aliens, Saiyans and other different people with superpowers in this comic. But all above is not important. The most important thing is that whether you want to become a rich person! Hao Qiong, the richest man in the Land of Kings, somehow time travels to the lowest point in his life. Let's see how he will become the most wealthy man again!

    45 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Oh No! It Became A Spirit!

    Oh No! It Became A Spirit!

    An erotica suddenly becomes a spirit. All she wanted to do was cultivate her powers, sleep and flirt with Master, but... No matter where she goes, objects seem to be turning into spirits. Enough, throne! Stop thinking about sleeping with the emperor!

    112 ChaptersAddIn Library