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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Contemporary Romance Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife 1229 Silly Girl, You Are the One I Like (Part Seventeen) Slight Uplifting Atlas Studios 12 minutes ago
War&Military Forty Millenniums of Cultivation 1617 No More Running! The Enlightened Master Crouching Cow Henyee Translations 27 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Mr Fu, I Really Love You 335 So Cold That Chu Xun's Heart Hurt Thousand Birch Shedding Atlas Studios 27 minutes ago
Teen National School Prince Is A Girl 909 Hoshino's Appearance Warring Young Seven Henyee Translations 27 minutes ago
Magical Realism The First Order 16 I'll make it cheaper for you The Speaking Pork Trotter - - 57 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Returning from the Immortal World 1073 Annihilation Jing Ye Ji Si GravityTales 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Sage Who Transcended Samsara 939 Trivial Matter Of Setting Up A Sect Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Larbre Studio 1 hour ago
Video Games The Lord’s Empire 1284 Azure Dragon Shen Tianyi MrVoltaire, MrVoltaire1 1 hour ago
Contemporary Romance The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting 43 Big Sister! Bean Ding Ding - - 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Legend of Futian 1081 Rush Jing Wuhen Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy Monster Pet Evolution 688 Three-Headed Hellhound Wine Pool Inebriation Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
Eastern Fantasy The Brilliant Fighting Master 1066 To Trash the Shop Zhang Muzhi Nyoi-Bo Studio 1 hour ago
LGBT+ Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story 106 He Is My Sweetheart Demonic Fire Atlas Studios 1 hour ago
Contemporary Romance The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy 880 Do You Still Dislike Him? Bean Ding Ding EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Sci-fi Romance It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future 755 Weird! Madam Ru Henyee Translations 1 hour ago
Magical Realism The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism 837 Childhood Memory A Golden Millet Dream CKtalon 1 hour ago
Sci-fi Seized by the System 945 Revelations Mu Heng EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
LGBT+ My Boyfriend Is A Dragon 56 Bumping into Li Xiu Chubby Strawberry Sauce EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Sci-fi The Ultimate Evolution 1380 One Hand to Cover Heaven! Rolling Up Soils Translation_Nation, Sean88888 1 hour ago
Magical Realism The Great Worm Lich 388 Exchange zszz EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Magical Realism Black Roses in Another World 13 What? xbraintrain 11 seconds ago
Fantasy Romance Silent Hacker 299 New Kind Of Fear Blissfullrage 14 seconds ago
Fantasy The Ancient Lost Ancestor 10 Descended Hell, Last Retaliation Asuz 28 seconds ago
Magical Realism Frozen Soul Trapped In Box Of Love 20 The Ethereal Kingdom Sleepysoul 53 seconds ago
Contemporary Romance The Typhoon's Wife 321 A Grand Ball har_k 53 seconds ago
Fantasy Romance Rebirth:The badass young lady 27 Compensation YueYe 2 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance The Prince's Runaway Bride 165 Exotic Dance Nanotchka 4 minutes ago
Magical Realism A GOD FOR FUN 2 Chapter one . Aumkarnadh 6 minutes ago
Sci-fi Tear 5 4 ralphharrigoni 7 minutes ago
Anime & Comics Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal 148 Monster Paradise? FanHarem 15 minutes ago
LGBT+ Vmin 2 Chapter 2 Yahoo_ 16 minutes ago
Fantasy Boudoir Glamour Inc. 11 Boudoir Glamour Inc. #11 Cynk_Napp 17 minutes ago
Fantasy Power Eater 1 Power Eater stupida29 19 minutes ago
Magical Realism THE GAMER 17 LIBRARIAN ShaheerUsui 21 minutes ago
Video Games Tales of the Necromancer: Ling Tian 21 Chapter 21: Adventurer (5) ForsakenWriter 24 minutes ago
Book&Literature Do Not Read (For Personal use Only) 5 Chapter 5 breaker13 24 minutes ago
Fantasy The Saint's Trial: Can He Resist Their Charm!? 10 The Answer and some Clarifications JadePanda003 24 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Life Giver (18+) 20 A path forward, A door closed. InvisibleDolphin 26 minutes ago
Fantasy My Devil Long Legs 8 You should leave this town Chrie 26 minutes ago
Video Games Second Life I Will Live As I Wish 7 New game Marcelo_Jonathan 26 minutes ago

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