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  • Nova Roma


    Nova Roma

    Our protagonist was a Mexican who died on a flight, when he woke up he found Apollo who reincarnated him as the grandson of Gaius Octavian Turino (Augustus) the first Roman emperor, having a mission in hand to conquer the New World to save the Roman polytheist world and his existence. Our protagonist will be able to develop the great Roman civilization in America and survive the different ones that exist in this distant land ... Discord Server

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  • Military Summoning System in the Medieval Apocalyptic World


    Military Summoning System in the Medieval Apocalyptic World

    If you like it then please do consider supporting my works through the following links. Check out my other webnovel too Dietrich The Modern Magician At Another World Rebirth Of The Maharlikan Empire In Another World --------- Ferdinand Anshelm is an officer of the Imperial Federation. Ferdinand was participating in an offensive towards an enemy nation, but then as he was leading the charge a bomb exploded in the sky, his surroundings suddenly turned bright, to which he lost consciousness. When Ferdinand woke up he found himself in an unfamiliar world. --------- Also posting this story at Wattpad and Royalroad and MegaNovel

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  • Building an Empire in Game of Thrones


    Building an Empire in Game of Thrones

    Greg was the son of the smartest and most powerful people in the world. His Mom and Dad being geniuses made advanced technology that boosted the world's development level but also caused more conflict. Follow Greg as he tries and build an Empire in Game of thrones --- --- This Story will be faced paced and include Kingdom building and a Harem The Game of Thrones world will also have a slightly bigger population and bigger armies This is a side project so don't expect fast updates unless readers ask for more.

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  • Rome on Middle Earth


    Rome on Middle Earth

    The legions of rome were about to go back to their camp after recently winning another battle when a flash of light from the sky blinded everyone, next thing they knew there is mist around them and 13 dwarves and an old man with a pointy hat running towards them with a horde of goblins chasing them. Watch the Legions of Rome fight their enemies as once again they make the world tremble as they participate in earth shaking battles, Battle of the six army, Battle of Helms deep, Battle of Minas Tirith, and Battle of the Black Gate. Cover Art Credit: Leo Karpacz Map of middle earth: I do not own any characters and images in the story.

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  • King of German Mercenaries


    King of German Mercenaries

    This story/book is NOT my work, it belong to Top Old Cow, the three first chapter were already traduced by Delta Translations I will try to let it be free most of the time ( the other will be costing 1 or 2 power stone max) P.S. : English is not my main language to it's bound to have some error of grammar, etc. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SYNOPSIS Marin found himself in the body of a young wandering knight who was driven out of the house. Forced into the 15th Century, he was armed with only a horse, a breastplate, and a lance. He was soon caught up in the era of German mercenaries established by Maximilian I. And so he decided to become a mercenary. Relying on his internet, historical and game knowledge, he will establish his own mercenary force. Waging war with French knights and Swiss armies, even Emperors, Kings and Pope will beg for his help. Marin will also send ships to "tail" the Da Gama fleet, going to India and beginning to participate in the maritime trade and colonial competition ... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is the first book of this webnovel the second one is called "The Rise of the European Emperor"

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  • Soul King System


    Soul King System

    The human race is weak ? Can she only conquer a meager fragment of the universe? Are human geniuses rubbish compared to ordinary people of other races? I will reverse this ratio. Any human child will be comparable to the best geniuses of any race, while any human will have the capacity to wipe out entire civilizations. From the moment I the Soul King is born, the human race is destined to fight across the universe for one day to stand on top of thousands of races! I don't know who the artist is, if they want I can remove the cover at any time. Currently on hiatus because I'd like to get it published in a publishing house. In the meantime I write this:'s-rebirth_23589649306783705 Go have a look, I guarantee you won't be disappointed! haha (except for the number of chapters, but that will require a little patience ;)) To contact me : Kasuma#6985

