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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Magical Realism Cultivation Chat Group 1336 An unprecedented tribulation-transcending technique Legend of the Paladin GodBrandy 6 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting 589 He's Obviously Hiding Something Bean Ding Ding - - 1 hour ago
Sci-fi Godly Model Creator 1003 That giant sun Minus Ninety Degrees - - 1 hour ago
Fantasy Lord of the Mysteries 1395 An Ordinary Person's Daily Life (1/8) Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Contemporary Romance I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot 250 Baby, She's Also Your Mother Light Dance - - 5 hours ago
War&Military 21st century Goguryeo 102 Book 4 Chapter 6-1 Expedition to North For Unification: Fierce Dogfight 홍마루 - - 7 hours ago
Fantasy End of the Magic Era 1154 Evolution Zhuang Bifan Shiraishi 7 hours ago
Sci-fi Superstars of Tomorrow 472 Last Time Walking The Dog Lazy Cliche Atlas Studios 7 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Reverend Insanity 1863 Walking Through The Seventh Layer Again Gu Zhen Ren Atlas Studios 7 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The president tried to trick me 1008 Chapter 1005: I won't let him fight alone! Su Zhishui LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance WIFE-SPOILING MANIAC: Be Gentle with the arrogant prince charming 1008 Chapter 1008, I really fell Qingqing Zijin 05 LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance After his rebirth, his husband had become a drama queen 1000 Chapter 1003. He didn't dare... ... Zhao Xibao LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance My Mr. Song is extremely protective! 1008 Chapter 1009[1009] , the second day of the auction The snow of an iceberg LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me 1008 Chapter 1,000: Making a fool of himself Gu Rong Rong LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Sci-fi The First Order 487 A mysterious hitman The Speaking Pork Trotter - - 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The daughter of a wealthy family who had been reborn earned a lot of money 1103 Chapter 1105 country Bumpkin Yin Yiyu LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce 1008 Chapter 1008 in public Joe Mai LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The number one best actress in her new life 1008 1007 You Yi LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance President, I love being a father! 1010 Chapter 1009: Talking to your ex? Ji Chi LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Contemporary Romance May the rest of my life be sweet to you 1008 Chapter 1008: unbridled love 18 The first love of a rainy day LingoCloud 9 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Teen The avocado toast 5 Oh well... Alice_Eisele 4 seconds ago
Magical Realism www.Online customer care number/7585827811/7585827811 58 InSasta.online.customer.care number.7585827811 olvuf09554 15 seconds ago
Anime & Comics Re : Zero, Power Driven Madness 16 Reaching the Capital Haven_of_books 56 seconds ago
LGBT+ My Neighbor Calls Me Daddy 104 The New Hunter (5) Furusawa 56 seconds ago
others Will He remember me? (Niall Horan) 3 Chapter 3 (Niall P.O.V) ilovemyidiots 56 seconds ago
Fantasy Romance MAZE - The Endless Quest 87 The Wall Perizou 56 seconds ago
Fantasy The Talentless Inheritor 133 Extreme Love Breeds Extreme Hate SeverTheHeavens 56 seconds ago
Magical Realism Level One Isn't Weak! 22 Man Vs Machine Vilince 59 seconds ago
Teen Skin books 5 Journey chimdiuto_ohanele 1 minute ago
Celebrities & Real People Lesbian One Shots 12 Every Kind of Way Itsbribri_okay 1 minute ago
Anime & Comics Tale of Discovery 145 Trickery ; Sorrow and Damnation Exalted_Felix 2 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance I Swear I Am Not A Cinderella 5 Chapter 4- |Saving The Mysterious Black Cat| Angely_Suger 2 minutes ago
Martial Arts The Adventures of Agent 9 11 The Promise Land? Kai_Dream_Light 3 minutes ago
TV My Life as The Avatar 22 Chapter 21 VenixxVidixxVici 3 minutes ago
Anime & Comics The Most OP'est Titan (AOT fanfic) 36 Trost Recalmation Aldunhokoron 3 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance soon-to-be Queen of Dominica: I shall observe first, then I'll conquer 1 Species: alierone catherine_chiu 4 minutes ago
LGBT+ I Dare You To Love Me. 16 ...what!!!... Calist_Frei 5 minutes ago
Movies Light my way ( Httyd Fanfiction ) 13 The stars will be waiting... Nooneishere_5255 6 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Danger Girl 6 Chapter 3- Blaming the Forgiving Amethist_101 6 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Destined to love the one I hate 6 You again !!! Kalenca 7 minutes ago

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