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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Eastern Fantasy Painting of the Nine Immortals 819 The Whole Story from Back Then Autumn Morning Sophie_Wang, _Tat_ 47 seconds ago
Eastern Fantasy Ninth In the World 14 Putting An End Goose Five Atlas Studios 15 minutes ago
Fantasy Lord of the Mysteries 581 Both Getting into Character and Detachment Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Atlas Studios 30 minutes ago
Romance Godly Empress Doctor 42 Dude... Are You An Idiot? Su Xiaonuan Henyee Translations 30 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator 42 Over Sea Hong Sect Ten Miles Sword God Henyee Translations 30 minutes ago
Magical Realism Treasure Hunt Tycoon 1398 For Justice Full-Metal Bullet - - 30 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Monster Paradise 1208 Shadow Killer’s Visit Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine - - 30 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Warrior's Promise 756 Eighth of October Baili Longxia Transn 30 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Pursuit of the Truth 1313 Whose World is This?! Er Gen Mogumoguchan 45 minutes ago
Romance Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife 1038 Labeling a Man As a Bitch (Part One) Slight Uplifting Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
War&Military Forty Millenniums of Cultivation 1503 The Unexpected Factors Are All Here! The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow Henyee Translations 1 hour ago
Romance Mr Fu, I Really Love You 195 Whose Temper Was Bad Along With Old Fu's? Thousand Birch Shedding Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Romance National School Prince Is A Girl 852 Almighty Qin, Z Is Found Warring Young Seven Henyee Translations 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Lord Xue Ying 1180 Number One Expert in the Mirage and Illusory Realm I Eat Tomatoes - - 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Library of Heaven's Path 1785 The Truth of His Identity Heng Sao Tian Ya StarveCleric 2 hours ago
Magical Realism The Famous Millionaire 300 Chapter 294 박승연 - - 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy The Legend of the Dragon King 1250 Bizzare and Gaudy Tang Jia San Shao Ruze 2 hours ago
Sci-fi Seized by the System 831 Heavenly Book Levels Up Mu Heng EndlessFantasy Translation 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy The Sage Who Transcended Samsara 825 Cheating With Game Guides Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Larbre Studio 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy The Legend of Futian 968 Removed Piece Jing Wuhen Nyoi-Bo Studio 2 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Book&Literature WTF I am in the Marvel Universe ! 32 A Day in the Life Of Butch Tony_Wong 1 minute ago
Anime & Comics Human Until The End 2 am Ourliazo 1 minute ago
Video Games MMORPG: The Tales of Souls 138 He stole us and still dares to stay here ?? _chomps 1 minute ago
Romance I Transmigrate?: Becoming a Cannon Fodder?! 16 Arc 1.13? Jennny_Aw 3 minutes ago
Romance Darling, Don't Run Away! 20 Lost To Iron Man voiletevergarden 5 minutes ago
Book&Literature Demonic Hero / DC fanfic 2 Prolog part 2 Kriuswer 6 minutes ago
Magical Realism World Enders 1 1 MrE 8 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction illicit relationship 42 You can kiss me, hug me, or holding my hand Shooting_Star 10 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy The Dawn of the New World 379 Own problems shinigami8671 12 minutes ago
Fantasy The Legend Of Dragon Land 14 The Ranking (2) AnneNguyenLe 12 minutes ago
Fantasy Era of Authority 9 Trip to Lissabon Gery_ 14 minutes ago
Sci-fi Sapphire 1 The Beginning Daniya1234 17 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction , A B C GH 2 Unnamed Alvira_Ali 17 minutes ago
Magical Realism Pandemonium of a Lazy Soul 35 Episode 34-Sales Division Darkeorb 20 minutes ago
War&Military Ruler of Iron and Flesh 105 Return Cythraul 20 minutes ago
Romance The Typhoon's Wife 221 The Mystery Pendant har_k 21 minutes ago
Magical Realism I'm Nine Again 21 Carbon Dioxide Harris_Pilltown 21 minutes ago
Romance My GrimReaper BodyGuard 9 A New look KaiKaiToon 22 minutes ago
Fantasy Tale of spear hero 5 4 Chittaku 22 minutes ago

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