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"The Badass & The Beta"

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Author: Addison Winters

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I was fighting my way out the door. Once I got to the door.
I ran outside and kept running until I got to my bike. I had a plan to jump on my bike and drive off. But I didn't get to because someone grabbed me, and I was going into my fight or flight mode.

But none of that happen because I was in a tight grip. Because the person that got me in that situation where I am stuck in his arms. I know it is him because I can smell his delicious scent of Woods, Old Spies, Mint, and now I am looking up into the eyes of Jayson Woods Dark dangerous eyes.

What I heard shocked me,
I know it you, at first, I panic, and my heart was racing inside my chest. But then I heard what he said.
" I know you're my mate, but I don't know your name?" He says but then I was thankful. He has no idea who I am.

He doesn't recognize me. That was when I remember I was still in costume. Because my mask was still on my face hiding my identity from everyone who was here tonight from my school.

If everyone knew it was me. My secret will be out. I would be in trouble with my parents. But I need the money.
It is for my mother's surgery.
Three months ago, we find out she has throat cancer.
So, I have been fighting underground for money for a couple of months now. To help pay for her operation.

Now if I get caught! All the work will be for nothing if Jayson Woods finds out who I am.

So, everyone welcome the story of
The Badass & The Beta!

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