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I - (BL) Knight & the Modern Damsel. - Chapter 1 by Tia_Aeri full book limited free

(BL) Knight & the Modern Damsel. (BL) Knight & the Modern Damsel. original

(BL) Knight & the Modern Damsel.

Author: Tia_Aeri

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Chapter 1: I


The alarm started shouting at its loudest to wake up the person who set it up. Trying to open his eyes slowly a little brunette tries to reach for the sound-producing device which is really giving him a headache early in the morning. After searching for some time the 20yrs little brunette found his phone on the floor beside his table, taking a look at the time on the screen saying 5:30 am, he thinks of getting some sleep, "just for a minute" he said to himself and went to sleep trying hard not to disturb his Hyung who is sleeping right next to him. It's not easy for a person to wake up at 5 am or 6 am who stays awake till 2 am just reading fanfics, just like this guy in here.


There goes the second alarm which is louder than the last one with a pretty msg written on the screen, "Wake up if u don't wanna get kicked". blankets were thrown on the floor with a force the boy shuts the alarm off and checks if his Hyung woke up because of the noise. Thankfully he was not going to get kicked by his brother today. As the boy enters the bathroom he checks himself in the mirror right in front of him, "YU – JUN, you really need to stop staying up all nights just to read fanfics. It's already 8:30 and you are not yet read-" Jun stops the series of self complains as he realizes the time which is glowing bold numbers on his phone screen. "OH MY- fucking hell... it is already 8:30 am...shit Shit Shit I'm dead... Gotta get ready fast" he almost tripped while trying to clean himself quickly and talking to himself at the same time. In just five minutes Jun was ready and started running to his living area.

In the living, three people were already waiting for Jun to get out of his bedroom, well not his it's his big brother's room he is just allowed to sleep in there. "Here comes the sleepyhead of this house" came a voice from a corner of the hall. "yeah, Good morning to you too Yuri" came Jun's reply to his eldest sister. "Eomma appa I'll get the breakfast right away, I'll be fast don't worry" and with that Jun rushed to the kitchen after getting "hmm" as an answer from his parents.

Jun is in charge of preparing breakfast for his whole family every single day, while Yuri and Seong... Jun's siblings go to school so they are not allotted any works, that would make them study hard. And as in for Mr & Mrs. Yu well they are too busy in their business to do any household chores. In a short word, Jun is in charge of doing every type of household chores in this family. As per the head of families thinking hiring any maid or servant is just a waste of money when they had their own hands to do their work. Which in the end meant "why do we hire any servant when we have Jun."

"Aish... I woke up late again" Jun mumbled while flipping the French toast in the pan. In the hurry of making the breakfast, Jun was continuously running around the whole kitchen, and in the middle of the chaos hurting himself here and there, the breakfast was finally ready. Placing the breakfast on the table Jun ran to the living room to call his family saying that breakfast was ready. "Breakfast is ready" the boy shouted this time loud enough for his family to listen to his voice in the fight between his two elder siblings, as usual. He didn't sit with his family to have the meal as he was in charge of serving everyone too. As everyone finished with their breakfast Jun tried to find if any breakfast was left for him or not, unfortunately, there was nothing so he just prepared himself a cup of coffee and started cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the dishes. "we are leaving... " Jun heard his elder siblings yell from the living room signaling him that they are leaving for their school. He just stood near the kitchen door and watched them with a small smile. After completing high school Jun had to drop out of school cause his parents couldn't afford to educate three kids altogether. "I don't mind dropping out mom, as long as my brother and sister can study. I'm ok" Jun had said that with a small smile to his mom when they asked him if he could drop out. Even after two years of drop-out, Jun would always shed a tear alone while remembering his school days. He misses his school days a lot.

