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89.74% [BL] Eros and Ellis: A Brother's Secret / Chapter 34: A SPILL OF A MOMENT

A SPILL OF A MOMENT - [BL] Eros and Ellis: A Brother's Secret - Chapter 34 by _shay full book limited free




"Eros, here is the contract that we promised to each other, I want to remind you what we've talked about." The Chairman said as he hands me the contract of ten pages.

"This is the fifth time that you reminded me of our contract, I may be twenty-nine years old but I'm not that forgetful like an old man."

He laughs while holding his belly, "So, are you saying that I'm forgetful even though I'm the one who reminded you of our contract?"

I slightly smile sarcastically, "You're not that old, Mr. Vanderborg."

"That's why I like you!" He chuckles and he continues, "You're like my grandson, you know. We already formed our bond these past few years."

Bond, my foot. I don't feel any special bond with him. I feel sick even thinking of that.

When did I get here anyway? Ah, yes, after Ellis agreed that we should live together and he talked about living together, after that very moment, my phone rang and it's Griffin telling me that the Chairman wants to see me.

I didn't even show Ellis how much it means to me that he agreed to live with me and that he even remember that I asked him that.

I want to express how happy I am to finally, I can be closer to him than before. Even though, we lived together before, but right now, it's different.

But instead of celebrating with him, I asked him to go home and pack his things because I'll be going home late.

"Ellis will soon become twenty-eight years old, what we've talked about is final, I hope you don't forget that." He said as he drinks his beer.

"I remember. It's in the contract."

"Good, good. I just want to remind you because that no matter what happens, I will take my grandson with me."

Why twenty-eight years old? Because it's his favorite number and it's his birthday. What bullshit is that? It only made me angrier when we talked about Ellis.

It's in the contract that he wants to have Ellis at that age, he already matured and grown-up, and seeing that he already has a stable job, it triggers him to have him and to serve under him, like me. So overall, he is just like his tree that came from seed and matured to a big tree that bears fruits and flowers.

But, I would not let him have his way, I already planned everything in my power to void that contract whatever happens, even how powerful he is.

It's my plan all along.

"I know," I said and drinks the glass of beer that he offered.

"I'm thankful for everything you've done to my company, I will not forget that. But, there might be a change of plan."

"Change of plan? What do you mean?"

He smirks, "You will never know."

Plan? A secret plan that I don't know of? What does he mean? Is he hiding something from me? What is it? Why didn't I know this?

"You are full of plans. Why don't you tell me those plans like you used to, before?"

"Eros, you're not that little kid anymore." He laughs and drinks another half of his glass.

"What is the difference? I might, erm, don't do it because, um, you'll be in charge right?"

I feel a little dizzy now. He loves to make me drunk and spurt nonsense stuff, LIKE HIM. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-secret_20014758806580905/a-spill-of-a-moment_55535691127378993">;s-secret_20014758806580905/a-spill-of-a-moment_55535691127378993</a> for visiting.

But, I'm glad that it's me, not Ellis.

I heard him laugh again, "And I guessed you're drunk already!"

I sigh, "I think I should get going before I get wasted again."

"What about the girls? Women? I ordered some of them to be here-"

"No, it's fine. I might get sick." I mumbled and drinks another glass of beer.

I need to get wasted and get out of here before it's too late. I don't want to pass out here with him. I hate this place! AND, I hate him!

"Are you sure? We're just getting started!"

I emptied my glass and just in time, Griffin opens the door and sees me wobbling like a wasted guy, which is I am!

"Eros, I mean, Mr. Beckett." He said and he helps me to stand still.

"Let's go," I said to him.

I heard him say goodbye to the Chairman and the last word I heard is that, "The next time we see each other is the last time!" with an added laugh in the end.

Which I feel that I would pass out just in time the door closes.



It made me happy knowing that Eros didn't forget about what he asked me before about living together. I'm happy because I've never thought that he still consider it! And he was okay with that.

But we didn't talk about that because of an urgent meet-up, he said. I don't have a choice because it's his business and it's more important than being childish and talk about just living together.

