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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Fantasy Romance The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2337 His Arrival (5) Mu Danfeng - - 16 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy 784 The Whole World Knew Bean Ding Ding EndlessFantasy Translation 46 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Gourmet of Another World 674 I Will not Carry this Black pot for You Li Hongtian - - 46 minutes ago
Horror&Thriller My House of Horrors 790 Trash Collection Centre I Fix Air-Conditioner - - 58 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Release that Man 402 The Mine Dancing Water Sleeves - - 58 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Divine Brilliance 313 Chapter 313 Destroying Spiritual Grass Once More Kai Huang Exodus Tales 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses 418 The Secret About the Past (36) An Xiaoning Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance Rebirth of the Strongest Empress 496 The Blood Moon (1) North Night Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Fantasy Romance Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith 1058 So it’s not a lie (2) Shui Qingqing Misty Cloud Translations 2 hours ago
Fantasy A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 187 Did I Look Like I Needed An Electric Shock Whispering Jianghu Henyee Translations 2 hours ago
Romance The Sweetest Medicine 52 Fang Zhihan! I Will Hate You For Ten Thousand Years! Beauty Jiang - - 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Realms In The Firmament 1499 Grey Parasol Sword Sect Feng Ling Tian Xia Henyee Translations 2 hours ago
Video Games The King's Avatar 1717 Breakthrough Butterfly Blue Nomyummi 2 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The Long-awaited Mr Han 474 If You Want To Film, Then Quit School As If Dawn Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Strongest Abandoned Son 1653 Vindicate my dao Goose Five EndlessFantasy Translation 3 hours ago
Fantasy Romance Overlord, Love Me Tender 340 The young lady in red, was Ye Qing Luo? Zou Mo Misty Cloud Translations 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Reverend Insanity 1239 Filled With Killing Intent Gu Zhen Ren Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Sci-fi Black Tech Internet Cafe System 736 Internet Café Rescue Mission The Leaf That Goes Against Water Noodletown Translations 3 hours ago
Video Games The Almighty Ring 676 Man with a Machine Gun Primodial Saint EndlessFantasy Translation 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Silver Overlord 410 Four-wheeled Carriage Drunk Tiger EndlessFantasy Translation 3 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Romance Life As a Servant 46 Chapter 46 : Culprits (1) TheCrow 10 seconds ago
Romance Just Mine 187 Sky is back. laRezi 2 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Collection of Stories 67 Ch.3 Sterby 3 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance My Imaginary Girlfriend 8 Chapter 8(Adventure) PsycHo 4 minutes ago
Romance Phoenix's fated half 180 On His Mind cha_cha 10 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Supernatural Investigation 101: Chronicles of Nakashima Wakana 20 An excellent way to torment your mind Norah_Koch 11 minutes ago
Anime & Comics THE LEGEND THAT BELONGS TO ME 3 First Pokemon Gaurav_Krishnani 16 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction Life's Happiness 95 Albert Einstein 22 MrE 18 minutes ago
History Up And Above 72 20 MrE 18 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Ryo 195 195 JohnQ 18 minutes ago
Fantasy Trust the Pathfinder 46 Combat Magicians (Part 1) xlntz 20 minutes ago
Magical Realism A Hero's Return 41 An Event devilHistorian 21 minutes ago
Teen Same place not same bed 19 Chapter 19 Bluesuperjon 22 minutes ago
Music & Bands Make It Right ( a BTS fan-fiction ) 23 . Beautiful... Got_No_Jams 22 minutes ago
Teen Ghost Invasion 32 Chapter 32 Bluesuperjon 24 minutes ago
Fantasy Mixed book of short stories 183 Tasteless part 26 (Christmas) chapter 183 cunningdiplomat 27 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Chunibyo's Fanfic. 67 eclipse 2... hope123612 29 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Gay Who Stole My Boyfriend 1 Prologue Blacklily 30 minutes ago
Sci-fi STARGATE: A New Dawn a Stargate Fan Fic 27 Chapter 27 Benjamin_Green 30 minutes ago
War&Military LIST OF NARUTO FIC IN FF.NET 7 18 Ralph_Hermoso 31 minutes ago

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