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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Fantasy A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 128 Weak Whispering Jianghu Henyee Translations 11 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Realms In The Firmament 1471 Be Strong! Feng Ling Tian Xia Henyee Translations 11 minutes ago
Video Games The King's Avatar 1673 Good Thing There’s No More Butterfly Blue Nomyummi 15 minutes ago
Romance The Long-awaited Mr Han 418 Couldn’t get a Girlfriend! As If Dawn Atlas Studios 41 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Tales of Herding Gods 825 Serving Tea on the River Zhai Zhu Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Romance My Youth Began With Him 1976 I'm Back for Revenge (7) Baby Piggie - - 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Reverend Insanity 1183 Entering a New Blessed Land Gu Zhen Ren Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Video Games The Almighty Ring 620 Returning to the Vessel Primodial Saint EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Video Games MMORPG: Martial Gamer 781 Dragging One’s Feet Immortal Iron Bull Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Otherworldly Evil Monarch 995 Gathering of Big Shots Feng Ling Tian Xia Novel Saga , Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Silver Overlord 390 The Realm Drunk Tiger EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Dominating Sword Immortal 748 Sky Scorpio Sword(3) Jian You Tai Xu EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Romance Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower! 432 One vs Three, Being Pushed Aside Food Shopkeeper Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Commanding Wind and Cloud 635 Saint Item Skyscraper BigDonnyDon 2 hours ago
Sci-fi Black Tech Internet Cafe System 629 Elf assassins who were led to the wrong path by Mr. Fang The Leaf That Goes Against Water Noodletown Translations 2 hours ago
Sci-fi Super Gene 1726 Xenogeneic Material Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim - - 2 hours ago
Magical Realism Pet King 1159 Temple of Bastet Jie Po - - 2 hours ago
Romance It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future 658 Despicable! Madam Ru Henyee Translations 2 hours ago
War&Military Tempest of the Stellar War 1034 Resorting to Desperate Measures in Desperate Times Skeleton Wizard Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Martial Arts Martial Arts Master 532 Coach Yan’s “Critiques” Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Larbre Studio 2 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Romance One last time 13 Hot Guy. Fractured leg Sofia05 3 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Dragonball: A Human's Tale 45 Chapter 44 Ultimatum Dragonic_Dao 3 minutes ago
Fantasy Shadow Leader 160 The End of Mob Character Jiggerman0 6 minutes ago
Romance The Underworld Lord & Big Boss's Wife 1 Force to come back Luz1460 6 minutes ago
Fantasy douluo dalu : A great big brother 19 MOTHER "AH YIN" Saquib_Iqbal 10 minutes ago
Romance The Robin Hood Society (Jacob and the Heiress) 433 Busybody JDCo 11 minutes ago
Romance The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl 288 Chapter 288 "Business Meeting or Lover Reunion?" Zehell2218 11 minutes ago
Romance The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator 662 Chapter 659 "Nervous" Zehell2218 11 minutes ago
Romance The Rise of the White Lotus 98 Let them see your fangs BAJJ 11 minutes ago
Romance arranged marriage no way 26 DETAIN HIM upuu 12 minutes ago
Anime & Comics REINCARNATED INTO ONE PIECE WORLD 5 CHAPTER 5 : ‘WHISKEY PEAK’ the_fate 14 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Bang Dream! My New Life Story 25 I am not... grend 18 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Fairy tail: The New Dragon Slayer 3 Chapter 3: fairy tail Sussano97 20 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Cool Anime System 3 Chapter 3: Skills Shopping allendwalker2512 21 minutes ago
Magical Realism RDX GEMAR 1 thanks RDX_GEMAR 23 minutes ago
Sci-fi GOD GENE EVOLUTION 1 Omniwatch LuckGod 25 minutes ago
Movies The system is Marvel-ous 4 First lesson of Chi, Calmly Meditate. ChuchunmaruGod 27 minutes ago
Fantasy The Powerless Hero 6 A story from Nakia saino_urakawa 32 minutes ago
Fantasy I got Possessed by the Tentacle God (R-18) 18 Primordial Dragon Transformation! (Part 2/2) Phantom12 33 minutes ago
Romance TELL ME HOW CAN I WALK AWAY 89 CHAPTER 89: WEDDING DAY (2) hello_purple76 33 minutes ago

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