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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Fantasy Versatile Mage 867 They Are All Sheep Chaos Tofu 8 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife 1303 An Unforgettable Night (Part Six) Slight Uplifting Atlas Studios 13 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Unrivaled Medicine God 1112 Ancient Heaven One Sect Feng Yise Atlas Studios 13 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1049 Very Willing to Work Hard Phoenix Essence Sweet Atlas Studios 13 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Monster Pet Evolution 731 Combat Force Unit Wine Pool Inebriation Nyoi-Bo Studio 13 minutes ago
Sci-fi The Favored Son of Heaven 310 A Temptation No Man Can Resist Highrise Building Exodus Tales 13 minutes ago
Magical Realism The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism 880 Sinister A Golden Millet Dream CKtalon 13 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Hello, Mr. Major General 639 Molting Han Wuji Nyoi-Bo Studio 13 minutes ago
Fantasy Castle of Black Iron 1999 When Good Luck Come, One Has Good Ideas Drunk Tiger - - 26 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering 369 His Difficulty Sweets Flood Atlas Studios 28 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Release that Man 444 Life Is a Beautiful Thing Dancing Water Sleeves - - 1 hour ago
Horror&Thriller My House of Horrors 835 Sorry, I Didn't Mean to I Fix Air-Conditioner - - 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss 618 Pathetic bandits Shan Gumu Misty Cloud Translations 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy King of Gods 1456 Returning to Sky Feather Island Fast Food Restaurant - - 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance The Indomitable Master of Elixirs 334 A Peaceful Life, but a Painful Death (3) North Night Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Horror&Thriller Doomsday Wonderland 665 The Benefit Of Having A Lot Of Friends N.Heller EndlessFantasy Translation 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 473 Victory by Surprise Yao Ye Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Magical Realism Scholar's Advanced Technological System 359 Hoffman Prize Morning Star LL Henyee Translations 3 hours ago
Magical Realism My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife 2427 The Pieces of the God List I Love Mermaid - - 3 hours ago
Magical Realism Spare Me, Great Lord! 788 Feng Yeming Who Had Materialized the World The Speaking Pork Trotter Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Fantasy SINGULARITY 7 Battle Freak! Eccentric_Enigma 58 seconds ago
Fantasy Romance Guardians: The Phoenix 3 Arabel ChrisLahey 3 minutes ago
Fantasy Magi Fanfiction: Takes you on an Adventure who knows what's next 3 Chapter 3: Joining the Fog Troupe, So much Drama! Your stupid plan Cassatrophic 6 minutes ago
Fantasy Magical Academy: Rise of the Supreme Magic Craftsman 77 Attack xlntz 7 minutes ago
Fantasy The Zombie Knight Saga 45 XLV. | 'O, noble men of the Crown...' GeorgeMFrost 8 minutes ago
Anime & Comics It Is Wrong To Become Teacher In Dungeon? 8 Golden (Wet) Time With Kaguya! SilvMountstre 9 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Crossing Worlds With My Right Hand Man 9 Notice (Not an update) BambooSpirit 10 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance I Deserve a Second Chance 144 I want it Gold_Paper_Crane 12 minutes ago
Fantasy Wraith Macabre 18 It was always better to stay a little crazy. mangabigbang 13 minutes ago
Magical Realism Under The Veil of Night 406 Warmth Feeling Sorahana 13 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Rich Brat: Sweet revenge of a Lazy Princess 23 Chapter 22 Gayu2594 13 minutes ago
Sci-fi Romance Ruler's Flight System: Conquering Doomsday 5 Beauty Zitian 15 minutes ago
Anime & Comics The Sharingan Hyuga 110 Charlotte and Princess go to the Purple Orca Castle Snowstar 17 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance The Empress Spoiled by Her Husbands 21 Are you not afraid that if we end up together, I will love one of you more than I should with the other? Cooki3pj 20 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy The Primordial’s Ascension 55 Xiao Ying Katsukez 20 minutes ago
Fantasy I was Born the Unloved Twin 70 Remember to pick up milk CCmei 20 minutes ago
Book&Literature FATE/RWBY 5 The sexiest and most handsome vampire AstolfoYggmilenia 21 minutes ago
Magical Realism In Fairy Tail 16 Oooh spooky ghooooost(its almost christmas) WhatAreLegs 22 minutes ago
LGBT+ Omegaverse: The Alpha X’s Prey 25 Volume 1 LOTTO swiggly_toez 22 minutes ago
Martial Arts Dark Hero : God of Martial Arts 17 Ch.17 Aziss 23 minutes ago

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