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(Not) A Perfect Marriage - Eng Ver (Not) A Perfect Marriage - Eng Ver original

(Not) A Perfect Marriage - Eng Ver

Author: Queen_Silver10

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Chapter 1: Arseno Keane

Arseno Keane, a man who is very cold and indifferent but has a handsome face, athletic body and broad chest sometimes makes many women admire him. in Jakarta and the largest in Indonesia and even has branch companies in various countries.

Arseno Keane is now 27 years old but he is not married even though he has a beautiful girlfriend who works as a model. Now he is confused, it is the words of Diva and David who are his parents that make Arseno haunted by the word matchmaking.




"What era do I live in? Are there still parents who match their children?" Arseno chuckled.

"I even have a girlfriend but Mama doesn't appreciate that, what should I say to my lover?" said Arseno while standing in front of the mirror looking at himself.

"Really I can't imagine what will happen to this marriage, who is the woman I will marry? Is she beautiful? Rich? Or is it the other way around?" Arseno thought.

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Arseno immediately heard the sound of the door, Arseno immediately walked to open the door to his room which he had been locked.

'Who is that? Must be Mama,' murmured Arseno.

"Yuriza? Why are you here?" asked Arseno seeing his younger sister standing right in front of Arseno's door.

"Hello brother, I brought hot chocolate milk for Big Brother, surely Big Brother Arseno is thinking about matchmaking right? This is milk to calm brother," said Yuriza who understood her sister's feelings.

"Thank you Yuriza, come back to your room it's already 9 pm," said Arseno as he took the hot chocolate milk his sister gave him.

Yes, Yuriza is the only younger sister of Arseno they are both very close maybe because of a younger sister and older brother so Arseno has the full responsibility of taking care of Yuriza.

Arseno re-locked his room, sipped little by little the hot chocolate milk brought by his sweet sister.

"Marriage?" said Arseno again.


In the afternoon Arseno Keane stepped into the main mansion but his steps stopped when he heard someone calling his name. Yes, Diva and David, who were already in the living room, did not forget that their 17 year old daughter was sitting neatly in the living room.

"Arseno." Mama called.

"What's wrong Mom?" Arseno answered getting his mother's call.

"Come here, we have something to talk about." Mama said.

Arseno stepped into the family room, where his family members were already there. I don't know what Arseno was thinking, he clearly felt that something would make him uncomfortable.

"What's wrong Mom?" asked Arseno immediately as he sat on the sofa right next to his little sister.

"We plan to match you," said Papa David directly.

"Match Arseno?" Arseno was surprised to get this statement.

"Yes," said Papa.

"With who? Arseno's girlfriend?" asked Arseno still confused.

"Of course not, Mama and Papa will set you up with one of the children from Mama and Papa's relatives," explained Mama Diva.

"Who?" asked Arseno again.

"You can't wait, honey? Later we will schedule your meeting with him." Mama said teasing Arseno.

"Arseno refuses Ma," said Arseno firmly.

"You are 27 years old Arseno, when will you be? Do you want to be an unmarried person?" asked Mama Diva.

"But Arseno already has a lover Ma," said Arseno again.

"Well, marry your lover within 2 weeks," said Mama challenging her first child.

"Ma, Arseno has said that Arseno's girlfriend is involved in a contract, he can't get married within 2 years, this is all for his career, Ma," explained Arseno.

"That means there is no other way but to accept this arranged marriage, right?" asked Mama Diva smiling sarcastically.

"Papa hopes that you accept it, we are old and we want grandchildren to continue the Keane Properti company," said Papa, who had always been a mainstay when Arseno refused to get married quickly.

"But Arseno doesn't love him doesn't even know him how can Arseno have a household with him?" said Arseno, which is true.

"Don't worry, love will grow over time," said Papa David.

"How can you?" asked Arseno confused.

"You'll understand later, now go to your room and rest. You just got home from work, you must be tired," said Papa David, who didn't want to explain.

Mama and Papa left Arseno and Yuriza alone in the living room.

"Big Brother Arseno, are you okay?" Call Yuriza. Arseno was just silent when he found his parents' request, how could he refuse, especially if his parents had asked him.

"Yuriza is sure that you will have a very happy household in the future, do you believe in Yuriza's words?" Yuriza said calming her sister.

"Do you know that woman?" asked Arseno without paying attention to Yuriza's words just now.

"No hm I mean I know a little about her, the woman is very beautiful, white and definitely very gentle," Yuriza explained.

"How do you know him?" asked Arseno who was confused as to why his sister knew the woman.

"From somewhere, later you will meet him, I'm sure you will love him soon," said Yuriza who stood up leaving Arseno alone.

"Why are people in the main mansion so sure of that woman? Who is she?" Arseno muttered.


The night returned, now the warm chocolate milk given by Yuriza was gone.

"How about this?" said Arseno again. Arseno is only cold towards outsiders but when it comes to family he doesn't dare to act much.

"But how did Mama know that woman? And how did Yuriza know her? Do I also know her? But I don't know other women besides my girlfriend," said Arseno.

"Oh my god Selva, what should I say to Selva? I have to call her," said Arseno then took his flat object, looked for Selva's name on his cellphone and pressed the call button. However, Arseno's call was not picked up but his phone number was active.

"Maybe he's busy, I'll send him a message," said Arseno, immediately typing a message that would later be sent to Selva.

[Are you busy? I called you but you didn't pick up. I have something to say to you so tomorrow please come to my office] message was sent to Selva.

The night passed, but Arseno slept very restlessly. He really can't imagine how to live with someone who doesn't love him at all, even knows him at all.

Immediately Arseno's head was very painful, maybe this was the effect of an accident 10 years ago, Arseno often suddenly felt excruciating pain until he couldn't even close his eyes.

'Why does this pain never go away?' Arseno thought.

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