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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Historical Romance Dangerous Fiancee 188 Chapter 187 So I-rim - - 8 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Carefree Path of Dreams 972 Source The Plagiarist Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 16 minutes ago
Magical Realism So Pure, So Flirtatious 1472 Heartbreaker/ You Offended the Vengeful Spirit Fishman The Second VinceStar 1 hour ago
Magical Realism Great Doctor Ling Ran 769 Defective Products Village of Ambitious Birds EndlessFantasy Translation 2 hours ago
Contemporary Romance WARNING! Tsundere President 835 835、BUSTED! Shopkeeper Fang EndlessFantasy Translation 2 hours ago
Fantasy Emperor of Steel 209 Red Wolf Mercenaries 2 Kangchan - - 2 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Shadow Hack 877 Pass Like Thunder and Move Like the Wind Great Lord of Cloudland EndlessFantasy Translation 3 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Supreme Uprising 1028 This Child’s Fate Is With the Si Clan Jewelcat Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Sci-fi The First Order 225 Ren Xiaosu, the snake catcher The Speaking Pork Trotter - - 3 hours ago
Magical Realism Spare Me, Great Lord! 980 You've Gotten the Wrong Person The Speaking Pork Trotter Sparrow Translations, Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Magical Realism Omniscient Reader 537 Epilogue 4 - The Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint (2) 싱숑 - - 4 hours ago
Fantasy Romance The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2738 I Will Heal Your Wound Mu Danfeng - - 4 hours ago
Contemporary Romance His Breathtaking and Shimmering Light 951 Exposing The Mysterious Background (11) Purple-Red Beauty Atlas Studios 4 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Ninth In the World 362 The Void Goose Five Atlas Studios 5 hours ago
Sci-fi Mini World Of Endless Fun Awaits 56 Chapter 56 - What on Earth, Exploiting Nature Ting Ri Dragon Boat Translation 5 hours ago
Eastern Fantasy Warrior's Promise 1079 Meet Yin Ting Again Baili Longxia Transn 5 hours ago
Fantasy Lord of the Mysteries 986 The "Infectiousness" of Parasitizing Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Atlas Studios 5 hours ago
Fantasy Romance Godly Empress Doctor 459 The Proud Crown Prince (2) Su Xiaonuan Henyee Translations 5 hours ago
Magical Realism Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator 409 Gathering of Dark Overlords Ten Miles Sword God Henyee Translations 5 hours ago
Magical Realism Invincible Kungfu Healer 727 Half-Demon Azuresky Nyoi-Bo Studio 5 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Anime & Comics Demon Slayer: The Kamado Legacy 47 Responsibilities of a Hashira Suploly 3 seconds ago
Horror&Thriller SLENDERMAN 7 CHAPTER 5 DAN_THE_WRITER 28 seconds ago
Anime & Comics The Infinity: An Unusual Tale 2 Next Day bsoysever 57 seconds ago
Video Games Pokemon Sky 34 Chapter 34 Tai Vs Sky, A 6V6 Battle Begins Light_Yuzuki 1 minute ago
Horror&Thriller Save HER 1 Prologue Lark_Lost 3 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Falling in Love : I love you, Today and Forever 51 Mason's vow prada_murthy 3 minutes ago
Anime & Comics My Hero Academia: Ajin Gamer 20 Clash! All Might VS Sludgenator AkiHuiWriting 5 minutes ago
Fantasy Infinite Reincarnator. 2 Chapter 1 Imabethatguy12345 6 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Fairy system 2 Chapter 1- The imperial commander violet4 7 minutes ago
TV Kol Mikaelson - Journey To The Multiverse. 7 A Serum For The Werewolves. BigDaddy447 8 minutes ago
Book&Literature Harry Potter and the Lord of Shadows 10 Nicole in Tears bababkchod 8 minutes ago
Sci-fi Trapped in Time 123 Flashback-Magical World (Part 8) RenuKakkar 10 minutes ago
Fantasy Headed by a Snake 80 Black Blade CouchSurfingDragon 11 minutes ago
Fantasy Lust Knight 15 Hot / Dangerous Bathe (part 1) LamenThief 12 minutes ago
Fantasy Hate System 56 Chapter 56 TheZombiRo 12 minutes ago
Video Games The Sadist System 36 Pearl of Illusion Sunlightglow 13 minutes ago
Fantasy World Wolf 19 Chapter 19 Desara 16 minutes ago
Fantasy Angel's Song: Requiem of the Dreams 23 Dungeon Exploration (I) BlackSnow12 16 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal 276 Orphaned Unknowingly FanHarem 16 minutes ago
Fantasy High-expectations and haughty thoughts 6 And yet more women Akichi 17 minutes ago

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