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  • The Jealous Governor Ling

    The Jealous Governor Ling

    " With only a small scalpel, she deals with the scheming women in the governor's mansion and becomes invincible." #Transmigration#Romance#Strong FL #2021 HIT NEW FEMALE LEAD COMIC 【Update Wed Fri Sat】A spoiled and domineering young lady, Mu Wan, was killed. Lu Zaozao, a female surgeon in the 21st century, goes back to the past and lives as Mu Wan. Lu Zaozao has superb medical skills. Her parents-in-law don't like her. Her husband doesn't love her. Moreover, her husband's concubines eye her with hostility. - This is an authorized work translated by Webnovel protected by copyright law. All forms of reproduction/distribution are strongly prohibited.

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  • Prince's Private Sweetheart

    Prince's Private Sweetheart

    Betrayed by her natural sister, an ordinary girl encounters the Prince of the State Ning, who later offers a reward of one million for the capture of her, “the criminal”, after she runs away from the room where they have one night of romance—“Wildcat, you cannot escape this time!” 【Copyright Authorized】

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  • Yes, Your Highness

    Yes, Your Highness

    That night, he takes her virginity and makes her his woman. Several charming princes and a restrained and calm humble maid. Will their meeting with her lead to a series of sweet romances or a huge crisis that destabilizes the whole country?

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  • Ten Thousand Ways to Win Sexy Guys' Hearts

    Ten Thousand Ways to Win Sexy Guys' Hearts

    There's a girl called Summer. She has social phobia and is allergic to men. As soon as being crashed by a car, she got one and only chance—the qualification to get the heart of superstar Donggong Shuiyue in a game?!

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  • World Of Rebirth

    World Of Rebirth

    She, a disciple of Ghost Physician, was reborn and incarnated on a pathetic foolish girl. People thought she was stupid, but her medical expertise shocked them; people thought she was pathetic, but she fixed her stepmother and stepsister an eye for an eye. In her new life, Sue Lin beat the scum and rode the high horse, but then she met him. She tried to run away after a one-night stand with him. To her surprise, the man found her and wanted to marry her. “Little girl, do I have to teach you to be responsible for a man after a one-night stand?”

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  • Sweetheart V5: The Boss Is Too Kind!

    Sweetheart V5: The Boss Is Too Kind!

    "Uncle! What is a 'husband'? Why do they say that you are handsome without compare?" #Comedy #Dual-transmigraion #2019+2020 Female Lead TOP 10 【Update Thu Sun】Jing Yiren was a proud and talented 14-year-old princess. One night, she was transmigrated, and she became the 19-year-old wife of the Lu Conglomeration's President. This sudden change would test every fiber of her being! For his part, Lu Ming now has to deal with a wife who is wholly confused by her new station in life. In the face of such problems, he can only get through to her with his actions——

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  • Resurrection Reunion: The Exclusive Love

    Resurrection Reunion: The Exclusive Love

    After resurrection, the now seventeen-year-old Selina Yun vowed not to be bullied again. She married a high-profile man, but was forced to accept a man with leg issues. Selina Yun was ridiculed by others. But the man extremely cherished her. One day, Yun was shocked: "You cab walk?" The man looked innocent: "I never said that I couldn't walk.

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  • The Icy Chairman's Cute Little Wife

    The Icy Chairman's Cute Little Wife

    A punk girl turns into a great goddess to beat up scumbags and oppress fake angels. She angers all of the surrounding rotten women to death. After being reborn, I, Chi Yan, have to marry this brainless playboy with X disease? I found a handsome man to play my boyfriend, but he ended up trying to flirt with me every day! An icy chairman announced: My Yan'Er is the cutest in the world. I won't hold her back!

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  • The Bestselling Empress

    The Bestselling Empress

    At the age of 20, she graduated from a top school in the United States with double major. At 23, she bought a new villa for her parents. She, Wei Yujin, had risen from the mud to the peak of fame in the 21st century, and she's going to do the same in ancient China.

