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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Fantasy Romance Rebirth of the Strongest Empress 729 Senior and Junior Brothers (1) North Night Atlas Studios 7 minutes ago
Magical Realism Strongest Abandoned Son 2033 Ye Mo Understand Dao Goose Five EndlessFantasy Translation 37 minutes ago
Fantasy The Record of Unusual Creatures 1694 Useful Intelligence Yuan Tong EndlessFantasy Translation 37 minutes ago
Magical Realism Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms 1715 Strength of a Tiger Young Leader EndlessFantasy Translation 37 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy A World Worth Protecting 623 Just One Step Away! Er Gen Atlas Studios 37 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Dominating Sword Immortal 839 Top Martial Genius Jian You Tai Xu EndlessFantasy Translation 37 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor 877 Nourishing Beauty Pill’s fame Feng Jiong Misty Cloud Translations 38 minutes ago
Martial Arts White-Robed Chief 880 One Punch Xiao Shu EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Video Games The Great Thief 1406 A Store Boating Lyrics Halcyon Translations, Exodus Tales 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance The Evil Consort Above An Evil King 2644 Working Out A Scheme Mu Danfeng - - 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss 2723 I Am Proud That I’m Cowardly (1) North Night Misty Cloud Translations 1 hour ago
Contemporary Romance The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy 1132 The Cat-and-Mouse Show Was Better Bean Ding Ding EndlessFantasy Translation 1 hour ago
Contemporary Romance The Sweetest Medicine 269 Not Nervous About Living With Her Husband Beauty Jiang - - 1 hour ago
Fantasy Romance The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses 793 A Million Times for You (155) An Xiaoning Atlas Studios 2 hours ago
Teen The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince! 728 I'll Walk With You for the Rest of Your Life (8) An Xiangnuan Henyee Translations 2 hours ago
Contemporary Romance Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School 374 Leng Shaoting Is Back! Warm Color Su Henyee Translations 3 hours ago
Fantasy A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World 470 Kill Their Entire Family Whispering Jianghu Henyee Translations 3 hours ago
Contemporary Romance Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering 491 Divorce Sweets Flood Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Fantasy Romance Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO 337 What? Sandy Likes Elvis?! Su Yunjin Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Contemporary Romance A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return 907 Sweet Water Rice Xia Wanying Atlas Studios 3 hours ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Fantasy Zivon-The Hero Of Another World 241 Chapter 241 Xavier Vs Power-User Ray Light_Yuzuki 1 minute ago
Sci-fi Romance The Fearless Empress 1 Survive! Secret_Scanny 3 minutes ago
Historical Romance I won't stop until I stab you in the heart 9 The Crown Prince of Lusindia Lovely_Pie 5 minutes ago
Anime & Comics The Creed of An Avenger (an Arifureta Fanfic) 17 Hydra RevengeLord 6 minutes ago
Historical Romance AAKASHGANGA- The Destiny of Soulmates 7 Chapter 07- "Ganga remembered her form of Morgana" The_KingX 6 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Falling in Love : I love you, Today and Forever 12 His game, his rules prada_murthy 6 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress 251 "I'm Styles." NixxxiE 7 minutes ago
Magical Realism Hello, Fate Changer 1 March FallenBlue 10 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance Tangled Fates 4 Kaboom RozaCsergo 12 minutes ago
Sci-fi B.E.A 6 The Fragile Little Baby JDCo 14 minutes ago
Magical Realism Fall In The World Of Myths 38 CHAPTER 36: Queen's Assassination Prevention Part 1 EJBonifacio1221 17 minutes ago
Fantasy Romance The Villainess who hates being evil 6 Chapter 6 - Situation glass_chany 17 minutes ago
Anime & Comics One of the Great King of Hell: Kiel Lucifuge Paimon 6 Vol. 1: Chapter 6 KingPaimon 21 minutes ago
Fantasy Reincarnated to Destroy and for Destruction 55 Chapter 49 Moving at Midnight Part 2 Ron_Emeraldia 25 minutes ago
others Say you love me 1 Promise me DAR_WIN 28 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Idol's Wife 132 Hann Constructions (IX): A Terrible Liar Tea_Tae 28 minutes ago
Romance Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife 368 Is she using father's card for her shopping?? Vrinda13 30 minutes ago
Fantasy still deciding on name 8 Sorry Rayama 31 minutes ago
Horror&Thriller "DARKNESS" 28 28: "PACK YOUR BAGS AND COME HERE" Muhammad_Riaz_6879 34 minutes ago
Book&Literature Zachary Potter: A Squib's Tale 19 Interlude CMShuk 34 minutes ago

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