Cleaning the kitchen and dishes Jun hurriedly made his way to his parent's room to ask his father something but couldn't find him, "Mom, where is Dad? " He asked his mother who standing in front of the big mirror in the room, and was all ready to go for her work. "oh dear, he went for an urgent meeting. Why what happened? " Mrs. Yu asked fixing her red blouse and black jacket on top, of it. " I ah no nothing, I just had something to ask him" Jun replied nervously but he didn't understand Why Was he nervous in front of his mother. "oh, what is it Junnie. You know you can talk to me anytime." Mrs. Yu asked turning her attention to the nervous boy in front of her. Jun looked at his mother and gulped the nervousness inwardly, "Act- actually I wanted to ask dad, if I can go to grandma's house for some days. Like to fre- freshen up my mood" the little boy replied lowering his head again. Mrs. Yu was shocked as hell when she heard her son wanted to go to her mother's house for SOME DAY'S. Which only means one thing to her that all the household work would be thrown on her shoulders, and that's something she wouldn't want to do ever. "But why? What happened Junnie? Is something troubling you?" Mrs. Yu asked trying to sound concerned for her son instead of showing her real concern. Jun got more nervous when his mother asked about his reason for going to his grandma's house. He can never say that he feels low in this house, he doesn't want his mother to worry for him. "oh, it's nothing. Nothing is wrong, it's ok I will go some other time. That's OK with me. Thank you for your time mom" Jun couldn't help but Shutter while answering his mother. Mrs. Yu only replied with a hum and went back to gather her bag to leave for her work. Oh she was so relieved that she wouldn't have to do household chores, that a small smile started to form on her face. "Mom I forgot to ask what do I make for dinner?" Jun asked standing at the door as he suddenly remembered to ask for today's menu. "whatever my baby Junnie wants to" replied Mrs. Yu with a smile and Jun left the room after giving his mother a big smile.

As usual, Jun was left alone in the big house to do the rest of the cleaning and laundry stuff. "I wish I had clothes like Hyung" Jun commented while observing his clothes compared to Hyung's clothes.

~beep beep~

Startled by the sudden voice Jun realized that his phone was ringing. Anyone rarely calls him so he knew only one person would call him at this time. Jiho's calling flashed on the screen and Jun answered the call smiling brightly. "Hey bitch" Jun said in a sassy way. "when will you answer the call normally little boy" Jiho replied to his best friend while rolling his eyes as if Jun can see him. "when you stop calling me little boy you egghead, i'm already 20 years old if you remember" came the instant reply from a sassy Jun or you can say happy Jun. He was a totally different person in front of his friends all cheerful and sassy... But in front of his family, he is a different person, being all responsible and agreeing to whatever his parents say. He always wanted to make his parents happy because of him and make them trust him which he doesn't know why they don't.

"Well obviously i do remember, you 20 years old saint. Never mind, I just wanted to ask if u are free tonight. I have a lot to talk about and I miss you so much, it's been so long since last we saw each other" as Jiho mentioned about hanging out, Jun's face lit up instantly, he loves roaming around with his best friend while just talking all day. But being busy with the duties he couldn't get out of the house, so he thought that today will be a very good day if he could get to meet his friend. "yes Jiho-ya it's been a long time I miss you too. But let's see if I can make it cause you know I can't come without asking my parents or else the result of it...." Jun said with a sigh and Jiho replied with a "hmm I know and I don't wanna see you with a bruised face again" Jun just smiled a sad one as he remembered that time when Jiho had to see him like that. "yeah so let me ask my parents once and I'll let you know by umm is 6 OK? ", Jiho thought for a while "yeah that's ok... But don't forget to message by 6 ok" Jun bid his goodbyes and ended the call. He was so excited that he started doing the laundry at full speed, "If I complete all the work early I can go out with Jiho right... Right?"

After cleaning all Shit load of clothes Jun heaved a breath of relief taking a look at the watch and went to call his mother. Two calls went unanswered, Jun still didn't lose hope thinking that his mother would be busy. He tried again for the third time and his mother answered the call, "WHAT IS IT JUN...You know I'm busy why are you calling so much" yelled his mom as soon as she picked up the call and signaling the salon lady to continue her work of giving her a foot massage who got shocked by her yelling. "oh I'm sorry mom" the little boy replied startled from the yelling. "Actually I wanted to ask if I can go out with Jiho today. I completed all the work for today don't worry" Jun asked while tapping his foot on the floor getting nervous. "what about the dinner? " Mrs. Yu asked calmly, "oh about that, mom can you please take care of it for just-just for today please, I won't ask you for it again. I promise" Jun got scared because he didn't Think about the dinner and now he asked his mom to do it. He was so scared that he might faint because of it. "Aww baby I know you wanna go out, I would do the dinner if I didn't have a meeting fixed. I don't think I'll be able to make it by dinner Junnie. You know mom is so busy, take care of the dinner for today I'll take you out soon don't worry ok" and with that Mrs. Yu ended the call without waiting for the little boy's reply. Jun just stood there still, he was so sad that he couldn't go out today as well and with a deep breath he messaged Jiho that he won't make it and apologized . Looking around the empty house Jun sighed and went to prepare for dinner. "It's ok, everyone is busy and I can understand that much. I'll go with Jiho some other time. What's the big deal". And Jun sighed again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tia_Aeri Tia_Aeri

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