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Chapter 7: 'My fight'

I reached for my backpack and pulled out my dagger. I looked at the blade like a lifesaver as I pleaded with it thoughtfully. I am not sure if it heard me but I begged it to help me through this.

I was not a professional wrestler, I have never even dreamt or imagined myself as one but here I was forced to fight for my home, survival, and an escape route from this place.

I was sure that a homeless person from the earth will not mind this beautiful city filled with tall skyscrapers.

However, I was unwilling to simply die and get forgotten with my teachers shaking their heads and my classmates glancing at my seat at the front with a flower on it and perhaps my picture while hoping my ghost does not haunt the school since I died in the school.

The city was neat and more beautiful than any other city I have seen back on earth.

I felt like there were too many buildings for the number of people in the stadium like those buildings could accommodate more than ten million people including children and adults but only a few thousands of them seem to exist in the whole city.

My aim to return to where I truly belonged was a foolish thought that I have not properly assessed.

For all know, I fell and I think I died. What will happen to me when I return? Will I really become a ghost in my school?

That thought made me shiver. I got so scared that I could not focus on where I was at that moment and I remember how I died.

The pain of getting beaten up seem to have gotten me traumatized that the thought of even fighting for my survival scared the shit out of me.

Deep breath. PEW!

Please don't pity me as much as I pity myself. It scared me so much that I could literally feel my eyes get clouded with tears that I begged not to do fall in front of thousands of people.

In the midst of my self-pity and cowardice, I heard the most ridiculous statement in my life, "No weapons are allowed."

Please someone save my soul!

The dagger I was begging and the gun I was yet to reach for to accompany me on this journey of death must abandon me?

No, please I need their company. Wait! Maybe it was also a good idea. I looked around the place for the owner of the small female voice that just spoke but I found no one.

Without announcement like when I walked into the stadium, a bulky guy with a dark purple cat walked into the fighting ring.

Seeing that height of probably 6ft5, who won't get scared? I suddenly began feeling like going to the toilet. I swallowed as I met the fierce dark purple eyes he had that matched the color of his cat.

Gosh! Am I going to die again? I wondered what world I will find myself in after I die here.

Did I just hear someone telling me to be optimistic? Oh come on, you are a cat in this world and not in my spot.

I glared at my cat as I tried to take in the situation. The guy's cat was small so, fighting with it won't be too much trouble for you cat.

I took a deep breath with an attempt to calm down but I ended up hyperventilating. I was beaten to death on earth how could this universe be too unmerciful to feed me with such poisonous experience?

Well, my mind was chaotic and I experienced hyperventilation that I have never experienced in my entire life. God, that was not a good experience at all.

Somehow I thanked my luck that I went through such painful experience and passed out because that was the way I could escape the fight.

I don't think you understand what I mean by I escaped so let me make it clear to you. I literally passed out, like bam! To the floor.

I know you are disappointed, like how could I get so scared and pass out? Relax. My cat told me I fought. It was something about the shield ability that killed the person whose body I now occupy.

I know I reaped from a fruitful land I did not sow or work on, I guess that was the fun of it.

All my life, I was forced to work for everything I achieved in school especially my grade, well more like only my grade.

Sometimes, free food tastes better. I said sometimes oh.

I woke up with a warm wetness running from my cheeks down to chin. I woke up see the cat staring me worriedly.

I really needed to ask this cat about this world and gather more information.

"Are you okay?" my cat asked.

I sat down despite the headache that made me unwilling to do so.

"Did we fail?"

My cat shook her head. I was not sure how I knew she smiled at me but I swear, she smiled at me and it did not look weird rather, it had me reaching to rub her fur.

"I will get the card, our ticket to the next town," My cat told me before running off.

I slowly stood up to notice everyone had gone and the stadium was empty. I wondered how fast they left. It felt like pure magic to me.

I rubbed my head and left the fighting ring to find my bag. Waiting in the empty stadium, I was filled with fear. My cat was no where to be found.

I suddenly heard footsteps although I could not see who was approaching but I could feel the presence getting closer to me.

I opened my bag and reached for the dagger before making an attack stance.

"Relax," I heard a healthy deep male voice whisper so closely to me that it gave me the illusion that I could simply reach forward and touch the person.

The deepness and coldness of the voice made me imagine how scary a thunderstorm will be in such a world. I was so scared but I was tired of passing out that I slashed through the air with my knife.

(More like my body refused to let my mind rest.)

"You did well today," the whisper was lower and closer that I thought I felt the breath of the person speaking against my neck. "As I thought, the shield was not a bad idea. I am waiting for you in the capital so do your best and meet me there."

I froze while he spoke, like my whole body refused to receive command from my very rational brain.

When I swung my body sideways with my hand tightly gripping the knife forward, I could no longer feel the presence and I heard fading footsteps.

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