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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Video Games The Great Thief 1604 Core Boating Lyrics Halcyon Translations, Exodus Tales 9 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 3034 The Grand Finale Mu Danfeng - - 9 minutes ago
Fantasy Invincible Teacher 93 Chapter 92 Hyang-ran - - 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Nano Machine (Retranslated Version) 294 Yongho Family (1) 한중월야 - - 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance Rebirth of the Strongest Empress 1025 Dare To Make Trouble In Our Presence North Night Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Fantasy The Hero Returns 82 Chapter 82 B.Ain - - 2 hours ago
War&Military 21st century Goguryeo 51 Book 2 Chapter 5-4 Rise of Korea!: The People's Traitor 홍마루 - - 2 hours ago
Fantasy A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 751 Chaos City May be Small, but It's Still a City Whispering Jianghu Henyee Translations 2 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The Long-awaited Mr Han 963 Find Another Good Man As If Dawn Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Reverend Insanity 1721 Heavenly Dragon's Last Stand Gu Zhen Ren Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Video Games The Almighty Ring 1347 I Like You Primodial Saint EndlessFantasy Translation 3 hours ago
Video Games MMORPG: Martial Gamer 1091 An Even Worse Outcome Immortal Iron Bull Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Contemporary Romance Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! 972 This Face Was Hit... Food Shopkeeper Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Sci-fi The First Order 385 The Razor Sharp Company is invincible The Speaking Pork Trotter - - 4 hours ago
Sci-fi Romance It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future 1190 Reward! Madam Ru Henyee Translations 4 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Tales of Herding Gods 1065 Never Before Seen Changes in the Future Zhai Zhu Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Contemporary Romance The 99th Divorce 1575 It’s Impossible For Her To Still Be Alive Wan Lili Nyoi-Bo Studio 4 hours ago
Contemporary Romance Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife 1603 Gossiping About Young Madam Phoenix Essence Sweet Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Magical Realism Beauty and the Bodyguard 1242 Putting out the News in Advance Fishman The Second Willielee, Marcysee 4 hours ago
Magical Realism Dungeon Hunter 69 Episode 18. The Second Auction of Devildom (6) 온후 - - 4 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Sci-fi Chef in a War 1 In the future Vishalreddy 47 seconds ago
Fantasy Romance In 21 Days 14 Info Board Le_xy 3 minutes ago
Sci-fi Hyperworld | A Hopeful Hero Novel 5 Cardinal Facility Hopeful_Hero 5 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance The Last Queen Of The Fallen 15 Chapter 13 The Fallen raise again part 2 Dark_light 7 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance THE LIFE OF MASKED GIRL 7 Troublemaker-1 Aayushi_Garg_4694 7 minutes ago
Horror&Thriller Overseer's Asylum 9 The Doctor AJ10 8 minutes ago
Book&Literature Blood Stained. BY Flameraiser 22 *Chapter 22* NarutoSO 9 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Sephiroth, The one winged angel in MHA 18 Sephiroth The Teacher versus His Students part 4 Cr1ms0nReader 10 minutes ago
Historical Romance The Girl Without Memory 1 Start of everything AtsuyaWolf 10 minutes ago
Fantasy Paragon of Destruction 408 The Master's Bloodline TomVanDyke 11 minutes ago
Fantasy Chaos world 1 Prologue: Life is War nafiz_shohan 11 minutes ago
others No es fácil gobernar una secta llena de Hadas 11 Capítulo 11 DDH 11 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The CEO's wife is a secret agent 18 The CEO was the man she had a nightstand with (3) Soadel_Sae 13 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy ROYAL DRAGON AND PHOENIX TRANSMIGRATE TO EARTH 1 Chapter 1: Prologue crazy_immortal 14 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Love in a Lust 18 Chapter 18: Husband and Wife? Amytis0724 16 minutes ago
Fantasy The Tale of Arvesia 4 Chapter 3 sascha 17 minutes ago
Fantasy Snake Reincarnation 14 The Stone The_Dark_Elf 19 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Summoning of the Villainous Heroine 28 Inner Desires Aciee_GelaTin 21 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Crash into your heart 1 The first day Poetri_cantique 22 minutes ago
Magical Realism Alas 1 . unfair world Arithsa_p 22 minutes ago

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