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  • Counterfeit Hero


    Counterfeit Hero

    In times of war… What is a Battle Mecha engineer expected to do? Are they expected to do research and realize their imagination? How about a Battle Mecha pilot? Are they expected to enter battle with their mechas as they display their exquisite control through bizarre and bewildering techniques? What about a member of the special scouts? Are they expected to infiltrate deep into the enemy lines as they use stellar unarmed fighting skills to suppress the enemy with a single move? Or are they expected to make use of disguises and stealth techniques to take out the enemy? And what about a military officer? Are they expected to analyze the outcome of a battle? Or are they expected to create brilliant strategies to triumph over the enemy through a miraculous move? For someone who excels in human psychology, deceit, assassination, and disguise, what happens when that person is merged with all those professions? This is the story of a cowardly, wretched, and despicable fatty. -------------- Releasing: Mon, Wed, Fri, and Weekend

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  • Military Demon Lord


    Military Demon Lord

    A Classic world where Humans and other kingdoms and empires allianced together to defeat the Demons in the Demon Continent This continues over a fucking 5000 YEARS! The Demon Faction cannot even win to shit! And for some reasons the "Heroes" are a problem When they die and go the Gods realm they are very arrogant and they thought they are Gods too. This enraged all of the Gods and Goddesses in the Gods realm so they needed to put some "punishment" on that world. For all the troubles they made But assigning the Goddess of punishment there is a little too extreme and a little too boring So all of the Gods and Goddesses discussed who will make them suffer for all the Arrogant and shit heroes they sent in the Gods Realm? They spread across the multiverse to find a suitable person to take up for the Job Meanwhile a Military Librarian stationed near Kyoto is at the Library reading history books Books about military history, Books about military tacticd, Books about anything that says military in them Aaand some Anime, Manga Fanfiction military His name is Kanemoto Mamoru. Age 28. Rank Captain Hobbies: Reading history books, others Dislikes: Stupidity As he finally finished the final volume of a military Novel. He then breathed in relaxation that he already finished his favorite As he closed his eyes just to relaxed he felt his entire atmosphere was cold. He thought it was the AC Until he opened his eyes and knew. He is in a different place Many more will come in later chapters --------- Pic not mine Novel is just an experiment and a practice run

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  • A cripple in medieval world


    A cripple in medieval world

    This is the first time I write a novel in English. I’m just a historical nerd wanting to create a beautiful story. It’ll be great if you guys can tell me about my grammatical mistakes ******** This is the story of a modern man reincarnated into a medieval, fictional, and fantasy world. Although he is a cripple, he has some special power that can help him to develop his land and hammer his legend into history. I’m inspired by the legendary tale of Ivar the Boneless. =.= Enjoy! My discord server:

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  • Servants With a Modern Weapon


    Servants With a Modern Weapon

    Wilson is a servant for the duke's daughter. Little to none known about him. Although something is puzzling about him, perhaps it's his reputation, or maybe it's merely his decency. However, nonetheless, people tend to pretend to be his best friend while wanting to know his secret. Sorry for my bad English since I'm not a native speaker. [Hiatus For Now]

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  • The Monster App


    The Monster App

    "Humans! Your world will end on the first day of the new year. If you wish to survive the apocalypse, receive my egg, fertilize, hatch, and evolve the creature within. Unimaginable horrors await those who fail at this simple task. Know that what is coming is for my amusement. Everyone will soon fear the name, The Majestic Pink Fluffals the Third!" ------------------ The Monster App system inspirations come from Digimon, Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh!, Monster Hunter, Solo-Leveling, and more. (This is not a FANFIC, so don't expect it to follow their rules and evolution progression) Selvaria has become the Co-author & Editor of the story (As of 12-03-22)

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  • Crusader kings 3 as Poland in Another World


    Crusader kings 3 as Poland in Another World

    Warning: I’m not a Polish, I’m just a guy love Crusader kings 3 and the Winged Hussars. If I write anything that may insult Poland and her people, please notice me. A Polish high student dies saving other people from a bomber and is granted a wish. As a historical nerd, he wishes to become a lord with a system to the gaming mechanics of crusader kings 3 help him. I do not know much about European history so I’ll put him in a brand new world that I create myself. Wish you guys enjoy it!!! -.-

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  • Deathseeker
Book 1: The Tale of Zhao Yun

    Deathseeker Book 1: The Tale of Zhao Yun

    My first ON will try my best not to screw it up. Synopsis: A young man dies by getting pushed in front of the train by a strange shadow. He awakens in the Nothingness were someone we know awaits him. Basically our MC will be traveling from Era to Era starting with the Three Kingdoms. He will be living under the Vikings, participate in the 100-year-old War between France and England and many more before he reaches his goal.

