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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Eastern Fantasy Painting of the Nine Immortals 950 The Great Battle against Bai Yuan Autumn Morning Sophie_Wang, _Tat_ 11 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife 1497 Is This Really the End of Us? (Part Eight) Slight Uplifting Atlas Studios 26 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Overlord, Love Me Tender 517 Underground prison (3) Zou Mo Misty Cloud Translations 39 minutes ago
Sci-fi Forty Millenniums of Cultivation 1777 Internet of Brains! The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow Henyee Translations 41 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Mr Fu, I Really Love You 514 Why Should She Be Calculative Over This? Thousand Birch Shedding Atlas Studios 41 minutes ago
Teen National School Prince Is A Girl 993 Untitled Warring Young Seven Henyee Translations 41 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith 1285 Something happened to Young Sect Master (2) Shui Qingqing Misty Cloud Translations 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor 889 A Life For A Life Feng Jiong Misty Cloud Translations 1 hour ago
LGBT+ My Boyfriend Is A Dragon 208 People Who Do Not Belong in This World Chubby Strawberry Sauce EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Sage Who Transcended Samsara 1091 Not Seeing That Person Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Larbre Studio 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens 2139 The Second Test Feng Qin Yang - - 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Brilliant Fighting Master 1220 Are You Desperate? Zhang Muzhi Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy I Might Be A Fake Cultivator 601 Liu Qianhuan's Tribulation Transcendence Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground Henyee Translations 1 hour ago
Sci-fi Seized by the System 1102 The Calamity for Immortality Mu Heng EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Video Games The Lord’s Empire 1437 Insect Curse Body Shen Tianyi MrVoltaire, MrVoltaire1 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Legend of Futian 1233 Battle Between Two Women Jing Wuhen Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Great Worm Lich 463 A Heated Dispute zszz EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Sci-fi Romance It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future 923 Tolerance! Madam Ru Henyee Translations 1 hour ago
Magical Realism The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism 996 Fire A Golden Millet Dream CKtalon 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Legend of the Dragon King 1468 Ten Thousand Beast Platform Tang Jia San Shao Ruze 1 hour ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Contemporary Romance The Substitute Bride 1 Prologue iridescentgirl_WN 2 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Lord of the Witches 43 Chapter :-43 Escape Diseda 2 minutes ago
Romance Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman 324 Chapter 324: His Promise ZerahNeko 2 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance One last time 227 Reality of SPIRIT(II) Sofia05 5 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Will You Be My Lover 77 Speculation KittenQueen 5 minutes ago
Fantasy Number One Dungeon Supplier 665 Tribal Negotiation Moloxiv 6 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Sold? 28 Twenty eight _Chickennugget 7 minutes ago
Fantasy The Demon King's Hero of Light 99 Chapter 99 Eyes of the Abyss Sdrawkcab 8 minutes ago
Theater سبيريت فازال 11 1 Evil_Dude 8 minutes ago
Fantasy Trek For Survival 10 Chapter 10 A Rough Road Sdrawkcab 8 minutes ago
Book&Literature Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) 226 Battle Against The Empyrean Ape (Part 4) DeadZoom 8 minutes ago
Fantasy Start Raising Elves Today 20 20. Accidents, Accidents Happen! SweetPsycho 9 minutes ago
Martial Arts Dragons Rioting 3 Chapter 3: Growing up Daoist_TwoFingers 10 minutes ago
Romance Kuro- the grave stone and the wolf 2 After math Raiijhanaiistiic 10 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Cheater entering the world of Naruto 7 Losers Kafudo 11 minutes ago
Fantasy REDEMPTION: The Devil's Daughter 5 Why so trusting? De_ath_scythe 13 minutes ago
others The father of Mcs 1 Prologue Imabethatguy12345 13 minutes ago
LGBT+ To Rise Again in the Apocalypse [BL] 83 Chapter 31.1 - I'm sorry, what were you saying? Lin_XiaoLong 14 minutes ago
Fantasy The Tale Of The Celestial Prince 4 The Celestial Wedding And A Secret Wakeless 15 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Song of the Dandelion 5 Zhao Jinjing (1) TheCabbageLu 16 minutes ago

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