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THE SPARK OF BEGINNING - "GRANDELIN"...3rd SON OF THE DUKE'S FAMILY - Chapter 1 by REIJI full book limited free



Author: REIJI

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This is a world of magic and swords and fantasy races such as dwarves , demons, dragons, devils, elfs, humans and many more. Here everything is made up of mana which is known to be created by God's who named this world "GRANDELIN ".In this world when a child reaches the age of 5 they are to be taken to the temple of the God's to receive their blessings which is mandatory for every races . This power means that you are blessed by God and everyone in Grandlin has their own blessing and you need to cultivate both your body and mana level to make your blessing stronger. There are 6 stages in cultivation.. they are.. black, red, orange, yellow, silver and white.

"In the country of Crestburgh"

Maid: "Miss please hold on a bit longer."

Lilliana:"Ah! it hurts, please hurry".

Headmaid Mary:"Miss, everything will be all right, just pray to God ".

Doctor:" Congratulations, Your highness ;you have given birth to a beautiful and healthy boy.

Lilliana:" O, my dear son.. mom is so happy to have you ".

Headmaid:" Someone call the Duke and inform him that his third child is born".

The servent ran to inform the Duke to his work room.

The Duke Gabriel:"What? My son is born".

The Duke asked the servant with a cold look on his face. He then went to the Duchess chamber along with his personal assistant Zabier. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-family_20839971905328205/the-spark-of-beginning_55942277679346162">;s-family_20839971905328205/the-spark-of-beginning_55942277679346162</a> for visiting.

Upon arriving the servant shouted that "The Duke has arrived".

The Duke looks at the Duchess and asks

Duke:" Is he my child? Good, I only need the strongest in my family, there is no place for weaklings".

Duchess:"My Lord, he is our child.. please name him".

Duke:".... I name this child... ".

Duchess:".... ".

Duke:" Arthur von Reinspear, from now on he will be regarded as my third child ".

Art:" Where am I? Just a few minutes ago I was inside the legendary abyss of life to find the pearl of rebirth and after absorbing it's power my mind suddenly went blank."

Nanny:"Here young master! are you feeling hungry."

Art:"What who is this disrespectful woman treating me like a child... and why can't I move my hands.. Ah! It's up... what? why is it so small. Don't tell me am I being reborn? This doesn't look like my world at all. what is this place.....! I guess I need to grow up a bit first to know that. Even though I am the supreme Lord who ruled over three world's but now I am in a state where I can't even properly move my fingers and speak. Although I was reincarnated three times before but that was in the body of an adult but this is first time being reborn as a baby.In my first life I was named as the 12th Circle Wizard King, in my second life I was the weilder of the demonic sword and the greatest sword master and in my third life I was reincarnated in world full of technology and martial arts and eventually became The Urban Martial arts master.I guess in this life I can live properly without worrying about power and money and about proving myself to others. Hah! In this life I just want to rest and live my life in a leisurely way".


Well everyone might think that being born into a Duke's family is lucky and full of happiness.

"Hah...! not for me"

Well my problems comes after the main reason. By a Duke's family, you guys might be thinking my father killed his brothers and got the throne...

"Well, that's not true..";

cause although my uncles are evil, crude and full of greediness.. they are still kept alive to live a life of their own as prophesized by my grandfather.I didn't get to see my grandfather since he died before I was born but heard that he was a great warrior since he was regarded as one of the 10 legendary warriors in the Crestburgh Royal Kingdom. He was respected and regarded by the name of "Lightling Sword Emperor".

I am Arthur von Reinspear, the third son of Duke Gabriel von Reinspear and Duchess Lilliana von Reinspear of the Reinspear Noble family. The late emperor Augustus von Crestburgh and my grandfather Claudius von Reinspear were brothers.

I have an older sister named Ariel von Reinspear .. known as the weilder of the Ice Goddess Katriva's power, an unparalleled genius at the age of 12 and my brother is known to be a duel Elementalist [two strongest elements FIRE AND LIGHTLING] sword master at the age of ten.

Art:" Finally, I reached the age of 5,somehow, as acting as a baby was more tiring then anything else.I learned more about this crazy world which is fond of blessings from the God's and the six stages of cultivation of life from the books in those last five years".

"Well who the hell cares about the rules of this world. If I have to become stronger to live a leisurely life then I will get stronger in my own way".

Today is the day I am supposed to go to the temple to receive my blessing from God.


High Priest:" Duke it's very unfortunate but this child has no blessings from any of the God's and is deemed to be talantless with mana capacity less than even a commoner.The God's and Goddesses does not love this child and is deemed to be weakling for his entire lifetime".

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