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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Romance Fiction The Long-awaited Mr Han 121 Who Do You Want To Have Something With? As If Dawn Atlas Studios 8 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss 446 Grand Master Sima Shan Gumu Misty Cloud Translations 23 minutes ago
Magical Realism Beauty and the Bodyguard 608 Getting Close With Guan Xin Fishman The Second Marcysee, Willielee 25 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss 2299 Dark Regions(2) North Night Misty Cloud Translations 31 minutes ago
Martial Arts Death Scripture 636 Women Cold Glamor Transn, Henyee Translations 38 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Zombie Sister Strategy 347 An Eye for An Eye A Wisp of Netherworld Inferno Henyee Translations 38 minutes ago
Science Fiction The Card Apprentice 443 First Strike II Fang Xiang - - 38 minutes ago
Romance Fiction The Rest Of My Life Is For You 552 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! (10) Stupa Demon - - 38 minutes ago
Video Games MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks 166 Gathering in Session Lord Dragon EndlessFantasy Translation 38 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron 606 Hell Space Heavenly Overlord Nyoi-Bo Studio 38 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is an Affectionate Spitfire 289 You are in a relationship with that person surnamed Ji! Song Xixi Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Video Games Virtual World: Close Combat Mage 518 Chapter 518 - The Fake Assassination Plan Butterfly Blue Exodus Tales 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Paradise of Demonic Gods 1000 Consternation Bear Wolfdog Yukidaruma Translations 1 hour ago
Romance Fiction You Are My Unforgettable Love 96 Their First Love (1) Young Master Yan Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Romance Fiction Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! 132 I'm Serious About Lin Wanwan Food Shopkeeper Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Romance Fiction The 99th Divorce 708 The Old Ou Ming was Completely Dead Wan Lili Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
Horror & Thriller My House of Horrors 520 Hotel I Fix Air-Conditioner - - 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Great Ruler 1272 Uproar Heavenly Silkworm Potato Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
Romance Fiction Endless Pampering Only For You 348 Afraid of Losing Her (5) Mo Xiaoshui Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy God Emperor 680 The Void Sword Flying fish - - 1 hour ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Historical Fiction The Venomous Wangfei 45 Chapter 43 haserehtmae 1 minute ago
Romance Fiction Phoenix's fated half 92 The Xuan Leader cha_cha 1 minute ago
Realistic Fiction H E R 1 Prolouge Felina_Magalang 4 minutes ago
Fan-fiction STB System In Strike The Blood 90 Chapter 90 : Days Passing By... Seion 5 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Unwanted Mistake 1 Unwanted Mistake Vladilarius 6 minutes ago
Magical Realism Mobile Legends spark of war 1 Alucard's beginning Cris0kill 6 minutes ago
Fantasy Faith in Dawn 5 How??? HappyWolfie 6 minutes ago
Fan-fiction That love 1 I Hate Him Ishita_Rohatgi 6 minutes ago
Martial Arts To Walk The Mist 115 The light realm opens (6) Mfonemana_Uduak 7 minutes ago
Romance Fiction Sweet Avenger's Secret Marriage 41 Father-Daughter Shishi_Fr 8 minutes ago
Fantasy Phoenix Goes Against The World 1 Phoenix Goes Against The World : Chapter 1 Caileigh 10 minutes ago
Fan-fiction The Master of Death's Vacation : Hunter X Hunter 1 Chapter I Rekka29 10 minutes ago
Fan-fiction Daddy's Little Princess (Naruto X DC comics) 13 Chapter 13 EternalBliss4U 11 minutes ago
Romance Fiction The General Who Hates Me 10 Kick Your Butt EUSTOMA_rgc 11 minutes ago
Romance Fiction The love of you and me 11 Chapter. 11 The fight for love Cris0kill 11 minutes ago
Fan-fiction Meeting my oppa 1 Preview aizayah 13 minutes ago
Fan-fiction The Legendary Sword "Ame no Habakiri" 4 4• The Fabled Sword of the Shadows Rhod_Icyfreeze 15 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Transmigration: Music of the Night -1 Meeting God Qwawes 15 minutes ago
Fan-fiction Protagonist in the anime world? 8 Chapter 8 - DxD heads to 7 Deadly Sins? Ikousai 16 minutes ago
Fantasy Blood Lotus 7 Knight Breakthrough 232323232322323232 17 minutes ago

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