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  • Advent of the New Age

    Advent of the New Age

    The magical world of Threa is now experiencing a massive change. A new age is coming. The age of the 'gun' has arrived. Weapons of steel that could kill from a distance. However, they were not powered with gunpowder, but with magic instead. The change was so abrupt that the empires and kingdoms of the old World are struggling to keep up, with only a select few pioneers leading the revolution. One of the greatest pioneers of this new age is Maxwell Von Dunnwal. Armed with the knowledge of how to take advantage of this new age, Maxwell sets his sights on world domination. Will the might of the old world be enough to stop the world from falling under Maxwell's control? Or will the kingdoms of old become crushed under the might of Maxwell's military power? "Either way my name will be forever remembered in history." - Maxwell Von Galnus Dunnwal. ... Here's my Discord! And here is my Patreon!

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  • Rise of an empire of Rats.


    Rise of an empire of Rats.

    Leonardo was a great player in a strategy game called (Rising Races) and one day he was playing his game normally when the next moment he found himself in the body of a giant rat in a forest.

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  • Alternate Philippine History 1898


    Alternate Philippine History 1898

    What would happen if history took a different course back in 1898 and the Filipino revolutionaries learned of the secret negotiation between the American and Spanish forces in Manila? How will the future of the Philippines change?

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  • The Strategist That Succeed With Gallant Power


    The Strategist That Succeed With Gallant Power

    The child prodigy who lost his parents due to a catastrophic event. Soon follows his journey to reclaim the honor that was taken away from him. And as he travels throughout the continent, he may unravel the truth and lies hidden between the faces of darkness. Artirian Reginald Cartelan. "I who prevail, as I hold my destiny"

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  • In the Three Kingdoms with a System!


    In the Three Kingdoms with a System!

    Tianlong was a historian, who was killed by an evil spirit that escaped the spirit road and brought five evil spirits, with it. So come, follow Tianlong on a journey as he travels, in the Three Kingdoms making a name for himself, while tracking down an evil spirit which escaped into the Three Kingdoms. (PS, This is my first time writing a story like this and would like good, bad, and positive criticization, to see what I could fix in the story. Help is always appreciated, also this is an alternate timeline where it follows a slightly altered history of the three kingdoms and shall show another possibility if Lu Bu made a decision, to set up somewhere else where he could grow, contest, and vie for power with Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Ce.) The ranks of the generals are inspired by the novel, My, Father, In-Law Is Lu Bu. you can get a clear description of them there than here. not my pic can be found here

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  • The 8th continent


    The 8th continent

    An adult dies and is reincarnated in the body of a child with a system with the possibility of creating an overpowering country. Thinking he's on another world, what happens when he finds out he's still on Earth? Join my discord :

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  • The Ink Collector


    The Ink Collector

    Jhin Herangel was once a prodigy merchant on Earth. Through his talent and luck, he became a billionaire at the young age. He was acknowledged as The Einstein of Business. His ability to command his employees was unparalleled; any task given was done with great efficiency and quality. However, it all changed after he was killed and died with eyes unable to close. When he thought it was the end, he accidentally signed a contract which brought him to a new world. A world where the horns of wars echo all year-round. A place where the myriads of races fought over resources just to survive. [Ding! You have successfully integrated with the Devil King's Legacy] [Ding! Please fill up the System Creation Form] He was given the ability to design his own system but in exchange… He must kill a million creatures within two years. Watch as Jhin Herangel, the one who fell from grace starts his journey in the bloody Chaos World and design a system to accomplish his goals. … [Ding! Discovered the tower of achievements. Do you wish to write your name and your greatest accomplishment?] “Sure!” [Ding! Please pick among your three greatest achievements.] 1. Vomiting in a God's head 2. Vomiting on the enemies' commander. 3. Flirting with the enemies' commander. “Forget it!” Jhin sighed as he reluctantly looked at the magnificent tower.

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