I sigh.

I know I shouldn't be upset about it because I should know better. This is his life now, his work and lifestyle. I should get used to it.

I looked at the place and I've never thought that I'm going to live here... with him. Again. Like we used to when we were kids.

I smile at the thought of it.

But as soon as I heard the door opens, I immediately stood up and see Griffin holding someone that looks like Eros.

"Eros!" I called and asked Griffin, "What happened to him?"

"He passed out." He answered and we let him lay on the sofa for a while now.

"The last time that he's drunk is when he called my name and spent the night in my place."

"He gets drunk whenever he's with the Chairman."

"What's with that? Is he young and he wants Eros to get wasted and take advantage of him? Or what? Having fun getting him drunk and do stuff?"

Griffin looks at me with surprise on his face and I just noticed that I got mad for some reason and I looked away.

"He's an old creepy and dangerous man. He cannot take no for an answer. That's what the Chairman is. And for Eros, he has reasons for seeing him."

I looked at Eros and say, "He's been working so hard, I may not know what he's been through but just looking at him, I already see his pain."

"Anyway, I thought you went to your place." Griffin suddenly changed the subject.

"Oh. Umm, I just got here and got my things. Also, Eros gave me a duplicate key to his place."

"You got your things?" He looks at the bags that are on the floor and looks back at me, "Y-you're going to live together?"

"... and I guessed you didn't know," I said.

He fixes his glasses and acts serious, "If that's the case and Eros already agreed with that, then, I'll say, congratulations on living together, you are brothers so, there's nothing wrong with that. And Ellis, please take care of him."

"Griffin, thank you but Eros and I will not be gone, and you will still continue on seeing him."

"Oh. I thought I will not see him."

I rolled my eyes. Is he that sarcastic?

"Ellis, spend time with him, you two deserved to make up all the time that you're not with each other." I smile as he said those words to me, I can't help but smile so widely.

I think I'm already blushing at the thought of it? I sigh, deep inside.

"Now that I already delivered the cow, I'll make my way home. Goodnight to you two." He says and before he leaves, he looks at Eros who is sleeping soundly on the sofa.

He went out and closed the door.

I looked at Eros once again and sat on the sofa, looking at him so beautifully while he is sleeping. I've seen Eros sleeping many times but this time, he's drunk? He's cute. This already happened twice! But it's okay, as long as I witness this.

His face is red and his tie is loose, he's sweating because of the hard liquor that he drunk.

I sigh.

"That Chairman. That fool, trying Eros to get drunk. It's not even part of the business." I annoyingly whisper.

I went to the kitchen to get some iced and water, and also to search for some hand towels that I could use for him. I also went to his room to get some, if he has one on his bathroom.

I went back to him and he's still sleeping. Now, that I get all the things I need, I gently pat the wet towel on his face.

But as soon as my hand lands on his neck, he softly held my hand and I stopped patting his neck.

"El?" He whispers.

"Are you awake, Ros? What are you feeling?"

"I'm sorry." He started to say and continues, "For being a selfish brother."

He slowly sat on the sofa and looks at me with his puffy eyes and red cheeks. Is he sober? But, no, he didn't look like it.

"For not even think about, erm, what you're feeling right now. I-I'm sorry." He says and he's still holding my hand.

"Ros," I said.

"I know all along what you're feeling, I know that you expect something from me but... I ignored it. I'm sorry." He intertwined his hand to mine and I can feel his warm and soft hand.

"El, will you forgive me?"

I touched his face and said, "Of course. Of course, Ros. I understand that you've been going through something. But I can wait if you want that."

"No." He answered.

What does he mean?

"I... what I'm truly feeling, erm, the feeling is..."

Before I know it, a bit watery and sour smell splashes into my clothes, leaving me speechless.


_shay _shay

Hiiiiiii, thank you for the 213 collections! You guys are the best! Keep on reading it! There’s more to that! So, what do you think will Eros say to Ellis? Haha xx

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