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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Magical Realism Scholar's Advanced Technological System 611 You Wrote That Thesis? Morning Star LL Henyee Translations 41 seconds ago
Sci-fi I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World 957 Hostage Crisis Morning Star LL - - 53 minutes ago
Magical Realism Spare Me, Great Lord! 1058 You're Here? The Speaking Pork Trotter Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Magical Realism Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal 989 Breakthrough! Transformation into a Dragon! Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Video Games Virtual World: Close Combat Mage 772 Chapter 772 - No Comparison Butterfly Blue Exodus Tales 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Carefree Path of Dreams 1009 Line of Defense The Plagiarist Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Magical Realism Great Doctor Ling Ran 843 Courteous Village of Ambitious Birds EndlessFantasy Translation 4 hours ago
Contemporary Romance WARNING! Tsundere President 909 From All Fronts - The Perfect Retaliation! III Shopkeeper Fang EndlessFantasy Translation 4 hours ago
Sci-fi The First Order 283 Breaking in The Speaking Pork Trotter - - 5 hours ago
Fantasy Emperor of Steel 283 The Return 3 Kangchan - - 5 hours ago
Magical Realism Returning from the Immortal World 1292 Earth Core Jing Ye Ji Si GravityTales 5 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The Law of Webnovels 231 Chapter 231 Yu Han-ryeo - - 5 hours ago
Fantasy Romance The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2849 Was He Being Controlled? Mu Danfeng - - 6 hours ago
Contemporary Romance His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light 1025 Back to the Starting Point (25) Purple-Red Beauty Atlas Studios 6 hours ago
Contemporary Romance My Youth Began With Him 2892 The Trap Behind the Wedding (12) Baby Piggie - - 6 hours ago
Fantasy Romance Godly Empress Doctor 543 My Dear Brother Jun~ Su Xiaonuan Henyee Translations 7 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Warrior's Promise 1153 Soul-searching Skill Baili Longxia Transn 7 hours ago
Fantasy Lord of the Mysteries 1089 A Difficult Decision Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Atlas Studios 7 hours ago
Magical Realism Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator 483 Entering The Medicine God Valley Again Ten Miles Sword God Henyee Translations 7 hours ago
Magical Realism Empire of the Ring 712 Further Efforts (1) 동쪽사람 - - 7 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Fantasy Romance He's My Fiancée ! : I Went Back To The Past and You ! 144 Chapter 143: Hit On mata0eve 41 seconds ago
Contemporary Romance Our Troubles 4 Trophies celina_0722 49 seconds ago
Fantasy Romance Tainted - A Little Blood Never Hurts 5 Reduced to Food SamekiaStewart 51 seconds ago
Teen Behind the Veil 1 Chapter 1 Zephirin 1 minute ago
Martial Arts Royalties’ Quince 2 [1] New Shanghai Sky_Wiz 4 minutes ago
Video Games Reliving the Past ~ Mage of the Abyss 23 Chapter 15 / 3 ~ The Surface ImpAntique 6 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Looking for you 7 The hidden secret SomethingRandom 7 minutes ago
Movies The Noctivagant Series 8 Hides in the Night Imagine_Kayla 7 minutes ago
Anime & Comics High School DxD: The Tale of the Gutsy Sekiryuutei! 79 Let the Dancing Commence! An Unknown Request to Dance? The Neko-Kitsune and the Agares Agents stop the party-crashers! Part 2 Retribrutus 7 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance How I see the world 2 Upside down SomethingRandom 7 minutes ago
others Anime X 3 Anime X Araknazul 8 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance A Doomed Life 51 Chapter 49: The Resurrection thrilling_romance 8 minutes ago
Video Games The Doom Slayer in a Different Universe 12 The Hellwalkers Cruddiest_Spider 8 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy MMO: Isekai no RPG - A Virtual Life In Another World - (English) 64 Invasion DohkoFic 9 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Shapeshift 22 Tournament Part 4; Semi-Finals WorstPlayer 10 minutes ago
Martial Arts The Slayer of Heaven 24 The Oath LittleMe 13 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance cultivate to reign 22 Reselling scylia 14 minutes ago
LGBT+ Dragon Ball Z: The Misadventures of Kumiko 1 Chapter 1 GhastlyWolf 17 minutes ago
Romance The 3 B's- Beauty , Brains and Bravery 326 A competition to Rong Xinghe ? AuthorVD 18 minutes ago
Video Games The Crimson Sky 3 Settling the Score Kaleb_Williamson 19 minutes ago

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