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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Magical Realism So Pure, So Flirtatious 888 Traffic Accident Fishman The Second VinceStar 48 minutes ago
Romance Fiction WARNING! Tsundere President 210 Evil Scheme IV Shopkeeper Fang EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Magical Realism Great Doctor Ling Ran 166 A Talk about Diseases Village of Ambitious Birds EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Way of the Devil 372 Divine Weapon (1) Get Lost EndlessFantasy Translation 2 hours ago
Video Games Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God 1527 Guild's New Benefits Lucky Old Cat - - 2 hours ago
Romance Fiction My Dad Is the Galaxy's Prince Charming 196 The Growth of the Queen You Qian Kingbao 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Supreme Uprising 439 Pursued Thoroughly Jewelcat Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Magical Realism The Daily Life of the Immortal King 689 Poor Student Wang Ling Kuxuan Henyee Translations 2 hours ago
Magical Realism I’m Really a Superstar 1538 Come on out, In the Name of the People! Chang Yu - - 2 hours ago
Romance Fiction Legend of Fuyao 209 Untitled World Convergence Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Magical Realism Only I level up 220 Chapter 220 추공 (Chugong) - - 3 hours ago
Romance Fiction His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light 342 He May Have Been In Love With Me All This While (2) Purple-Red Beauty Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Romance Fiction The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 1909 The Scary And Ugly Woman (5) Mu Danfeng - - 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy The Invincible Dragon Emperor 938 Underworld Realm Yao Ye Henyee Translations 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Monster Paradise 1005 Yang Ling’s Trump Card Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine - - 4 hours ago
Magical Realism A Valiant Life 1007 Undisciplined and out of control Xin Feng Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Warrior's Promise 476 Murong Wudi! Baili Longxia Transn 4 hours ago
Fantasy Lord of the Mysteries 316 Never Perform Unprepared Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Pursuit of the Truth 1135 What Is There Left in My Life…? Er Gen Mogumoguchan 4 hours ago
Romance Fiction Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife 607 Definitely Can't Miss Her Slight Uplifting Atlas Studios 5 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Fan-fiction chapad gamju 1 fgvbb Army_Blink_Muskaan 11 seconds ago
Fan-fiction bhikari 1 pyare bhai ka khushbudaar gaana Army_Blink_Muskaan 1 minute ago
Fan-fiction Reborn as Naruto's Twin Brother 53 Help... Shaikh_Tohaa 1 minute ago
Romance Fiction The Vile Man of the North 8 From the North Aja_Mission 2 minutes ago
Fan-fiction Namjoonie 1 Namjoon Wandering_soul 2 minutes ago
Fan-fiction KOG: RIME 2 Cognition Rime 5 minutes ago
Fan-fiction gvdgbf 1 gfgg Army_Blink_Muskaan 5 minutes ago
Fan-fiction The Legend of Fanny (Mobile Legends AU) 2 2 The Long Adventure Awaits Wamy_Dolfin 5 minutes ago
Fan-fiction youo 1 ghonchuuu Army_Blink_Muskaan 6 minutes ago
Magical Realism hollow nights 4 fire in the eyes Saturnino_Glez 6 minutes ago
Fantasy BLACK AND WHITE 2 2. Who's he? Ishita_Wahi 8 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Life of a Slave 9 Asta William Light_fury23 8 minutes ago
Romance Fiction You Will Be Mine Someday 39 It's A Dinner Date... shweshaz 8 minutes ago
Fan-fiction BTS : ARMY'S LIFEU 1 I Purple You Wandering_soul 9 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction Help Me... 1 Home LucASS 9 minutes ago
Fan-fiction Remnant's Admin 13 Is He Awake? MatureLeech360 9 minutes ago
Fan-fiction yfgg 1 paadh ka gana Army_Blink_Muskaan 10 minutes ago
Fan-fiction Silence The Melody 4 Hoseoks Return XWeBareMonstaXX 10 minutes ago
Romance Fiction I Do Care. 2 I want to know more about you Ysha_Biado 11 minutes ago
Fan-fiction RWBY: Reborn With A System 48 Chapter 34: The Curse Of The Teacher Part 2 Glace 12 minutes ago

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