18.75% Having Confidence in Another World / Chapter 6: Deep Forest..

Chapter 6: Deep Forest..

Rito was strolling around the deep forest while looking for food..

He began to observed his surroundings..

There, He saw the trees..

The tree was about 500 feet tall..

The smallest one was about 100 feet..

and the roots are so thick and tough..

and the branches stretch out all the way till he can't see where it stretch out..

and the leaves fall with a loud bang on the ground..

When he heard that.. He was shocked

Normally when leaves fall from the tree, it will sway gently and land on the ground softly..

But here.. The leaves fall straight to the ground like it was heavy..

Feeling curious about it, Rito walked towards a leaf that fall earlier..

He tried to touch it..

He was a bit nervous but He still found the courage to discover the unknown.

The moment he touched it.. The leaf released a water on the area he touched with his hand..

Feeling surprise, Rito hurriedly move away his hands from the leaf and started to observed it..

There, He saw the leaf released a water sap..

The water was so clear and looks shiny..

It has many tiny bubbles in it that pops simultaneously..

Feeling amazed, He stretched out his hand and scoop the water out of the leaf..

he tried to drink it..

Even though he didn't know what will happen to him when he drink this unknown fluid from the leaf. He still did it...

The moment the water sap entered his mouth..

He was shocked.

His eyes went so wide that he can't believe this is happening..

The water he drank gave him a refreshing feeling..

A feeling he was familiar with..

"I'ts Cola! It taste like Cola!"Rito shouted while feeling amazed..

He can't believe that the leaf can produce a cola..

He felt excited and tried to touch the leaf again..

This time he touched the leaf like he was doing a massage..

He touched it all over..

When he remembered the sensation on his mouth, He was smiling widely that it almost look creepy..

If anyone saw him, They will think that he went gone crazy..

He was swaying back and forth while touching the leaf humming..

The leaf then produced many water sap on every direction and It gathered in the center of the leaf forming a little lake of cola..

When Rito saw it..

He began jumping happily..

His tummy bounce up and down looking like a basketball..

After a few minutes of drinking, He stop to rest for a bit..

Rito sat down while his right hand was resting on his tummy..

Feeling satisfied..

He was happy for this discovery..

He thought.

"I already solve my drink.. Where can I find a meat now.. I've been walking for a while but I still didn't encounter any animals.. It's weird".

While he was thinking, He suddenly heard a roar..

He was so shocked that he jump to his feet and stand up straight..

He began to sweat because of the fright he got...

Feeling nervous he asked himself..

"What is that.. just when I thought I was safe here...".

He began having all kinds of thoughts...

He still didn't fully adjust on this world..

He just came in here for about 2 hrs, so he was still feeling scared..

Rito walked slowly towards that roar...

Even though he was scared, He was curious about what it was so he cautiously walked towards it..

After walking for awhile, He didn't see anything so he stopped and thought to himself..

"Hmm, From what I heard earlier It looks like it was near because it's so loud, but I still didn't see anything".

When he was about to turn around and walked back to the place where the leaf was..

He heard the roar again...

and this time It was so loud it felt like he was about to lose his hearing..

He put both his hands to cover his ears to protect his eardrum..

The roar lasted for a few breathes before stopping..

Rito cautiously walked towards that sound...

A few minutes had passed while walking..

Rito was still looking around left and right like he was trying to find something...

He was trying to find the source of that roar

When he was about to walk pass by a huge plant..

He saw something at the corner of his eyes..

He turned around and looked at it..

The moment when he saw what it was, He just stared blank with his mouth wide open...

He saw a Boar...

Walking around...

It's not just an ordinary Boar...

The size was about half of the huge trees here..

The Boar was about 50 feet tall

He almost thought it was a dinosaur..

While feeling shocked..

He saw the Boar walking towards him...

The Boar didn't notice him...

He tried to calmed down and looked for a place to hide..

He observes the boar from afar...

The Boar had a tusk on the side of its face looking like a mammoth..

It was all black.. and its feet looks like it can crush him anytime..

He began to feel nervous..

He was hungry but this was too much of a boar for him..

he can't help but curse..

"Damn it!"

He plan how to take this boar down..

He tried to think of something...

He need a plan to take down this boar...

Rito was scratching his chin, when a sudden idea flash on his mind..

He recalled what he did earlier on the Battlefield...

When he shouted at the sky..

His red aura can take down this big thing...

When he thought about this, a smile began to surface on his face..

He made a wicked plan and prepare to take down this beas...

He still didn't know if this is correct..

But he can't think of anything other than his shouting..

He keep recalling what happened and the only thing he did there was shout..

So he will try to test it on this Boar and see if the red aura will come out again..

"I will name this technique Red Haki. I will just shout like I did earlier...No, I will shout louder than before so it will be more effective because this thing is too big...".

With that kind of thoughts, He started to initiate his plan..

He was still a bit scared.. but being afraid won't make his stomach full...

He was hungry and this is the first animal he saw on this deep forest..

With this, He already guessed that all the animals here are this big and It's scattered all over the place far away from each other...

Rito began to approached the boar slowly...

As he was feeling nervous, He picked up a stone as big as a tennis ball and clenched on it..

This was his Plan B..

If things go wrong, He will aim at the boar's eyes to make a distraction and run for his life...

"This is it, I made all the preparations now"Rito said while shaking.

When he was about 500 meters away from the boar..

He thought to himself.

"Well I think this is near enough.."

He was scared to go closer, he was afraid that the boar will notice him..

He thought about his Red Haki can cover distance as far as this, based on the scene he saw at the Battlefield..

He calmed his mind...

He tried to relax.. as relax as possible..

He began to inhale and exhale...

When he think that he was finally ready...

He inhaled a mouthful of air..

He inhaled so much that his face turned red

and throw the back of his head..

He began to start his shout..

He shout at the top of his lungs...

Like it was the first time he shout in his life...

With a loud shout he said the word..


That's all he can think of what he did on the Battlefield, so he repeat the same word he said..

His voice began to spread around the deep forest, It caught the attention of the boar..

The Boar turned around and looked for the source of the voice...

The Boar searched for the voice and saw a young man wearing a red robe...

The Boar stared at the young man for a while..

Rito on the other hand, Shout as loud as he can.. He felt his throat like ripping apart..

He endured it and continue to shout..

When he was done, He opened his eyes and look at the Boar...

He saw the Boar was looking at him..

But it's not moving.. Like it freeze on the spot..

"Did I succeed?" He thought to himself.

He observed the Boar for awhile, when he saw it was not moving..

He felt excited and said to himself..

"It probably didn't fall because it was too big".

Feeling positive, He was grinning..

Thinking that he will have a nice meal later..

He jumped out of joy..

He succeeded.. Feeling proud of his achievement..

but at that moment, he heard a noise..

He suddenly had a bad premonition..

He looked at the boar..

He saw the boar move his feet..

The Boar noticed him..

When Rito saw the Boar noticed him.. he freeze on the spot while looking at the Boar...

When the Boar saw that Rito was looking at him, He made a snort and a smoke blow on its nose

and run towards him.

"It didn't work"

The moment he said those words. He blank for a moment.

When he came back to reality, He saw the boar charging towards him

and the next thing came out of his mouth was..


MysteriousOldMan MysteriousOldMan

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    I'm guessing it's because he didn't put any emotions into his Bellow?

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    The MOST stupid MC EVER

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