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The mighty Lu came back

Coming inside his room, Jian Yu took off his shirt and threw it away, he went and sat on the bed. After so many years, he had felt the warmth of love, the feeling of someone standing up for him. Someone protecting him, the feelings which he had been yearning for.

But the thought of his father taking Lu Xiao Xan's side, not thinking about him made him boil his blood and at the same time, he felt a tight pain in his chest.

Lu Xiao Xan had pushed him with full force on the floor, his back hit the floor badly and he was feeling severe pain.

Li Daiyu entered the room after some time with a glass of warm milk and medicine. When she saw the shirt on the floor and Hui Jian Yu lying shirtless on the bed like a child she smiled.

Picking the dirty shirt, she placed it in the basket. Jian Yu's face flushed as he saw Li Daiyu in the room and he was half naked. She brought another shirt for him and passed it to him.

''Drink this milk while it's warm. You would feel better''. She said.

Jian Yu obediently took the glass and drank it.

''Jian Yu!'' She called him.

He looked at her quietly.

''Why did Lu Xiao Xan attack you? Did you say something to him?'' She asked gently.

''I said neither you nor your brother is important and he attacked me like an animal''. Jian Yu said aloofly.

Li Daiyu nodded her head. ''It was not something to get so much agitated about. My opinion about him is true, he's not a good kid. Just try not to get involved with him again''.

She applied some ointments to Jian Yu's lips.

''Dad was saying, the mighty Lu is coming back?'' Jian Yu mentioned what he heard earlier.

Li Daiyu sighed heavily, she knew what he was coming for. They had made a promise and now it was time to fulfill it.

She got up, ''Jian Yu! Keep one thing in your mind, I am with you. Whenever you would need me, I would be always here''.

She walked out switching off the lights.

''Why is she nice to me when she knows, I am rude to her and her little daughter''. Hui Jian Yu thought.

Shortly, he drifted into the valleys of sleep.


''Hui Deming, I didn't expect you to take care of the situation like this''. It was elder Mr. Lu Xia Mu.

Hui Deming massaged his temples. ''Mr. Lu, I tried my best to get him out of there but the thing..''

''The thing is that your wife requested his punishment. Lu Xiao Xan and Hui Jian Yu, both are young youths. They would fight and get back again but the elders mustn't be so childish''. Mr. Lu was very angry.


''Xiao Xan, answer my question?'' The mighty Lu repeated the same question a third time.

Xiao Xan was now getting irritated by his elder brother's questions. He arrived back and bombarded him with questions.

''My dear brother Lu Qiao Yan, if you are this much worried about your little fiancé, then go and meet him''. He threw the ice bag on the table, picked up his phone, and stormed out of the house.

Lu Qiao Yan shook his head. He called up Mr. Hui Deming and asked him about Hui Jian Yu.

''Have you arrived back?''

''Yes, uncle!''

''Okay then. Come over tomorrow and we would talk out with these boys''. Hui Deming suggested.

''There's no reason that could justify a crime''.

Jian Yu was going through the college web page. There were so many students from his department and other departments defending him.

They were all praising Darrius and Bolin for protecting their friend. Jian Yu also received a message from the captain of the rival team who showed his concern and mentioned that it was okay, they would reschedule the match.

By this event, Jian Yu had gained much attention and he asked the coach to let them stream now because it was the best time to gain more popularity.

He was not wrong, by staying home all day and doing live streams, the boys gained much attention. Everyone was worried about them, sympathizing with them, and supporting them.

A petition was circling on the web page to ban Lu Xiao Xan. Now Jian Yu was satisfied and was enjoying the situation without caring about the storm which was approaching the two families.

''And I was in the darkness, I became darkness''.

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