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Chapter 4: Arrival

"Yo, gentlemen!"

I found the robbers' hiding place after going deep into the forest. They were hiding in a cave.

"An academy boy?!" They looked surprised.

They were already furious just by seeing my blatant presence. One by one, they searched for their weapons and surrounded me from all directions.

"You were wrong to come here? You invited your death!"

"Well, I'm lost, anyway!" I replied with a big smile.

"Swing! *Swing! *Swing!

They swung their swords wildly at me, slash after slash hitting my body.

"Argh... this hurts!" I fell to the ground with my body covered in blood.

"Hahaha... brat! Feel this, I'll cut your head off!"

"I'm joking!"



The pool of blood formed a sword and I immediately used it to cut off their arms.

"Arghhh .....!" The scream echoed, and all the birds flew off in all directions.

"I was just kidding! You can see for yourself, right? Isn't this a great weapon? It can change shape at will, soften and harden, and even change color to resemble the clothes I'm wearing. I'm doing a demonstration, you can buy it--"

"What kind of nonsense is that?"


Someone who was about to attack me from behind ended up getting impaled, as this marvelous clay extended and tapered like a sword.

"Oh, don't throw up! You'll get my uniform dirty!"


I punched the person until it bounced off and hit a tree.

"Hmm... looks like you don't have the money to buy this masterpiece of mine! Too bad and... sayonara!"


"Okay... let's see, what have you got?" I jumped over some disgusting puddles of blood.

I started entering the cave that was where they kept the loot. I found quite a lot of silver and bronze coins. Well, not bad.

"Hmm? Baby?"

A baby was lying on the floor of the cave, wrapped only in a sack. And strangely, the baby wasn't crying at all.

I tried to pick it up, "Hey, what are you?" I asked. Of course, there was no response, the baby just looked at me closely with its small eyes.

"I can't possibly carry you. Well, this is it ...." I put the baby back down and walked out of the cave.

"Someone else might be able to carry it?"

The fire elemental magic shot into the sky and then exploded, making a loud noise. I hurriedly left the cave with the loot.

I returned as quickly as possible by increasing the strength of my legs with magic energy.

I arrived and immediately approached Amara who was sitting under a tree eating something.

"Rie, where have you been? What took you so long?!"

"That urination evolved into defecation!"

Amara looked at me with a suspicious gaze, she also seemed to be sniffing the odor coming from my body. I don't think there's any smell of blood, I can rest easy.

"Because it was a little long, I thought you got run over by a wild boar and ended up fainting."

"Just so you know, my sister. I may not be strong, but I'm not so weak that I'd lose to a boar."

"Hmm... whatever!" Amara looked away as she handed over a parcel of food. "The replacement train that will transport us arrives in the afternoon. We'll have to wait a few more hours."

"How inconvenient! It's all because of that robber. Our schedule is all messed up!" I responded lazily, then sat down beside Amara.

"Perhaps news of this attack has already reached the capital. What's more, there's a knight in the same carriage as us!" Amara turned her gaze towards a man who was chatting with some people.

"Hmm? No wonder the robbers ran away?!" I ate the beef sandwich my sister had given me.

'His magic energy is quite large. He turned out to be quite strong!' I watched the knight.

"Hey, my sister. Did you hear an explosion in the forest?" I sparked a new topic of conversation.

"I heard it. People also started going to check it out and haven't returned yet. Are they stupid? It was something dangerous!" Amara made a scathing comment.

The people Amara was referring to returned after half an hour. They returned with a baby and a shocking report.

"The robber who attacked us is dead?"

Everyone was shocked by the news.

"Rie, is it possible?"

Since the incident with the bandits five years ago, Amara believed that someone had saved her. She told me that she saw a small child. He was enveloped by a slime-like substance that could change shape and harden.

"Could it be? Without us realizing it, he's probably been in the forest for the past five years hunting down all the bad guys."

Well, that was my routine. Hunting bandits and looting their treasures.

"Can we meet him?" asked Amara who sounded innocent and her voice softened slightly.

I sighed and looked up at the sky. "Yes, we're just waiting for the time to come."

I had no reason to show my true identity, anyway.

After a few hours of waiting, the replacement train finally arrived. We arrived at the capital in the evening when the selection had already been completed. However, due to the incident on the train, we were compensated.

Amara and I carried out the follow-up selection that night. The result was... yes, we passed. I got the lowest score and Amara... I think she got one of the highest among all the new students. Her written exam got a perfect score as well as her enormous magic energy capacity.

"Yeah, the first step is done. The second step is to become an elite student and be selected as the school's representative at the annual royal event!" said a very ambitious Amara.

She could make it happen, I guess?

"My sister? Can you find an inn by yourself? I-I... yes, I have some business!?" I said with some hesitation.

Amara held onto my shirt as I was about to run away.

"I told you, didn't I, my weak brother?! If you wander around this city lonely, you might be kidnapped by a slave trader and sold. Do you want that to happen?" Amara's face turned hideous.

"Y-yes, I don't."

"Therefore... I will hold your hand. I will never let go!"

Yes, this is bad. I had planned to hunt down the criminals in the capital and get their money. What was all that money for? Enriching myself, of course... I'm not the main character with a strong sense of justice.

Huh, one thing...

This little sister of mine is troublesome!

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