20% I am a Humble Person! / Chapter 7: I love acting very much

Chapter 7: I love acting very much

Peng Hu was astonished by the changes in his surroundings. In the entrance, he thought that the village was a calm, tranquil place where people wanted to relax. After he walked for about a 150 meters, his surroundings changed. It was like a huge festival was ongoing! It seemed like the area he arrived was an open marketplace bustling with people in the stalls.

There were women shopping for jewelries and dresses. At a side he could see a lot of men trying exotic weapons. In a corner, children were interacting with magical creatures trapped in cages. There were one or two Lion Roar of Roost hanging out in the roofs, probably to work as an wake up alarm.

[25,000 people? It seems that there is more than that!]

There were some warriors who displayed their magical prowess before the crowd, entertaining them by telling their daily adventures. You could also find minstrels standing from the second floor of the buildings, singing different kids of melodies that didn't make absolutely no sense at all if you heard everything at the same time.

[Is that... rock music? The minstrel over there is singing opera? That guy over there is definitely playing a recorder.]

"Surprised aren't you?" - Pina asked Peng Hu with a smug face.

"Yes! When you said that it was a village, I didn't think it would be a fun place."

"Villages in the world are usually a quiet place for the purpose of avoiding troubles. Our chief worked hard and made the Village of Siluca a very warm place to live in. Just as you see people enjoying their lives at its fullest in this area, there are others who are in charge of protecting this scene. I am one of those protectors."

Peng Hu nodded. It must have taken a lot of effort to make this village the way it is. It must be very worthwhile to meet this great chief.

"We are here Pen Who. This is the residence of our Great Chief, Alis. It's called the Two-Words Hall. Remember to mind your manners."

Peng Hu looked at the building. It only had one floor and it looked totally normal. If he were to wander around the village, he would never have guessed that this was the residence of the chief.

[This is very low-key. I guess low-key is one of the answers to a long life and be successful.]

Pina looked back at Peng Hu. Staring firmly at him, Pina reminded him of his situation.

"If it's proven that you are an intruder... don't be surprised if I were to skewer you."

"I will do my best."


Entering the residence, Peng Hu could see an elderly woman sitting in a comfortable chair at the end of the room. There was a young woman standing at the right of the old woman. Probably her maid or attendant. Her physical features seemed like that of a 28 years old woman.

Peng Hu saw that Pina, with graceful movements, knelt down on the middle of the room as a sign of respect to this elderly woman.

[I guess this old woman is the Great Chief.]

"Pina salutes the Chief."

"Pina. Thanks."

"It was no problem, Ms. Alis. It was a pleasure to fulfill this quest."

"Duran. Work."

"Understood, Ms. Alis. What about Mr. Who?"


"I will be leaving then Ms. Alice. If you need anything, call me."


{whispering} "don't cause any trouble to Ms. Alis, Pen. She trusts you a bit."

"Ha ha..."

[Did you actually understand anything she just said? How did you even have a conversation with her!?? How am I supposed to have a proper conversation!?]


"Uhm... are you talking... to me?"

"Who. Alive?"



"Are you asking me who is alive?"

"No. You."


"Pen. Who."

"I don't know who!"

The attendant didn't seem happy by what Peng Hu said and reprimanded him.

"Please mind your manners, Mr. Who."

"Ms. Attendant. Can you translate please?"

As if giving an order, Ms. Alis said the following to Peng Hu:

"Who. Kai."

And then... Ms. Alis closed her eyes as if she were tired and wanted to sleep.

"Mr. Who. Ms. Alis is tired and needs to rest. Please follow what she said to you."

With swift movements, both attendants and the old woman went to another room, disappearing from the sight of Peng Hu.

[... you shameless old woman!! At least try to say more than 2 words at a time! What was the last thing she said? 'Who. Kai.'? If Who means... 'me', does that mean that I have to find a person called Kai? Or is she telling me to find a Kai?]

[Maybe if I find Pina, she could shed light to this crappy conversation. I guess that's the first thing I should do.]

Resigned, Peng Hu left the residence with only the word Kai as his clue.


Inside the Two-Words Hall, the attendant and the old woman were sipping tea.

"What do you think of him, Ms. Alis?" - asked the old woman.

"Peculiar. Time flows different in his body. Is he at the verge of dying... or is he alive? I need more time to observe him. Anyways,Thanks for the hard work. It's quite difficult to act like that and not laugh. I was about to burst out laughing hahaha!"

"No problem, my dear. I love acting very much."

As if washing their mischief away, they both laugh out heartily.

SuperHottie_Wizard SuperHottie_Wizard

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Comments (2)

  • YuKosaka


    Two words hall, Acting with few words Laughing with thousand words

  • SuperHottie_Wizard


    sounds like a poem haha

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