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Latest Updates

Genre Title Release Author Translator Time
Magical Realism The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism 774 Out Of Options A Golden Millet Dream CKtalon 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy The Sage Who Transcended Samsara 879 The First Crack Cuttlefish That Loves Diving Larbre Studio 21 minutes ago
Video Games The Lord’s Empire 1227 Colossal Skeleton Shen Tianyi MrVoltaire, MrVoltaire1 21 minutes ago
Magical Realism The Great Worm Lich 325 No Longer Intimidating zszz EndlessFantasy Translation 21 minutes ago
Sci-fi Seized by the System 885 Dust Mu Heng EndlessFantasy Translation 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Library of Heaven's Path 1841 Succession Heng Sao Tian Ya StarveCleric 21 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Two-Faced Husband, Have Some Decency! 122 She Could Smell the Fresh Scent of The Strawberries on His Lips Before He Leaned Into Her. Dawnesque EndlessFantasy Translation 21 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Good Morning, Mister Dragon! 136 Fell to the Ground in a Flustered Manner Han Jiangxue EndlessFantasy Translation 21 minutes ago
Video Games Sword Among Us 122 A Mass Gathering in Shaolin Black Swordsman Online EndlessFantasy Translation 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy The Brilliant Fighting Master 1006 Tianluo City Zhang Muzhi Nyoi-Bo Studio 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Monster Pet Evolution 628 Side Story (The Bird and The Snake) Wine Pool Inebriation Nyoi-Bo Studio 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy I Might Be A Fake Cultivator 322 Renowned Across the Continent Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground Henyee Translations 21 minutes ago
Sci-fi The Ultimate Evolution 1350 War Machine Rolling Up Soils Translation_Nation, Sean88888 21 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy 782 It Took Skills to Steal People from His Daddy Bean Ding Ding EndlessFantasy Translation 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy The Legend of Futian 1021 Battle of the Swordsmen Jing Wuhen Nyoi-Bo Studio 21 minutes ago
LGBT+ Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story 16 Find Me a Shaman Demonic Fire Atlas Studios 21 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Legend of the Mythological Genes 304 Space Pirates Attack Fish leaping to the peak Lordbluefire 34 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Ancient Godly Monarch 1946 Heaven Lord’s Treasure Jing Wu Hen - - 35 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering 240 Sleep In My Room Tonight Sweets Flood Atlas Studios 36 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The Long-awaited Mr Han 473 On Purpose As If Dawn Atlas Studios 51 minutes ago
Genre Title Release Author Time
Music & Bands Reincarnated Godzilla In Remnant [ On Hold ] 31 chapter 29 karl_bayson 1 minute ago
Contemporary Romance Dream Star 517 Strange Feelings XOMatsumaeohana 1 minute ago
Realistic Fiction The Homeless Millionaire 27 September 3rd, 1972 Michael_Ryman 1 minute ago
Contemporary Romance Unexpected encounter:They were meant to be together 449 Gorgeously handsome Sofia05 2 minutes ago
Fantasy Evolution (Rewrite) 48 the most powerful survivor (4) AWildWriter 4 minutes ago
Fantasy Levi x reader (the face under her mask) 4 quick note Sarah_roof 4 minutes ago
Eastern Fantasy Spirit Cultivation 370 King And The Queen (*) Piokilek 6 minutes ago
Fantasy Bob the Innkeeper 42 Chapter 42 The Last Chapter Sdrawkcab 6 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction illicit relationship 61 are you trying to seduce me again? Shooting_Star 7 minutes ago
Horror&Thriller A Serenade for the Innocent 30 A Burning Passion for Servitude blairehawthorne 13 minutes ago
Fantasy Overcoming the Beast 52 Ice continent Goldrule 13 minutes ago
Fantasy Topsy Turvy 1 Topsy Turvy Marcia_Victoria 17 minutes ago
Romance I Transmigrate?: Becoming a Cannon Fodder?! 19 Arc 2.1? Jennny_Aw 18 minutes ago
Romance OUR PAST BOUND US TOGETHER 57 Chapter 57 THE DESPICABLE MEN bluebirdesu 18 minutes ago
Fantasy THE GAME OF POWER 3 The Unknown Man Daoist296868 20 minutes ago
Romance Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife 183 Killing two birds with one stone. Vrinda13 20 minutes ago
Realistic Fiction Aloof CEO's; Charming Secretary 263 Bling entertainment Munchkin_2 21 minutes ago
others Under The Moon and Stars 2 Caught AshryverArcheron 21 minutes ago
Contemporary Romance The General Who Hates Me 280 With Nothing At All EUSTOMA_reyna 21 minutes ago
Fantasy Scythe Dinosaur in Connected Worlds 3 Beast Party! Kyoryuu 21 minutes ago

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