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  • My Dangerous Prince

    My Dangerous Prince

    As the result of time travel, the best agent in the twenty-first century ends up being the ugly, dimwitted fifth princess in the Dongyue Kingdom. There she meets a handsome but cruel and powerful prince regent from a foreign land. Each believes it's destiny to terminate the other, but their encounter turns out to be the beginning of a funny story. “God has sent this strange woman to me.” he thinks.

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  • Prince Bastard's Parenting Book

    Prince Bastard's Parenting Book

    Yan Xi, the invincible 7th prince, brought back a little princess after defeating the enemy state, State of Qi. Tao Xiaowei, the five-year-old princess, rumbled up the whole prince's palace. This was Yan Xi's first parenting experience. After years of fighting in battlefields, Yan Xi came back and found that the little princess has grown up into a peerless beauty. Since then, Yan Xi has destroyed all the enemy states and killed all the rivals in love. She is the only thing in his eyes.

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  • The Brocaded Tale of The Girl Si

    The Brocaded Tale of The Girl Si

    Her unfortunate life began with a marriage of which the two families didn't match. Her first husband detested her for killing his first love; her second husband, despite showing great favor, only regarded her as a substitute? Now that Jiang Si has entered her new present life, she is determined to define destiny all by herself!

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  • A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

    A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return

    She was the Queen of Song, but she died during her greatest years. After she was reincarnated, she became a simple trainee. She lost her former glory? It doesn't matter—no one can compete with her beautiful singer's voice. She's mocked for her lowly birth? It doesn't matter—her true identity is enough to make the whole world tremble. She owes huge debts? It doesn't matter... A powerful boss whispered to her: "The debt will disapper if you would become my woman." But she is proud: "I'm sorry. I would sell my art, but not my whole self." ———————————————— This is the story of the Queen of Song, of her return to the peak... and an overbearing chairman.

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  • Embrace My Shadow

    Embrace My Shadow

    A ruthless deal, bends her with the most horrible man in the city.

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  • The Queen Against Destiny

    The Queen Against Destiny

    After a tragic death, Shen Qingdai was reborn as a talented cultivator and is no longer the worthless trash anymore! Mastering all six elements, rich in prime elixir and with ancient mythical creatures begging for allegiance, she is now the proud queen capable of everything! If this is the Heaven's Will, she doesn't mind going against it!

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  • Pharaoh's Concubine

    Pharaoh's Concubine

    The river of the Nile is singing, and the gold bracelet is engraved with eternal vows. He was the pharaoh of Egypt, supreme and powerful. She was the girl who traveled through time and space, beautiful and bright. The love romance of the 19th dynasty of Egypt presents for you.

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  • Nancheng Waits for The Moon

    Nancheng Waits for The Moon

    Determined to tear down the angelic b*tch faker and the homewrecker, Shen Yugui, a returning professional, master hacker, and elite martial artist would do all she can to play dumb, win the heart of the icy CEO, and climb toward the summit of her life!

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  • Devil in a Suit

    Devil in a Suit

    Shao Xinyu is a second-rate author who has never written a good novel. She now risks her life by disguising herself as a man to sneak into the legendary paradise of men—the Rongguang Group. She only planned on using the cold and arrogant president, Wen Qijang, as inspiration for her upcoming bestselling novel. After all, his domineering attitude has scared off plenty of personal assistants before her. However, Shao Xinyu wouldn't have guessed that her appearance as a carefree 'young man' would make president's heart race!"

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  • Sweet Bite Marks

    Sweet Bite Marks

    The cocky swagger kindred prince falls in love with the humble kindred young maid. A cat-and-mouse tale of cooping up and possessing. A conflict between human and kindred. Will true lovers break through the shackles and finally be together?

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  • Max's Stylish Daddy

    Max's Stylish Daddy

    Their adorable baby was born because of a conspiracy. When she met him again several years later, her "lover", allegedly cold, seemed not that bad as she thought him to be.

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